15 Mar 2015

Marquee Signing: LFC favourites to sign £20m 'super-talent' who wants Liverpool transfer

Liverpool are reportedly favourites to sign 'special' PSV Eindhoven 'super-talent' Memphis Depay, who broke records last summer when he became the World Cup's youngest ever goalscorer.

According to The Mirror this weekend:

* Liverpool are in 'pole-position to sign £20m-rated Depay.
* A 'delegation' from Liverpool has allegedly visited PSV 'every month' this season.
* That 'delegation' has spent a 'lot of time' this week with Depay's agent.
* Depay is 'keen' to join Liverpool over Manchester United.

PSV Boss Phillip Cocu is resigned to losing Depay, and in February, he conceded:

"At some point, it becomes clear that he [Depay] is ready for the next step. And yes, I think he's going to leave PSV after this season"

Depay is on fire for PSV this season:

* 22 goals/6 assists in 32 appearances.
* Goal every 1.4 games (1 every 121 mins)
* Goal/Assist every 1.1 games (1 every 95 mins)

Liverpool were linked with Depay last summer, but ended up signing Divock Origi instead. However, unlike Origi - whose season has turned into a goal-shy nightmare - Depay has really built on his promising performances at the World Cup, and clearly progressed as a player. Indeed, according to ex-United scout Ed van Stijn, Depay is a better prospect than Cristiano Ronaldo. He told reporters recently:

"If you compare him [Depay] to a young Cristiano Ronaldo at the same age, then Depay has more strings to his bow. I like him better".

Dutch legend Guus Hiddink is also a fan, and earlier this season, he gushed:

"Depay has the potential to become Netherlands' best player. I first thought that it was hard to approach him but I was wrong. He is incredibly interested and keen to learn"

It sounds like Liverpool are really taking this potential deal seriously, but come the summer, every top club in Europe will probably be after Depay. That said, he allegedly wants to join the Reds, but we've heard that so many times before that it basically means nothing.

Can Liverpool pull of this deal?



  1. Depay is an incredible talent. Can play anywhere in our front 3, however it's configured. However, like almost every other recent rumour... Is it really a necessary transfer? Unless we plan on keeping Sterling at FW and Marko at RWB, we are set at the AM/W position. I would rather we used that 20M for a good CM/DM.

  2. Even if you had Messi, you'd sign Ronaldo if it were a feasible option. I think it's important LFC get back on par with other big clubs as being able to sign the most in-demand players.

  3. Origi scored a hat-trick today!

  4. dat timing tho...

  5. Fingers crosssed, good player, great tattoo's.

  6. How disappointing were Spurs ? If Roy was there to watch Kane he wasted his time .....

  7. So UTD beat Spurs which is a cause for concern. It is between us and them for 4th now. They have been very poor all season but will be 5 points ahead after this result. Will be interesting to see how we cope with the pressure now and we will need to beat them and see them drop more points. Now we will see whether Rodgers has it in him to take us forward...

  8. Beat Swansea & mancs and it's in our hands, we need two City type performances over this week.

  9. There seemed to be an amount of Spurs fear before this game that I found odd. I was backing them to win but they did a Spurs and dropped the ball in possibly their most important fixture left. Beating United has become even more necessary. Swansea will be no pushovers though.

  10. All we need to do is win our next two games and not drop more points than them and fourth should be ours.

  11. I'd love us to win our next 3 games, yes beat arsenal too.

  12. It is going to be a tough game tomorrow. Swansea are a very good team at home.

  13. We will lose Gerrard and with him an attacking option. Depay is versatile and so could fill that need.

  14. I think this is going to be a case of UTD giving 4th place away to us. How they have managed to stay top 4 is a bit of a mystery and i was expecting Spurs to destroy them today. Going to be touch and go.

  15. But if Hummels was available and the defense sucked, would you rather sign him or Ronaldo? I'm not saying he would be a bad signing, but surely we have other priorities?

  16. As of late though Gerrard has been playing as a CM. As versatile as he is, I don't think Depay can play there. Although, Lallana might be able to transition, to that might be a thought. Depay takes Lallana's place in the AM.

  17. Totally agree mate

  18. Gerrard has been playing as a AM more recently. When Gerrard was playing CM Henderson was playing AM or wingback. I think we keep Hendo as CM and then it is more the forward line that needs adding to. Also you would imagine Borini will go. He has had a couple of games. I honestly don't see it as an issue.

  19. Just hope at the end of the day we don't lose out on goal difference !

  20. Spurs have always had that capability to fall apart. We need to keep our heads against United's route one strategy. I think it will be a battle between Fellaini and Skrtel. Either could lose their heads and do something daft. Could be interesting

  21. That would be hard to take.

  22. If we honestly think he has potential to be world class we don't have more pressing needs. We need players who have that potential as we won't buy players who are already world class.

  23. After seeing VG's and Moanrinho's post match interviews I'm just glad we have a manager like Brendan representing LFC and leading by example ...

  24. Oh and has a sense of humour.......

  25. Get him LFC looks a great talent. Nuff said.

  26. Me too, since turning of the year i almost forgot what spurs use to be. Normal service resumes

  27. Personally think this is a great purchase if we can pull it off. The more competition the better and the way Sterling is messing about with his contract we could get Depay for £20m and sell Sterling for £35m.

    I agree with the central midfielder and would go for Cavalho, adding Vietto up front.

    We could get rid of some of those players who haven't pushed forward then bring in some of our loanees to see if they can push on like Ibe. It would be good to see Iloris and Wisdom come back.

  28. Just watched Spurs....they were absolutely f***ing awful. It's like Man Utd were guest stars on The Walking Dead, because Spurs looked like zombies- they couldn't be assed to do anything. They didn't look like they cared, and the Rooney goal basically encapsulates everything I'm talking about. Totally half hearted performance.

  29. Just to be clear, I'm not saying we SHOULDN't go for him. He'd be awesome. Just, that shouldn't be our ONLY midfield signing. Someone like Kramer, or Illarra, or Casemiro is im my opinion more important, but that's just my personal opinion.

  30. Fair enough. Personally I would sign this lad if possible, as well as a DM. Then loom at a R or wingback. Perhaps a CB. Then a forward. Perhaps a keeper too. So a possible six signings with the first two being the biggest need.

  31. Yup :D For me, Depay, Casemiro (seems like a Coutinho-Sturridge-esque type signing...struggle to break through at a big club despite all signs showing otherwise), perhaps Schar, Vietto, and a RB/RWB, and Neto/Romero/Cech/etc.

  32. Ibe and Markovic for RWB, Moreno and Depay for LWB. That's what I think. LWB and RWB are important positions in 3-4-3 and need much energy.

  33. looks promising ..........

  34. If we do make Champions league again come the end of the season:

    The players needed to be shipped out are as follows:

    Defensive needed out this summer: Seven / 7:

    GK: B Jones(32) CB: S Coates(24) CB:K Toure(33)

    RB: G Johnson(30) RB: A Wisdom(20) LB: J Enrique(28)

    DM: L Leiva(28)

    Defensive replacements needed in this summer: Four / 4:

    GK: Marc Andre Ter Stegen(22) Of Barcelona for £10-£14M to compete and cover S Mignolet(27) Upgrade on B Jones(32)

    CB: T Alderwierld(26) Of A Madrid for £8-£10M to compete with Skrtel(30) Upgrade on S Coates(24) and K Toure(33)

    LB: A Robertson(20) Of Hull for £6-£8M to compete with A Moreno(22)
    Upgrade on J Enrique(28)

    DM: M Schneiderlin(26) Of Southampton for £17-£21M
    upgrade on L Leiva(28)

    Attacking players needed to be shipped out this summer: Six / 6:

    AM: L Alberto(22) AM: J Teixera(22) FD: F Borini(23)

    FD: I Aspas(27) FD: R Lambert(33) FD: F Balotelli(24)

    Class Quality Attacking players needed in this summer : Five: 5

    CM: M Verratti(22) Of PSG for £25-£33M ( S Gerrard Replacement)
    Upgrade on J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) ( Marquee Signing)

    RW / LW: M Depay(21) Of PSV for £17-£20M to compete and cover R Sterling(20) Upgrade on L Alberto(22)

    LW / RW: L Vazquez(23) Of Real Madrid for £7-£9M to compete with L Markovic(20) and J Ibe(19) Upgrade on J Teixera(22)

    FD: L Vietto(21) Of Villareal for £10-£14M to compete and cover D Sturridge(25) Upgrade on F Borini(23) and I Aspas(27) combined

    FD: C Benteke(24) Of A Villa for £15-£20M as big target man Different option striker Upgrade on M Balotelli(24) and R Lambert(33) combined

  35. Like What ?
    With Borini , Balo ,Lambert and Origi all on fire and Sturridge the new Mr Reliable ,Streling 's new long term contract in place , Ings wanting MU ,I suppose a new striker is a waste of money ?

  36. Lets HOPE its Fellaini that losses it !

  37. BR has said , he will never buy so many players (9) again in 1 transfer window >

  38. Depay
    sterling coutinho Ibe

  39. Chris Rossington10:59 pm, March 16, 2015

    Personally I think Rodgers will revert to the 4231 again next season, so another option for those 3 behind is welcomed, however I agree just paper talk. Think he would choose van gal n utd over us

  40. Yokohama Liverpool Fan7:36 am, March 17, 2015

    We need to sign class, not just potential but class if we make the CL this season to make a statement for next season!
    GK: Bogdan (if we release B Jones)
    CB: N'Kolou (if we sell Coates and Toure retires)
    RB: Clyne, Montoya or Danilo to replace Johnson (rotate with Flanaghan, Manquillo)
    LB: Let Flanaghan rotate with Moreno.
    DM: Carvalho (if Lucas leaves in addition to Gerrard). If unavailable one of Nainggolan, Khedira, Xhaka, Lars Bender, Song or Schneiderlin.
    CM: Illamerendi, Firminho, Mateo Kovacic (To alleviate creative burden on Coutinho)
    FW: Lacazette, Depay, Vietto (Sell Borini, Lambert, Aspas)

    New Squad:
    GK Mignolet, Bogdan
    CB: Skrtel, Sakho, Lovren, N'Koulo
    RB: Montoya, Manquillo
    LB: Moreno, Flanaghan
    DM: Carvalho, Allen
    CM/AM: Henderson, Can, Coutinho, (Illamerendi or Kovacic),
    RM/RW: Sterling, Ibe, Markovic
    LW/LW: Lallana, Depay
    Striker: Sturridge, Origi, Lacazette, Vietto
    (Illamerendi or Kovacic),

  41. It's not an exact science, and there're no absolutes - you have to take minimal risk opportunities when they come around, whatever the position.