14 Nov 2014

Great News? - 'Miracle' striker LFC want to sign for €38m 'hopes' to leave soon

Last week, reports claimed that FSG have sanctioned a €38m January bid for Porto striker Jackson Martinez, and it appears that the prolific striker is open to a transfer at the end of the season.

According to The Mirror, Liverpool are in 'pole position' to sign Martinez, and when asked yesterday about interest from the Premier League, the Mexican goalscorer told reporters:

"My agent is in charge of the negotiations. I prefer to stay out of it, but at the end of this season I hope to get some interesting offers."

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth: Martinez is open to leaving Porto, and there will inevitably be lots of clubs interested in signing him, including Liverpool, who've been linked with Martinez many times over last year. Indeed, prior to joining Porto, the Colombian striker confirmed Liverpool's interest. He told Nuevo Estadio:

"I am not in any advanced negotiations with Liverpool but I know they are personally interested"

Since arriving at the Estádio do Dragão, Martinez - described by Porto boss Julen Lopetegui as a 'miracle' striker - has racked up some formidable creative stats:

* 72 goals/5 assist in 106 appearances.
* Once scored in 10 successive games for Porto.
* At one point, scored 18 goals in 17 games.
* Broke Falcao's record by scoring 11 goals in 12 matches for Porto.

A fine record, but is Martinez capable of producing similar figures in the Premier League?



  1. IDK man I hardly write on here anymore but I still read all the articles which are quite good but common big homie Jackson Martinez aint Mexican he a freakin Columbian. But it was stated correctly in the bottom. Martinez is a sick goal scorer and we be linked with him since the Jaguares days and could of gotten him for like 15 mil. I dont know if it was a work permit issue because he was just getting into the Columbian squad. Same ish happened with BONY

  2. imagine we had him instead of balotelli we would be carrying on from last year the team would have alot more belief knowing were not toothless upfront

  3. Who knows Jaimie, but your concluding question can be asked of just about every great player with no EPL experience. I think we need to adopt somewhat of an 'innocent till proven guilty' perspective towards these players. People though that Costa and Sanchez wouldn't adapt. Well they have. They're great players, so they deserve the assumption that they will perform in the EPL.

  4. 38 mil for a 28 years old ?

  5. As soon as I read the statement " According. To the Mirror" I like everybody new it was another bullshit report

  6. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva8:31 am, November 15, 2014

    His he capable of producing similar figures in the EPL? hang on is Balo, Borini, Lambert or any other striker we have, and don't say Sturridge because not even he is capable because he can't stay on a pitch long enough.

  7. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva8:32 am, November 15, 2014

    Sorry I meant "Is"

  8. "Mario Balotelli partied at London nightclub until 4:30am... just hours after Liverpool's defeat by Chelsea on Saturday"

    Anyone else read about this?

  9. Sanchez is the player we should have got. Not a carbon copy of Suarez but who is. Sanchez does come close though.

    Costa is loving Chelsea's creative midfield. Put him in our team and he will also be running around like a headless chicken looking for the ball.

    There is so much wrong with how Rodgers has set our team up this season. Sturridge may be back, for how long we do not know but he ain't going to solve our biggest problem right now, defence...

  10. B Rodgers should bring these 4 attacking players to club in January to change our season around for a combined total of £75M

    1: FD:P Aubamayeng(25) Of B orussia Dortmund for £14-£18M to compete with Balotelli(24) and Sturridge(25)

    2: RWF/LWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona or T Walcott(25) Of Arsenal for £17-£26M to compete with R Sterling(19)

    3: RW / LWF: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro Or K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £10-£14M to compete and cover L Markovic(20)

    4: CM: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £14-£18M to compete with E Can(20) and J Henderson(24)

  11. No mate but just read he's withdrawn from Italy squad with hamstring injury

  12. He's not Mexican he's Columbian

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode2:00 pm, November 15, 2014

    People like you are the problem

    who cares about fee and age f he scores 20 goals for the next two seasons

  14. How much money do you think we have?. We might be able to afford one at most especially with ffp to consider for next season. Pedro might be ideal. All we need tm is someone who can perform up from when stirridge is out and pedro possibly can whilst also being valuable alongside sturridge. We should look to sell balo before jis value drops even further. Perhaps offer him plus cash to hoffenheim in exchange for firmino

  15. We need a goal scorer. Balotelli has some talent but he's not grasping the elements of the game that will put him on the end of dangerous balls. Martinez has those qualities and if he can translate that into performing at a PL level then he's exactly the kind of player we need. Liverpool do actually have good creative talent in the team and despite losing Suarez there are enough players in the team to create goal scoring chances. Having someone with a better instinct for finding dangerous positions in the box will help realise that.

  16. must have tripped over a bar stool and injured his hamstring !!!

  17. won`t happen....and it pains me to say,but when we`re knocked out of this years CL,who the hell,under the guise of `marque signing`is going to want to come to LFC ????......on CURRENT FORM,we won`t even male Europa League next season.....another 5 years without top European football coming up....just being realistic people....but WILL KEEP ON SUPPORTING LFC !!!!!

  18. Wait wait wait a minute, B Rodgers philosophy of trying to buy young players with potential is the same useless model A Wenger used for last 9 seasons without winning anything. do you think it was coincidence the season A wenger spent £42.5M on Ozil(26) that they won the FA Cup. And then he followed it up this season with the capture of A Sanchez(25) for £36M.

    And Arsenal going forward look a threat always, their problem has never ever been scoring goals. Its been Defensively and being soft touch all over pitch.

    It is not rocket science to see why Man City and Chelsea are the strongest sides in league as both have solid GK'S, Both have solid back 4's and both teams have at least two Mobile Tough tackling enforcers in their squad. And 1 plays in every game to protect back 4. And then in front of them they have real class, creativity, goals, mobility, pace and speed in attack.

    Its no coincidence why Southampton and West Ham are doing so well, because both those teams have solid GK's, Both have good tough back 4's, both teams have two Mobile Tough tackling Midfielders in their squad ( Southampton: Schneiderlin(24) and Wanyama(23) ) ( West Ham : Song(27) and Kouyate(24) )

    And then in front of them they have class, creativity, goals,mobility, pace and speed in attack.

    Until B Rodgers brings in some real class quality to the positions in squad where we are weak who will hit the ground running, he will struggle.

    The 6 players i have mentioned B Rodgers should bring to club will change whole dimension of side.

    GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke is a commanding presence and back 4, would trust and be composed with him behind them for £7-£11M

    DM: Y M'Villa(24) Of Rubin Kazan(On Loan at Inter Milan) for £8-£14M

    CM: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £16-£18M

    The midfield trio of Allen(24), Gerrard(34) and Henderson(24) did nothing for us against Real Madrid at Home this season whilst they were fully fit and injury free.

    I am sure a fully fit injury free Y M';Villa(24), E Can(20) and Y Cabaye(28) would create more chances, would score more goals and protect the back 4 alot better than J Allen(24), S Gerrard(34) and J Henderson(24).

    Y M'Villa(24) and E Can(20) could offer the mobility, physical presence, power, size, strength and passing to keep things ticking over in middle of park.

    Y Cabaye(28) would offer the class, creativity and goal threat to side from centre of park that S Gerrard(34) no longer can offer due to age and he is 5 years past his best.

  19. Yeah, you're probably right. Martinez arguably falls into the Sanchez/Costa quality category. I'm not sure he and Sturridge can effectively play in the same team, though.