22 Dec 2014

Next Transfer? LFC eager to sign 'spectacular' £25m star who's desperate to quit Madrid

Liverpool are reportedly considering a January move for Real Madrid star Fabio Coentrao, who is currently struggling to hold down a regular place at the Bernabeu.

According to the Daily Express today:

"Liverpool and Arsenal have entered the race to sign Fabio Coentrao [who] would jump at the chance to showcase his skills in England".

Liverpool have been linked with Coentrao several times in the past:

* October 2010: Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record reports that Roy Hodgson is monitoring Coentrao, with a view to a possible January transfer.

* April 2011: The Daily Mail reports that Kenny Dalglish also wants the Portuguese international.

* May 2011: Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha claims that Liverpool have agreed a fee of £25m for Coentrao.

* Apr 2014: The Mirror claimed that Liverpool held talks with Coentrao's agent, Jorge Mendes, over a possible summer transfer.

In a recent, 26-year old Coentrao revealed his frustration over the treatment he'd received at Madrid. He told O Jogo:

"From the first day I do not think I was wanted here. Today it seems that everyone wants me to leave. We must find a solution so that no one will lose out. If I leave Real Madrid, I do not close the door to anyone"

Prior to his move to Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid star Silvio predicted that Coentrao would become the best left-back in the world. he enthused:

"He is a spectacular player. He is the best left-back in Portugal and he will surely be the best one in the world. He will wind up being considered the best player in his position for many years"

Has Coentrao lived up to that billing? He's a solid player for Madrid, but he's also received a lot of criticism for the quality of his performances, professionalism, and alleged disruptive influence, which includes the following:

* November 2011 - An hour late for training (repeat offender)
* January 2012 - Arrived out of shape after Christmas break. Dropped by Mourinho.
* March 2012 - Caught smoking. Fined and left out of the squad for Villarreal.
* July 2012 - Reputedly a 'bad influence' during Madrid's summer tour of the USA.
* August 2012 - 4 games ban for calling the referee a 'bastard'.
* January 2013 - Massively late for training again.

Coentrao - who cost Madrid £26m in 2011 - sounds like a bit of a nightmare to manage, but his talent cannot be denied. He is reportedly desperate to leave Real Madrid, but with his injury history, the Reds should probably steer clear, especially for £25m, which is a ridiculous price.

Ultimately, with Moreno in the squad, and Rodgers currently favouring a formation that doesn't even include full-backs (!), is Coentrao even needed at Liverpool?



  1. This is a weird rumour...

  2. No thanks, not for that price anyway.

  3. I can't take it. Wake when January's over.

  4. Seriously, what a daft rumour. Liverpool obviously need a striker, DM and GK over a fullback...so why would they allocate 25 million pounds in the window to a fullback!?

  5. I think wing-back would be the perfect way to implement Coentrão and I think we could get him for a relative bargain.

    That said, I don't think he is a particularly necessary signing and he has a history of behaving poorly. Not worth the risk.

  6. Jaimie, look at United's back 4 this season, and then look at Chelsea's back 4- which is the best in the premiership. It tells you that the 'goals conceded' stat doesn't always show the full story.

  7. I mentioned a few days ago how many goals are being concede because everybody runs back to cover and no-one hangs back for the cut back. Watch a montage of our goals conceded and you'll see it time and time again. \we have to mark the players in the box and around the edge, not just run back and think the job is done

  8. Based on these stats Fraser Forster is the best goalkeeper in BPL-

  9. BR was actually a back I heard.

  10. My bad.
    He really has no excuse then. Maybe that's why he refuses to employ a defensive coach. He should put his ego to one side; our defence has been woeful under him. Know your strengths and your weaknesses

  11. Yeah. What he's doing is obviously not working.

  12. Hyppia just left his job, we should do everything we can to convince him to come back to LFC and work with our Centre Backs. Everything!!

  13. Probably the last thing we need right now. Some decent CBs. We've conceded 5 goals from 8 shots last 2 games, while scoring only 2 from over 50 shots

    4 game ban for calling the ref a bastard? Rooney would hardly ever have played of that rule was followed everywhere

  14. I had my head turned away the moment that goal was scored, because I honestly really did believe we were just going to deny the pass and clear the goddamn ball.

    Nope. I turn back and Giroud is celebrating.

    Honestly, horrible issue that needs to be addressed. The players look as if they'd never heard of the word ''marking''. I really do feel for Skrtel, got kicked in the head then grabbed the final goal, but really, that and the first goal shouldn't have happened.

  15. Charlie Austin might have something to say about that.

  16. Like Gerrard, Riise, Meirelles and Moreno Skrtel scores a goal every now and then and the Anfield faithful refuse to see how this quality is clearly papering over the cracks. Even BR more or less let it slip that Skrtel is in the team for his attacking threat.

    BR said "Martin has been outstanding for a year or so (has he?)" and in his next breath said "And those goals are important to us...He was the top scorer defensive player in the league last year"

    I think BR has sent out a message here...... by mistake lool. Skrtel is an offensive threat and average defender but BR will sacrifice consistent defensive stability on the half chance big Skrtel will get him a goal. I don't know what to make of that because Skrtel again scored a goal that cancelled out him at 6ft 3in being out jumped by by 5ft 10in Debuchy. What I'm trying to say is Skrtel doesn't guarantee us goals but he does guarantee us errors. It's a crazy gamble for BR to be taking.

  17. This is another indication of BR's Managerial failure. Great Managers start to build their team with a solid GK. I have hardly seen any great Manager spraying cash without consolidation of the post.

    Sir Alex was criticized (I am sure, even in this blog as well) for risking so much on a young Keeper, but MU eventually is getting the benefit of the vision. After almost 3 years & over 200mn gross expenditure, BR is still forced to put Jones at GK, who, with due respect, 'll struggle to make the starting XI for many Championship team.

    Anyway, personally, I 'll take Courtois over De Gea, but I think both 'll be fighting with very few others for next decade to be the best GK in world (& BR 'll be searching still...)

  18. Sakho played well except for the poor headed ball that led to goal #1.

  19. Can we get a still or video of Brad Jones pulling out of diving, OR even Stretching to reach the first goal. He pulled out of the save when the ball was clearly going in the net and within his reach. If that goal had gone in in say the Indian football league there would be an inquiry. I hope that Jones is just crap and his reflexes are fading but .............

  20. Whoever did not track back to escort the ball over the end line and allowed Cazorla the free pass to Giroud was at fault...Hendo?

  21. He isn't though is he.

  22. Have you seen Brighton play'? He hasn't resigned because they are too good!

  23. De Gea was pretty terrible in his first two years at a massive club and then manned up. Mignolet has been pretty up and down his first experience of a massive club too. There is a gulf between their alround game and age but their shot stopping are pretty much neck and neck. Migs has pulled off an incredible number of saves in amongst his errors.

  24. Both goals were just terrible defending, both as bad as each other. There is no question that defence is Liverpool's biggest issue. The attacking side of the game is clearly improving with 9/10 shots on goal in our last 3 games. Scoring will never be a long term issue for this team. But the defence is as bad if not worse than ever and it really does defy belief. These are not bad or technically incompetent defenders but whatever system is being used out there just doesn't work. It would go a long way to improving Liverpool as a team to just address that, I really struggle sometimes to understand why it's so hard. These are, as we can all see, rookie mistakes and fundamental defensive failures. Any team at this level just has to do better, there are no excuses. I suspect that if Liverpool don't improve results in the remainder of this season and Rodgers is sacked as a result it will be our defensive problems that are the main culprit.

  25. Man, I can't wait until Coentrao, Shaqiri, Benzema, Delph, Perin, Origi, and Torres get here next month.

  26. You know Liverpools transfer policy if they sin they're in !!!!

  27. Before long Sakho will be our number 1 defender.

  28. Ah, sound. Thanks for the explanation.

    I'll get the away shirt in the January sales and get Ched Evans printed on the back.

  29. I would disagree i see Sakho as our best defender and with fitness and game time he will shine.

  30. A goal keeper is only as good as the defense in front of him.
    Therefore if your defense is as bad as United's then you have to hail De Gea for what he's done to give them wins against teams who have practically destroyed them.

  31. I would have signed Pantilimon from City. Nationality kept him out the City side.

  32. This must be true.......

    ................on another note Sami Hyypia yesterday joined the list of former Liverpool Players who won't cut the mustard as a manager. Fergie must have urinated in the Melwood drinking water. All our former players are managerially sterile. It's in your hands Cloughie ......Don't let us down......

  33. Well its not like we dont get our fair share of baddies just a piece of advice dont wear your new shirt out in public.

  34. I was intending on conducting that tour in the nip, but I'll take your advice on board.

  35. If you look at the still above there are two players who could move to the near post and cut off his angle to shoot. Gerrard and Sakho. Gerrard just stopped running and backed off so he is to blame imo. But Sakho didnt cover for him either. More importantly though, has anyone wondered where Lucas, our DM, was when all this was going down? He was strolling near the edge of the penalty box. Watching. He never from the second we lost the ball accelerated or moved towards his box to cover any danger. Just more proof a proper DM would save us quite a few goals. And finally Touré should have moved towards the player who had the ball and tightened his angle for the cross rather than also running towards his own goal. In fairness though, he only hesitated because he saw no one was covering Giroud

  36. Just in time for the start of the summer rumours. ;-)

  37. No we dont need him if we want a rea madrid player get Jese Rodrigueze

  38. thexcuriousxwanderer8:14 am, December 23, 2014

    Exactly. None of the stats JK quoted in isolation show how good any keeper is. Often goals conceded and clean sheets are more dependant on the people right in front of you, and if they are good you wouldn't have any saves to make anyway.

    I think the measure of a good goalie is how many shots he saved that would otherwise have gone in, and what kind of skill it takes to stop that kind of shots, and maybe also perhaps the variety of shots (to prove that he is all rounded.) On top of that, another measure may be presence, which includes commanding and directing his area which leads to perhaps having to save less.

    But there is no doubt de Gea has made many spectacular saves The question is, could Courtois have done the same, and are the stats of reduced saves a result of him being more commanding ... in that case I would take that over spectacular saves any day, as it snuffs out the danger before it even happens.

  39. 50 games in 4 years. And anyway, I don't know if Moreno maybe did Rodgers' golddigger or something but to me he seems the only decent transfer from last summer yet he hardly gets a game. So why would we spend such a ridiculous amount of money on a left back when we never play one?

  40. Not for any price. Goalkeeper, DM, striker. That's it.

  41. DeGea has one good game against us and he's better than what is currently one of the best three goalkeepers in the world? What a joke. 1.3 goals per game gets him 49.4 in a season. Which is 0.6 less than we conceded last season and we were said to have a poor defensive record.

  42. what we need is a GK, a striker and a DM.

    BR won't ever buy a DM, as he prefers playing ageing midfielders that are not suited to that role to play there.
    The only striker coming in will be our on-loan striker Origi, who hasn't scored for something like 900 minutes. If our coaching stuff thinks it's the right idea to rely on another 19 year old they should all get sacked.
    Regarding a new Goalkeeper, i can't really see us signing any qualiy keeper. I wouldn't even be surprised if we just stick with Jones and Mignolet.

    I guess there won't happen too much this window...

  43. I heard we're offering Borini and Balotelli to Roma for Strootman in January.

  44. Would it surprise you if Rogers bought another player we don't need??

  45. My ideal January:

    LACAZETE - should be our main target (even if it takes 25 million). If we only managed this signing in Jan, I would be fairly happy.
    CECH - loan or 8-10 million.
    KHEDIRA - loan with option to buy.
    What a window that would be (may be dreaming a bit though)

    Sell Borini, Suso (like him but looks like BR doesn't anymore).
    Also if we got a decent offer for Lambert I would sell. Lacazette, Sturridge and Balotelli with Sterling for cover up front. Plus I would start using and developing Sinclair for the rest of the season

  46. Be realistic now... Delph is only arriving in summer. :-)

  47. Don't be surprised if we get nobody in Jan

  48. Khedir only has 4 months left so a loan deal is stupid for madrid

  49. January is not an ideal time to make transfers
    you have to pay prices like Carroll because nobody can afford to lose their best players in janiary

  50. sorry but you're totally wrong.
    we bought coutinho and sturridge in january for very cheap prices.

  51. I said "best players"
    Sturridge was a chelsea reserve
    Coutinho was an understudy to Snjnieder

    so by " best players" i mean Swansea losing Bony, Lyon loisng Lacazette , Palermo losing Dyabla,Liverpool losing Sterling or Coutinho
    Real losing Cristiano Ronaldo etc

    We can sign someone like Joel Campbell who is a bench player at Arsenal
    or Michel Vorm a bench player at Spurs for low values i think

  52. As pretty much everyone can see we need GK, DM, and a striker. If we give chance to Can and keep Lucas, maybe DM is solved. Migs might wake up after being benched(for a half season at least) and selling Borini could get us to Origi and Torres with just a couple of mill...

  53. That's because courtois doesn't have to make them. He deals with what he gets very well and is a massive presence in the box which will no doubt help them with defending things like set pieces especially

  54. Who asked you anything?

  55. "January is not an ideal time to make transfers" - it actually is because you can get quality for relatively cheap prices, that's all i am saying.

  56. you can't really spell Dortmund much worse mate...

  57. Hope we get Tony Pulis to improve our defence.

  58. Haha, not one single original thought...

  59. Are you only active during January and Summer periods? 100% of your comments are related to transfers.

  60. That spelling gave them poison. They will remain in the relegation dogfight forever now.

  61. Strootman is United bound IMO.

  62. I don't want Liverpool to sign anyone this January. BR has spent 206.5mn so far, which is sufficient enough to buy 11 first team starters. So he should manage with the signings he has made. Liverpool's regular starters are Johnson, Gerrard, Skrtel, Sterling, Henderson.....and more recently, Lucas and Brad Jones, none of them are BR's signings. He is a good attacking/technical coach but as a manager he has been nothing else but disappointment. Let him figure out how to utilise his signings and stop sanctioning more money for BR.

  63. Completely agree.

  64. Ajax losing Suarez comes under that bracket I suppose too.

  65. That was because he bit Baakali

  66. That might be true too. It was my neighbor who told me so so he could very well be wrong.

  67. Ah no mate, Rodgers will get it right next summer. Really.

  68. Straight from his wiki - convicted to 5 years in prison in 2012. Released in October 2014. Huh??

  69. And there is the coach that will sort our defense out.

  70. No you pay Carrol money for a dud like Carrol when you make panic signings on deadline day. If one thing was handled well last summer it was the fact that we told Barcelona to come up with the cash for Suarez right away or f off. It gave us plenty of time to wisely invest that money. Of course we didn't, but we had the time. Which makes it even worse. Anyway, the point is, we should have already identified our targets (if there are any) and should have already started inquiring their respective clubs about the possibility of a transfer. The transfer window means that you cannot do any transfer business outside them. not that you can't talk to clubs and set a transfer up.

  71. The only reason why I'll disagree with your assessment currently is that Sakho simply hasn't played.

    But you may be right for an overall talent perspective, and given some time to get going, I can certainly see Sakho becoming our best defender.

  72. He's good. Not great. Not bad.

  73. He's doing all that last gasp stuff due to the incompetence around him.

  74. The reason Carragher thinks De Gea(24) is better than Courtois(22) is because Courtouis(22) has the likes of Ivanovic(30), Cahill(29). Terry(34) and Azpilicueta(25) and Matic(26) sitting in front of him week in week out.

    The best defence in the league and probably the best defensive midfielder in the league at the moment, whilst De Gea(24) has the likes Of Valencia(29), Evans(26), Rojo(24), Blackett(20) and Young( 29) and Carrick(33) sitting in front of them.

    In all honesty De gea(24) has been awesome this season and without him in their side, they would be behind us in league. And it makes it even more apparent that B Rodgers needs to be backed wisely as our spine of team is weak compared to Chelsea and Man City. And Arsenal and Man United also do not have the same strength through the spine of their team.

    Chelsea Spine: Courtois(22), Terry(34), Cahill(29), Matic(26), Fabregas(27), Hazard(23) and Costa(25)

    Manchester City Spine: Hart(27), Kompany(28), Mangala(23), Fernandinho(29), Yaya Toure(31), Silva(28) and Aguero(26).

    The owners need to back B Rodgers with £70m to spend in January and whatever else he can bring in on dead wood average player sales:

    And these 5 class quality players should be brought to club:

    Four priority signings: GK DM CM FD

    GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke is a level below Courtois(22), De Gea(24) and J Hart(27) but him and T Krul(26) and H Lloris(27) are the best GKS in the league behind the main three.
    A Begovic(27) needs to be signed for £11-£15M ( To be compete with S Mignolet(26) for the next 5-10 years)

    DM: M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton should be brought for £16-£20M to displace S Gerrard(34) as DM from the first team.

    CM: I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona for £20-£27M should be brought to club to displace J Henderson(24) as our club lacks class, creativity and goals from the centre of the park now S Gerrard(34) is on his way out and 7 years past his best. Rakitic(26) would make things happen in the middle of park and get things happening.

    FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund Or L Adriano(27) should be brought to club for £7-£17M to compete with Balotelli(24) and Sturridge(25) either striker would bring more class, energy, experience, goals, mobility and pace to the attack. So If D Sturridge(25) is out injured again or next season, we would have another forward/striker with pace and speed to lead attack.

    Last signing:

    LW/ LWF: A Ayew(24) Of Marseille should be signed for £4M or signed on pre contract so we can get him for free in the summer.

    B Rodgers needs to ship out these players first:

    GK: B jones(32) RB: G Johnson(30) DM: L Leiva(27)

    CM: J Pony Allen(24) AM: Suso(20) FD: F Borini(23)

    The likes Of Begovic(27 and Schneiderlin(25) will bring the best out of Manquillo(20), Lovren(25), Sakho(24) and Moreno(22) and we could then have a solid back four and defence for many seasons ahead.

    The likes of Rakitc(26), Ayew(24) and Adriano(27)/Aubamayeng(25) will bring the best out of Balotelli(24), Coutinho(22), Markovic(20), Lallana(26), Sterling(20) and Sturridge(25).

  75. Are you not English? That's not particularly unusual in our justice system if you're a good lad when you're inside the big house.

  76. Around him and him. Instead of taking up good positions Nd not dropping off he Takes up bad ones and drops off until he has to do the last gasp stuff. It's reflected in his tackles. None against Arsenal for instance or worst non against Palace.

  77. When did Anfield become 'The Priory'....?

  78. We will end up buying a hamburger, fries and a milkshake instead.....

  79. I think Brendan's just protecting him man, the kid is still young and fresh in the premiership - he's made a few errors in judgement - probably only cos he wanted to please, but errors nonetheless.

    And I believe Brendan wants the heat off him while the rhythm in our play begins again then he can reintroduce him when the defense and midfield offer him more stability while he makes his fast runs up pitch...

    If Brendan ditches enrique then we'll need another leftback, but unless there's a complete giveaway of the guy this is pointless stuff....

    Just to get it off my chest; Lucas Leiva makes me feel like I want to protect him, as he's our only def mid, but I want to punch him too - hard....
    He's like entering an Audi Quattro from the eighties into the world rally championships of 2015...
    .....there was a time and place; but its not here and its not now....

  80. So for what reason Jamie can you say that Carra is ''Overstating''. Quiet clearly he is correct on the fact that Utd would not be in the top four had it not be for him due to there poor outfield performances and getting the odd scrappy goal for a scruffy win. Carragher has hit the nail on the head because we all knew what were getting when Courtouis returned to CFC. De Gea has changed the outlook of Utd by simply keeping them in games wereas Coutouis has had a sublime defence to rely on. You sir have made a hash of this article by ''Overstating'' your biased opionions towards Utd be a neutral for once and understand the bigger picture.

  81. Do you know anything about football mate?

    Aubamayeng(25), Reus(25) and Hummels(26), Subotic(26), Kagawa(25), Mkhitaryan(25), Sahin(26), Gundogan(24) and Immobile(24) are all top class players who play for Dortmund.

    But they are all low on confidence and struggling to get results, they have too much class and quality to get relegated and once their manager , gets the team confident again, tweaks a few things and gets right formation for team to excel they will do well in their league come 2nd half of season.

  82. I am not only active over the transfer windows, but for last 6 seasons every manager we have had , ships out dead wood average players, but brings in more dead wood average players to replace them.

    Its not rocket science: Mourinho has been at chelsea a season and half, He knew he had ageing back 4, old midfield and needed more youth, pace, creativity in midfield and some good strikers.

    Do you think its a coincidence Mourinho has signed Zouma(20), F Luis((29), Matic(26), M Van Ginkel(22), Fabregas(27), Salah(23), Schurlle(24), Van Winkel( Willian(26), Costa(25), Remy(27) and brought back Courtois(22) and re signed Drogba(36) since his reign?

    Whilst he has shipped out these players: BA(29) Bennayoun(34), Cole(34),De Bruyne(23), Essien(32). ETO(33), Lampard(36), Lukaku(21) ,Luiz(27), Malouda(34) and Mata(26).

    He has upgraded with 95% of the players he has brought into club.

    Our current team are screaming out for 3 top class first team players who would hit ground running straight away: GK DM CM

    And two attacking players who will bring more goals to side.

    GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke should be brought for £10-£14M so he can compete with S Mignolet(26) and then we can ship out Pony B Jones(32).

    DM: M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton should be brought to club for £16-£21M to displace S Gerrard(34) as DM in side. As S Gerrard(34) and L Leiva(27) do not have the energy, legs, mobility, pace or speed to cover the ground and protect back four well. Schneiderlin(25) has mobility, a bit of pace about him, tackles well, breaks up play and can play football well and pops up with the odd goal here and there.

    CM: I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona should be brought to club for £22-£27M as he can't get a game at Barcelona like Fabregas(27) found out the hard way. And just like Fabregas(27) is showing for Chelsea, Real class quality from centre of park week in week out.

    Our team is screaming out for those three players with those three players in side , we would have conceded 10-12 goals left, won a lot more games away from home, dominated more games, scored more goals from centre midfield and would still be in Champions league.

    Schneiderlin(25) and Rakitic(26) would cost the club £47-£50M Combined

    The best centre midfields in world cost money:

    Bayern Munich

    J Martinez(27) and Alcantra(23) combined total £59M


    Matic(26) and Fabregas(27) combined total £58M

    Man City:

    Fernandinho(29) and Y Toure(31) combined total £58M

    Only PSG have got top class midfield for cheap:


    Veratti(22) and Matuidi(27) Combine total £18M

    Real Madrid

    Modric(29) and Kroos(24) combined total £50M

    So the owners need to back B Rodgers with £70M in January

    And Begovic(27), with Manquillo(20), Lovren(25), Sakho(24), Moreno(22) and Schneiderlin(25) and Rakitic(26) in the first team week in week out our team would stop conceding goals for fun, dominate games from centre midfield and create and score more goals.