20 Dec 2014

Italy legend raves: €20m star 'contacted' by LFC this week is 'one of the best'

Liverpool are currently linked with a January move for Genoa 'stopper Mattia Perin, and according to Italy legend Dino Zoff, Liverpool will pull of a major transfer coup if the deal goes through.

Last week, Mattia's agent, Moreno Roggi, confirmed that Liverpool have enquired about the 22-year old Italian, and revealed the purported transfer fee:

"England? It's a possibility. We have been in contact with Liverpool [and] for Perin I can only imagine a future abroad. He is worth €15m or €20m, but only clubs from abroad can afford a goalkeeper that €20m".

When asked recently about Perin's ability, Zoff enthused:

"It’s going well, he’s young and can only get better: he is taking confidence that is essential for a goalkeeper. I think [Orestis] Karnezis and Perin are the best goalies in Serie A.”

Some info about Perin:

* Current contract expires in June 2017.
* 54 appearances for Genoa.
* Two loan spells in the last three years.
* One appearance for the Italy national team.
* Included in Italy's 23-man squad for the 2014 World Cup.


* Genoa: 66 goals conceded in 54 apps (1.2 per game)
* 17 clean sheets (31% of games)

* Pescara (Serie B Loan): 66 goals conceded in 30 apps (2.2 per game)
* 5 clean sheets (16% of games)

* Padova (Serie B Loan): 39 goals conceded in 25 apps (1.5 per game)
* 5 clean sheets (20% of games)

* TOTALS: 168 goals conceded in 109 apps (1.5 per game)
* 27 clean sheets (24% of games. One every 4 apps)

Statistically, Perin is clearly not an upgrade on Simon Mignolet, whose Liverpool stats are very similar:

* 83 goals conceded in 62 games (1.4 per game)
* 14 clean sheets (23% of games. One every 4.4 games)

€20m for a goalkeeper who has a worse record than Mignolet? No chance; and Perin's agent is being wildly optimistic (to the point of delusion) if he genuinely believes that a top club will pay that amount of money for an inexperienced Serie A goalkeeper.



  1. im a better goalie than this guy id sooner bring clemance out of retirement

  2. Maybe he's been confused with Reggie Perrin

  3. Can't see us taking a punt on some kid from Serie A, especially for that kind of money. I would think if we move for another goalie, it will be one with significantly more top level experience than this guy's got.
    Also the chances of us ever spending that kind of money on a goalie are fairly slim I would think

  4. I always thought we missed a trick not getting Julio Cesar when he was available

  5. He has a cool name good stats and fits fsgs philosophy
    He is young so has that resale thing
    and as jaimie said good stats

    one thing i would be wary about is that in seria a teams generally sit back more , maybe it is a stereotype but italian teams after 1-0 i think they put ten men back

  6. Where does he say good stats?

  7. I thought 66 in 54 is good for a team that is unkown

  8. Same as Reina past it
    watch the game vs germany again in world cup semi finals

  9. Borini and 4m?
    will that be enough

  10. Well the reality is we have to
    two best goalkeepers in the world

    Manuel Neur 26m
    De Gea 20m

    if you spend 9m you get Mignolet

  11. You just can't help yourself can you? Worse than Mignolet and more expensive

  12. Absolutely right!!!!!!!

  13. David James is now available. Kerala just lost the final of Indian Super League against Atletico de Kolkata (led by Luis Garcia).
    Jokes apart. Jaimie your obsessions with goals conceded and clean sheet stats is really annoying. You know that there are other factors that determine the quality of Goalkeeper right?

  14. I am a better manager than BR.

  15. What's annoying is the inability of some people to see my point. Like you, for example. I don't argue that goals conceded/clean sheets are the only stats related to goalkeepers; my point is that they - like goals/assists for attackers - are the two most important stats, i.e. they are the primary stats by which goalkeepers are judged.

    In any analysis of 'keepers, goals conceded and clean sheets will always be the top two comparative stats. Additionally, there is a massively strong correlation between clean sheets/goals conceded and the quality of the 'keeper. Take a look at any top 'stopper in the world and you'll see that's true.

    There isn't the same correlation between, say, save-count, and 'keeper quality. For example, Rob Green, Brad Guzan, and Tom Heaton have the highest save ration in the Prem, but they're by no means the Prem's top goalkeepers.

    Almost without exception, the teams that concede the fewest goals tend to have the best goalkeepers. The Premier League table proves that: Courtois, Hart, and De Gea have conceded the fewest goals, and they are (arguably) the league's three best goalkeepers.

    So, perhaps you and others should try and see my point properly instead ascribing a simplistic, inaccurate interpretation.