28 Dec 2014

BR raves: 'Powerful' £25m star is a 'natural goalscorer'. Carra 'hopes' LFC sign him

Liverpool continue to be linked with a January move for unplayable' Swansea City star Wilfried Bony, and Reds boss Brendan Rodgers has revealed that he is a confirmed admirer of the Ivorian striker.

Recent reports claimed that Liverpool will 'consider' a January move for Bony, and when asked about the striker in his pre-Swansea press conference, Rodgers raved:

"He [Bony] is a natural goalscorer, you have seen it with his country. The combination of Bony and Sigurdsson is as good as any in the league. Bony is strong and powerful, and he gets goals".

'Strong, powerful, and he gets goals' - that's exactly what Liverpool need up-front, especially with injury-prone Daniel Sturridge in the squad, and Reds legend Jamie Carragher is hoping that Rodgers can pull of a deal in January. Earlier this month, he told Sky Sports:

"I hope Liverpool sign him [Bony]. He is worth £20m or £25m. I wish Liverpool got him this summer and I hope they're looking at him in the future."

In a recent column for the Daily Mail, Jamie Rednapp outlined Bony's main qualities. He enthused:

"Bony is a powerhouse. Monk has kept the passing philosophy and Bony fits in with that, but provides strength too. He bullies defenders, loves a shot [and] it's no surprise to see him score in his last three Premier League outings".

Bony recently signed a one-year contract extension, but that means nothing. Contracts are worthless in modern football, and the Suarez-Arsenal situation from last season is ample evidence of that. Money talks, and if Liverpool make the right offer, Swansea will sell.

Monk even admitted this recently, *after* Bony signed his new deal:

"He [Bony] is still a Swansea player, money dictates things but it would take an astronomical fee for him to go anywhere".

Liverpool rejected the chance to sign Bony in 2007, and the striker confirmed this again in an interview on Saturday:

“I had been on trial there [at LFC] in 2007 when Rafa Benitez was the manager. They [Liverpool] wanted to see what sort of a player I was. It's always nice to score at places where you were not able to make it"

I'd take Bony over Balotelli, Lambert, and Borini every day of the week, but not for £25m. That's way too much of a risk, and there are no guarantees he'll do the business for LFC. £20m is the max LFC should pay, but that may not be enough to convince Swansea to sell.

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  1. We have enough "unplayable" players already... Borini. Balotelli Lovren

  2. Just in case anyone forgets, we need a GOALKEEPER ... NOW

  3. B Rodgers is a clown, He should have brought L Remy(27) and W Bony(25) to the club in the summer for a combined total of £30M, instead he spent £10M cheaper on Balotelli(24) and Lambert(32)

    Balotelli(24) will come good when he plays with the likes of Sterling(20) and Sturridge(25) week in week out in attack he will shine. Balotelli(24) plays well with mobile, pacey , quick attackers ahead of him. He is a 2nd striker not a main man striker

    B Rodgers should bring in P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund to the club for £14-£18M ( His mobility, pace, speed will suit the teams game down to a T and he is a good finisher and can play out wide also )

    B Rodgers needs to bring in these 5 players this summer if we are to make Top 4 again this season and for him to have any chance of saving his Job:

    The Owners need to give Him minimum of £70M, not £30- not £40 but £70M in January 2015:

    And he needs to not waste any more money on Centre backs:

    We need A Begovic(27) Of Stoke to be signed for £10-£15M to come and permanently displace S Mignolet(26) from the first team

    The club need a Mobile tough tackling defensive midfielder:
    M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton needs to be brought for £16-£21M

    Club need world class box to box creative goal scoring match winning centre midfielder who will boss, dictate and dominate games from the centre of the park game in game out, home and away.

    I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona needs to be brought for £20-£27M

    Lastly P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund needs to be brought to club for £14-£18M ( To bring more class, creativity, goals, mobility, pace, quality and speed to attack)

  4. I love your comments! you seem to be graced with an ability to throw some harsh realities with a very soft tune!

  5. That's appreciated thanks

  6. Yes but he pinched Joe Allen off them for £15 million and got a great deal selling goal scoring, goal making strong tackling Shelvey for £6 million. shrewd.

  7. goalkeeper and goal scorer or go.

  8. I think the ship has sailed on this one... on 15 m was great... anything above does not represent a major coup.

  9. Brendon said of Mingolet re crosses he caught one and punched one (that is vote of no confidence) - the mind boggles. I want Rodgers to do well but he is such a messer.

  10. Drop the career mode mate.

  11. Agreed. bit odd to say that at best.
    He should have just not talk about Mignolet

  12. Brendan Rodgers should not get one cent to spend. Loans, exchanges and what we can recoup selling the dross he brought in, such as Allen, Borini and Mignolet.

  13. If we had the cash to sign aquilani keane caroll borini lovren markovic henderson sakho lallana et al with little or no end product what stops us from getting a real goal poacher

  14. It's ironic that Mignolet has been dropped

  15. Rohan,

    I am being real. its not Career mode, I am saying B Rodgers should go for players he can get.

    If i was saying players we should go for we have no hell in getting i would say these 4 we should go for:

    GK: Courtois(22) Of Chelsea Impossible
    DM: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG Impossible
    CM: Kroos(24) Of Real Madrid Not Happening
    FD: Messi(29) Of Barcelona

    I am saying players we should go for we can bring to club:

    A Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £10-£15M, We wasted £9M on S Mignolet(26) and look how we are suffering, where Man United brought De Gea for £19.8M 4 Seasons ago and now its paying dividends.

    DM: B Rodgers has spent £48M on three defensive players over last two seasons and we are still conceding goals for fun ( Sakho(24), Lovren(25) and Moreno(22) ) when the biggest problems is the GK and DM Position

    M Schneiderlin(25) is as good as Matic(26) for Chelsea, the thing is Matic(26) is surrounded by world class players week in week out, whereas Schneiderlin(25) is surrounded by average and class players.

    But he is a player who would walk straight into our midfield ahead of Any of our DM'S ( S Gerrard(34) Or L Leiva(27) ) And B Rodgers should bring him to club for £17-£21M ( He wasted £20M on Markovic(20) £17-£21M on a priority position in side is crucial

    I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona is a world class player who deserves to be playing week in week out and is not getting that at Barcelona. He is learning the hard way like Alcantra(23) and Fabregas(27) found out.

    B Rodgers should break the bank and offer £22-£27M, Rakitic(26) is world class and would create, dictate, dominate and score goals from open play in centre midfield. Something J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) rarely do and I Rakitic(26) is a game changer and match winner, none of the three players are that either.

  16. I am hoping he is replaced by Simeone , but if we do not bring in a top GK, A Mobile Class Quality DM , A World Class CM and a mobile pacey quick striker to compete with D Sturridge(25) We won't take top 4 this season

  17. I've read conflicting reports about SImeone. One that he wouldn't manage in England because of the language barrier. This was soon contradicted by another report stating he was taking English lessons in preparation of moving abroad.

    Getting anyone considered world class goes against FSG's "buy young and develop into stars" mentality.

    An added problem appears to be the coaching setup at Anfield, based solely on our defensive frailties.

    Just add it to our evidently glass-eyed talent spotting network and it looks quite bleak behind the scenes, doesn't it?

  18. There was no excuse for selling Shelvey. One of BR's most annoying transfers.

  19. I wouldn't mind Benteke!

  20. Its looks very bleak.

    The transfer committee is comical, B Rodgers has an excuse for anything.

    As lets face it, teams like Southampton and West Ham are higher than us in the league because they have better spine of team than us. GK, CB, DM, CM FD

    And its comedians like Rohan below who enjoy us being out played by teams such as Burnley and so on.

    No Top Class Manager would rely on the likes of S Mignolet(26), K Toure(33), G Johnson(30), J Allen(24), M Skrtel(30), F Borini(23), R Lambert(32) Or the 7years past his best and Ageing S Gerrard(34)

    Yet B Rodgers does: In Our squad the top Attacking players are: Balotelli(24), Coutinho(22), Lallana(26), Sterling(20) and Sturridge(25).

    One is injured, B Rodgers opts to have 2 of them on the bench at all times to justify having Henderson(24) Or our now Passenger Captain S Gerrard(34)

  21. The Manager isn't man enough to drop the liabilities in side let alone bring world class players with ego and experience into club.

  22. Your problem is that you seem to think we can sign players just because you can think of a reason why they may be a little unhappy. No way will Rakitic leave RM for us. MS is not tough tackling, he is a distributor and controller. Your previous favourite Tiote leaked again today- his side have conceded 4 more than even our poor defence this season.

    And exactly how many goals has Aubamayeng scored recently with Dortmund next toi bottom in their league?
    Your posts always cite wholesale changes, and your solutions change rapidly with form. Why is that?

  23. Frank Lampard proves the value of an older head the same way Giggs, Scholes and MacAllister did before them. However, they were impact players rather than starters during the late stage of their careers.

    We've bought poorly and therefore Gerrard remains a starter. It also stands to reason that Brendan Rodgers is categorically NOT a top class manager. He's on a learning curve, somewhere in the middle along with many of other learn-on-the-job managers. His contemporaries, or slight superiors would be the likes of Roberto Martinez and Paulo Sousa. It's not bad company to be in.

  24. You're right. Rakitic wouldn't leave Madrid for us, but he might leave Barcelona ;-)

  25. You would rather Bony or Benteke to someone like Benzema or Jackson Martinez or even Seydou Doumbia?

  26. Ok, the biggest criticism we had before is that we didn't have a big enough squad, we do now, filled with very talented players. Now it's just a matter of buying 2 or 3 top quality players. If we have to sell before we buy we are in the exact same position as we were before with a small squad. We have lost Sturridge to injury, we have strikers that we bought who should by rights cope with that, for whatever reason, they haven't worked out. These things happen, so we buy another striker. We sell Balotelli, not because we have to, but because we want to.

  27. Yes we are mid table in position, but you are only looking at that, we are also 8 points out of top 4. We get on a run which we traditionally do after Christmas and the New Year, we will make up those points. Would you be saying the same thing if we were in 5th place and 8 point out of the top 4?

  28. no, they were martyrs!

  29. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva1:53 am, December 29, 2014

    This would be the easiest decision any manager could make the guy is a power house, works hard and knows where the goal is, offer Swansea something, give them Joe Allen back plus 10mill.

  30. worst pick of the summer has been Balotelli. The fault however is as much with the infamous transfer committee as with the player since it was well advertised that he just doesn't fit our style which requires continual movement, pressing, passing and moving without the ball. Trying to make a pen a power drill......why when everyone knows what we lost in Suarez and had months to prepare for....work rate, perpetual movement, unquenchable desire and a finisher we got a poser...I must say I am deathly afraid of how frustrating January may turn out for all of us devoted fans......

  31. Everton to be relegated wouldnt that be great would kinda make up for our lousy sesason.

  32. Swansea is playing well and defending better than us (easy to imagine). Unless they fall apart, why on earth would they part with Bony? It makes no sense at all for the Swans team and their fan support.....He is not coming our way...although I agree he would help.....

  33. Kop,

    That is the million Dollar question... We need to sell the deadwood which we didn't do in the summer. At this point we need to build some chemistry so 3 key adds at most should be done. Layer on some existing kids then we might salvage something. I would sell more bodies than we buy but make the adds really impactful players like a striker, goalie and a big boy DM. If we gamble a bit and decide to promote Can as the starting DM, then two strikers and a goalie......

  34. And you say Rodgers is a clown

  35. As you know we both love Rakitic and pleaded with LFC to sign him in the summer....that ship had sailed.....

  36. we should go for........
    Keeper: Cech/Begovic
    Defence: Vlaar,Montoya
    Midfield: Cabaye,Xaqiri
    Striker: Bony/Lacazete

    player we no need.....
    Balotelli (he is awful), Borini, Lovren (can give him CDM role), Mignolet (never be class, only average), all the promising young players (the likes of Tiago, Suso, Luis Alberto should be given last chance) except Andre Wisdom and Jordan Ibe.

  37. Always think of those two as the sides most players won't easily leave -my bad. Point still remains

  38. Yokohama Liverpool Fan5:53 am, December 29, 2014

    What's wrong with Jordan Ibe?

  39. Yokohama Liverpool Fan5:55 am, December 29, 2014

    Bony will be better than Berahino who at 23.5 million is overvalued.

  40. He will be at the African Cup of Nations soon so forget about him moving now and Swansea are going to milk whichever team signs him.

  41. Lovren in CDM? The guy can't pass

  42. So does anyone still want Lukaku? £28m and Chelsea laughing all the way to the bank and got Diego Costa for only £4m more!

    Top manager attracts top players both of which we need.

  43. God can you stop your 'told you so!' stuff!?

  44. It is the truth though. Top managers attract top players.

  45. Bony has to be worth 25 million if the figure is 23.5 mill for berahino I know who id prefer but no doubt we will overspend on English crap again

  46. Lovren is a top player

  47. Jaimie.....your 20 mill,prob 25 min on Wilfred Bony or the reported 23.5 mill on Saido Berahino.....who would you rather us be in the market for out of these two ????

  48. today's sky article is another prove for what i said:

    Gary Neville: Jose Mourinho attempting to put pressure on referees by saying there is a campaign against Chelsea

    "What Mourinho has done today has said he's drawing a line in the
    sand and said, 'I'm not accepting this any more', letting the referees
    know this is unacceptable for the rest of the season.

    "The campaign bit is him saying he's not having this anymore."

    Neville, an eight-time winner of the Premier League, says this is a clear tactic for teams gunning for the title.

    He added: "It's what teams that are going for the title do. Historically,
    you put pressure on, you plant seeds, he won't think for one minute
    there's a campaign against Chelsea."

    Graeme Souness agreed with Neville, saying there is nobody better than Mourinho at instilling pressure on officials.

    Souness said: "He's drawn attention to it and is basically trying to put referees under pressure. And nobody does it better."

    When facing the press BR isn't even close to the level Mourinho is at, he's brilliant at putting the pressure of his players and playing mind games with other managers, referees and the FA

  49. I wont disagree with that. Lucas got the short end of the stick when G and H sold Mascherano and didnt replace him. Ever since then Lucas was supposed to be a DM and being a professional he just got on with it.

  50. Mike , I Rakitic(26) plays for Barcelona not Real Madrid. I Rakitic(26) will find out either the long hard way like Alcantra(23) Of Bayern Munich and C Fabregas(27) of Chelsea that displacing Xavi(34) from first 11 is mission impossible unless he is injured or suspended he is the first name in midfield .

    MS breaks up plays and tackles well, controls and distributes. And you say dumb things about tiote(28) all the time? B Rodgers has spent over £60M( Mignolet(26), Llori(20), Lovren(25), Manquillo(20),Moreno(22)Sakho(24), Moreno(22) on defensive recruits.

    Yet we look like we have a chuckle brothers back four no matter who plays and look like conceding goals every time we play the saving grace is a lot of teams have had bad days and do not have the class or quality in attack to punish us.

    You like some fans on here can sugar coat our main problems all you like, but we took to step forwards last season. To take 5 step back wards , same thing happened to us after finishing 2nd 2008/2009

    We needed to bring in more class and quality alongside the likes of Alonso, Gerrard, Mascherano , Reina and Torres.
    That season we need some class quality pacey wingers needed and another top class striker to compete with Torres and we would have won league the following season, but no poor buys and we lost our best players.

    It is Hisory repeating itself, instead of adding to the class and quality we have we bring in more dead wood average players whilst our best players are ambitious and move on to clubs who have ambitions and can bring in world class players, so they can test themselves week in week out against the best.

    If we do not make champions league, it could be another 5 or more years before we make champions league again, do you think R Sterling(20) is going to stick around for another 5 years without champions league when all the best sides in Europe are after him?

  51. For the last two years I've thought that Brendan Rodgers was the perfect man for Liverpool and I think there is no doubting his quality as a manager but with the demise last season and quite honestly horrendous transfer business ( only successful buys being sturridge and coutinho) I'm starting to think that he doesn't have the ego and ruthless streak of a manager trying to manage an elite club,he can't attract world class players purely because many foreign players don't even know who he is, I really want him to succeed but I just can't see it

  52. rodgers raves about him but made no attempt to sign him with a 120m kitty and with a lower price ?

  53. he starts most weeks on the bench at derby make of that what you will

  54. S Gerrard(34) is 7 years past his best. J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) are not game changers, they are not midfielders who can control, dictate and dominate games against the best sides and best players.

    They all lack class and creativity in the final third and they all lack goals in their locker, they all do the same thing and that is the bottom line. S Gerrard(34) does have the class and quality to hurt teams still, if he has time on ball. But top managers know that so he is man marked by young mobile quick attacking players when their team do not have the ball, so S Gerrard(34) can't hurt teams.

    B Rodgers should have addressed the problems we had last season: GK and DM at start of summer, But he did not and then we last our best player half way through the summer and he did not replace his creativity, mobility, movement, pace and goals he brought to the club.

    As he is on a learning curve

  55. theres a good chance both will fail at anfield as Rodgers has shown with balo and borini that he cant play to a players strengths . hes a know all who will try and alter the natural game of bony if he came nullifying him as a threat

  56. im guessing because hes a fan on a forum but i may be wrong

  57. you cant handle the truth ( ala jack nicolson )

  58. Kelvin, If you seriously thought we would do well in the league or Champions league this season with the likes of S Mignolet(26) in Goal, No mobile class quality tough tackling DM in whole squad and the likes of J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and an ageing S Gerrard(34) who 7 years past his best in centre midfield 90% of every game then you like B Rodgers is comical

  59. I Rakitic(26) is not be played regularly and i think if B Rodgers put in bid of £22-£27M we could bring him to club, there is rumours Van Gaal is after him and Strootman(24) in January.

    The deal for Strootman(24) has been agreed in principal for £32M

    If B Rodgers has any plans of making top for this season:

    A Begovic(27) Of Stoke Commanding GK

    M Schneiderlin(25) Of Southampton Mobile Class DM

    I Rakitic(26) Of Barcelona World Class Goal Scoring CM

    And Either P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund or L Adriano(27) Of S Donesk needs to be brought to club
    Mobile, pacey, quick striker who is good finisher who can press well up the pitch

    As we have a weak spine straight through club/squad

    And those are the positions that we desperately need to sort out in January 2015

  60. They are all good players however non are world class. Rakitic maybe the only WC player but there is no chance in hell we will join us due to a number of reasons.
    1.His Dad
    2. Only 6 months after?
    3. The transfer embargo
    4. He is not needed as we have decent alternatives ( Coutinho,Lallana)
    Sakho is our best CB, it is the Right Back who is the problem when we pla 4 ATB, Manquillo Vs Bolasie, GJ Vs any left winger. Skrtel and Lovren are the biggest problems. So a new CB is needed unless Can steps up or even Ilori.
    This transfer window only average players who have had average careers so far will be getting scouted. Unlike Man United who spent BIG on one world class player. They are reaping the rewards like we did with Suarez.

  61. Not unless FSG revise their policy. I'm sure they'll be smart enough to eventually see that it's not working while our competitors buy their way to glory.

  62. Did I say otherwise?

  63. We are all ageing and some of us is learning too

  64. You are trying to say lovren is not good enough for lfc
    he is a top player he played in world cup and lyon and southampton

  65. Stuart,

    Read these listen the hard facts and truth in what R Marsh and A Gray have recently had to say about our team:



  66. Rohan, You don't know football. Rakitic(26) is a box to box CM, not an AM.

    Coutinho(22), Lallana(26) and Suso(20) are all Luxury type players who play their best football as AM free role in side.

    I Rakitic(26) is a world class box to box centre midfielder, he tackles, he gets stuck in, he creates, he dictates. he dominates, he scores, he is game changer and match winner. It is reason B Rodgers cannot Bench S Gerrard(34) as J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) look like two headless chickens who run into each others way when S Gerrard(34) is not in team.

    The sad thing is since we lost our Axis Of Alonso(32) and Mascherano(30) 5 seasons and a half ago we have never ever really replaced that class or quality. S Gerrard(34) has had to soldier the extra burden for years, but now age has caught up with him like it does with us all.

    And the players now in centre midfield at club at Managers disposal are Average midfielders who do exactly the same thing and are lost without S Gerrard(34) in the side.

    Lovren(25) is a top defender, when a Good manager can sort our problems:

    Bring in commanding reliable Top Quality GK

    Bring in Mobile Defensive Midfielder who is good at breaking up play,protecting back four and controlling and distributing ball. And Lovren(25) is given run of 12-18 games alongside Sakho(24) we will see the best of Lovren(25)

    As J Terry(34) and G Cahill(29), Mangala(23) and Kompany(29) would look poor and suspect if they had S Gerrard(34) OR L Leiva(27) playing the DM role protecting them instead of them having the likes of Matic(26) and Fernandinho(29)

  67. I do not know football yet you're the one who thinks we can sign whoever willy nilly. The problem is not Rakitic fitting in, it is the fact you think we can actually sign him is utterly delusional. Coutinho and Lallana have both been used as B2B midfielders. Lovren being 20M should not need to have time to settle jn to a league he has already spent one season in.

  68. Sign whoever willy nilly? I am just frustrated that where our rivals keep moving further and further away from us from buying world class talent we keeping buying dead wood average and falling further and further behind our rivals, even Arsene wenger has clocked on and started bringing in world class players.

    Do you think it was coincidence the season wenger spends £42M on Ozil(27) they won their first trophy in 9 years!!

    What is even funnier is how you can slate Lovren(25) who has A Joke GK (S Mignolet(26) ) Behind him he and the team have no trust in, A Non Existant RB who never knew how to defend and for two seasons can't attack next to him( G Johnson(30) ) He has a Centre back partner who is mistake ridden and was ever present in side that conceded 50 goals last season ( M Skrtel (30) ) and the fact the young Left back thought he was L Messi(27) instead of being defender that he is ( A Moreno(22) )

    And the fact he has no protection from the 3 average midfielders in centre midfield who are all doing exactly the same thing, not dictating or dominating games, not creating or scoring goals from open play from centre of pitch and offer the defence and GK no protection full stop ( S Gerrard(34), J Henderson(24) and J Allen(24)

    The thing is for seasons on end i have mentioned players who managers should have brought to club: Yet fans like you criticise yet, another team signs them and they are success and then i think its bloody not rocket science

    J Montero(24) for 3 seasons i have said club should bring to club, thank god he is not playing against us tonight or he would ruin Henderson(24) and make him retire. Swansea got him for £3-£5M, B Rodgers wasted £20M on Markovic(20)

    For years years whilst Hodgson and Dalglish where at Helm i mentioned players that we should desperately bring to club who would make us better side: Alcantra, Bojan, Coutinho, Eriksen, Montero, Javi Martinez, B Matuidi, Biabiany and Navas and many others.

    Yet our managers over last 6 seasons have brought in complete dross instead: Adams, Carroll, Koncheskey, Cissokho, Allen, Alberto, Aspas, Assaidi, Borini, Coates and Lambert,

  69. I see that Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be leaving PSG for the final chapter of his career. Worth a bid?

  70. I've heard Rooney is homesick and wants to come back to Liverpool. He wants to be close to A J Pye just in case his follicles need re-activating.
    Other than him I beg you Mr Henry to give Brendan Rodgers no more money because it will take us another three years to get rid of more of his near-do-wells. Bring in either of the two Jurgens if you can and if not allow Steve Gerrard and Sammi Hyypia to run the club until the summer. - Steve Gerrard would need Sammi with him as he has got all the qualifying badges to take control.

  71. So Yaya Toure(31), Tello(23), Bojan(26), Fabregas(27), Ibrahimovic(29), Ozil(27), Alonso(32), Raul(37), Drenthe(27) didn't leave those clubs ?

  72. Twistadee - please don't tell other posters that they 'don't know football' - that has nothing to do with the issues being discussed, and is antagonistic. Thanks.

  73. In future posts, please refrain from personally insulting the manager. You know this is against the comment policy. Thanks.

  74. No I did not I complimented him and said he was unplayable as BR has shown by not playing him

  75. Yokohama Liverpool Fan5:35 pm, December 29, 2014

    He played to Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling's strengths to an extent.
    Here's hoping we can recruit players who will be a fit.