21 Feb 2015

Lawro: It makes 'no sense' to sign 'outstanding' £40m superstar Liverpool are monitoring

Last summer, Liverpool were heavily linked with a loan move for one-time goal-machine Radamel Falcao, and despite the fact he ended up at Manchester United, reports in January claimed that the Reds were still monitoring the Colombian, with a view to sealing a cut-price deal in June. Given Falcao's struggle for consistency at Manchester United, Liverpool's ongoing interest seems unlikely, and Kop legend Mark Lawrenson has urged Premier League clubs to steer clear of the striker.

Last month, The Sunday Times claimed that:

* Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City are all 'keeping tabs' on Falcao.

* Man United have a £43m option to buy at the end of the season, but the Reds are reportedly hoping that he'll be available for a much smaller fee.

Speaking to the BBC on Friday, Lawro mused:

"It is almost a case of right club, right player, but wrong time. As things stands, there is no way that signing him permanently for more than £40m at the end of the season makes any sense at all."

The prevailing view seems to be that Falcao is under-performing, but with 10 goals/assists in 22 games (goal/assist every 2.1 games), that's clearly nonsense. Despite his ACL injury, Falcao is still outperforming Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert, so if he's a failure, what does that make those three LFC players?

Falcao - recently hailed by Juan Mata as 'outstanding - is (arguably) better for for Liverpool's system than Balotelli, but I can't see Liverpool going back in for him in the summer.

However, if Man United dump Falcao, and he is available on the cheap, he might be worth a punt if the price is low enough. How low does the price have to be to make it a worthwhile transfer, though? If he ends up being available for, say, £12m (unlikely, I know), then it'll surely be a hard deal to turn down.

Perhaps Falcao just needs one season to get back into the swing of things? The Colombian nowhere near his best, but he's still contributing a goal (directly or assisting) every 2 games, so given his history, that's probably likely to increase after a whole season of playing.

Whatever happens, Liverpool seriously need to increase the quality of striker transfers. Over the last five years, the Reds have brought in the likes of Carroll, Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli, none of whom have made any consistent impact.

Time for a change.



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