4 Apr 2015

Surprise Transfer: Liverpool keen to sign 'phenomenal' €35m Barcelona attacker. Replace Sterling?

Liverpool are reportedly considering a surprise move for ex-Everton loanee Gerard Deulofeu, who is currently on-loan at Sevilla.

According to Spanish newspaper Sport:

* Deulofeu is 'wanted by Liverpool' after his successful Everton loan.

* The Spaniard is interested in a return to the Premier League.

Prior to his loan move to Everton, Liverpool were heavily linked with a move for Deulofeu, with Spanish newspapers AS and SPORT reporting that:

* The Reds put in a £7.5m bid for the youngster.
* When Barca wouldn't sell, Rodgers tried to negotiate a loan deal.

Some info about Deulofeu:

* 4 goals/5 assists in 29 games for Everton.
* This season: 3 goals/10 assists in 27 apps for Sevilla.
* One appearance for the Spain national team.
* Has a €35m buyout clause in his contract, which expires in 2017.

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is definitely interested in bringing Deulofeu back to Goodison Park. In an interview with ESPN this week, he hailed the attacker as a 'phenomenal football', but argued that a return is not on the cards. He explained:

"Barcelona's situation is very specific in terms of the ban that they have. So I don't think that information [about Deulofeu coming back to Everton] is accurate, knowing the situation at Barcelona"

With Messi, Neymar, Suarez et al at Barcelona, it'll be nigh-on impossible to make the breakthrough, and when asked this week about Deulofeu's chances at the Nou Camp, Spain U21 boss Albert Celades delivered the following stark warning:

“It’ll be very difficult for Deulofeu to succeed at Barcelona. Not every player can succeed there. Time will tell us how far Deulofeu goes in football".

Clearly, Deulofeu's best option is to leave Barcelona, and for £8m-£10m, he could be a decent buy, and with Raheem Sterling possibly leaving this summer, there may be an attacking vacancy in the team.

Deulofeu is a different type of player to Sterling, but I maintain that Sterling is easily replaceable.

Any deal has to be for the right price, though. Liverpool splurged £20m last summer on the similarly-aged Lazar Markovic, and that hasn't worked out so well (yet), so spending big-bucks on another young, comparatively untested attacker is not the best use of transfer funds.

On the plus side, Deulofeu is somewhat proven in the Premier League, which (theoretically) means that there won't be any significant settling-in/adjustment time.

Worth a bid?



  1. Nah.
    We need players at a higher level than we have now. We could get those figures out of Ibe

  2. He's a good player this guy..wouldn't mind to see him coming in..

  3. The two periods after 'in' look like an incomplete ellipses. Though I know you didn't mean it, I can't help but complete the sentence with 'SAF's slippers'.

  4. The figures are very misleading. Of the 27 games he's played this season, he's probably averaged about 35 mins a game. He's had very inconsistent game time, and done phenomenally well for playing in a team without a lot of creative help around him. There's no doubt he's a much more talented player than Ibe. No coincidence Barça have had him tagged for the 1st team for years now.

  5. What you talking about? Your crazy:)

  6. Admittedly so. Thank you.

  7. You just have to keep trying bob . someday it's gonna happen for u......

  8. You are the Moriarty to my Sherlock, vvlfc.

  9. Forget Deulofeu.We should target Felipe Anderson.

  10. Half price Easter booze?

  11. Come one, come all...

  12. I bet you're shouting like a hool4gan and swinging haymakers at your lappy.Let me do a quick eye test.Repeat after me... K E B A B

  13. Z 3 S A S...?

  14. Deulofeu's a good player I wouldn't mind him at all at LFC. I thought we drew the short straw between him and Alberto as they both played together in the Barca b side. He's technically sound and has got an edge to him. I'd get him whether Sterlings here or not. In saying that there's players like Depay available so we must cast our net out also and see what we can catch.

  15. With the average age of our team put out against Man Utd being just under 25 yrs of age,as opposed to the top 4 prem clubs on the table at the moment with an average age of 28-29,it seems clear that top name established players with CL experience will not be on the LFC list...hence all the links with young unproven players.As BR alluded to,his hands are tied, if this is FSG`s policy,so it looks like the Deulofeu`s and not the Cavani`s ,Levezzi`s or Iturbe`s of the football world, will ever be in LFC`s price/player profile range.At this rate,we will never make top 4,let alone CL,until we buy 3 or 4 top,top name EXPERIENCED players who will ensure CL status once we`re there.WE MUST COMPETE IN THE SAME TRANSFER MARKET if we are to ever reach our previous CL status again,not be 1 season CL failures like we were this year.FSG have to spend the $$$,but BR MUST spend more wisely with any big funds given.Somehow though,I just don`t see things changing,so younger,lesser known names coming in with consistent 6-8 th place EPL finishes seems to be the clubs target....such a shame the Chelsea`s ,Man Utd and City and even Arsenal are leaving LFC so far behind now !!!

  16. Pfff. Now you're just overcompensating with the "...'s"

  17. Not spot on, but close enough:) Now for the Who Wants To Be A Drunk Millionaire final question... What exactly is a Kebab?
    A. Ferrari's latest Supercar.
    B. A country in Africa.
    C. The name of a popular Liverpool player.
    D. A type of food usually eaten while sloshed.
    It's a toughie.You have two lifelines left.Ask the audience and phone a friend.

  18. Only one lifeline?

  19. I read an interesting comment from BR in which he said best performing teams would have average age of 27.29,

    But because of the "plan" at Liverpool he had to work with much younger players and that was why they had the odd blip (as at united) as they were in development.

    It was not clear whether he as saying the once they developed it would be OK or whether the "plan" was to always be developing new players,

  20. He would cost around twenty million at least. That is the issue we face. We would be paying for potential and that's why losing Sterling doesn't make financial sense. Getting a player of equal ability would cost more than any extra money ovee the source of his contract. But few have his ceiling.

  21. Sterling is a DISGRACE

  22. Bet you've said that before...

  23. Have you got Tourette's Ray?

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:27 am, April 04, 2015

    My love for the game is diminishing with players like Sterling
    i remember players like Hyypia,Kuyt and Agger who used to be proud to wear the shirt .
    Glad we still have Lucas and Skrtel, there is some hope.

  25. the solution is to sell him. it baffles me why he is rated that high? perhaps its because of stock of decent british youngsters is slim atm?

    speed and close control is what he is. lightweight, no eye for pass, cant shoot to save his life. attitude is wrong, ive not seen him make a good attacking decision in last three months. loses possession in attacking third constantly.

    cheers for the Hyypiä credit=) we Finns have had 2 truly great footballers ever, and both have worn red!

  26. Author! has there been a poll about how many would sell and how many would keep Sterling? im actually curious how many rate him enough to keep him.

    and id take delafeu over him. id take yannick bolassie over him. id take a shetload of attacking midfielders over him

  27. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:39 am, April 04, 2015

    The problem is it will continue as our reputation takes a hit every year, we need some success. It is unacceptable for players like Suarez and Sterling to consider Arsenal a more attractive option , FSG need to bring out the wallet and be ambitious.
    Sterling is a good player.

    Our top scorer and was good last season playing with two good strikers.
    If we got Lacazette i am sure he would stay.

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:42 am, April 04, 2015

    Sorry but Bolaise is not good enough to lace Sterlins boots.

    That pace and skill will be hard to replace.
    i am skeptical about going back to Southampton for Mane who i rate highly .

    the problem si players good enough to replace Sterling like Depay will not join because they see liverpool as a selling club,"if the lfc best palyers leave , why should i join"
    is what Depay,firmino etc will think

  29. Skrtel previously said he would consider other offers so he is not what you are trying to make him out to be and he is easily replaceable.

  30. i dont think we need him to stay. lets flog him for chelski? they overpay for our players. then use the cash to get Firmino and Lacazette (both are realistic). both can play upfront or wide. i like the lavezzi rumor too. he is hellovalot better player than sterling.

  31. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:43 am, April 04, 2015

    I think we have an identity crisis as a club
    What do we want

    players that are loyal ,love the club ,

    or mercenaries who win you trophies

  32. i think it was due to being overlooked, instead of going after money

  33. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:45 am, April 04, 2015

    They will not join

    Firmino and Lacazette do not want to play for a club that sells its best assets
    because ultimately it conveys lack of ambition on behalf of the club

    Im confident Sanchez would ahve joined had Suarez stayed
    Lavezzi is 30 we dont need that and he has been average since hsi Napoli days

  34. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:46 am, April 04, 2015

    Confirmed #LFC team v @Arsenal: Mignolet, Can, Toure, Sakho, Allen, Lucas, Moreno, Henderson, Coutinho, Markovic, Sterling

  35. Sticking with 3-4-3 looks like it.

  36. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:46 am, April 04, 2015

    Confirmed #LFC subs v @Arsenal: Jones, Johnson, Lovren, Sturridge, Manquillo, Borini, Brannagan

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:46 am, April 04, 2015

    #Arsenal team to play Liverpool: Ospina, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud #AFCvLFC

  38. Their attack is deadly.

  39. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:47 am, April 04, 2015

    Exactly my thoughts

    That is what fustrates me of Rodgers

    benitez and Mourinho they cahnge team and styles eevry 3 game atleast

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:49 am, April 04, 2015

    Weak defense though

    mertesacker , Koshilney and Monreal are the same as 5-1 defeat

    whiel i never heard of Bellerin or Coquelin

    so they are playing two rookies

  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:50 am, April 04, 2015

    No Balotelli

    This is annoying me now

    Balotelli is genuinley world class
    and would even start for Arsenal

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:50 am, April 04, 2015

    is Henderson wingback?

  43. Benitez does not change his styleat all. His tactics change though.

    Rodgers 3 seasons later and he is still messing about with square pegs in round holes.

  44. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:52 am, April 04, 2015

    So Henderson as a CAM

    that is horrible
    he does not offer enough attacking wise

    cm suits him

  45. i do not think firmino or lacazette either are out of reach. Firmino plays for Hoffe, LFC is huge step up. Lacazette, if he is smart, he goes to a club at this stage of his career where he will be the first choice striker. spanish clubs willing to match his coming wages are pretty well stocked with strikers, bayern doesnt need striking options. it leaves british clubs and italy (which atm isnt too atractive place unless you are a club called Juventus).

    in england. Arsenal you get to fight for time with giroud sanchez and welbeck, Man Utd will buy Depay im affraid, then there is RVP and Rooney. Chelski and CIty , i dont think they need anymore strikers.

    we on the other hand have Studge, who misses one third every season to injury, and Lambert and Borini.

  46. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:56 am, April 04, 2015

    We can only sign players if:

    Real Madrid
    Man united
    Man city

    Are not intretsed
    and potentially Spurs,Lyon and Inter Milan and roma

  47. dortmund are currently in a crisis, wolfsburg will not offer the wages we do. why wolfsburg anyhow? Bundesliga has consistent performers in Leverkusen and schalke with more pulling power than wolfs?

    Italian football has been in steady decline for several years now due to economy, fans disappearing from stands and such. Juve is the only italian superpower atm.

    i think the main reason for these players not coming to us has been what i see relative unwillingness in investing players out of premier league. "premier league proven" is a myth IMO anyways. somehow we allways seem to choose to really press a deal for a player who has scored 12 in BPL instead of one that scored 28 in what is concidered a lesser league.

  48. bolassie 1 goal 8 passes for a Palace team. he seems to turn a motm performance for Crystal Palace everytime ive seen him play. sterling 6 goals and 7 passes right? half a season playing as main striker, for liverpool. a team that creates and scores more.

    if we can take 30mil from sterling and pick bolassie for 10, id be happy with that.

  49. We surely need to be prioritising attacking players that are somewhere near their peak.

  50. Don't worry, bob loblaw. I know the truth.

  51. It's true. We had to fight off so many clubs for his signature after breaking all kinds of goal scoring records at his previous club.

  52. I saw Ibe live at the Derby (I'm an Everton fan) and thought he looked a class act. Deulofeu is too but it's too soon to label either better than the other.
    Hopefully Deulofeu will come back. I don't think he would do that to us plus it would be a better career move. He needs playing time and with us losing Mirallas and having no one apart from Lennon there's a ready made space plus the other thing is that his main weakness is his defensive side of the game. I'm not sure Rodgers would put up with that. Look at Balotelli.

  53. Fair points there.