15 Apr 2015

Anfield Nightmare: 'Excellent' Liverpool attacker to miss rest of the season. Career-killer?

Liverpool's injury jinx strikes again! With perennial sick-notes Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana already on the sidelines, 'excellent' young attacker Joao Carlos Teixeira has suffered a season-ending injury whilst on loan at Brighton.

Last night, Teixeira suffered a broken leg during Brighton's goalless draw with Huddersfield. According to The Argus, scans show that the Portuguese sustained a fracture just above the ankle.

Responding to the incident, Brighton boss Chris Hughton told reporters:

“Our thoughts are with Joao. We all wish him a speedy recovery and return to action. He’s been an important player for the club this season, both before and after I came to the club"

Speaking to reporters in March, Teixiera conceded that it's going to be 'really difficult' for him to break into the first team, but admitted that staying with Brighton is a viable long-term prospect. He noted:

"I dream of playing Premier League football with Liverpool, but you never know what's going to happen. I see Brighton as an option. I like everything here. I like the city and it's really nice living here. The stadium is brilliant and the fans always fill the stadium so it's great.”

The broken leg is a sickening blow to Teixeira's burgeoning career, and will almost certainly have a negative impact on his forward progress.

There's probably no chance of a permanent deal with Brighton now, and it'll be even more difficult for the youngster to break through at Anfield.

Whatever happens, though, after the Suso debacle, Teixeira is right to keep his options open. Historically, young attacking players rarely make it through the academy to become first-team regulars, so the odds are against the him making it an Anfield.

You never know, though - Teixeira could come back stronger than ever, but it's going to be a real mental battle for him over the next six months.

Good luck, Joao.



  1. Amen to that. With the summer coming he might not actually miss much football and hopefully will indeed come back stronger.

  2. Pretty tragic for the lad. He looks really talented but he just can't get his career off the ground with injuries

  3. now really, what happened with Daniel?

  4. attacking players breaking through.. only counts with the current manager me thinks. that is at least 70% of it...

  5. Its best for him to go to some mid-table Serie A or La Liga club next season. Get couple of years of regular football under his belt.

  6. What do you mean?

  7. Has it been confirmed what his injury us? It was just reported as a "knock" before the Newcastle game