15 Mar 2015

Done Deal? 'Outstanding' 22-goal Liverpool striker set to leave Anfield for two month loan spell

After excelling at the Academy this season, exciting Liverpool striker Jerome Sinclair is on the verge of sealing a two-month loan deal to Wigan Athletic.

According to the Daily Mail:

* Wigan boss Malky Mackay is an 'admirer' of the 18-year-old Sinclair.

* The deal is set to be tied-up by the weekend.

Sinclair has trained with the first team several times this season, and almost made the squad for Liverpool's Champions League game with FC Basel. The official LFC website describes him as follows:

"Jerome Sinclair is a forward who...now features for both the U18s and U21s at the Academy, showing his prolific ability at either level".

Prolific is definitely the right description - Sinclair - hailed this month by Jamie Carragher as an 'outstanding' finisher - has scored 22 goals for Liverpool's U21 team this season, and when the move goes through, he'll join fellow Academy attacker Sheyi Ojo, who joined Wigan on loan last month.

If LFC youngsters are to go on loan, they should (IMO) go to Championship and/or Premier League teams, not clubs struggling at the bottom of League Two, like Accrington Stanley, which is where Lloyd Jones will be spending the next 28-days.

As such, it's a great move for Sinclair, and he should get ample game-time - Ojo has made 8 appearances for Wigan since going on loan, and he's enjoying the experience so far. He told reporters:

"It's been a good experience. It’s nice to have made a good impression and got man-of-the-match a couple of times but I want to keep improving and just do whatever I can to help the team and get results".

No goals/assists yet, but hopefully that'll come with time.



  1. Goals and assists aren't the be all and end all of being a footballer so can you stop constantly referring to them as if they are...

  2. Jamie why do I keep biting the totally fishy headlines you put out. I know the will be misleading or a well worn story with a different slanty headline - doing the same things and expecting a different outcome. I'm off to the shinks.

  3. A great move for the player. Hopefully he will gain valuable pitch time in a competitive league.

  4. Good move for the lad and it's a double bonus that he'll be teaming up with a potential future team mate. Sinclair and Ojo are probably the two current academy players I'm most excited about

  5. Jerome Sinclair will turn into a special player.
    Everyone connected to our youth set up is doing great work.The scouting network deserve credit for spotting the best young talent, especially in the UK.Our development team also needs recognition and praise for helping push these kids games to the next level.
    Wigan are struggling so they could definitely do with Sinclair's predatory instincts in attack.Hopefully he nets a few goals and comes back with confidence.

  6. The name Sinclair is just begging for a wonderful footballer to take ownership of it. I can vividly imagine Martin Tyler screaming 'SinclaAAAAAIIIIRRR'

  7. Do you not remember Trevor Sinclair? He was excellent

  8. Wigan is a great loan location right now. Great young manager who appreciates youth, and in an ideal spot in the league for young players to play. Challenging, but not completely out of their level. As for Accrington, I have no idea of the point of that. It would be different if this was like a 15 year-old, but Jones is like 19-20 isn't he?

  9. "If LFC youngsters are to go on loan, they should (IMO) go to Championship and/or Premier League teams, not clubs struggling at the bottom of League Two, like Accrington Stanley"...
    Totally agree, but its about who wants the players and not where we'd like to send them! At the moment, our youngsters are not proven so no teams in the Premier League or top half of the Championship would take the risk with them. LFC's Player development committee (for which Rodgers also resides) do look at each host club in great detail and assess their style of play, their training facilities and various other aspects which may help or hinder a players progress. And remember, their are two types of loan - 1) to help the player progress so they can come back more experienced, or 2) to advertise the player in the hope the host club will buy them. So the club they go to does depend on many many factors.

  10. Chris Rossington1:16 pm, March 16, 2015

    Great news however I disagree re your statement about the level to go to, for defenders and especially goalkeepers I don't see anything wrong with going to struggling teams in the football leagues, reason being is they are going to have to stand up and be counted and try and help improve those teams! A good example would be Defoe who at 16 was scoring plenty for bourmouth, whatever the level you just hope our lads show their class

  11. Also Frank Sinclair. He was terrifically terrible.

  12. I really wish your stupid sensationalist articles wouldn't appear on NewsNow. Every title follows the same formula - Rhetoric Question + Exceptionally Loose Fact + Odd Assertion.

    Instead of just picking up odd facts and half-reporting stories, why don't you try and write pieces about things that may be true and or interesting.