9 Apr 2015

Yes Please: Liverpool fly out to watch 'world-class' £25m striker with 37 goals/assists

In February, Anfield legend Steve Nicol urged Liverpool to sign Lyon goalscorer Alexander Lacazette, and new reports this week suggest that the Reds are still interested in signing the prolific French striker.

According to Le 10 Sport today:

* Liverpool scouts attended Lyon's win 3-1 against Guingamp on Saturday to watch Lacazette.

* Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, PSG and AC Milan are also interested in signing the striker.

When asked last month about Liverpool's interest, Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas dismissed the possibility of a deal. He told reporters:

"Impossible. He [Lacazette] will be with us at the Stade des Lumieres and in the Champions League."

However, in a recent interview, Lacazette made it clear that he's open to a summer transfer. He noted:

"If the club needs to transfer me, I will leave. It's just reality. We must qualify for the Champions League and then we'll see for sure that next season I want to play the Champions League"

With 37 goals/assists in 34 games, Lacazette - recently described as 'world-class' but ex-Reds boss Gerard Houller - is achieving excellent creative stats this season, and given his speed, mobility, and finishing ability, he'd clearly be a logical signing for Liverpool.

Steve Nicol seems to think so, and in a January interview with ESPN, he insisted that Lacazette 'fits the mould that Liverpool are looking for', and strongly urged his old club to pursue the striker:

“Liverpool have an opportunity to sign this guy [Lacazette] and I think they should. He loves to go forward [and] score goals and he reminds me of [Luis] Suarez. I think this would be a superb signing".

According to BT Sport expert Julien Laurens, £25m-rated Lacazette is a perfect fit for Liverpool, and when asked recently about the striker's suitability for the Premier League, he told The Sport Review:

“Brendan Rodgers really likes him [Lacazette]. He likes those types of players that can play anywhere up front and with a lot of movement, so I think he could eventually fit in well there".

Is Lacazette worth £25m? It's hard to ignore his incredible strike-rate this season, and with Daniel Sturridge no longer a reliable option, Liverpool need a new number one striker, and £25m is a comparatively fair price.

That said, Luiz Adriano us reportedly available for less than half of that fee, and it could be more cost-effective for the Reds to sign the Brazilian instead. Both strikers are prolific, and fit Liverpool's style of play, but given the choice, which of the two is the best option?



  1. We should sign both

  2. Would love him.

  3. Yes both of them along with Sturridge and Origi would be great. Should be able to afford them especially if Sterling decides to jump ship along with Mario. Pretty much a given that Borini and Lambert will be gone also.

  4. Lacazette would be a dream signing. Sign both then we could play Origi in cup competition instead of piling on the pressure straight away.

  5. Lacazette is the big name option, Luiz Adriano is the under the radar one. Personally, I think Lacazette is the better option given his age and experience in a top European league, but Adriano seems to make more logical sense all around. He has more experience overall, is more developed, and has more to prove since he's lower profile. He'll also be much cheaper, saving us money for another addition to the squad.

  6. looking unlikely we are going to get CL football next year so probably both are not players will not favour a move to Liverpool as much as i would love to see Lacazette in our front 3. see far too often clubs go after players have they have a break through season much rather we went for Lacazette that has had two good seasons, than Vietto and Felipe Anderson.

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:53 pm, April 09, 2015

    We want
    Lacazette expect Berahino

    or Ings or Austin

    maybe thwy will also sign Delph and Will Hughes

  8. Enough already... you post this a minimum of 5 times on every article. You're turning into a broken record.

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:55 pm, April 09, 2015

    If people thought like you
    they would have signed Huntelaar over Suarez in 2012
    Sjnieider rather then Coutinho 2011

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:56 pm, April 09, 2015

    Can you guarantee me they will not join lfc?
    Lallana and Lambert proves they will all join

    especially Austin , i bet Br is already licking his lips
    the Ings-Austin partnership
    his proxy version of SAS

  11. By the way if we get Ings, I personally hope Sterling, hendo, Sturridge & coutinho all leave. What a demoralising, underwhelming signing. English hype leading to mediocrity street. No way that signing demonstrates intent for champions league football.

  12. How are any of those even comparable? Suarez was 24/5 when we bought him was he not? Looking for the jump from Ajax to prove himself, like Adriano from Shakhtar. Sneijder was already old and past it, had nothing to prove after he moved to Gala. Coutinho was stalling, and needed the move.

  13. I would love Lacazette. I rate him more than Adriano, although I certainly wouldn't turn him down either. I think Lacazette would hinge on CL qualification. Adriano or Vietto I feel like we could get without. One thing is for sure....we need someone.

  14. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:58 pm, April 09, 2015


    as our forward choices would be a dream

  15. That's beside the point. We already know your stance on the matter so why keep saying it.

    I'm not saying I disagree...

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:59 pm, April 09, 2015

    Luiz Adriano is 28 in 3 days
    so how is he not old?

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:00 pm, April 09, 2015

    This is what i ahve been trying to say for last 5 days
    but i could never express it in the right words .
    Bravo Sir! Comment of the year.

  18. Um... it's not? If anything, he's right around his prime years for a striker...

  19. Honestly I don't think there's much in the Ings rumour. It's being put around left, right and centre but I just don't see it. Or Austin...although I like Austin as he used to play for my local team, he's a quality finisher but like win Hernandez (on the other story) he is a fox-in-the-box. Berahino I could have seen us interested in, but I think it's too similar situation to Sterling and a case of once bitten, twice shy.
    I would be surprised if any of these players were seriously enquired about

  20. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:03 pm, April 09, 2015

    Torres 24
    Suarez 24

    If anything 24 is the best age for a striker

    plus Lacazette has proven is a real league

  21. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:04 pm, April 09, 2015

    I am hoping to say it enough
    until one of the FSG pr guys who go over the fan sites to find out fans opinions
    will read it

  22. Suarez was 24 when he joined us. He was 27 last season, his best season to date.

    Torres was getting better and better until his injury and move. His decline was less to do with age, and more with his incapability to adapt and recover.

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:05 pm, April 09, 2015

    Lacazette will be the new Thierry Henry
    Luiz Adriano at best will be new Marouane Chamakh they are almost twins ion football development , football skill etc

  24. Problem is you probably lost FSG as being the ideal fan of knowledge when you say things like...Jamacia in Africa.....Markovic is unknown....We don't need depth....let's give 4 players 300k a week
    The list could go on, culminating in you not being the go to guy. Sorry.

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:09 pm, April 09, 2015

    Sometimes it is important to consider the players history.

    How can someone at 28 still be playing for a small club in a small league

    It is like Adam Lallana ,Adam and Allen

    liverpool should have asked
    "why exactly is it that he played in league 1 and championship for so long? "

    The only late developer that has worked is Drogba
    even then he was 26 in his shining year 2 years younger then Adriano

  26. The Jamaica in Africa comment had me in stitches, but at least Code was up front about it. Life is one long lesson eh Code!

  27. It will never get old I don't think. It's one of those ones that will stick. But I agreed credit where credits due he came out and said he didn't know. But I chuckle every time someone puts something on here about it.

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:13 pm, April 09, 2015

    Player History

    Joe Allen
    spent 2 years playing league 1 footy at swansea

    Charlie Adam
    played in the coca cola championship and was a rangers reject

    Adam Lallana
    played in league 1 and coca cola championship well into his early 20s

    All of these guys player history showed they were not right for lfc yet we bought them.
    So hwo can a guy playing Ukeraine football at teh age of 28 be considered good enough
    his player history deems him surplus to requirment

    Then look at guys like Sturridge,Coutinho,ALonso,Suarez,Torres,Sakho,Can,Reina all playing so well at highest level so early in their careers
    and have gone on to be successes
    it is so logical

  29. I agree about Lacazette. Which leads me into a whole new dimension in my life. He will be a top top player. But Adriano you are back to your best with. Chamakh has never been a goalscorer or semi decent player. But Adriano is a top player. I would always prefer Lacazette but Adriano would be a great signing too. Chamakh wouldn't be.

  30. More ex lfc pundits are sticking the knife in, Mcateer the latest one. Thinking about it, there are outstanding Qs for LFC re Sterling's contract.
    1. Did Rodgers contribute to publicising negotiations? "Sterling has rejected a fantastic offer". Giving assurances to the media that he'll sign.
    2. If so why? Was it to force Sterling into a corner?
    3. Sterling has 2 years left on his contract. Why the fuss? Hendo only has one year left!
    4. Has Sterling shown a desire to leave?
    5. If the club didn't want him to do the interview why didn't they do more to protect his character during all the media bashing?
    IMO LFC have thrown Sterling under the bus.

  31. That is something to consider, but Adriano is one Shakhtar's best players of recent memory. He's their leading goalscorer in all comps of all time, he had an insane CL campaign this season, and all arrows only point up. If he played in a different league, heck even in Brazil, this wouldn't even be a question. I'm not sure why this is such a big deal.

    To be clear, if we have any chance at Lacazette, he should be our top target. But I don't see how we would be able to pull it off... Why chase something that's impossible to reach?

  32. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:18 pm, April 09, 2015

    Markovic unknown

    as in his stats
    look at depay 14 goals or more this year

    Markovic had 5 ,
    people rarely talked about him but at the same age Mario Goetze was being called the next Maradona

    Laczette 250k,Depay 230k, Pjanic 250k
    3 players just below 250k
    man city have Augero,yaya,Nasri, on that money
    man utd
    Falcao,van persie,Rooney, Di Maria

    we needd to match them in wages or it is simple we will finsih way below these clubs ,

  33. For money? Lots of Brazilians go Ukraine or Russia for cash.

  34. Willian one example. Seems to be doing well at Chelsea...

  35. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:20 pm, April 09, 2015

    Chamackh won the french league
    and the only playe rfrom taht side that has gone on to have a career in teh agme otehr then him is Youan Gorcuff
    forgot how to spell his name but he was meant to be new Zidane

  36. Seriously, Markovic unknown? Did you live under a rock that whole season?

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:21 pm, April 09, 2015

    Was he being linked with Man united,Bayern Munich, Real Madrid,Barcalona

    it was only us and for some weird reason Chelsea

    people who knew Avram Grant rated him only

  38. SO Chamakh was one of the best players on that title winning side? Following your logic we should have bought him?

  39. ...mmm yeah, I remember some links...


  40. mmm.... yeah. 2012 linked to Bayern

  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:23 pm, April 09, 2015

    Suarez in 2011 was harder

    we had Jovanavic,Poulsen,Cole in midfield
    konchesky at left back

    and just acme out of almost going into extinction as a club

    yet we done it , we signed him

    we can sign Lacazette , we signed Torres and Cisse as well

    Liverpool ahve a big following in france bcos of Houlier

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:24 pm, April 09, 2015

    But he was old
    and lacked the two distinct ability to be a lfc striker

    agility and dribbling

  43. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:26 pm, April 09, 2015

    yep annoying me as well
    fowler talked about it today

    it annoys me how him and barnes are saying


    if i was sterling i woyuld move just to prove you wrong

  44. Unknown as in not known. Rarely talked about is completely different. You will find a lot of people knew but weren't so enamoured by Marko. Rather than unaware of him. Very different.

    Aside from having stadiums about 1/3 bigger than ours and a larger income and vaster spending habits. We can't compete because we dont have money to waste like that.
    I would argue faulty logic as the current top 2 (ahead of both mentioned teams) don't spend 300k on 4 players.

  45. Sterling has 2 yrs left, if he doesnt sign this summer he will leave the next jan or summer for half the price or sit tight and go for free. He has the club by the balls

  46. Well, Ibe really isn't a forward, but yeah, that would be my ideal scenario. As long as Sturridge stays fit. And Raheem keeps that Ego in check.

  47. Saw Lucas Moura is refusing contract talks and LFC among other EPL clubs are interested... What you guys think?

    Perhaps unlikely, but could be a good transfer depending on the price.

  48. He was famous in Africa

  49. The Jamaican, Canadian, Mexican, or Brazilian part?

  50. I won't believe either rumour until I hear that BR has watched them in one of his much publicised secret midweek scouting trips.

  51. Yes that part in particular

  52. He is their best player. If we sign him, no more forwards are needed, whoever is there, he can feed him.

  53. I keep hearing about that comment, when was it made which article?

  54. We must qualify for the Champions League and then we'll see for sure that next season I want to play the Champions League"

    What does that mean, a serious question?

  55. I think it means he wants to play in the CL next year so if they do not qualify he is more likely to leave them, But even if they qualify he still might leave for another team but again probably only one in the CL Ie very unlikely to be Liverpool

  56. dated 30 March The article heading starts with "next transfer?"

  57. I won't believe either rumour until I see their names and the phrase "incredible technician" in the same sentence.

  58. If Liverpool have a big following in France because of Houllier, then how big must Arsenal's following be? Henry and Wenger alone.

  59. The only late developer? There are loads. Gary Mac being a fairly recent example of the virtues of bringing in an older player.

    Di Natale, Luca Toni, Ian Wright. Klose didn't turn pro until he was 20 or something. Gabi has played his best football last couple of years. Forlán was at his best in his late 20s/early 30s. Dario Hubner. Loads of them. Grosso.

    There's just a few off the top of my head.

  60. We've been linked to many top top class players for the last 2 season but none ever materialise.

  61. I won't believe either rumour until BR categorically dismisses the transfers. Which means we sign them.

  62. didn't find it. But did find a post saying it is easy being a footballer and working two-three hours a day. Damn...

  63. Djafu Merseyside2:18 am, April 10, 2015

    why should lacazette leave lyon for a club most likely to be in the europa league? we can dream as much as we want, but realistically he won't be a liverpool player next season. should've signed him last sommer

  64. Can't go for cost effectiveness. You can deny it all you want, but just look at the facts right in front of you, and ask yourself:

    What do we want as fans? I'm guessing most of us would say top 4.

    Then ask again:

    What have the teams in the top 4 done?

    And that's where the tables are turned.

    How many of the teams in the top 4 have followed the cost effectiveness memo (With any of their starting players?)

    None. Chelsea signing Costa, Cuadrado, Courtois

    Arsenal with Sanchez, Gabriel

    City with Mangala, Fernando

    Man United are the only team in the top 4 as of right now, who have somewhat failed with big name transfers (Di Maria) but even he will certainly improve and find his edge here.

    I'm not saying there is anything wrong with buying the cheaper players on the market, every once in a while they might perform even better than the expensive ones. But really, we need to make noticeable transfers? I don't say it because I'm bored with the current transfers and/or team, I say it because it's just whats best for the club. I can't recall any big names coming into the club the last 1 or 2 years, other than Sakho, who was not even that big of a name back then either. It's great signing players like Coutinho for 8m, Sturridge for 12m, and have them develop into prospects in 2 or 3 years. But sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and dump boatloads of cash. Not on a Carroll or English man, but on an obvious choice.

  65. I'd say 80% of the time it's some article pulled out of someone's ass, picking some random world class name by playing darts, and then pressing post. If you think about it though, it's true. I remember the Higuain, Isco and Cavani articles and laughing, mostly because they were being posted during our horrible form in the season, as if they were trying to make us feel better or something.

    But yeah most of the players we are linked to? Just pure banter and blunder.

  66. Seems it's more of a question as to whether we have a sufficiently juicy carrot to dangle before either of them. Lacazette is hardly unknown, and there's every chance that Champions League teams will be after him in the summer. Adriano can get Champions League football with Shakhtar, so whether we can lure either depends on what incentives we can offer. Would they want to join other clubs with established stars, or would they want to join us, and forge an integral role for themselves?

  67. He wants champions league next season. Very unlikely he will join if we don't qualify. And that looks like a possibility. Now

  68. Big assumption that one. Like I said why did they let Henderson's contract run down to a year? They even let Gerrard's contract run down. All Sterling said was, let's postpone negotiations until the end of the season. Hardly a crime? Feel free to address point 1. The manipulation of the media by Rodgers to force him to sign before he was comfortable. In what world would that be tolerated? LFC have behaved like the mafia with all their henchmen throwing in their two pennies worth. If I were Sterling I'd negotiate a contract full of clauses just to show the club that undermining a player through media manipulation is not how to do business. Of course the clauses would allow any top club to come in but also put him on par with the top earners. Balotelli is on more.than 100k, Sturridge 150k.

  69. Its about Song and the heading goes on "Liverpool chase £12m star"

  70. £25m is relatively cheap for someone who can score goals but sadly he probably won't end up at Anfield

  71. there is one thing and one thing alone that will bring lacazzette and other top targets to liverpool and its not champions league,its a wage he cant refuse just like it is with all the footballers these days.if we are thinking no champions league will stop us getting our targets,then how did man utd bring in what they did with di maria falcao and the rest?big wages not champions league.and its as simple as that.liverpool need to identify who they wanna bring in then offer him a wage we can afford but the players cant refuse,its not about the trophies these days or the competitions you play in or the prestige of the shirt on your back its all about the money they are paid,and the sooner all us fans realise this the less disappointed we will be when we keep missing out on our targets,or we bring in underwhelming signings like we did last off season.we had champions league to offer ,why didnt we bring in players of a higher calibre than we did if its all bout whether you have champions league or not,why cause we didnt offer the big wages.i am not saying we should pay above our means but that its not about cl as to whether we can bring in quality players.

  72. Pjanic and lacazette aswell as a right back would be the best for me meanwhile I feel our weak link joe allen should leave

  73. He is their best players? Have seen his stats?

  74. neither is sterling a forward

  75. King Kenny Dalglish joined Liverpool at 27.

  76. I would be delighted if we signed Lacazette but i just cant see it happening unless we get luck with other big European clubs not in the market for a striker.

    If Sterling stays could be a very exciting attacking line up when all are fit:


    Lots of Ifs in there though sadly!

  77. Ok reading your point I need to clear up a couple of things. First of all so far Juan cuadrado has been an utter disappointment at Chelsea, dosent get in the team AND in response to your 'fuck it' approach to transfers he was bought with Andre schurrle funds. Secondly courtois was a Chelsea player on loan at atletico Madrid and was not signed for big money.

    Onto Arsenal and Gabriel was bought as an emergency back up for 12 million so I don't understand how that's a big transfer, Sanchez was sought out by Liverpool but wanted to live in London and Wenger had been talking to him for weeks prior to Rodgers involvement.

    City completely go along with the idea of the 'fuck it' approach to transfers. Allow us to analyse the big name signings made by city, you cite elaquim mangala bought for 32 million a guy who dosent get near his national side and lives on the bench for City. Since 2012 not one city player bought except Martin demichellis has cemented his place in the starting XI, they spent 28 million on Jovetic, 24 million on Negredo I could go on.

    Dumping boatloads of cash is what the club tried to do last summer, but it didn't work as we were not able to give players what they want coming to England. Champions league football on a regular basis and a ridiculous salary. I look at this squad of young players and I think next season we can achieve champions league football. Even if sterling goes we have I be who in my humble opinion can be even better, he's more disciplined and dosent have an attitude problem. Coutinho is one of the most naturally gifted players I have seen at this club, Emre Can is a phenomenon and his versatility reminds me of a young Gerrard. Alberto Moreno whilst unsure at times has been a great buy for 12 million and I assure you will be fantastic next season when he is bedded in at Liverpool. Jordan Henderson is actually one of my favourite players in the squad and has made it clear he wants to stay at the club.

    Sorry for the long read and please do not take this as a personal attack, just trying to make my point.

  78. Pack off Balotelli and Borini and bring in both but of course the primary target should be Lacazette.

  79. Shakhtar Donetsk is hardly a small club. and Ukrainian league is pretty competive. Shakhtar again this year qualified from their Champions league group to be knocked out by Bayern.


    do you know anything of football apart from premier league?

  80. He wants to play in the Champions League... it says so there in the article. He's not coming to Anfield anytime soon.

  81. £25m ... He'll go for way more than that IF Aulas decides to cash in.
    Lyon don't need to sell and Lacazette will be interesting CL clubs this summer with his goals, assists and versatility.

    Still, there must be a good 99% chance that he's thinking that he can't wait for an offer from an English club that may end up not even getting into the Europa League!!

    I'd love to see him at Anfield next season, but unfortunately I think the only way that will happen is if he's playing for the opposition.

  82. He was 26, as it happens, and already somewhat of a legend. With Dalglish, there was never any doubt he would fit, partly because of him and partly because the guys who got the deal through actually knew what they were doing - he'd had trials at Melwood twice before and was pretty much signed in '74, on the quiet. Paisley and Shankly didn't just sign players based on stats. They watched them to see whether they would fit our system AND they got to know them to see if they had the right attiude to play for LFC. That's why we didn't sign Charlie Nicolas to replace Dalglish, who was hailed by the press as the 'new Kenny Dalglish' at the time.

  83. "All Sterling said was lets postpone till the end of the season" !!! Have you watched his full interview? If not I'd recommend watching it, he practically says (without actually saying it) that he's going.

  84. Don't need to, brilliant player that would excell here.

  85. And what if we buy Lacazette & Ings?

    Sturridge & Lacazette as main strikers with Origi & Ings as back up...

    Naturally get rid off Borini, Aspas, Lambert

    Part of me still wants us to try Sturridge & Balotelli together for the rest of the season...although it seems BR has given up on Balo

  86. We did try...he was available on a free but chose arsenal over us

  87. Make you wonder why they call them secret, or does he turn up dressed as Frodo Baggins...?

  88. Walk away, just walk away....

  89. You are absolutely correct lol, and I'm perfectly fine with your post. Most of my points didn't make sense, but now I realize what I'm trying to get across, is to make sense on big transfers. They are obviously a lot more high risk, but high reward as well. You just proved that 90% of the transfers made between these teams failed, which I think is true too. BUT, there are 2 in particular that HAVE succeeded, and have played a huge part in Chelsea's season.

    Costa and Fabregas. One with most goals in Prem and the other with most assists. There is always a ''but what if'' in these types of high money transfers, but just ask yourself these questions:

    Are they overpriced englishmen? Have they only performed well one season? Are they just inflated in price because they are ''young prospects? Do we need even need them? Are they Abou Diaby-esque sick notes?

    Clearly, Mourinho answered to these questions with these 2 players, and got results, including top of the prem.

    Honestly, if any 30m+ player (Forget 30m+, ANY PLAYER) crosses a ✓ on all those questions, and we applied this logic in past seasons, we could easily have turned around every stupid transfer.

    If we manage to get top 4, players like Matuidi and Busquets should be swarmed. Even if they don't want a move, make them want one. Over-inflate wages, over pay, because these are the types of players who just won't, CAN'T turn out a flop, and if spending an extra 100K on their current wages, or paying an extra 10m then what other teams are asking for, do it.

  90. Most players do choose CL a few mercenaries don't. We havent got consistent CL. Sanchez chose a bit less money for CL and London. Costa chose more money and CL football. Also by that logic and we pay 250k for 5/6/7 players all our other players will want more money aswell to be in fair contrast. How is that sustainable for a club like us. Ridiculous notions of let's throw money at it is not the way. And won't ever be at LFC.

  91. he's going to real madrid surely

  92. sorry we will agree to disagree on the cl thing,did chelsea or man city or psg have cl when they brought in all those players or did they pay them huge wages?a player will never come out and say i am going where the money is,look at whats happening to sterling atm hes been offered a huge amount of money to sign a new contract with us if reports are to be believed and he has put it off,why?cause maybe his agent wants to shop him around and get him a bigger pay packet,good luck to them i am not saying its wrong or we should pay beyond our means for a player,u cannot begrudge someone looking after their finances,what i am saying is that if we want to get back to challenge for trophies and by that i mean premier league and champions league then the club needs to be put in a position where we can afford to pay the type of wages these top players want,by increasing revenue like sponsorship and bigger capacity stadium which in fairness fsg are delivering as examples ,how do we achieve bigger sponships by winning trophies how do u win trophies by paying the good players what theyre worth its a vicious circle.in my opinion its not cl but the wages you pay as to whether u attract a top player,sure if he is offered the same wages by 2 teams 1 in the cl the other not he may choose cl,but otherwise its money everytime.lets not kid ourselves and think anything different but thats my opinion and you are entitled to yours,all i know is i want to see us winning trophies again.and nowhere did i say in my original comment to throw money at it,what i said is lets pay what we can afford to bring in the best talent we can.we need a good transfer window this off season cause we blew the last one totally blew it.

  93. We do clearly disagree. You can get 1 or 2 top top players without offering either big money or CL football as we saw with Suarez. But you can only attract a lot of the best with CL football or the promise of. And that would mean us having to sign 5/6 top top players at the same time offering them all massive money and saying yes look at you 6 we will be getting CL football.
    But then the other 20 players around the squad will want more (maybe not as much) but more so then your paying everyone in the team more because that is now 'the norm' for us. Then we have a wage bill that would be with Man Utd. and Man City. Without the stadium size, we will be nearly 60 not 80+ thousand. We are a club that must work in processes to improve, it might not always be steps forward but the club has a base and a foundation. Now with ever bigger commercial deals and bigger stadium and the new tv money we can grow as a club.
    Ironically the 3 teams you mentioned to prove your point actually prove my point for me. PSG, City, Chelsea....all had multi-billionaires coming in and dumping the cash at the team like a kid in a sweet shop. We have prudent, granted still billionaires but not in the same league as the sheikhs and oils, but our owners are running a business and cannot throw billions around on transfers and wages as those 3 you mention can/did/do.
    We are a club in the Arsenal mould not the City mould. And wouldn't we all love the consistency that Wenger has provided over 13+ years.