23 Nov 2014

Transfer Priority: Agent claims LFC want to sign 'world class' £7m star to replace £9m flop

It's an open secret that Liverpool are trying to sign a top-class goalkeeper to challenge and/or replace Simon Mignolet. Liverpool's defence is in total disarray this season, and the Belgian is one of the principal reasons for the club's ongoing defensive decline. The 3-1 defeat to Crystal Palace today underlines yet again the acute urgency of the problem, and new reports today suggest that Brendan Rodgers is planning a move for Chelsea star Petr Cech, who is increasingly frustrated with life at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to the Czech media in October, 'world class' Cech blasted Chelsea for his ongoing marginalisation:

"The situation is not the way I would imagine. With the 2016 European Championships in mind, there is no time for me to sit on the bench and not to play. If the situation will not start to improve for me then I will want to solve it."

Thibaut Courtois remains Chelsea's number one goalkeeper, so the situation has clearly not improved over the last month, and according to the Daily Mail today:

* Chelsea are willing to sell cech for just £7miwollion.
* Arsenal, AC Milan, Roma and Real Madrid are all interested.
* Cech's agent 'maintains' that Liverpool also want to sign the Czech international.

In a recent interview, Cech's agent Viktor Kolar also confirmed that the Czech stopper is eyeing a move away from Stamford Bridge. In October, he told reporters:

"He [Cech] wants to be at a club that regularly plays in the Champions League and this is his highest aspiration. He wants to return to being a protagonist in a great squad at a great club"

The prevailing wisdom is that elite teams need two top-class goalkeepers in the squad, but in practice, it never works, and the Cech situation is a prime example of that. Consistency between the sticks is imperative to achieving a settled defensive-unit, and chopping/changing goalkeepers is a recipe for disaster, which is why goalkeepers are very rarely rotated.

Take Brad Jones, for example. Last season, he didn't make a single Premier League appearance, and overall, he made just three appearances all year. I don't see how a goalkeeper who spends 98% of his time on the bench can be satisfied, and Cech certainly isn't.

As such, it makes sense for Liverpool to make a move. Despite his injury (which has bred some understandable reticence into his game), Cech remains one of the world's best goalkeepers, and at the age of 32, he still has years of great form ahead.

Granted, it's doubtful Chelsea will allow Cech to join Liverpool, but his contract expires in 2016, so that reduces the London club's bargaining power somewhat.

For me, this is an absolute no-brainer, especially for £7m. Even after his injury, Cech is a superior goalkeeper to Mignolet, and he has proven his quality over a number of years, at all levels of football.




  1. I think Rodgers already knows what is comingThe one thing FSG wanted when they appointed Rodgers was a Director of Football but Rodgers declined to take the job the first time round

    So the next manager to come would need to be one willing to work under a Director of Football as that is the route FSG will be going and that appointment will be far more important than the manager IMO as he will be the one in control of the footballing vision at the club

    It is going to be an interesting few weeks ahead but reckon FSG will bring in a temporary replacement till the end of the season and take their time to find the most suitable DOF and manager

  2. I dont want to see Rodgers fail and get the sack, but if he goes Rafa is my choice.

  3. i really hoped that when i wake up i ll see the news BR sacked.. thats what happened when we plundered tottenham last year around the same time..this time crystal palace plundered BR n co

  4. somewhere i thought that BR made a good decision in opting to play a young dynamic and fluid team against real madrid at the bernabeu.. that game was miles better than the so called stars playing.. and he came under fire from media for that.. i just dont understand why you have to bother about wat media think... why not do what u really think is good..if u hav to drop gerrard and have him just for few games or minutes or in a different role would be better.. if this is not working just switch tactics....

  5. Imagine if we got De Boer and he brought along Cruyff. That'd be pretty good wouldn't it...

  6. Yeah, if FSG can pull that off then it would be a masterstroke.

    Cruyff will bring you any player you can dream of!

  7. And De Boer would come- 'Liverpool are my cup of tea'. Seriously, I could only see very good things if Cruyff became a DOF at Liverpool. The guy is the biggest football genius going around. If it weren't for Cruyff, La Masia and the Ajac academy wouldn't be the prosperous breeding grounds that they are today. He's also considerably responsible for Spain's massive success from 2008 to 2012...

  8. Cryuff would change everything. He would take our academy to the sky and with his connections could get us the players we need. Alas, if we sack BR, we will most probably appoint Garry Monk with some unknown businessman as DOF

  9. So for me the problem up front is all because of a lack of pace and our problems at the back is due to a completer and utter lack of communication and mediocrity. Skrtel and Lovren have to be dropped along with Johnson and Stevie. Oh and big up to Allen, worked his arse off yesterday with a gaping hole in his head.

    To solve these problem if I was the manager i would do the following

    Manquillo Toure Sakho Moreno

    The pace, movement from back to front is exactly what is required to make us perform to the standard of last season. Toure is much older but is quicker than Skrtel plus brings leadership at the back which is a massive problem at the moment which has to be fixed as from now. Lovren needs to be taken out of the firing line too because he is looking more and more inept as the games go by. Johnson need i say more. He is useless. Markovic and Sterling up top will run any defence ragged and Coutinho yesterday showed moments of Suarez like foot movement so him right behind the front two will be the perfect fit.

  10. Haha, that made me laugh.

    Even if he couldn't get superstars, he'd still be able to spot undiscovered talent for a discount. He's a genius. If Cruyff came to Liverpool, we'd be Southampton on steroids.

  11. We would become a world power if Cryuff was to come. Everybody knows him and players would choose Cryuff over anyone in the league if they had the choice. If Cryuff was there, I guarantee, Snachez would have played yesterday in a red shirt with the Liverbird on his chest and so would Willian and numerous others.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Southampton. Since we love Southampton, we will get Koeman and eventually we will ship in St.Mary's and combine it with Anfield to complete our development.

  12. Compare our current BR team with this one and see which is better

    Mclaughlin-Wisdom-Lloyd Jones-Flanno

  13. It is official. We have the most error prone defence in the top five leagues in Europe. A prize for our famed defence. You cannot say they do not deserve it.

  14. To be honest, the squad that we have should not be struggling like this. We have a good core of players but need to sort out the mice from the men.

    Rodgers has too many 'buddies' in this team. We all know who they are...

  15. No not the case with big name players but he could get the best young prospects out of Holland Liverpool need more than Cruyff to get the worlds best.

  16. Cryuff has connections with Barca. I am pretty sure Barca would be more comfortable selling players to us if Cryuff was there than any other. Anyways, Cryuff would change the infrastructure completely and for the good.

  17. There would be no better option than Cruyff as a DOF and he would attract all the big name players without a doubt. The guy is a footballing mastermind.

  18. What I do not get- BR shipped out Reina, shipped out Carroll, Downing, and even Agger. Why is he so scared of Johnson and Skrtel who 2 years back was almost shipped out.

  19. Not about that Sid its big pay cheques and wanting to play at a club not in the C.L and wanting to live in Liverpool many factors.

  20. We outbid for Sanchez so money was not the issue there. People would forget other factors when they have the option to work with the best of the best and add de Boer to that and that is an opportunity you want.

  21. Sanchez did not want to live in Liverpool theres a factor.

  22. It is because he clearly does not fancy Sakho and Toure. Seems like the committee and Rodgers have not fully agreed on some of the signing that have been made. Assaidi, Ilori, Alberto also other players who were ignored from the start. Their is a complete disconnect at the club from top to bottom and the cracks are now far to wide to hide.

  23. That is my point. When you have the chance to work for one of the greatest players in world and a footballing genius, things like location would be forgotten.

  24. Naa players are way too self centred to be fooled by that show them the money most will come if not they never were.

  25. So who would you bring in as DOF? This will be the most important move FSG make.

  26. 70000 odd stadium. Can't argue with that.

  27. Based on that, Rodgers only signed the people in his first season and Lovren because he rarely plays the others.

  28. Would not say that. I think all the signings this season would have been Rodgers decision bar one, Balotelli.

  29. All the big name players well heres news Messi Ronaldo Hummels Lahm James Rodriguez and Neymar are not coming.

  30. I bet we would get players like Costa, Reus, bender etc.

    The likes of Ronaldo and Neymar would be out of the question for many teams.

    I am just making a point that Cruyff would be the difference between having a player like Sanchez saying yes to as as apposed to Rodgers.

  31. Thats a matter for debate i have nothing against getting Cruyff just people expecting miracles, look we are not the most exciting club for players anymore.
    I do think though we need to go back to getting youth this team just needs to keep rebuilding there is no way we are bouncing back big time next season.
    No new manager is going to change that either just look at Spurs.

  32. But it would not be a case of bouncing back straight away. We have been in the sh!te for many years now.

    FSG should have stuck to what they wanted to do before they appointed Rodgers and got in a DOF and a coach to work under the DOF.

    Rodgers is far to inexperienced to handle such a massive job and it has come back to bite FSG in the behind.

  33. Maybe but the disarray this team is in is not going to be fixed before seasons end and i guarantee there will be not enough new talent to make that big a difference next season.
    We have gone backwards a long way and i just dont know how the hell they will cure their defensive woes they are nothing short of dire.

  34. Bringing in someone very experienced to steady the ship till the end of the season will be the only way but it is going to be a very costly exercise.

    Rodgers contract was extended a while ago so paying him out is going to hurt and then bringing in someone an experienced head and his backroom staff going to hurt even more but it would be the only way of getting us out of this current mess.

  35. I think we should keep Rodgers but make him answerable to a DOF hopefully he can get these princesses playing like men again.

  36. Now every PL teams is tough team to beat not to mention those top 4 cos we've become a average team thks to BR.

  37. Rodgers did not want to work under a DOF. He rejected the job the first time FSG approached him because of a DOF being one of the conditions at the time so if faced with such a situation I think Rodgers will resign out of his own.

  38. My thoughts exactly a DOF may force him to tear up his contract or at very least get him going in the right direction.

  39. But Lucas is better than Gerrard as a DM

  40. I think it would be better to part ways. The last thing we need is a manager being forced and accepts against his will and we have boardroom battles etc like we did with Rafa which is not what we need.

  41. A good point i liked Rafa but i dont want him back either.

  42. Great guy but as we found out with KD it is better not to bring back the past.

  43. The Southampton incident was because he played four centre-backs at once, including Toure and Sakho as full-backs. You're right; he did admit culpability for that one.

  44. Silly me how did I miss that lethal football we play week in week out. As he said our game is based on 'dangerous possession'

  45. Possibly top 3 as long as another 6 of yesterday's team are not playing

  46. Rafa made the same mistakes as BR remember? Lvpool went from 2nd to 7th in 2009, Rafa wasted lots of money on Robbie Keane, Aquilani etc......Klopp is not much of a better choice, Dortmond is 16th now.....unless he brings along Rues, Mikhytaryan, hummels for bargain price.....if not, hope BR finds a solution soooooon....YNWA

  47. With the current fiasco created by BR it will take more than 5 seasons for us to get back in the CL and challenge fro any trophy, let alone EPL title.

  48. Rafa was sacked after a period of Dumb and Dumber leading the clubs economy. He did again and again speak up of the problems inside the club (financial etc.) as well as putting his own job in line. Now it has emerged that neither Dalglish nor Rodgers are up the same levels as Rafa, then bring him back. He know the core of the club!!!

  49. That doesn't excuse him from his many, many poor buys like Aquilani, Keene etc or for failing to win the PL by going for draws instead of wins,or for not winning a trophy for his last 5 years despite his stellar start. He alienated players even his previous favourite Alonso, and really had truly world class players in his side- Rodgers had 1 in Suarez, Rafa has at least 4- Alonso, Gerrard, Torres, Mascherano plus people like Sami Hypia and Carra at the back
    Not the answer.


  51. You know what else hinders the defensive effect? Not making any tackles. Not having any clear communication with your colleagues and being positionally bad. All things Skrtel is doing himself. So too Lovren. Organisation is lacking throughout the team. There are no leaders. We need to see the Madrid lineup next game. Toure and Lucas are at least Vocal.

  52. I agree. Almost everyone is contributing to the defensive failure. Mignolet's effort is less significant, but still impactful.

  53. Dont you think credit goes to Rafa for assembling such a awesome team.
    Same applies to Rodgers for arranging such a mediocre squad.

  54. Koeman is yet to prove anything. Hiring him is like getting BR all over again- Koeman si yet to play good football for half a season and already we think he can do well at Anfield. L4 is not easy just ask BR. He was playing relatively good football at Swansea but L4 is different cup of tea., I would go for Rafa, Simeone, that Lavre guy or Hiddink. This season (and some games last season) have proven that to make it as Liverpool manager you need experience, quick thinking and more EXPERIENCE. We certainly wont be doing any good by bringing the likes of Koeman who are still "cutting their teeth as managers". Splash the bucks and Get Simeone or Klopp

  55. I agree with ya pal. I know he is yet to prove himself but I think Can is BR's only good purchase this time round

  56. Problem is just like Suso, BR cant see the talent and player in Ibe. He wont play him

  57. Are you not sick of Liverpool signing 6 month wonders at this stage I know that the rest of us are . Not one half season wonder player has paid off so now you want a half season wonder manager instead. Rafa Benitez is a champions league winning manger who will attract a way higher caliber of player than Koemam plus it'll get right up moaning Maureen's nose over at the chavs.

  58. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva1:36 pm, November 24, 2014

    I would really like to know what is going on I seriously could not watch the end of that game, I have heard some fans say in the past "that we are not Chelsea we don't sack managers like they do", well can I just say that that's fine but whatever this is were going through certainly isn't working so who is right and who is wrong?

    All I know is that when the club knew they were going to loose Suarez they did not do enough to fix it, BR can say that Balo was a great striker and he took a chance but for me this was his worst decision and adding to that the decision to loan out players like Tiago, he puts so much on Sterling and he is destroying him.

    I would rather he start playing


    Maquillo Pref/Tiago/Tore Sakho Moreno/Flanagan

    Can Lucas Lallana


    Sterling Borini
    Bring in Ibe, Suso and for god sake bring in a A/M with guts, passion and skill like a Vidal, Yaya what ever the cost, we have Sturridge (whenever) I agree with JK sell him now (or when he gets fit) get Martinez, Pedro or Carvani and Shaquiri.
    enough with "that's not the Liverpool way" Liverpool needs to wake up and join the rest of the world.

  59. Nether CECH(32) Or Valdes(32) should be brought to club, both GK'S are past their best and will struggle to ever get back to their best / top level again,

    A Begovic(27) Of Stoke needs to be brought to club for £8-£12M

    As the top 5 GKS currently within the premiership are as Follows:

    T Courtois(22) Of Chelsea
    J Hart(26) Of Man City
    H Lloris(27) Of Tottenham
    A Begovic(27) Of Stoke
    T Krul(26) Of Newcastle

    And we need a commanding GK behind our defence as soon as possible to replace Comical S Mignolet(26)

  60. Cech would be an awesome signing imo. I think we could get him too as Chelsea probably see us as less as a threat than Arsenal. Just read this from the Telegraph regarding transfers made interesting read and hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned

    " You’d also have to ask aside from the obvious dire start to this campaign what would Rodgers really be getting sacked for? Putting his name to the mistakes of others?

    Although there are those who insist he has made terrible signings it is well-documented it is the committee of which he is a member that will be held accountable by John W. Henry, not just the manager.

    He may accept public responsibility because it makes him look in complete control of transfers when he never has been, but it’s not the truth, and he is clever enough to know there will be an email trail somewhere detailing exactly who brought those eight summer signings (and the rank average Mignolet a year ago) to Merseyside. If Rodgers had his way he'd have a Dutchman who could pass the ball in goal, while Ashley Williams would have been marshalling his back four last season and this. Would he have made a difference? Anyone who watched Wales in Belgium last week might think so.

    Some might argue he would also have Clint Dempsey in attack, too, but the point remains he is not the only architect of the squad.

    It is series of transfer failures that have caught up with Liverpool and an ensemble cast must face up their responsibility. Rodgers is simply the public face of the deterioration.

    Dismissing Rodgers would also be expensive, and Liverpool – still awaiting a UEFA verdict on their FFP status – cannot afford another hefty round of ‘termination payments’ in their next accounts.

    You also have to ask where would they turn next? One of the attractions of Rodgers was he was a relatively cheap purchase when he leftSwansea, his immediate predecessors earning anywhere between £3million to £5 million a year. Some of the names erroneously linked with the post recently would be on the higher end of that pay scale, making them non-starters " YNWA

  61. Cruyff also has a reputation of being trouble in the board room, FSG won't want this imo.

  62. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr55wQLjDdo


  63. BR trademark is the tiki taka:Keeping the ball, moving it around, tiring the opponents by making them chase after the ball, attacking in groups, permutating and combining in attacks, pressing when losing the ball forcing the opponents into doing mistakes,running a lot etc etc
    This have been the modus operandi of BR since in swansea which won him the job at lfc. He made swansea play like barcelona.The stats he had in term of possession and and pass completion rate,had swansea in the top 6 teams in the whole of europe, with players like leon britton rivalising iniesta and xavi for the best passer of the ball!

    At LFC he started implementing his ideas. It took some time but he finally had us play the tiki taka as well if not better than swansea. We were playing good but were often unlucky with the results. Here is where it started to go wrong.
    Suarez who was creating a lot but converting too few, unleashed the beast in him and started bagging goals for fun. Sturridge was fitter and also delivering the goods albeit at a less impressive rate.
    BR who is very adaptable, started to neglect his trademark tiki taka while overrelying on the phenomenal scoring prowesses of his star strikers, hence the gungho style we were playing. At that time it was the best strategy since trying too much to build from the back, slowly but surely moving up the field while keeping possession and playing it safe would restrain the devasting lightning fast counter attack of the trio suarez sturridge and sterling upfront.
    BR startegies almost won us the league since the defensive lacunes created by the crazy football we played were not enough to outweigh the attacking powers we showed in most matches bar a few.
    But now that suarez is gone n sturridge is injured, suddenly things do not look the same anymore. The defensive frailties remained while the attacking strength vanished. BR still thinks he can play with the same tactics as he did last season. He forgot his basics. He lost his way. Find back your way BR. Bring back the tiki taka, Start from scratch. Suarez is not here anymore. Wake up. Confidence is spiralling down in the rest of the team since the strategies you are employing are not working anymore. Sterling is an example. Henderson also. This is the only way. I am willing to back the manager as long as he manage to bring back his original style. The style that owed him his job at LFC. Otherwise he needs to be sacked.

  64. Yet to prove anything??? 3 Dutch league titles...a La Liga cup... he's done 10 times what brenda had done before the morons at FSG plucked him from anonymity. I've been a brenda HATER from day one... he needs to be dumped so he can crawl back to obscurity ..

  65. Reina is 32 actually. P Reina(32)

  66. Getting beat by teams like Villa, West Ham and Palace is embarrassing as is the tactics Brendan is constantly bombarding us with. Playing a lone striker, playing Gerrard in the holding role, his first team selection is shocking...need i go on. Drastic turn around needs to happen or imo changes come January is needed. The amount of spending Brendan has done (and wasted) and the most important element imo never addressed (replacing Suarez). Quit buying for the future Brendan, we need players for the now. Being brutally honest...LFC is shocking to watch atm im afraid.

  67. Cech is a match winner and we need match winners asap

  68. You are so deluded. Support is one thing but blind following is just crazy. BR is no good for a club like ours. Suarez n studge painted over the cracks. Now they are gone we now have the grand canyon. :-/ BR OUT!!!

  69. I agree with above
    Can is ia only quality signing
    He can be like Alonso for us, Munich went for him before Alonso this summer n he chose us
    Lallana is promising as well n maybe moreno
    Freezing out enrique was another big stupid decision from Rodgers
    He was arguably the best leftback in the prem last two season for me
    He was steong, fast, great crossing n reading if the game was brilliant
    Now hes lost determination n motivation because of being benched
    What about Flanagan he was fenamonal last season
    Id take him over fuckin Johnson
    And why havent we used Suso? Hes quality n wants to prove his worth n he can make a difference
    Selling Agger.... I dont even wanna get into that it pisses me off so much
    We need Klopp or Simone