4 Apr 2015

Anfield-bound? Agent confirms 'offer' for €40m attacker who'll be 'better than Messi'

Earlier this year, Italian newspaper Tutto Sport claimed that Liverpool are favourites to sign Palermo star Paulo Dybala, and the player's agent has now confirmed that an official offer has been received from a Premier League club. Liverpool?

In February, Palermo President Mauricio Zamperini told confirmed that he's spoken with interested clubs in England', and when asked this week about Dybala's future, Gustavo Mascardi told Gazzetta TV:

“We have received important offers for Dybala, including from abroad where he is in particular wanted by an English club. Is he worth €40m? Well, a player like him can’t be just given away".

Liverpool are one of the clubs 'in England' heavily linked with Dybala, so it's possible that the Reds could be the club to whom Mascardi refers.

The story so far:

* Nov 2014: reports in Italy claimed that Rodgers had 'singled out' 21-year-old Dybala as the man to resurrect Liverpool's failing front-line.

* Dec 2014: Tutto Mercato claimed that Liverpool are actively pursuing Dybala, and are current favourites to sign him.

* Dec 2014: In response to transfer speculation, Palermo President Mauro Zamperini placed a ridiculous price tag on Dybala's head. He told reporters: "He [Dybala] is our jewel. If you want him, it'll take $50 million (€42 million) to get him"

* Dec 2014. In a separate interview, Zamperini made the following exaggerated claim: “He [Dybala] is the best striker in Serie A. Within two years, he's going to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic"

* Jan 2014: Zamperini continued his eulogy by claiming that Dybala is 'one of the best talents in the world', and insisted that he is 'destined to go to a great club'. He further added: “If he [Dybala] continues to play well...then a big club from abroad will sign him. Where will he go? England, France, German, or Spain".

So, is Dybala worth €40m+? A striker's primary role is to score and create goals, so let's take a look at his stats this season:

* 13 goals/8 assists in 29 apps.
* Goal every 192 mins (1 every 2.3 games)
* Goal/assist every 119 mins (1 every 1.3 games)
* Passing accuracy: 81%
* Key passes: 1.4 per game.

Stats: OPTA

With 21 goals/assists in 29 games, Dybala is clearly doing the business for Palermo, but Zamperini is deluded if he thinks he'll get €42m for him.

For strikers, consistency is the key, and although Dybala is doing well now, it'd be madness to splurge such a huge transfer fee on a player with such limited top-flight experience.

As is always the case, a player like Dybala is an enticing option, but only for the right price.



  1. Vietto would be an infinitely preferable option, even though he is the same mould of player, but Vietto also has some European experience and is playing in a tougher league which should make the transition into Premier League football easier. Not to mention Vietto would come in for about £12m whilst Dybala would cost around £32m.

  2. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva10:25 am, April 05, 2015

    Why is it that everyone can see that we just don't have the right players to challenge, bring back Tiago give the kid a chance God now's we have given enough mugs ago. This boy looks good but I would have to agree with my mate below, buy Vietto he is cheaper and better but we won't because we have mugs making the decisions for this great club. We are at best a mid table club, so sad BR making so many excuses but we were beat by a better team and that's the truth with world class talent on show.

  3. I think given his release clause, Vietto is the one to go for, but I actually think Dybala is the more impressive talent. It'll take crazy money though. Zamparini isn't one to be reasoned with.

    If he continues to perform well, I think he'll go to Juve for a slightly knocked down price, or become PSG's latest Serie A import/play-thing.

    He's formed a good partnership with Vazquez. Usually a good sign I think, as it shows understanding and game intelligence. I could see Vazquez and him being seperated this summer though, so it'd be good to see how they function apart from one another (I heard Vazquez had a good debut for Italy).

  4. Got to agree about their respective talents, and about the Palermo chief.

  5. There is no doubt we need improvement big time, this squad of players with the exception of a few are just not good enough. But the overriding problem is Rodgers this clueless Imposter needs to go, what a embarrassment this guy is.