6 Apr 2015

Replace Sterling? Liverpool want 'amazing' £20m attacker BR tried to sign in 2014

Roma star Juan Iturbe has been linked with Liverpool many times over the last year, and with the summer transfer window on the horizon, it appears that the exciting Argentine attacker is back on the Reds' recruitment wish-list.

According to The Mirror:

* £20m-rated Iturbe has been 'offered' a transfer to the Premier League.

* Brendan Rodgers who is interested in signing the 21-year old attacker.

When asked over the weekend about a possible move to the Premier League, Iturbe's agent, Gustavo Mascardi, told reporters:

"Will he [Iturbe] leave? There are very good offers from England for him."

Liverpool have been linked with Iturbe many times in the past:

Nov 2013: The Daily Express reported: "Liverpool are keen on signing [Iturbe] after his season-long loan in Serie A finishes in the summer"

Dec 2013: Portuguese newspaper A Bola claimed that Liverpool were considering a €16m January bid for Iturbe.

Dec 2013: Verona boss Andrea Mandorlini hailed Iturbe's 'incredible quality', and outlined the attacker's strengths on the field. He told Tutto Mercato: "Iturbe [is] good enough for the big clubs. [He has] amazing quality and is a good guy. Iturbe's strengths are technical quality, impressive speed, and game intelligence. He's a great player"

Mar 2014: Sky Sports Italy journalist Gianluca Dimarzio claimed that lots of 'big European clubs' were watching €30m-rated Iturbe, but insisted that Liverpool 'want him the most'.

Mar 2014: In an interview with Tuttosport, Hellas Verona President Maurizio Setti enthused: “He [Iturbe] will certainly end up at a top club. We want to keep him, but no Italian club has the economic capacity to buy him."

Apr 2014: Italian newspaper Corriere Di Verona claimed that the Reds were still monitoring the Iturbe.

Apr 2014: When asked about Liverpool's interest, Iturbe - dubiously nicknamed 'the new Messi' as a result of his dual Paraguayan/Argentinian citizenship - told Sky Sports Italia: "Liverpool and italian clubs on me? I would like to stay in Italy for all my life. But let's see what will happen"

May 2014: Scouts from Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham watched Iturbe score in Verona's 3-3 draw with Lazio.

Hellas Verona boss Andrea Mandorlini is convinced Iturbe is heading for greatness, and earlier this season, he raved:

“Iturbe has some amazing qualities. He’s still young so you have to have a little patience, but these are the qualities that make the difference, and he has them.”

Iturbe's stats for the last three years:

* 2014-15: 3 goals/3 assists in 28 apps (So far)
* 2013-14: 8 goals/5 assist in 34 apps
* 2012-13: 3 goals/2 assists in 18 apps.
* 2011-12: 8 goals/4 assists in 33 apps.
* TOTALS: 22 goals/14 assists in 118 apps.
* Goal/assist every 3.2 games

Iturbe recently missed six games as a result of knee injury, but even with that absence, 3 goals in 28 games is not a great return, but overall, a goal/assist every 3.2 games is creditable for a 21-year old.

That return is not worth £20m, and there are players out there available for a similar price with far superior stats. Two examples: Roberto Firmino, and Pedro.

As a straight replacement for Sterling, though, (whose goals/assist ratio is nothing special), Iturbe fits the bill, and I have no doubt that he - or a similar style of player - could easily have a similar impact.

That said, after the failure of Lazar Markovic, I personally don't want to see Liverpool spending £20m+ on players between the ages of 18 and 21; that amount should be reserved for established, experienced players capable of coming straight into the team and making an immediate impact.



  1. No thanks. Hasn't looked ready to step up and take responsibility for Roma. We need players with that strength of will. I think Iturbe is talented, but I suspect he'll be a form player. Devastating on his day, anonymous on others.

  2. Fully agree Jaimie, we have more than enough young players but if Balotelli was the best we could do last summer with Rodgers/the committee, £120m and CL on offer then we are going to have a slight problem with no CL and less money should the same arrangement still be in place.

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:34 pm, April 06, 2015

    Suarez signed when lfc were in europa league 9th place

    Sturridge signed when lfc were 8th place europa league

    Coutinho signed when 8th Europa league

    Sakho signed when 7th a team with no Europe

    So our 4 best FSG era signings came when we had no cl

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:39 pm, April 06, 2015

    Bar Victor Moses
    signing big team young rejects have worked for us

    Sturridge Chelsea reject
    Coutinho inter reject
    Sakho paris st Germain reject
    Emre Can bayern reject (i know he came from leverkusen but bayern had a buy back clause)

    So maybe we should follow trends

    LFC have to look at players like Lallana and think
    "this guy played his whole life in the lower division"

    How about Sergio Roberto the guy who cant get in Barca team

  5. Italy's flop of the year?!? Some teams can roll that dice, not us..

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:55 pm, April 06, 2015

    Serge Gnabry

    From Arsenal another young player struggling to get a game at a big team

  7. With Rodgers (and maybe transfer comitee or whoever was responsible) not being sure to be there next season looking at we are interested in now is irrelevant.

  8. spot on verm....its no use having a car without a battery

  9. Forget Iturbe, he's last summers news.
    Lazio's Felipe Anderson please! This boy has the potential to be something very special.Nothing like Markovic.He's a much better player.You snooze we lose.

  10. Nothing will change until and unless we have a new manager.
    It's true that players have a part to play...But who brings players to the club.. Manager has the biggest say in transfer business..If his players are not performing to their potential , then it's down to manager who made a wrong signing in the very beginning!
    BR implements weak tactics which has been proven time and again when his team(and formation) is bashed by quality opposition.
    See how Van Gaal has turned the season for Man utd. even though his squad was under-performing. I bet he'll come stronger next season ,and Manutd will be serious contender for the trophy.
    A good manager can do wonders to a club. FSG must spend money on a proven manager. BR is still an amateur in the business

  11. apparently hendo is refusing his offer...the time has come for liverpool/rogers to draw a line in the sand sell both hendo and sterling in the summer and make a stand ...as a business we cant keep having a gun put to our heads when negotiating contracts

  12. Dear God...I agree with you!

  13. Though a lot of circumstances had to happen..

  14. I know.me too! What's happening? !

  15. He is shaking now, doesn't know what to write.. Writing, deleting.. I am sure he is blushing too.

  16. I do think that going for unfashionable players is the way to go.

    We can't go toe-to-toe with most of our rivals, unfortunately, but I think that going for promising players who've hit a bit of a wall is a good strategy. One of the big things we can offer is playing time in a way that Chelsea, Arsenal etc. can't, so we should go for players who will crave that. Like Jesé Rodriguez.

    That said this squad is also in desperate need of some nous. Need to find the balance. Obvious statement, to be fair. Just frustrating from a fans' point of view.

  17. I thought this comment was really well written...

    And then I saw you use the word "nous" and I just can't help but shed a tear at the beautiful soliloquy you just typed.


  18. Looks very good, but I always worry about signing a player who is in the best form of his career. Is it the start of things to come, or is it just an average player buoyed by confidence?

    With the premium that Premier League clubs have to pay, it makes these kinds of decisions very difficult. Do risk a flop or do you risk missing the boat?

    I think Felipe Anderson has looked good though and I'm impressed with how he's functioned in Pioli's quite strict set-up. He's worked hard and implemented the tactics well. Seems to suit us. I think Candreva would be worth a look too, since he seems to take a lot of responsiblity for Lazio (last season in particular) and I think the pair of them look like they could suit us well.

  19. Ta.

    I'm just a humble Scouse gent, trying to change the world for the better the only way I know how- one pointless comment at a time.

    After Saturday, I don't think it's working...

  20. Unless of course, you're prepared to Flintstone it.

  21. Put a name or two in the hat??
    No use getting rid of a manager unless their is something better !

  22. Liverpool has offered 80p/w
    Henderson wants 100p/w

    Not sure who is right ?

  23. What do you say about bird law?

  24. Also a useful tactic for when petrol is running low (Flintstoning it)

  25. I couldn't believe it at the time and it's still hard to believe now...Oh Suarez

  26. The most important player in the squad, and the offer is 80k? He scould refuse to sign,..

  27. Coutinho cost £8m and Sturridge cost £12m? Both were not wanted by their respective clubs and luckily they have turned out well for us. At the above prices most team could have signed these players.

    Sakho was a great signing but also a massive risk at the price we paid.

    Will we sign PROVEN QUALITY like your Hazard's, Costa's, Sanchez's, Ozil's, Silva's, Aguero's etc while Rodgers is in charge?

    Answer carefully.

  28. VermHat I think Anderson would suit Liverpool's system perfectly.I really think if we turn our nose up at him, he'll turn into a Superstar and he will be another player to add to our missed opportunity list.
    Stylistically he reminds me of PSG's Lucas Moura when he runs with the ball.Whenever Lucas gets the ball he wants to take on defences and runs at lightning speeds most of the time into traffic, relying on Brazilian skill to get him out of trouble.
    Felipe Anderson seems more assured and intelligent in possession.He's got the Speedy Gonzales directness in his game too, but picks his moments to attack better.I think he's got a better all round game.He would give our forward line a fantastic wing option or we could play him inside behind the striker.He would be equally effective.

  29. Do you reckon we will be able to attract better players with let's say Mourinho or Ancelotti in charge.

    Will be interesting here here your thoughts on that mate.

  30. Of course not, but I don't think Rodgers is to blame for it.

    FSG just don't seem willing to invest the kind of money necessary to keep up with the CL placement teams.

    There were two windows where it was imperative for us to sign quality. The winter window of the title run season saw us buy no-one...even after Ian Ayre spent 3 days in Europe. Didn't get anyone and our title challenge faltered, predictably.

    Then, last summer, when we had CL football to offer, who did we manage to sign? We effectively spent £100 million plus on over-rated, over-priced or under-developed talent.

    6th or 7th is all I ever see us achieving under FSG.

    Let's face it, even Southampton have a superior football o0peration than us now.

  31. Of course, yes, but the key factor in signing big players is money money money...

    ...and FSG seem more interested in making it rather than spending it (when compared with our rivals).

  32. Almost £120m we spent last summer, only UTD spent more and FSG do not seem to invest the kind of money necessary to keep up with CL placement?

    What would Mourinho have done with £120m at his disposal?

  33. £120m. Go sleep mate.

  34. Getting rid of Sterling and Henderson will be massive mistakes.

    Who are we going to sign to replace these players? More young kids I assume?

  35. Realistically, as pessimistic as this sounds, we will never make the CL under FSG.

    The two oil clubs are gone, Aresnal with their Emirates, Ozils and Sanchez's are now a class above us.

    The only team we had a chance of beating to the CL, Man U, splashed the cash when they had to, and now watch them go.

    I think we'll struggle to attract players over Tottenham due to the London effect and even Southampton appear to have a better football set-up than we do.

    The only way we'll ever be "back" is with new, rich owners. Fact.

  36. Are you telling me to go to sleep?

    If so, you know what you can do with that comment.

  37. With FFP rules rich owners mean bugger all. Go ask City who were fined a massive amount and given restriction on what they can spend, size of squads etc.

    The money FSG made available at the start of the season was wasted. Simple.

  38. You don't know what you're talking about.

  39. Key phrase being, "when compared with rivals"...e.g. Man Utd.

    Night night then x

  40. I honestly want us to exchange Sterling with Isco, now that Real's interest is confirmed. Overrated self-obsessed narcissist how things he is some kinda Cr7.

  41. Not arguing you don't know what are you talking about, but that he doesn't either? Top..

  42. Your hatred for Rodgers has blinded you to what's really going on at the club.

    If you were a little nicer, I'd educate you, but you're not, so I'll leave you to enjoy those loving thoughts you post on every article.

  43. Exactly...

    Man City will still be able to make their money, but ultimately all they care about their is winning. The Sheikh doesn't need more money. He cares about trophies.

    But the FFP regulations worked from the perspective that they did punish Man City for ignoring the rules.

    What gets me mad is when Mourinho brags about living under FFP but he was able to sell Luiz and Mata for a combined 90m. Not many managers get a 90m surplus to spend.

  44. Chelsea have been sublime in the transfer market.

    They sell players who are surplus for massive profits and then find suitable replacements or players of better quality than those they have sold.

  45. It's not governed by reason- that's all I know.

  46. I think it would certainly make a difference, but (I'm guessing at your line of logic here, so forgive me if I'm wrong) you can't sack a manager for not having enough appeal.

    Imagine if Dortmund would have sacked Klopp because he wasn't a big name. I think letting a manager build a reputation is more sustainable than bringing in a big name as bait to big players. I understand the frustration though, especially if you're not convinced that the man at the helm deserves that time.

  47. Mate, I would welcome Klopp with open arms.

    He was brand new on the scene and wiped the floor clean with Bayern Munich.

    Would Rodgers be able to go to Dortmund and do the same? This season has given me enough reason to rather us see part ways with Rodgers.

    Bring Jurgen Klopp any day of the week otherwise City or another top team will snatch him from us. Oh wait, somebody might have already...

  48. I don't think Klopp'll be going anywhere anyway, not this summer at least.

    In fairness to Rodgers, had we won the title last season (and we were likely only a slip away) it would have been an achievement to rival Klopp's. Fine margins.

  49. You love scaremongering, don't you? If Sterling and Henderson leave, so be it! Liverpool will survive. Better players have left in the past and the club didn't lay down and die. You know this, yet you peddle this 'LFC in crisis' schtick because it suits your agenda.

    Someone else always comes along, and history proves that time and time again.

  50. How many times? Do not post antagonistic comments like this. How does this promote debate? It doesn't, so stop it.

  51. Would Rodgers have done as well if he did not have Suarez? Yes it was not only down to Suarez but he was a demon for us.

    Klopp put together a team of unknowns and won the Bundesliga twice in a row. Rodgers has had one good season and two very average ones.

    Klopp is the kind of quality manager that would be very good for LFC and like Wenger can spot talent immediately. I will be very pissed if he decides to go to City as Pelligrini's days are numbered.

  52. You believe someone else will come along at this point when looking back at how much money was wasted last summer and the players we signed?

  53. Malkay Mackay is available : )

  54. Absolutely, and no amount of scaremongering is going to change that. You make it sound like it's curtains for LFC if Sterling et al leave, but it's not. Other players will always come through and/or emerge, and there's no point in modern LFC history where that wasn't the case, whether it's the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s.

  55. If Liverpool didn't have Suarez, someone else would've stepped-up, and/or there'd be another striker in his place. That striker may not have scored as many goals, but he wouldn't have needed to. Last season, Liverpool scored more goals than needed to challenge for the title.

  56. Agreed...but it helps when the players you are selling for mass profits are in fact surplus.

    Juan Mata and David Luiz would be arguably the best players on most teams in the world.

  57. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:13 pm, April 06, 2015

    Why would Isco join lfc?

    Why would he downgrade so much , from the best in teh world
    to the 5th in pl.

    Isco would not do that like Sanchez would not , if he is for sale ,Arsenal,Chelsea,man u and city would have advantage over us

    even if Real want to put him in deal liek Barca with Sancehz ultimatley player descides and he wont pick lfc

  58. It will be curtains if they both leave. We don't have a Wenger who can find a gem on a consistent basis. Our transfer activities have left me completely depressed. Added to the fact we have zero pulling power. LFC cannot afford to lose key players.

  59. No disrespect JK, but I think this line of reasoning is a bit naive to be honest.

    Whilst we may very well replace them, I think losing our would-be captain and the lad who's probably shouldered more of the attacking burden for us than any other player, is a legitimate cause for concern.

    When we lost the likes of Hyypia, Alonso and Mascherano (and maybe to a lesser extent Torres) in the 2000s, we didn't replace them properly and ended up in a relative wilderness for about 5 years. It was only last season that we were finally able to build a stable (defensive frailty notwithstanding) and cogent team that was a formidable footballing proposition.

    I wouldn't say "it will be curtains" as the good doctor of funk below has said, but it could be the start of another regression and with the way success perpetuates itself in the modern Premier League, that would be cause for concern, in my opinion.

  60. I rate Klopp and think he deserves respect, but to say that Rodgers is a liability and Klopp is the answer strikes me as "the grass is always greener" type thinking.

    Klopp has performed far worse than Rodgers this season in a league with (generally) less quality per team. Equally, his signings in recent years (Mkhitaryan, Immobile, Ramos, Ginter) haven't proven major successes.

    I also think that it's harsh to criticise Rodgers for benefiting from the form of a player who greatly improved under his tenure.

  61. I just love this guy..


  62. Isco is way better, so why would Madrid agree to this? Unless there's a non-football reason, of course.

  63. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:47 pm, April 06, 2015

    I just stated facts
    I did not include my opinions.

  64. Thought I was the only person that rates Candreva. Cheers.

    On Anderson, unless I'm mistaken he played well with Neymar in Brazil so this appears to be him getting to grips with Europe. I'd risk some cash for his talents.

  65. I can't really vouch for Anderson's exploits in Brazil. I seem to remember reading that he wasn't a superstar by any means, but that kind of hazily remembered second-hand opinion isn't worth much.

  66. He does look like he'd fit us really well, especially if we were to persist with the 3-4-2-1. Him and Sterling behind a reliable striker would be lethal.

    The way he's played for Lazio since the start of the year, you'd absolutely have that player in your team, but I think we've been burned before by average players having a brief and ill-timed (from a Liverpudlian perspective) burst of great form.

  67. Ah my favourite patient Verm, I agree with your sentiments. I think further regression would be disastrous & would probably require an oil rich sugar daddy to come to the rescue .

  68. Let's see, not setting the world alight after arriving for a fee he had nothing to do with while adjusting to a superior league automatically classifies Markovic as a failure? Are we like Manchester City and Chelsea who can happily waste big money on a player, give him one season to impress and then slap the sign 'failure' on him? Maybe I missed the definition where all players above 20 million are guaranteed successes. Either Besiktas have taken us for a ride or there were other clubs willing to pay that much for him and we landed a sparkling young talent. Was Henderson a failure when he came for 20 million?

  69. I think Luciano Vietto and Paulo Dybala much better from Iturbe. Why not Mauro Icardi ??

  70. Well done .Sharp !
    BUT is he better than BR ??

  71. and a far superior goal difference !!!!

  72. better than BR !!!!!1