1 Jan 2015

'He's so exciting': BR confirms he wants 'unplayable' attacker at LFC 'in January'

On Tuesday, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers dashed fan hopes by admitting that Liverpool won't be splashing the cash during the January transfer window, and in a bid to overcome that obstacle, it appears that he's considering cutting short Jordon Ibe's loan spell at Derby County.

Speaking to reporters, Rodgers conceded that there 'won't be much activity from us in January' and hinted that he'll promote from within instead:

"I don't think it's a good time to spend. Last year we didn't bring in anyone in. We've got some outstanding young talents. My focus will always be on what we've got from within"

Rodgers then hinted that 'exciting' Ibe could be on his way back to Anfield:

"We could bring him [Ibe] back in January, and if we do, it will be to contribute. In the game against Leeds on Tuesday, he was so exciting. He fits into our model and how we play"

Derby County boss Steve McLaren won't want to lose Ibe. After the club's recent 4-0 win over Birmingham City, the ex-England manager raved:

“At times he [Ibe] is unplayable. It is not just his work going forward, it is his tracking back and his defending – the discipline side of the game that you need if you want to be a top player.”

19-year old Ibe at 5 goals/1 assist in 23 appearances for Derby this season (goal every 238 mins), which is creditable, but is it a good idea to bring him back early?

Ordinarily, I'd argue that Ibe should stay put; there's absolutely no point bringing him back to warm the bench, especially when he's playing regularly for Derby.

However, Rodger states that 'if' Liverpool cut short the loan, 'it will be to contribute', which suggests that the young attacker will get regular game-time.

If that's genuinely the case, then it's possibly a good idea to bring him back. With Sterling playing up-front now, Rodgers' plan is to probably to have Ibe take Sterling's place out wide, which makes good football sense.

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  1. Let him stay. Derby is a good place for him to be.

    We need a striker. Sterling's giving it a go, but he just can't hold the ball up. He's not helped by Rodgers refusal to ever sub him though.

  2. Leave him where he is, playing every week at this stage of his career is vital to his progression. Next season though he can be part of the senior squad and hopefully become the star I think he could be.

  3. Lallana is out.... we could need him... especially if sturridge gets injured again.

  4. If Lallana is injured i would want him covering 100% , competition with Markovic
    let Sterling Continue his development up front
    Get Origi back soon as well

    borini,lambert and Balotelli should be nowhere near line up

  5. Let him have a whole season at Derby so he get games and not to come back and sit on the bench.

  6. Is this true about Gerrard leaving? I do not think he can cope with the slip chants or the pace of the Prem anymore.

  7. Announcement due next Friday apparently

  8. Don't think he can cope with the slip chants ? how daft .... He like other top players has been getting much worse and personal stick for most of his career, he knows as a club servant he can't give a lot to LFC now, and is stepping aside. Will save the manager a headache decision ..... Gerard true legend YNWA.

  9. I know i was frustrated with Gerrard but him leaving makes me want to cry
    I will miss him

    i cant believe it
    i love gerrard

  10. Announced now on the BBC

  11. I feel guilty as i am one of the fans that let my fustration and put it all on him

  12. As much as I have been slating Gerrards performances and even may have said it would be best itf he would leave and Football is no place for sentimentality but today is a sad sad day for Liverpool Football Club. We knew this day was coming sooner rather than later but instead of being sad we should remember the great times. The way he inspired Liverpool fans, inspired so many dramatic come backs. Inspired players around him to perform better. Steven Gerrard is and forever will be the heart of this football club. Steven Gerrard YNWA.

  13. I did same thing
    He is the player i grew up watching him , he is my hero
    9 years as a lfc fan
    9 years watching Gerrard lead lfc
    the face of lfc , i love him

  14. In hindsight when we blew it last season was maybe the time he should've gone- shame he never won EPL. Must hurt like Hell

  15. Agree. I think announcing now that he is leaving in the summer will also be a problem.

  16. J.K he will get regular time like Ojo getting splinters sitting on the bench Ibe rarely plays a full game at Derby.

  17. It was the best thing to do
    leaves us in no doubt so we can properly celebrate him and his career
    Ferdinand and Lampard never got the right send off from man utd and chelsea

    also makes it easier for Rodgers who can now drop him for certain games

    Man im gonna miss him

  18. I hate long goodbyes

  19. We all love him mate but we could all see his time was up a fantastic player and he will never be forgotten.

  20. I hope he goes off like Guardiola at barca learns his football
    and then comes here as assistant manager and then leads us to glory like Guardiola

  21. First off I do not want BR to cut short Ibe's loan spell simply because I have no faith that BR will play him and it will ultimately disrupt his development. I like Ibe and he is progressing well at Derby, I see no reason to ruin it.

    As for Gerrard, yes he has been a great player, possibly one of the best in the last 20 years however there is no room for sentiment in today's game and he has proved time and time again that he simply can no longer play at the level is required.

    Also if he does go to America he will be in for a shock. Yes they are not as good technically however they do play with pace and as other players have found out it is not a stroll in the park.

    The best place for Gerrard would be in Italy where the pace of the game is much much slower

  22. i am dreading that day
    the season i wanted over as soon as possible now i want it to be longest season of our lives

  23. For me that has to be the time for Rodgers to make that decision we all know he has to make. It's a sad sad day but now Gerrard should be left out the team as much as possible. We need to be looking forward not remembering the past. If there is any good news to be taken from this then it should be a change in direction.

  24. I fear sentiment might get in the way even more now.

  25. If that is the case then Rodgers does deserve to go.

  26. Agree. Unless he plans to use Ibe as a striker, then what's the point? We don't need another attacking MR. We need a striker. So if he is going to recall a loaned player then it ought to Origi. Since from what l have seen he plays a bit like RD then maybe he plans to spell RS up front. I am beginning to doubt Sturridge returns at all.

  27. Gerrard is the main reason why i became a liverpool fan. what a sad day