1 Jan 2015

LFC Blow: BR reveals potentially bad news about £26m star's injury. Sturridge MK2...?

After Liverpool's poor 2-2 draw with Leicester, Liverpool have another injury problem to contend with, and this time, it's in-form Liverpool attacker Adam Lallana who faces a spell on the sidelines.

Lallana went off injured early in the second half, and when asked after the game about the issue, Rodgers told reporters:

"He [Lallana] has got a tweak in his thigh, so we'll see how that is"

Thing 'tweaks' can be troublesome - just look at Daniel Sturridge, who suffered a thigh injury in August tht kept him out for seven weeks.

Hopefully, Lallana's injury won't be as bad.

Lallana's form has improved over the last few weeks, but before going off today, he wasn't having much of an impact on the game, and one shot-off target aside, he contributed very little.

Still, Sterling, Coutinho, and Lallana are arguably Liverpool's most potent attacking trio, and with momentum building (Leicester aside, of course, the injury comes at the worst possible time.



  1. It does not matter that much anymore
    nothing to play for in the league Jaimie
    top 4 is gone , Spurs,Southapton and Arsenal way better then us
    and even if one falls unlikely all will

    Lets still try and get as many points as possible get a top 8 finish
    So depressed right now .

    All i want this year is a new manager ,Gerrard to leave ,and beat Man utd at Anfield.

    : (

  2. Spurs are perfect example for us beating chelsea

  3. am totaly dissapointed with the way we blew away the lead.totaly dont trust mignolet in goal

  4. So sorry for him. But there is a blessing in disguise- Markovic and Gerrard splitting his minutes in THAT position

  5. Understatement of year mate and last year as well

    Bloody hell Spurs now 4 !

  6. Spurs beating chelsea 4-1
    what is going on?
    i am in shock

  7. Hangovers - No class !

  8. Who does? Not Mig's fault today though. Today it's just our outfield players that stank up the place.

  9. I am supporting man City for the league
    There fans are way better and they are not cheats like chelsea

  10. Second that and classy manager

  11. Can't wait to hear Moanrinho's post match comments - having a go about ref already

  12. Have faith
    look what a good manager can do
    Spurs winning 4-1
    they were laughing stock of country losing 4-0 , 5-1 to us , losing 4-0 at home to chelsea
    They were criticized for their investment now it is paying off under Pochetino

    Liverpool search for your Pochetino

  13. None of those teams are significantly better than us and only Soto have many more points. Those team beneath Soto won't give up and neither should we.

  14. Jess you talk some tosh buddy.

  15. Look man 7 points now
    Spurs are devouring chelsea
    Arsenal have Sanchez who is like Suarez
    and Southampton ahve negotiated two of the hardest fixtures of second half of season and hve a solid team all throughout

    in terms of players they are not significantly better

    but they don't have to carry Steven Gerrard like Rodgers has to , or have a relationship with players like Rodgers and the welsh Xavi .

    Watch Gerard will start our next league game , today was cahnce to catch up on op 4 we lost it all because our manager has no balls.

  16. Look man
    I was so looking forward to rest of season after Swansea i want to support Rodgers
    but trying to ruin the team just to play Gerard is unforgivable , Manquillo did not deserve it the fans did not deserve it .

  17. Have we turned the corner? I think some observers were too quick to call it. As I suspected, the Swansea result sugar-coated the truth. It's not the result that reflects our predicament, but the performance. Still struggling to score, still can't defend. And unable to take advantage of fortuitous decisions.

    Our troubles aren't over. We need a major event to improve our mentality and lift our spirits. Hopefully, the return of Sturridge will go some way to restoring our confidence. Does Rodgers still think we'll be quiet when the transfer window opens? It's a shame that despite spending so much money in the summer, we still have 3 or 4 positions that need addressing. Sigh!

  18. We could have turned corner
    but rodgers in balanced team playing Gerrard
    in pl you cant carry passengers

  19. Can Steven gerrard just be honest with himself and tell BR to start playing him from the bench

  20. Rumour going around he's off to MLS at end of season

  21. keep wandering

  22. Reduced enough now ... Gerard LFC legend. YNWA

  23. The pitchfork brigade will have to find a new target, Gerrard. LFC legend. YNWA

  24. I'm sure our buddies across the pond watched it on cable, too.

  25. This is 2012 all over again. We can't beat the team's we're supposed to beat. The only difference is our main rivals can't seem to pull away.

  26. We won't even finish top 4 despite blips from other teams. Rodgers needs to go. We are going nowhere with him at the helm. Over £200m spent and we are a mid table team...