23 Dec 2014

Agent insists: LFC 'need to' sign 'world-class' €14m star & BR 'knows' he's leaving. Priority?

It's an open secret that Liverpool are trying to sign a top-class goalkeeper to replace Simon Mignolet, and one of the most enticing options appears to be Chelsea star Petr Cech, who continues to be linked with a move to Anfield.

Last month, 'world class' Cech blasted Chelsea for his ongoing marginalisation at the club. He told Czech media:

"The situation is not the way I would imagine.

"With the 2016 European Championships in mind, there is no time for me to sit on the bench.

"If the situation will not start to improve for me then I will want to solve it."

A whole host of clubs are sure to be in for Cech, and speaking to reporters this week, his agent, Viktor Kolar, appeared to encourage the Reds to make a bid:

“Liverpool need to strengthen their position in goal and they know Petr will be available in the summer".

The prevailing wisdom is that elite teams need two top-class goalkeepers in the squad, but in practice, it never works, and the Cech situation is a prime example of that.

Consistency between the sticks is imperative to achieving a settled defensive-unit, and chopping/changing goalkeepers is a recipe for disaster, which is why goalkeepers are very rarely rotated.

Despite his injury (which has bred some understandable reticence into his game), Cech remains one of the world's best goalkeepers, and at the age of 32, he still has years of great form ahead.

Granted, it seems unlikely that Chelsea will allow Cech to join Liverpool, but his contract expires in 2016, so that reduces the London club's bargaining power somewhat.

For me, this is an absolute no-brainer. Even after his injury, €14m-rated Cech is a superior goalkeeper to Mignolet, and he has proven his quality over a number of years, at all levels of football.




  1. Not Signing players like this should be illegal as Liverpool

  2. Yes for me...get cech to steady the backline for next couple of seasons and bring in one of the younger talented goalkeepers we have been linked with. That way, they have an experienced world class keeper to learn from. Honestly think both Jones/Mignolet may well be replaced, need a commanding presence in goal such as Utd/Chelsea have.

  3. No too old
    jsut another joe cole

  4. imo Mourinho don't see Liverpool as a contenders anymore so just like Mata and Man u i would not be surprise to see him accept to let Cech go to us if we were to bid for him.

  5. Yea Joe Cole was a lousy keeper

  6. Still better than what we have...and I just think he might want to prove to Mourinho/other keepers in the league that he is still top class.

  7. Name me a mediocre Championship keeper. We will most probably end up signing that guy.

  8. He is another chelsea legend who probably hates us

  9. I'lll second that.

  10. Why cant we sign a keeper like Man utd did in DE Gea
    a 20 yr old at the time ayoung keeper

  11. He has not played a serious game for 5 months
    he might ahve lost all his quality

  12. imo we need two, thus an experienced older head along with a younger future long term no 1 is the way to go

  13. Brad Freidel is 42, Tim Howard is so old it seems like he was at Everton before I was born, and that was 1979... Nah. Goalkeepers are like finw wine or fine cheese, they get better with age... Cech is an awesome GK, and is still in the top 3 GK in the PL, and probably still better than anything they have in Spain and France.... I'd sign him all day long... And I'd sign Mattia Perin aswell, Perin is the future, Cech is the present, and could teach Perin a hell of a lot about keeping goal in the PL...

  14. If we can get him for a relatively small fee its a gamble worth taking. Lots of keepers over the years have gone on to have good careers well into mid to late thirties. Its not like an outfield position.

  15. It's not even a gamble, he is a world class GK, and if it wasn't the risk of losing Courtois during the summer, he'd still be No.1... The risk of losing Courtois, who is their future is the reason he has been shunted to the bench.... He could be No.1 at Real Madrid Barca and Bayern, and wouldn't look out of place.

  16. I read the price is 6 million.

  17. to win points off city and man utd
    as we have them at anfield
    makes sense for mourinho to sell or at least loan
    plus he loves rodgers loaned him Sahin and moses

  18. How many players over 25 yrs/world class players has Rodgers signed/what are the chances he will buy Cech .the answer is ....ZERO..so ....

  19. Chech is not world class he is a has been that is why he is on the chelsea bench
    world class players never sit on the bench unless they are playing for real or barca

  20. Just watched a highlight of Divock Origi play vs Marseille

    Every time i have seen Lille play they look pathetic 0 creativity that is why Origi is not getting any joy Lille s*ck
    Plus he is played out wide
    he should come to lfc in January
    he will get more closer level of feeding as he does at Belgium where he always looks superb
    Sterling-Hazard , Markovic-Mirrales, Coutinho-De Bruyne , Lallana-Mertens

  21. When have lfc ever signed a world class player over 25

    the closes we have come to world class is Torres,Suarez,Alonso and they were all under 25

    Maybe Maxi Rodrigueze

  22. we should break the bank for Cech, he wud be THAT important to us! id happily pay upto 15M for him

  23. Agreed Unfortunately in the complete quote from his agent he first linked him with Arsenal and then with Liverpool.

  24. I think, BR or FSG 'll not go for Cech - he must be on 100K+/week. Also, by now, I feel BR is afraid to add mega stars like Cech from successful big clubs as he isn't sure how to handle them. I believe, BR/FSG 'll keep trying their endless effort of buying a $10mn GK & expect Coutinho like return.

    On football terms - there can't be any better option then Peter. Chelsea is lucky that they struck gold with a teenager who turned out to be Courtois (From a club with whom we apparently have a youth development program sort of joke, sorry understanding), otherwise Cech would have kept for them till 2020. He is just 32 & I believe Van der Sar joined MU at similar age.

    Victor Valdes (6'0") 'll be a bigger flop at LFC than Mignolet, as he is poorer in air. In Spain, they play mostly on ground - once he comes to UK, EPL teams 'll start to play 2 wingers & 2 wing-backs against LFC, missiling us from both wings. Also, I don't feel confidence in Valdes to be the 5th back/sweeper in EPL which is much faster & physical than Spain. In EPL, he 'll hardly get any protection like Spain & despite breaking all sorts of possession record, Barca was shaky in their defensive alignment.

    I don't see this happening - BR/FSG 'll try to find an excuse, Mou 'll convince his mafia boss to sell Cech outside EPL, even at a much lower price, Cech 'll like to join under a bigger Manager. If anything, I see him joining Real - Carlo knows him.

  25. For that, you need a Managerial vision. When Migo was bought by our fantastic Trainer, sorry Manager, we had Reina at 31. Easily could have kept Pepe for few more years & with Migo money could have bought a couple of potential U21 GK for a healthy competition to be No. 1 in 3/4 years time.

    Also, I believe, FSG was feeling chest pain to pay a "goal tender" 6mn PS/year.