14 Apr 2015

Transfer Update: Liverpool chase £12m 'leader' who hates Luis Suarez. Offer expected this summer

During the 2012-13 season, Liverpool were constantly linked with a £12m move for Swansea star Ashley Williams, and new reports over the weekend suggest that Brendan Rodgers is planning another move for the defender this summer.

According to The Mirror:

* Liverpool are planning to make a 'fresh move' for 'great leader' Williams this summer.

* Rodgers remains a 'long-term admirer' of the 30-year old Wales international.

When asked about Liverpool's interest in April 2013, Williams told Wales Online:

“It is always nice to hear people say nice things about you, and a lot of people have been talking and saying good things. It just means I’m probably doing my job right and I try to keep working hard".

Soon after, Rickie Lambert - who played alongside Williams at Stockport County - revealed that he tried to get Williams to spill the beans on the potential Liverpool deal:

"I asked him [Williams]: ‘Are you going to Liverpool?' Ash wouldn’t tell me. He has done magnificently over the last few years and would be a great signing for Liverpool”

Lambert is not the only one who thinks Williams would be a great buy for Liverpool:

* When asked in February 2014 about the possibility of Williams moving to Anfield, Joe Allen told the Daily Mail: "Ashley [Williams] has grown enormously as a player. He has got a lot of experience over the last few seasons at a high level, and I’m sure he would be pretty comfortable if he was to play at an even higher level"

* Ian Rush is also in favour of the deal: "To get Williams would be great. At the right price Swansea would let him go, and he would be good for Liverpool with his experience."

* Jan Molby concurs with Rushie, and in a column for the Liverpool Echo, he wrote: "He [Williams] looks better this season than he did last. He’s assured, even when he’s being put under pressure. He can play and he can graft. You don’t get many centre backs like that at the moment"

* Wales boss Chris Coleman is convinced that Williams can be a success at one of the big clubs in the Premier League, and in an interview with the BBC, he enthused: "I'm not surprised that he [Williams] is being linked with big clubs. He's a terrific defender and a great personality [and has] a great mentality towards football"

Given his antipathy towards Luis Suarez, it's hardly surprising that Williams' proposed move to Anfield fell through. In his book, 'My Premier League Diary' (Published on the 14th November 2013), Williams:

* Admitted that he 'truly dislikes' Suarez.
* Ridiculed his 'shocking' diving.
* Accuses the Uruguayan of treating Swansea with 'utter contempt'.

Detailing his thoughts after Swansea's 0-0 draw at Anfield last season, Williams observed:

"He [Suarez] dived more than any other player I've played against. It was so bad I was genuinely shocked. He dived and screamed at any given moment."

Williams also recorded some notes after Swansea's 1-0 win at the Liberty Stadium. He wrote:

"I don't like the bloke [Suarez]. They [Liverpool] won a corner, and I appealed to say that it had come off him. He said something to me with a bit of a snarl, so I told him to shut his mouth. I don't like the superior manner. Basically, I have no time for the guy at all."

Well, Suarez is no longer at Liverpool, so that's one less barrier in the way of a transfer. Worth a bid?



  1. Such hatred, and he had never been bitten.

  2. This speculation has a future............

  3. Jonathan Capozzola2:47 am, April 14, 2015

    He isnt fit to tie Suarez's boots. And I am no Suarez apologist.

  4. Miranda to Chelsea

    Hummels to United

    And the great Kop? Going for a 30-yr old Welsh CB from Swansea.

    Won't be surprised to see Liverpool paying millions to urge Carra to come out of retirement and play in our starting 11.

  5. There is really no point to buy Williams (30) unless BR is willing to let some of the CBs go (and that's going to be the though part). In my view we are quite locked with Sakho (25) and Lovren (25). Both are quite young and recent acquisitions of which Sakho has played mostly very well whereas with Lovren we cannot recoup the hefty price paid last summer with his current form. Therefore, they are most probably no go come the next summer.

    As for the other young ones, I recon that BR will not part with Emre Can (21) any time soon unless somebody comes knocking with extraordinary transfer sums. Of the loaned players, I see basically no future for Ilori (22) and Coates (24) currently. Although, I believe that with Ilori there is a very very slim chance for a miracle. Wisdom (21) and Jones (19) are the best options of the loaned ones. Wisdom could probably fit into next season's team to compete of the starting places especially against Can in the three man back line. As for Jones, he is still to young for EPL and will continue gain for more experience out on loan. Therefore, I suspect that we will have also Can and Wisdom at our disposal next season.

    For the more experience CBs we have Skrtel (30) and Toure (34), Skrtel has been playing generally well, whereas Toure has been at times a bit dodgy and at times an OK cover for the starters. I don't believe that Skrtel would leave next summer unless an extraordinary transfer deal comes along. If that happens, then I can see Williams could be an option to cover that loss. Toure's departure I suppose is still a reasonably likely and Williams could be used to cover him also. Williams adds up to the homegrown quota and he is an experienced EPL CB with proven leadership skills (this has been a problem area for LFC for number of years). However, the problem is the price seem to be very steep for player already at the wrong side of 30. Also, is the captain of Swansea going to or willing to fit into his role at LFC as a possible cover-up for regular starters?

    As a result, I expect BR to retain Sakho, Lovren, Can, Wisdom and Skrtel for the next season. The role of Toure is still open, but Williams could be an excellent cover for him if he is committed enough for a smaller role and would come for considerable less than £12m.

  6. For me, this transfer would depend on 2 things - how much he'd cost and more importantly what role Rodgers sees for him. If he's relatively cheap then I wouldn't be opposed to him being a direct replacement for Toure in the squad as an experienced back up option however if the plan is for him to come in and be our defensive saviour then it's a big no.
    Something needs to be done however. Lovren was shocking again last night. We got a clean sheet in spite of him last night not because of him. His confidence is shattered. I hold out some hope that he might recover and ultimately become a good player for us but I think it might be next season before that happens.

  7. What price Champions League? Two seasons for £12mn could be money well spent. Williams is very reliable as a player, leader and is hardly ever injured or suspended (averaging 46 games a season in his 6 full seasons at Swansea).

  8. waste

    I play him in fantasy league, consistently gets me no more than 1 point!

  9. Nah..he's too old, to be honest, liverpool hate you too Ashley Williams :) sorry to say, you are not in the same level with suarez :)

  10. I'm not a fan of Williams's and feel we already have better players in his position.

  11. My initial reaction was "No way, he's one of the slowest Premier league centre-backs", followed by "Can Wisdom be a success at centre-back ?". However,...If the first choice four man defence, with cover is:
    Flanagan (Manquillo), Skrtel (Ilori), Sakho (Lovren), Moreno (Wisdom)
    that leaves us weak at left-back (although Flanagan can cover and I think Wisdom is really a right-back) and incredibly inexperienced in Ilori.
    Clearing out Coates, Johnson, Toure and Enrique, then Williams is not such a stupid buy dependent on the price. Papadopoulos is supposedly available fairly cheap and is much younger. How much is Williams' experience and dependability worth ?
    I heard Stan Collymore singing the praises of Kieran Trippier on the radio last night, as a genuinely defensively sound right-back. I've heard worse suggestions, converting Flanagan to a left-back.

  12. What the effin hell is this garbage being mentioned for.... Have we not learnt our lesson with buying Swansea players? Sorry, bit harsh, but really, Ashley Williams...

  13. No thanks, central defence is a position I feel we are quite strong in. Sakho has been a great player this season along with skrtel. I believe lovren could be a success within a 3 man defence with skrtel and sakho. I also think we need to start using our youth prospects Lloyd Jones looks like a promising youngster and this illori needs to be give a chance. Plenty of back up in the defensive department not to mention can who I feel needs to be moved to midfield with Henderson that could be a great partnership.

  14. If I was Rodgers I will sell Toure, Lovren and buy Fabian Schar Frm Basel and Samuel Umtiti...Worst case scenario will bid 8 Million max for Ashley Williams

  15. One thing regarding Williams that you leave out of consideration is his vocal leadership capabilities. Personally, I believe this is one of the main points why BR wants him. Honestly, we have not had a real vocal leader since Carra retired (Toure has not been fully convincing as he has seem to be struggling with his form and physique).

    Though, is just the facts that Williams is homegrown and he seems like a rather good vocal leader enough to warrant a £12m transfer? Personally, I would not pay that much of him, not even close. There must be other (cheaper) options.

    Papadopoulos would be an interesting option who has shown real leadership character despite of his young age. However, I would be really concerned with his recent injury history. He has managed only 39 appearances in the last three years (12/13: 16; 13/14: 5; 14/15: 18) and the playing time accounts only for little more than 26 full matches! We don't need another sick note; DS is enough.