28 Dec 2014

BR's New Target: LFC desperate to sign 'commanding' £15m World Cup star. Better than £46m duo Sakho and Lovren?

With the January transfer window just around the corner, Liverpool are sure to be linked with every available central defender under the sun, and the latest name to enter the fray is Aston Villa defender Ron Vlaar.

According to reports this weekend:

* Brendan Rodgers is considering a January move for the €15m-rated Dutchman.

* Vlaar is allegedly 'unsettled' at Villa Park, and has no plans to sign a new contract.

Manchester United were linked with a summer move for Vlaar, and Louis Van Gaal still retains admiration for the 29-year old. Last week, he told reporters:

"He [Vlaar] was the most important defender for Holland [at the World Cup] and he is always stable which is important. I was very happy with him."

Rodgers' recent switch to a three-man defence may explain LFC's alleged interest. Vlaar is used to operating in a 3-man central defensive unit, as he confirmed again this week:

"I am used to the three-man defence. In the summer we did the same with the national team. We did it a few times last year too"

That said, given Vlaar's injury problems over the last few months, the current link with Liverpool seems a little improbable. With Sakho, Lovren, and Johnson already suffering injuries this season, it makes no sense for the Reds to sign an injured defender during the January transfer window.

Despite his excellent performances at the World Cup, Vlaar doesn't appear to be any close to signing a new deal at Villa. When asked in November about the status of contract negotiations, he barked:

"I have nothing to say because there is nothing going on. I have spoken to the gaffer a few times [about a new deal] but that is it so far.”

According to Villa 'keeper Brad Guzan, Vlaar is an excellent leader, which is something Liverpool desperately need at the back:

"He [Vlaar] has that presence. He’s commanding. He has that aura. He’s a good talker. He leads by example. He’s a good skipper too. He has taken that responsibility on well. The lads respect him greatly.”

Is Vlaar an upgrade on Sakho, Lovren, Toure, or Skrtel?



  1. e don't need to buy yet another central defender. Our present defenders need to be coached and drilled properly. If BR can't do that, then he needs to hire someone who can or remove himself from the position of Liverpool manager.

  2. We don't need him, we need better. Vlaar is not an upgrade on what we currently have IMO. He's better than Toure but that's about it.

  3. He always seems to be injured now he's getting on. Beware the 1 good world cup syndrome

  4. All of our defenders have proven they are good. Lovren had a great season last year, Sakho is a rock for France, and Skrtel had that amazing partnership with Agger a few years ago. Toure is the only one who hasn't underwhelmed, considering he's supposed to be our 4th choice and he's 34. Training and Coaching needs to be addressed before we can properly evaluate the status of our defense. Bringing in new players will only change the personnel, not the performance...

  5. Not going to happen. Even the Yanks can understand that he is not better than what we already have, besides he is 29. If, someone struggling in AV improves LFC, then it's a crisis.

    I don't think change in personal 'll help our defense. BR & his support team has no clue about defense or defenders. He spent lot & still I can recall we were linked with at least 10 CBs last year. Steve Clarke made our defense rock solid with arguably inferior options. BR doesn't know how to play as a defensive unit, how to protect narrow leads & how tp link mid-field with defense. In 3 years, he is still in search of a proper DM.

    If Vlaar comes & BR stays, come July, he 'll start a fresh search.

  6. That is the issue we have with Skrtel, Agger was his safe house. Skrtel has proven that he does not have the ability to step up and take our defence by the scruff of the neck. Highly doubt FSG will be interested in renewing his contract which ends in 2016 so the plan may just be to cash in on him before his contract runs out. Toure and Johnson will also be gone by the end of the season so either the likes of Ilori, Wisdom and Flanagan are going to be part of the regular setup next season or new defenders will be signed.

  7. I can relate to the religious reference there especially on a Sunday. I have been praying a bit lately too

  8. I still want to know from Jaimie , does he still want to sell Sakho and keep Lovren?

    From what I have seen since Sakho came back into the defence we have not lost.
    At the same time since Lovren has not been in the defence.

    Thats not an accident Jaimie ignore this post if you like but you are wrong.

  9. the problem is seppy that a lot of fans and the Rodgers tenure don't see this,a lot of the time they are blinkered and judge players on nostalgia or some odd quirk oppose to judging them on actual performance ....Can looked good against burnley so expect him to be benched for me sako was our best defender so expect him to be dropped, im not surprised by any line up we put out because we have a scatter gun approach to transfers tactics and team selection,many spiritual people say there is nothing random in the universe but if they look at Rodgers team selection they may well have to examine there faith

  10. Agree with you about that. Skrtel has always needed a guardian angel playing next to him.

  11. We just need to play Lovren and Sakho together, with Can in front of them.

  12. 'many spiritual people say there is nothing random in the universe but if they look at Rodgers team selection they may well have to examine there faith'.

    God, that made me laugh...very hard indeed!

  13. Rodgers will want to play Lovren and Sakho upfront soon and experiment with Emre Can in goal.

  14. I did not realise he's 29. It is a wonder he can still walk unaided let alone play football.;-)

  15. I cant see an new players coming in at all in January unless players are sold first, I mean would you trust him with more cash to spend, rogers has flushed away millions on players, and then decide to loan them out or just forget about them without any hope of getting to play first team football,,, I wouldn't give him a single penny

  16. All this transfer rumours are laughable...

  17. Gil,

    One of your finest postings my good man....scatter gun approach sums up the transfer method (said method because there is apparently no strategy).

    It may not last but I thought Sakho played very well in the last two games as well and along with Sterling and Coutinho in spots, they were the only bright spots.......

  18. Sign a proper defensive coach and then get players to play the style or recruit those that can. Right now, it feels desperate and a bit random....