18 Mar 2015

Record Transfer? Liverpool want to sign exciting £43m Argentina attacker with massive buyout clause

Liverpool are reportedly considering a summer move for Benfica attacker Eduardo Salvio, who has a whopping €60m (£43m) release clause in his contract.

According to The Mirror today:

* Liverpool and Man Utd are allegedly 'known to be interested' in Salvio.
* The 24-year old is currently negotiating a new contract with Benfica.

Some info about Salvio:

* Right-sided attacking midfielder, who can also play on the left, or as a number 10.
* 37 goals/31 assists in 143 apps for Benfica.
* Goal/Assist every 2.1 games.
* This season: 12 goals/8 assists in 32 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 1.6 games.
* 5 apps for the Argentina national team.
* 7 major trophies with Benfica/Atletico Madrid.
* 2013: Missed 6 months of the season with a serious knee injury.

Liverpool may be interested, but under current rules, it will be difficult signing to complete as Salvio will need a UK work-permit.

Copious international experience is usually a pre-requisite when applying for a permit, and with only 5 appearances for Argentina, the attacker doesn't meet the criteria.

Additionally, Salvio hasn't played for the national team since 2012, which doesn't help his case (!) There may, however, be hope on the horizon. According to the Evening Standard:

"Home Office rules are expected to be made tighter during the summer, meaning an English club could be certain of securing a work permit for a non-EU player only by buying him for at least £10 million".

With a €60m release clause, it's probably that Benfica will sell Salvio for more than £10m, so if the new rules do actually come into force, then Liverpool will be able to benefit.

With recent links to Max Meyer, Hakan Calhanoglu, and Felipe Anderson, Liverpool seem to be on the hunt for Coutinho clones at the moment, and given the Brazilian's growing impact on the club, that's hardly surprising.

Rodgers probably thought he'd found another Coutinho-esque attacker when he signed Lazar Markovic, but it hasn't turned out that way, and if the Reds bring in another attacking midfielder, the Serb will probably find it even harder to hold down a first team place.

Or, it could galvanise Markovic and motivate him to become a superstar for Liverpool, but I'm not holding my breath.



  1. Maybe Markovic should be played more in the middle of park not wide on the wing with his direct playing style ?

  2. There is only one thing we can do to motivate Markovic. Sell him back to Benfica. If he was really any good then Benfica wouldn't mind paying 20mn for him.

  3. Markovic clearly has the ability. So far be hasn't been brave enough in games in the things he does. Too often he takes the safe and easy option.

    In the handful of games when he has been braver and running at the opposition he's looked good.

    So far been a frustrating performer but hopeful at only 20 he'll come good for us.

    He's not done too bad out of position at rwb either although I'd still love to see him playing with more freedom, confidence and self belief.

  4. Not worried about Markovic, he'll become a much better player over time. Fans are always in a hurry to see someone fill their potential, I'm much happier to wait.

    Seems like Liverpool are constantly in the market for attacking players, no matter how many they get. Add this guy to the list, he seems decent if not a world-beater.

  5. My big worry is whether the changing room will be large enough next year to accommodate Ibrahimovich, Balotelli, Stuurridge and not to forget Sterling ;-)

  6. Twenty year old coming to another country to a struggling team with high expectations and played out of position.
    Yes I am really surprised he didn't do better than he did...

  7. Ibrahimovic? His demand is our command. Gotta love the maverick. I'm just not certain of his impact on our hairstyle standards.

  8. The if we want him back we'll pay even more, Chelsea style? Seriously though, a loan could work wonders for him, preferably to a competitive side. Like somewhere in the Bundes so he doesn't flounder at a lower EPL side.

  9. The biggest problem with Markovic is that he's so direct. Every attack is either him dashing down the line, him running straight at a defender and crossing, or just laying it off to another player. He doesn't try to dribble all that much anymore, or show some creativity. He just keeps it simple...TOO simple. Once he gets confidence, a good off season, and experience in the EPL, hopefully he comes out of his shell a bit and shows us his skill.

  10. Wanting him back is very hypothetical

  11. Talking of hairstyles... Man Utd will hoof the ball to Marouane Fellani's perfect Afro at the weekend and it shouldn't be allowed.It's an unfair advantage.
    The extra power he can generate is clearly the hair equivalent to someone who takes stero4ds:)
    I want his Afro banned!

  12. Anyone who writes off a 20 year old footballer in a new league after a single season is a .

  13. Finding the right balance between the manager's tactical requirement of you and your own panache and style is difficult. Especially so if its a square peg round hole situation. Its not unlike guys who are climbing the career ladder really, because your manager isn't going to pick you, if you won't conform to what the team needs (Balotelli situation applies here). But you'll get better and better with age/experience once you feel it deeply, adapt and assimiliate. If you had read the Hendrik Larsson story about him fitting into Barca, its not dissimilar. For Markovic, he was earmarked at a time where we need direct fast paced football, in a 4-3-3 to provide high potential squad cover for sterling type of player. Our system has changed, square peg round hole situation. Over the pre-season, he will need to buff and sand his peg (heh no puns please) and concurrently make the round hole a little more squarish (no puns again, please) :):)

  14. Ban the Marofro! My hope is that Sakho's golden do repeatedly blinds Fellaini, resulting in comical misjudgment of high balls and an embarrassing collision that leaves Wazza supine on the turf. And then Ibrahimovic signs for us.

  15. Why are we constantly looking for scapegoats? Does the fact that Markovic cost us 20 million automatically mean he has to perform like a player of that value? Does value determine effectiveness over such factors as a new team, a better league, different environment, different playing style, being relatively early on in his football career to name but a few? Is there anything wrong with having two up and coming potential talents in the same position? Might they not bring out the best in each other given that they are positional rivals and former teammates reunited? Highly doubt FSG would shell out that much for a relatively unproven player in any case, not when fans would be so inclined to label him a 'waste of money' after about ten games if he doesn't set Anfield alight.