17 Nov 2014

Sell? Euro Giants to offer 'priority' star £6m-a-year to quit LFC. 84% of fans want him gone

These days, Liverpool right-back Glen Johnson is one of the most maligned players at Anfield, and despite his protestations to the contrary, his defensive frailty continues to be a problem for the team. Things are changing, though. The arrival of Alberto Moreno and Javier Manquillo means that Johnson's status as an automatic first-teamer is now over, and it seems as if he's slowly realising that his time Liverpool is coming to an end.

Johnson has been persistently inked with a move to Serie A, and according to the Daily Mail today:

* Roma are 'confident' of signing Glen Johnson in January.

* The Serie A club believe Johnson has 'more to offer' than Ashley Cole.
* Roma are 'happy' to pay Johnson's £120k-a week (£6.2m per year) wages.

In September, Johnson made it clear that leaving Anfield is a possibility, when he told the Liverpool Echo:

"In January, I could talk to other clubs, but I'll worry about that when January comes. There are no talks going on with the club [Liverpool] at the moment"

£10m-rated Johnson's current contract ends next summer, and if the Reds don't sell in January, he'll be able to leave for free at the end of the season. As such, selling him in January make sense, even if it is for a nominal fee.

With Manquillo, Moreno, and Flanagan in the squad, Johnson is no longer needed at Anfield, and Liverpool should push hard to seal the deal, especially since Roma are allegedly willing to take on his ridiculous wages.

Don't hold your breath, though. Rodgers seems to rate Johnson, and it's unlikely he'll sell a player of his experience halfway through a Champions League campaign, and leave the club with three young, inexperienced full-backs.

Indeed, only a few months ago, Rodgers hailed Johnson as 'one of the best full-backs in the world', and insisted he wants to keep him at the club. He told reporters:

"We want to keep Glen here, and we feel that he has still got good years ahead of him. His [contract] will be a priority for us, especially if he continues in the form that he's in".

Rodgers may rate Johnson, but LFC fans clearly don't. I recently conducting a site poll asking fans whether Liverpool should keep or sell Johnson:

* 17450 (approx) people voted.
* A whopping 84% of participants voted for LFC to dump Johnson.

That is an emphatic vote of no-confidence, and with his ongoing propensity for defensive errors, it's unlikely Johnson will ever regain the goodwill of the fans.



  1. Gerrard Hendo Couts
    Sterling Sturridge Lallana.
    I feel confidant again..

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  3. Everyone at Liverpool,players & coaching staff,need to be held accountable for the position they're currently in.Johnson alone is not the only one that needs to go.If you're not up to LFC standard then you should be moved on and replaced by people that are.FSG need to start getting the team & staff right,so LFC can get back to being a dominant force again.They owe it to the suffering LFC fans.YNWA

  4. Can't wait to be shot of Johnson

  5. Let it be so- more to follow

  6. I disagree with you on Mignolet and Clyne. Mignolet is just appallingly poor . He is reflective of BR=sometimes good sometimes aweful. No more buying from Southampton. Have they bewitched us? Why.? I dont get it. The world is big. Why dont we scout in Colombia, Ukraine, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Ghana, Mexico, Paraguay? The world is big, we cant be pinned down to scouting in England only and at Southampton. I like your overall idea though and wish BR and the others powers that be at Anfield would take note

  7. "One of the best in world"...sometimes some of the things that come out his mouth makes me wonder.

    Has played poorly over the last couples of seasons and not work the amount of money he earns.

    Ship him out. One thing I can't stand is when players try to justify their poor performances by trying to convince the fans they have been playing well.

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  11. when I click my disqus profile there is a picture of Martin Skrtel next to every article. It's like rubbing his error prone face salts into my wounds. Is there something I can do stop this from ever happening again? :p

    In my opinion every player we have with the exception of Lucas who ever played for Rafa Benitez should leave the club. They have all outstayed their welcome. *I see you hiding behind the sofa......come on *grabs Gerrard by the ear* you too! :)

  12. alternatively they turn up at Anfield

  13. If Johnso goes on a free for being apalling then we should follow suit and let Gerrard go on a free for being appalling. The difference is there is a pot of gold at the end of every SG rainbow no matter the wheather.

  14. "omrebeast"... hahaha

  15. Looking forward to it..
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