18 Dec 2014

Epic Transfer: LFC favourites to sign €42m star who'll be 'better than Ibrahimovic'

Liverpool continue to be linked with a January move for Palermo striker Paulo Dybala, and new reports this week suggest that the Reds are in pole-position to seal the deal.

Earlier this month, reports in Italy claimed that Rodgers has 'singled out' 21-year-old Dybala as the man to resurrect Liverpool's failing front-line, and the Reds are considering a move during the January transfer window.

Well, according to a report today in Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

* Liverpool are actively pursuing Dybala, and are current favourites to sign him.

* Manchester United, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund are also interested in the Argentinian.

When asked last week about Dybala's future, Palermo President Mauro Zamperini raved:

"He [Dybala] is our jewel. If you want him, it'll take $50 million (€42 million) to get him"

In another recent interview, Zamperini made the following exaggerated claim:

“He [Dybala] is the best striker in Serie A. Within two years, he's going to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic"

To his credit, Dybala is not buying into the hype. In a recent interview, he reasoned:

"€42 million? Right now this is silly figure. There are not many players that are worth as much and I certainly am not among them. What I would do with this figure? I would buy the world!"

So, is Dybala worth €42m? A striker's primary role is to score and create goals, so let's take a look at his stats:

* 7 goals/4 assists in 16 apps this season.
* Goal every 183 minutes (1 every 2 games)
* Goal/assist every 1.5 games.

* Career Total: 19 goals/10 assists in 84 apps.
* Goal every 4.4 games
* Goal/assist every 3 games.

* Passing accuracy: 81%
* Key passes: 1.4 per game.
* Bad control: 3.2 per game (44 in 15 apps)
* Dispossessed: 2.4 times per game *34 in 15 apps)

Stats: OPTA

Wowsers. I haven't seen this level of transfer-related delusion since, well, last summer, when Rodgers splurged almost £120m on a set of players who've basically helped Liverpool regress this season.

Zamperini is clearly deluded if he thinks that Dybala is worth €42m. For that money, I'd expect a striker with Luis Suarez/Daniel Sturridge-style creative stats, not a player who has an average of 1 goal every 4 games across his entire career (to date).

If Dybala is worth €42m (in the bizarro-world of football), then Raheem Sterling must be worth a similar amount, or more? Whatever the reality, in my view, neither player is worthy of such a ridiculous fee, and only a club run by mugs will splash that kind of cash on either player.

Arsenal have reportedly pulled out of the race to sign Dybala after refusing to meet Zamperini's ludicrous valuation. That makes sense, though, as Arsene Wenger is not a mug when it comes to expensive transfers.

Liverpool should follow Wenger's lead and let some other club pay through the nose.



  1. With avb.s comments coupled with the poor return on rogers transfer dealings.cant see our current manager being backed in jan .if he.s here that is.fsg have a plan and i dont think it includes brendan

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:34 pm, December 18, 2014

    The thing about this guy is he has intense pace
    and ability to ride by a player like Sturridge

    These should always be the most important assets to any lfc striker , if you ahve these assests you are half way there

    Might be a way of getting rid of Borini

    im up for it

  3. As borini is on 70k per week.think the only way he leaves anfield early is feet first

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:37 pm, December 18, 2014

    we pay 40k of his his wages liek joe cole for a half season laon

  5. Dont you think its shocking even discussing how we can haggle with players who clearly is thinking how he can add to his allready millions for the sake of actually playing.we can only dream of doing what he is suppose to do at lfc.

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:58 pm, December 18, 2014

    footballers it is their job

    i would not move if i was happy in work ( with his fiance born there it is convenient there) and getting paid more money then elsewhere

    think about it after football they ahve no jobs unless they are legends liek henry carragher nevile , they ahve to try and keep similar standard of life
    so respect him for getting as much as he can

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:04 pm, December 18, 2014

    Wenger is not a mug jaime?

    This is the guy that refused to sign C ronaldo,Dider Drogba, Yaya Toure
    Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique
    search it up straight from horses mouth

    because of the fees so not a great refrence point

  8. Predictive text nearly had a fit when I tried to type wowzers. What an utterly underused word. Although, may I be so bold as to suggest the fondly remembered Jiminy jillikers. So so underused.

  9. Unfortunately you don't need to do much in football to have a stupid price tag put around your neck.Have a good 3 months.Your club sets a crazy valuation.That gets a stamp of approval by the media with hype, and some fans complete the process by jumping on the bandwagon of a player (most of the time) they've only seen on YouTube.

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:08 pm, December 18, 2014

    Oh yeah Wenger even told
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    " do a trial"

    ibrahimovic replied " zlatan does not do trials"

    so dont follow wengers lead

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi,Zlanatn Ibrahimovic with Yaya Toure in behind if Wenger paid the fees and spotted their talents thats a dream atafck arsenal could ahve had

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:24 pm, December 18, 2014

    The 120m players did not help lfc regress
    They are all much better then what we had last season
    Lambert > Aspas
    Moreno> Cissoko
    Lovren maybe not greater teh agger now

    the most important one however was replacing Suarez and Rodgers did not go anywhere close he bought a lazy glorified penalty taker in Balotelli
    If he bought Higuain with that money or Cavani
    lfc will be in a simmialr position to last season

    so it was Rodgers fault teh palyers were not abd choices but he did not set his priority right

  12. Over the 5 years of borinis contract he will have been paid a minimum of 17.5 million pounds basic,and he must have been a multi millionaire prior to this,I'm fairly sure his quality of life won't be affected, it comes down to one thing greed.

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:28 pm, December 18, 2014

    but if he has Million pound cars wheres teh most expensiove brands buys mansions has a high mantainance girl that might not eb enough money aftyer he retires to mantain the same lifestyle

  14. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:29 pm, December 18, 2014

    depnds on his lifestyle if he is shelling 1 million a year ideally he would want to 30 years after he retires

  15. Don't know what planet your on ,your honestly trying to say that somewhere in the region of a personal fortune of upwards of 25 million might not be enough to have every luxury you could ever want ,I'm finished with posting now ,was amusing to see what people's opinion is on current matters but some people just post for postings sake,going over the same shite all the time.there is no argument over rogers buys,what is the point in spending ,is lambert really better than aspas? Is Moreno such an upgrade? Most of them are not poor players just not suitable for the job intended,IWont be reading your reply as hopefully I can cancel joining,,I really have got better things to do than share thoughts with people who clearly either haven't got a clue or are trying to wind people up.guess they are just lonely at this time of year,going to the real world for a pint ,see ya

  16. And such a Deja Vu article too...

  17. That was my point

  18. Didn't you just say that?

  19. Who said deja vu had to be bad?

  20. Ha, I thought you just meant a deja vu link with an overpriced young player.

  21. wHY?
    I think your being silly only other Brits Irish and Australians can hate poms if your not one of these you have to keep it to yourself.

  22. If we want to buy a player from Zamparini, instead of offering money, we should offer him a stack of blank p45s. It's the one thing he can never have enough of.

  23. AVB recently said that his chosen targets were ignored & he was given players who didn't fit his system. I guess he's hinting at Levy choosing the players behind the scenes.

  24. You're right Funkdoc.I just chose to overlook the fact Daniel Levy interferes with transfers because i don't want this garbage version of Mourinho anywhere near Liverpool.
    Your more of a coach than a manager at Spurs.Everyone knows they operate that way under Levy.If Villas Boas had a problem with it, he should've turned the job down.
    There can be no excuse for a man with no senior managerial experience in Tim Sherwood, getting better results with the same players.

  25. Agreed, but I think FDB is the more likely option. And FSG would look to re-structure the recruitment methods at the club. Alternatively they keep Rodgers and just re-structure the recruitment methods.

  26. It's a suitably vague statement from AVB, I think you could take it either way. However there is a comment above that Liverpool approaching him recently while he's still working with Zenit would be a bit of an issue and that makes quite a bit of sense to me. It seems unlikely that AVB is going to say on the one hand that he's totally not interested in working in England but on the other hand have talks with an English club while still employed at Zenit. Of course it's all speculative, he simply didn't clarify either way.

  27. Have you seen the goals he has scored for italy against the likes of Brazil and Germany?

    If he was not world class, he would have been out football by now and no club would have signed him after his Inter Milan days.

  28. Our midfield do not score enough goals, our centre midfield do not create or score enough goals between them. Our wingers and attacking midfielders do not score enough goals considering the amount of games they play.

    Sterling(20) does not score enough goals. Him, A Lallana(26), P Coutinho(22) should be scoring 10-12 goals each a season every season considering the games they play.

    And we are Over Reliant on D Sturridge(25) as he is only player in 25 man squad we all know if he is fully fit and on it will guarantee the club goals. Its fact, A Fully fit D Sturridge(25) offers the club more goals than all the three strikers together who are covering him whilst he is out injured.

  29. He didnt say he hates the ingerlish, just ingerland itself. But you are right, us Aussies and our Irish cousins have a god given right to take the piss. Being half english, I'm a bit self loathing. Being half Spanish, I'm also damn attractive, so it balances out.

  30. If we hire AVB, it'd be like me trying to lose weight by substituting McDonald's for KFC, just to see if anything changes.

  31. Definition of insanity! Funny analogy 😄

  32. I agree, I think his main issue is man-management. Remember his attitude at Chelski? Trying to tell the likes of Terry & Lampard how to win games "his way". That's the sort of tool who needs to stay away!

  33. You have never watched Barcelona play have you? Like ever? I'm not sure if you are trolling but I find your lack of knowledge disturbing... (like that one JK?) I'm only going to comment on the playstyle comparisons, as I know that you aren't referring to quality comparisons, similar to when BR says that Allen is the Welsh Xavi or that Sterling is like Alexis. Not comparing quality, just position/role (or at least I hope to god that is what you're saying!).
    FIRST, Messi was a right winger to begin with.
    SECOND, Sterling might play the same position as Leo, but plays nothing like him. He's a more direct player, relying on speed over distance, where Messi uses skills and speed over the first 5 yards.
    THIRD, Coutinho is the Brazilian Xavi? They play nothing alike once again. Coutinho could be considered the Iniesta analog, but Xavi is a much more tempo controlling, possession recycling player, not nearly as direct and attacking at Coutinho.
    FOURTH, Lallana is probably the one you got closest when you compare him to Iniesta, but Ini's style is completely unique, he's a freaking magician.
    FIFTH, Sturridge is our Villa? Hmmm... Where to start... No I'll leave it to you, go to the mighty youtubes and watch some videos of each of them and then tell me they are alike. The only player I would compare Villa to in the Prem (and this is in terms of playstyle/role, not quality) is Shane Long. Opportunistic, pacy, fairly strong for his size, but not a flair player, not someone who scores the brilliant goals, but if given a chance, he'll put it away.
    SIXTH, Ibe and Pedro. Pedro is a defensive winger, watch any of his games in the last 3 seasons and you'll see a few things: He is great at running up the wing then passing back, He is ambidextrous, which is a great quality, and he doesnt rely on pace or trickery, instead using give-and-go's and such to get better positions. Ibe is once again far more direct, aggressive and attacking.
    SEVENTH, and the one that really gets my goat is Sergio Busquets being considered as similar to Emre Can. Busi was the best DM for around 3 seasons, and Can can play DM but they are so different it is ludicrous to consider them comparable. Busquets has no pace, but relies on his amazing positional sense to intercept and break up play, then cycle possession to his fellow midfielders or to the fullbacks. At this, he is unparallelled. Can is a box to box mid, big, physical, mobile, and very much an aggressive player who likes to take the game to the opp. I'd compare him to Yaya in terms of his style of play and positioning, but Yaya is a wee bit better, due to his experience and being the size of a small galaxy.
    Sorry for the long one, but as an avid watcher of la blaugrana, this made me sick to my bellyguts.

  34. In all seriousness, do it. KFC rules.

  35. Perhaps you should try understanding the point before responding. I said he's no mug when it comes to big fees, i.e. he doesn't spend huge amounts of money on dross (like Carroll, for example)

  36. NEver know... transfer business is a funny arena...

  37. Could happen, he's never played in england, I heard murmurs they want to shift him out as well...

    But this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP8YWoLoGTI

  38. here's another guy - Seydou_Doumbia. we'd be paying for form, and then get that Dybala boy

    Total transfer fee's of plusminus 25 mil

  39. I read somewhere that his value was closer to 5.5 mil

  40. Scoring a couple of good goals doesn't make you world class. Doing it every week does

  41. He has made a silly point. Aspas, Moses, Alberto were bench warmers. New players should have been equal or better than first team players. We have certainly regressed with these signings.

  42. so scoring goals against the best international sides in the world playing for your country makes you world class

  43. You say it like it is easy. To go and sign people who can be rotated but are of the same quality or greater than the crop we already had. If you're going to compete in four competitions, you need people who can go in and out of the team. I think our options from the bench are very much improved. They're not perfect, notably we have nothing up front, but we had nothing anywhere from the bench last season.

    The truth is that we had to strengthen the numbers in the squad for the Champions League and I think Moreno, Markovic, Can, Lallana and Manquillo will be good enough to do that. We may have overpaid for some of them, but not by too much (barring Lallana potentially, we'll see).

    I think the major error has been how poor Lovren and Balotelli have been. If we'd gotten a competent centre-half and a proper alternative to Sturridge who fits our system, then we'd be in a much stronger position.

    I'm not mental. I'm not saying we did a bang up job in the summer. Our failure to replace Suarez has been laughable. Our lack of an alternative to Mignolet has bit us on the arse. The defence still remains an issue. The signings haven't hit the ground running. I think it is hard to do that though when the whole structure of the team is compromised though, which I think it has been all season.

  44. I don't think its easy but its certainly not that difficult with that sort of money. I have no sympathy for BR after he made a mess of 120mn.
    We shouldn't have sold Agger(3mn) for Lovren(20mn). BR thinks signing expensive players like Sakho, Lovren, Moreno...will sort out the defense. Changing personnel is not the solution for our defense. You can say that we couldn't buy an upgrade on Mignolet either. But wasn't Mignolet BR's signing? What's the guarantee that BR's another goalie wouldn't be a flop? I have absolutely no trust on BR's transfer dealings. I think Balotelli has been made a scapegoat for most of the season. Our entire team play has been lethargic. Markovic, Lallana, Manquillo, Moreno, Origi...might come good at some point but will that matter now? We had great momentum last season and we needed to strengthen the key areas of first team and sign players who could hit the ground running.
    I also don't like the way BR has treated the likes of Lucas, Toure, Suso and Borini. It is absolutely disgraceful.
    I think Rafa with that money would have done much much better and I am absolutely done with BR. Although I don't think Rafa is the best man for the job but its definitely an upgrade on BR.

  45. I think you have to consider the collective responsiblity of the transfer committee. I'm not absolving Rodgers since no-one really knows the mechanics and specifics of the TC and its dealings, but you have to at least bear in mind their influence.

    As I've said, I think that our loss of momentum is largely down to the loss of goals. That's why I think the failure to replace Suarez or provide an alternative for Sturridge is the chief failure of our transfer window.

    I also don't dispute that since Rodgers took over, our transfer dealings have been extremely spotty.

    You're saying we needed to sign players who could hit the ground running. Please provide examples.

  46. Menez/Lacazette instead of Markovic/Lallana.
    Schneiderlin/Xabi Alonso instead of Can.
    Lukaku/Demba Ba/Remy instead of Balotelli/Lambert
    Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko are another players who looks better than Markovic but they are still unproven in European top leagues so not mentioning them. Shaqiri is another one but Bayern didn't wanna sell him. Other names like Fabregas, Costa, Lloris, etc....are some of the unrealistic targets I don't wanna include.

  47. Rémy is injury prone and it wouldn't be a good idea to back Sturridge up with a player who played less league games than him last season. Demba Ba is another player who has been proven to have fitness problems and wouldn't have been a suitable back-up. He wouldn't even suit our style.

    Menez has a famously poor attitude and issues with consistency. His performances at Milan haven't been brilliant, they've been intermittently good. His goal record is flattered by the fact that he's played up front a lot and plays in a relatively poor league.

    Alonso would have been a good signing, but likely wouldn't have came and our board would be opposed to an old player coming in on such high wages.

    Schneiderlin would have been good, but he would have cost £25m+. Lacazette would have been good, but it's easier to say that now since he's currently in the best form of his career. In the summer he'd only had one good season to his name. Markovic was a more impressive candidate. He'd won multiple titles and was in the Europa League Team of the Tournament. So too was Lallana: he was in the Premier League TotY.

    As you say, the likes of Shaqiri, Costa, Fabregas and Lloris were unavailable. Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka may have been better, but it's pure speculation.

  48. You are just discarding my choices for the sake of it. Schneiderlin at 25mn is much better than Lallana at 25mn. If you check history of my posts, I mentioned Lacazette several times during the summer. Am not speaking in the hindsight, so no, its not easy to say now. Remy and Demba Ba are quality players and they have good goal scoring records. Injury is an issue but injuries are frequent among strikers. I would still swap any one of them with Lambert. Markovic was impressive because his team won titles? Look at his stupid stats. In that case even Ashley Young is impressive. Alonso was realistic and board approved Lambert so there is a chance that they could have said yes for Alonso as well. He demands more wages but his quality is 10x of Lambert. I have been a fan of Menez since last few years and I don't care about his attitude and that shouldn't be an excuse for not signing him (we signed Balotelli!!!).

  49. I'm not saying you didn't say Lacazette, but you wrote that we needed players who could hit the ground running in a previous post. My point is that it is much easier to know he would hit the ground running now than it would have been for the Transfer Committee to know in the summer. Even now his transfer would be a risk, but it would have been a greater risk in the summer. I was interested in him in the summer myself. The truth is though that he could have been a one season wonder. He only scored 9 in the 70 games he'd played previous to last season.

    Just because we signed Balotelli in spite of questions about his attitude doesn't mean we should have signed Ménez. I said myself I didn't think the Balotelli deal would work out. If anything Mario is more worthy of a risk because he has more natural talent.

    Why would Ménez have been a brilliant signing? You're saying we needed to buy players in the summer who could be relied upon to (your words) "hit the ground running" and you suggest a player in Ménez who has never consistently performed in his career and has never played in England. How can you claim he'd have "hit the ground running"? He's scored 8 league goals this season, which is the most he's ever scored in a season (mainly because he's playing up front now). He offers nothing defensively and doesn't have the intensity that all ours players under Rodgers should have.

    I'm not just discarding your suggestions. I said Schneiderlin would be good, but he'd have cost a lot of money. You've put in your previous post that we should have gotten him instead of Can, but he'd have cost, at least, £15m more.

    I don't know how you can say injuries to strikers don't matter since a major problem of ours this season has been playing without our best striker due to injury. Imagine if we'd bought Rémy and once Sturridge got injured, Rémy got injured too. It's not even that much of a 'what if', it is historically likely. It is 4 years since Rémy managed to play 30 league games in a season. Even the season before that he played 31 games, which means he missed 7 and that is his fittest season in 5 years. Demba Ba just doesn't suit our style of play. He doesn't have the quality to replace Suarez and doesn't have the style of play to replace Sturridge.

    I don't see why Alonso would have turned down the second best team in the World and the chance to play under Pep Guardiola to come play for us again. He's already a legend here. He had little to gain and we can't match the wages that Bayern can offer nor can we offer him the glory nor the new experience.

    Lambert is fine. He cost £4m. He's an impact player. He'll sit on the bench when he has to. Not many players who've scored 10+ Premier League goals in consecutive seasons would be willing to do that for us. He is also a different type of player to Sturridge. He is an okay signing that has been given undue prominence by the injury of Sturridge and Balotelli and Balotelli's general malaise. It's unfair to put him and Alonso's transfers side by side since Alonso would be on twice his wage. Even if we got Alonso, we'd still need a more physical forward option on the bench who'd be willing to be a supersub.

    I never said Markovic was good because he won titles. I said he was good because he won titles (he's actually won the league every year of his professional career so far) AND has won individual honours which mark him out as a key part of these winning teams.

  50. I think this transfer committee rumor is BS. It has popped up now? In BR's third season? BR knows that his job is in trouble and to save his as$.. he is sending out hints that these transfer decisions was made by the entire transfer committee. He wants a reputed job again after this one so he will do everything to lay blame on others. When he joined Liverpool, he made it very clear himself that he wants total control over clubs transfer and is not willing to work with DoF. His disgraceful treatment of Borini is again purely due to the fact that he leaves in January so FSG can recoup good money on Borini's sale and might have sympathy on BR. I know these is all speculative and stuff but I have made up my mind regarding BR. He needs to go.

  51. His treatment of Borini is poor, I agree. A case of cutting of his own nose to spite his face.

    The transfer committee certainly exists though and certainly exerts significant influence over our player recruitment. That much is certain. We can't be totally sure of the roles of individuals though or the mechanics of the committee, so from a fans' point of view determining culpability is a frustrating and ultimately speculative task.

  52. I wonder if there is a betting line as to whether BR even knows this kid exists.

  53. Jamie, stats don't tell you everything about a player, Dybala is a livewire constantly on the move, this is why he draws comparisons with Aguero, I would argue the 42 million Euro price tag is based on his potential, of which he has lots.
    His ability to agitate defenders is the big draw, this would allow Sterling and Sturridge openings, he is very similar in engaging defenders the same way Suarez did, he never stops running and moving, unlike the statue we have with Balotelli!
    I hope we go for him, he is a very exciting and electrifying player, plus he is an unknown quantity and this always makes players like him difficult to ascertain when new to the Premier League.
    Another is Erick Torres, again a livewire, and very quick, and also Juan Iturbe...a fast winger making a name for himself, all of these players will become quite valuable players in a few years time.
    These are the sort of players Liverpool need to be clever about and get in there before they are recognised for the huge talent they will become.
    At the moment Liverpool are too slow, the pace up front is ridiculously slow and plodding, it's easy to counter against, defenders simply don't like people who run at them, this is why Sterling is now in this position, but he cannot do it alone, this is why we need 2 others, this is why Sturridge and Suarez were so devastating, forget Lambert (much too slow) and forget Balotelli (doesn't even move), you need quick and agile players, forget that they may not be natural born goalscorers or great headers of the ball, their speed and agility will unbalance defences and cause them into errors, this is why Messi excels so well, he makes defences panic, Dybala, Torres and Iturbe are all capable of that.

  54. Spot on, Dybala(21) is not worth $42M euros.

    Some of the ludicrous prices players are being quoted at these days is shocking:

    B Rodgers needs to forget about wasting any more millions on potential and he should not even waste £50M on K Benzema(27) Of R Madrid.

    The only striker in world who would justify paying £50M for is K Aguero(26) Of Manchester City who has been the world's best finisher for last three seasons and is best finisher in world football

    B Rodgers or a new manager needs to be backed heavily with a minimum of £70M to spend and whatever the manager can bring in on player sales also:

    B Rodgers needs to bring in these 5 class quality players to change whole dimension of squad:

    3 are Main and Top priority:
    GK Mobile Good Tackling DM Class creative Goal Scoring CM

    1: GK: no bargain basement GK is needed, A top class GK who will command box, distribute ball well, fit premiership style and be fearless and have trust of defenders. We spent £9M on S Mignolet(26) and look what we have got, A Begovic(27) Of Stoke should be brought for £11-£14M to compete and permanently dislodge S Mignolet(26) from First 11

    2: DM: M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton for £16-£21M to dislodge S Gerrard(34) from the side as DM

    3: CM: I Rakitic(27) Of Barcelona should be brought for £18-£25M to come and displace J Henderson(24) from midfield and bring some real class creativity goals and quality to centre of park

    These 2 attacking players both play for same side and should come for a combined total of £45M ( M Reus(25) RWF/ LWF and P Aubamayeng (25) FD/ RWF / LW )

    Whilst B Rodgers needs to ship out these 5 dead wood players in
    January: And ship out one good youngster he has no faith in and does not give a chance to:

    GK: B Jones(32) RB: G Johnson(30) DM: L Leiva(27)

    CM: J Allen(24) FD: F Borini(23)

    And Young Suso(20) should also be sold and given chance to ply his trade somewhere else as the manager does not give him the chance. As suso(20) Offer more class, creativity and goals to side than J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) but he is not given a chance to shine. So he should be sold but a buy back and first refusal on him should be put in agreement before he is sold.