24 Feb 2015

Transfer Shocker: Liverpool 'interested' in 'incredible' €22m attacker with 14 injuries in 4 years

Jordon Ibe's recall aside, Liverpool had a very quiet transfer window, but it appears that Reds boss Brendan Rodgers took some concrete steps to bring in at least one new player in January.

Speaking to Sportsmediaset today, the agent of Lyon attacker Yoann Gourcuff claimed:

"Foreign clubs are always knocking at the door. This year, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid were interested...and I am sure there will be offers during the next transfer window"

Liverpool were linked with Gourcuff way back in 2009, with The Guardian claiming at the time that Rafa Benitez was interested in a swap-deal for Daniel Agger. Some info about Gourcuff, who cost Lyon €22m:

* Current contract expires in June 2015.
* Attacking mid, who can play as central-mid or left-winger.
* 19 goals/27 assists in 125 apps for Lyon.
* Goal/assist ever 2.7 games.
* This season: 3 goals/3 assists in 16 apps.
* 32 apps for the France national team (4 goals)
* Averages only 21 league games per season.

* Once nicknamed the 'new Zidane' for his elegance on the ball.

It's fair to say that Gourcuff has not lived up to the hype, and according to Lyon captain Maxime Gonalons the 28-year old attacker has not delivered the goods for Lyon. Last month, he told ESPN:

"When he arrived at Lyon he was an incredible player, capable of doing incredible things [but] he could have, and should have, contributed much more."

It's hardly surprising that Gourcuff has struggled for consistency at Lyon; his injury history is one of the worst I've ever seen, and in comparison, he makes Sturridge and Agger look positively robust:

* 14 separate injuries in the last four seasons.
* 484 days (16 months) out injured. 93 games missed.

With such a horrific injury record, it's surprising Liverpool even contemplated a deal, and if his agent is telling the truth about the Reds' enquiry, then whoever made the decision to look at Gourcuff should be summarily dismissed for negligent judgement in the transfer market.

16 months out injured in 4 years! In what universe is signing Gourcuff even remotely close to being a good idea? Clearly, Liverpool had a lucky escape in 2009, and fans should be thanking their lucky stars that Rafa failed to seal the deal.



  1. Absolutely not. Not even close to the standard needed. Weird rumor too... doubt it's true. Much rather Konoplyanka on free.

  2. jamie k ...DOOOOPE11:51 pm, February 24, 2015

    lfc transfer policy is a joke..its all doom and gloom from now on.Better off not supporting lfc,maybe try city or chelsea.Any rumour i can twist in to get rodgers out or fsg...maybe if i keep moaning all year some one might listen....it must be doing your head in we are on the way back up

  3. With that kind of injury record in France, he'd last 5 mins in the premier league. Anyway I really don't think we need any more attacking midfielders/wingers.
    If we're going to continue with the current formation then we're going to need a specialist RWB. We need another keeper, a CM and another top striker. Then I honestly think we're good to go on all fronts. This should be affordable in the summer with player sales, new TV deal etc. and I expect these will be the areas addressed in the summer.

  4. Agree on all fronts. Although just for clarification...

    We need a GK to compete with Mignolet. There is no guarantee that his form will last, and even then, he'll need someone to keep him on his toes, or replace him if he loses confidence again.

    We need an RWB (or more likely an attack minded RB, like a younger inspired Johnson) simply because the ones we have now are too defensive for a wing back system. Ibe and Marko's futures are in the attack. Flanno lacks incisiveness, and Manquillo is more of an all around player. He doesn't excel enough in any one area, let alone attack.

    We need a CM, well, because Stevie is leaving, and Allen won't cut it. We're low as we are now, so just moving Can to the midfield won't solve our numbers issue.

    And we need another striker because Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli aren't exactly lighting the world on fire... I mean even if we keep Balo, that's only Sturridge and Origi as other options, and Origi hasn't really been great either.

    One thing I would add is a good RCB, but personally I think Wisdom would be awesome there if given a chance.

  5. Yea I meant a keeper to compete with Migs, for the reasons you listed. I would also agree we need another RCB but I don't think it'll be a priority.
    I'm not convinced Wisdom will ever cement a place in our first team. He's a decent player but I fear that's all he is so I still think we'll eventually address that position over the next two windows.
    Totally agree on your assessment of our midfield and forward requirements.

  6. Decent money for a player who still has some growing to do. The only problem is the it leaves Liverpool with a bunch of strikers who might or might not become the 20 goals a season player we really need. Fans won't be too excited if the only inbound strikers are Ings and Origi, but unless we sell all of Lambert, Borini and Balotelli there just isn't any more room in the squad for another striker. It leaves me a little bit worried.

  7. A player of tremendous natural ability but a prime example of a player that doesn't have the physical or mental fortitude (many think Gourcuff is even more lacking in the latter).

  8. Why 6mn? He is supposed to be a free agent right? It was reported that Burnley would get 3mn compensation at max?

  9. Matt Ryan in for Brad Jones
    Danilo in for Glen Johnson
    Pjanic in for Gerrard
    Lacazette in for Borini and Balo
    Ings in for Lambert
    Ings has turned down Moyes for a move to Liverpool

  10. Hi guys, what about Stevie G charity match in March?? Torres, Suarez, Alonso, Riise, Cara, .....am gonna get emotional!! These players meant so much to me growing up and I would love to watch them playing together for the one last time. Wish the match never ends.

  11. Maybe a raid on Everton for
    Ross Barkley
    John Stones and
    Seamus Coleman

  12. This Gourcuff thing has to be 100% BS. Age injury history the whole thing is utter BS.....

  13. Man, Gourcouff could truly have been a special player. So unlucky with his injuries. I was in awe of his competence when he burst onto the scene.

    Who knows? Perhaps a different training regimen at Liverpool might have seen him have better luck with injuries.

    Anyway, the headline made me think it was Aguero, whose injury history is at least as bad as Sturridge's.

  14. Ah, Kono... That would be nice.

  15. You are aware of who we are going to think you are, right.

  16. I agree. Would be very useful, even if only unleashed in short bursts.

  17. Glen I pretty much agree with yours:

    Perin for Jones
    Danilo for Johnson
    (Wisdom and Illori) for Toure
    Pjanic for Gerrard
    Lacazette for Boring
    (Origi) for Lambert

    Coates, Alberto and Aspas all sold too.

    Also is Brad Smith ready to step up as left-back cover yet? I'm fed up with Enrique's constant twitter updates everywhere.......and I'm not even on twitter!!!

  18. Gourcuff had all the tools to go on to be one of the best, unfortunately for him so many injuries decimate a player. In fairness to Sturridge its to his credit that he keeps coming back and maintaining his high standard, which I have no doubt he will get back to, to me this shows mental strength despite the fragile body.
    This should be a non starter he no longer has the abilities/confidence to perform, especially in the premier league.

  19. I recently saw footage of him and he would be perfect for us. He seems to have that X factor in his ability that LFC need that Suarez gave the team. He young and dynamic. It's a no brainier to me.

  20. I'm sorry. I'm just being mischievous.

  21. Nevah gonna crack dat code

  22. I reckon his manager is creating false interest trying to get him a bigger contract this transfer would never happen.