6 Nov 2014

Huge Bargain: LFC told that they can sign 'extraordinary' star for just £4m. No-brainer?

In October, Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato claimed that Liverpool are planning a renewed bid to sign 'extraordinary' Malaga goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa during the January transfer window. Speculation has intensified this week, and in a new development, Malaga have reportedly named their price for the talented Mexican 'keeper.

According to reports this week:

* Malaga have 'told' Liverpool to pay £4m to sign Ochoa.

* The stopper is unhappy at Malaga, and wants to leave ASAP.

Ochoa is clearly an excellent' keeper, which probably explains why Liverpool have tracked him for the last two years. The story so far:

JAN 2013: Ochoa revealed his dream to play for Liverpool: "My agent had contact with Liverpool. This one of the dreams I've have had since I came to Europe".

MAR 2013: Ochoa told Mediotiempo: "There is interest from Liverpool, but I have to let things happen"

APR 2014: When asked about Liverpool's interest, Ochoa told Todomercadoweb.es: "I have several offers and I am willing to listen to all of them. I do not exclude a future in Italy or England."

No wonder Ochoa is unhappy - Despite being described as 'incredible' by Malaga Sporting Director Vincente Casado, the 27-year old hasn't made a single appearance for Malaga, and after his superb performances in the World Cup, he's entitled to feel a little aggrieved at being ignored over the last three months.

If the story is true, then this is a golden opportunity to sign a top quality goalkeeper entering the prime years of his career. As such, surely it's a no-brainer, especially for £4m?

* The Reds' prior interest is factual (why would Ochoa publicly lie?)
* Liverpool tried to sign him in the past.
* Ochoa is a free-agent, and LFC can sign him on a free transfer.
* He dreams of playing for LFC, so it's basically a done deal if LFC pursue it.

Despite being linked with some top clubs over the last few years, Europe's big guns don't ever seem to follow through with their interest, which is strange considering Ochoa has proven his talent time and time again.

As a comparison, consider Keylor Navas; like Ochoa, he lit up the World Cup with some stunning performances, and Real Madrid wasted little time in snapping him up.

Is there some reason that he has not been picked up by a big club yet?



  1. Well if they consider Kameni to be their number 1 keeper then he is probably the man we should be looking at anyway we already have enough ordinary Joes at Liverpool now.

  2. Well, yes. I've seen him since his days in Mexico and he is as good on a normal weekend as he was at the World Cup. No-brainer to try to sign him.

    Although I must add that I was impressed with Mignolet against Real Madrid, so it would make me uncomfortable to just sideline him.

  3. I was wondering if he's so good then why can't he get a run for Malaga. But Kameni seems as if he's part of a pretty solid defensive unit right now, they are not conceding many goals, only 8 in 10 games which is second best in La Liga. So I guess Ochoa is just not going to get a chance while that record continues. Teams just don't change keepers when the defence is doing well so it could be a long wait.

    Liverpool's defence, on the other hand, is total pants and Mignolet is simply number one choice because Jones isn't ever going to good enough to challenge him. So yeah, I think this would be a good idea. Ochoa isn't necessarily a world class keeper but he'll be spirited enough to challenge for a spot and that's what we need right now.

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:41 am, November 06, 2014

    what do people think of buying sedjou doumbia ?
    his goal scoring record at russia is fantastic and beat city by himself
    him and martinez could make a nice partnership

  5. Is this the Porto website thats where Martinez is right now.

  6. Rodgers doesn't know what world class means

  7. Shaqiri from what I have seen is by far the better player than Markovic

  8. Reus won't be with LFC next season no matter how much we might want it. And further more if FSG had any sort of notion about the club and the premiership as a whole Rodgers wouldn't have been signed as our manager. He is no more than a juvinile. Watching Rodgers manage is like watch retards f..k

  9. you thought right

  10. overrated...you should watch him play sometimes dumbass...no doubt your a Rodgers guy. You should join Rodgers on the unemployment line at the end of the season

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:54 am, November 06, 2014


    all impressing this years cl get two out of 4 we are good to go
    these are signings ronald koeman would make

    martinez and musa especially
    then one strong cdm

  12. Keyboard warrior, of course my opinion is based on watching him play! Did you think it was based on his looks??!! Understand that people will have differing opinions deal with it.

  13. It doesn't matter who stand between the post! Just the tactical make our defending weak. Without a solid armor protect him even he bulletproof will die as well !

  14. Mignolet is a good shot stopper and did look good against Real though none of his saves were extraordinary and you would have been disappointed had he let any of them in
    Against Real he did not have to deal with lots of high crosses into the box and we were relieved just to keep the ball away from them so quick distribution of the ball was not an issue either in that match.
    I have noticed often how he quickly gathers a ball and runs to the edge of his penalty area before hopping around a bit while everyone gets back in position then he usually kicks the ball out (sometimes straight into touch :-))
    I am not sure Och aye is the answer though. I always worry about Scottish goalkeepers and as others have pointed out he is surplus to requirements at Malaga!

  15. BR wont sign him now. he is planning for life after being sacked by liverpool so any good players he hears of now, he will simply be noting them down so that he can buy them when he gets the QPR job

  16. Ochoa is a goalkeeper that fits perfecly for the premier league and his style doesn't go with spanish so the switch will benefit both Ochoa and Liverpool

  17. It's all very well to garner more attacking options, but our focus ought to be on securing the midfield with a proper shielding midfielder who can at least instigate attacks with balls forward. Play a striker with Balotelli to get the best out of him, and for the love of God get a proper defensive coach (will probably not happen since Rodgers sees no need for one apparently).

  18. True about Mignolet. The saves were decent, nothing more, although one swerving Ronaldo free-kick looked a bit tricky.

    If I remember properly, he had one impressive punch that I suppose
    pleasantly surprised me.

    Also true about his feet. In the league I count on his hopping about to be my cardio for the week. Still, I'm a stickler for loyalty, but, hey, if Reina
    can get dumped...

    Och aye, you might be right. The Malaga thing puzzles me. Maybe there's a dark secret that is preventing him from reaching the absolute top. Maybe if was as big as his countryman Fraser Forster... :-)

  19. think you need to go and look up the definition of keyboard warrior retard. No worries you'll have plenty of time come the end of the season when you are on the unemployment line with your hero BR

  20. Meant to add this in the first comment.

    A La Liga goalie that catches the eye is Diego Alves. He leads the defence vocally and has the skill and guts to back up the talk. Worth a look, maybe? Would probably cost a buck.

  21. Flawed logic. Different coaches looking for different things in a keeper. Just because he is 2nd choice doesn't necessarily mean he's a worse keeper.

  22. Well do you want the best or mister average Neuer would not be 2nd choice there would he.
    If we recruited by your logic the team would have a heap of 3rd choice players out of no wheres ville damn glad your not on the transfer committee or are you.
    I want the best they can get and why should i settle for less i support the mighty Liverpool who do you support?

  23. You never mentioned signing Neuer in your 1st post. Unless I'm mistaken? If Ochao was currently No 1 at Malaga would that make him a good signing? You sign players based on talent not solely on whether there currently playing or not. If that was the case we would never have signed Sturridge or Coutinho. As stated previously your logic is flawed.

  24. No its far from flawed you never even gave it a minutes thought is an under fire manager at a big club going to entrust his possible future to a keeper deemed surplus at a struggling club.
    If that's a yes then maybe its your logic needing urgent attention.

  25. The discussion is not about who Liverpool should have as number 1 but why you reckoned Kameni was better than Ochao. Are you reading the posts? Your gone off on a tangent.

  26. Let me guess... you wanted Rafa back?

  27. Well surely then your happy with Mignolet then so why complain and waste your time of course they want a new number1 wake up and smell the coffee or just admit you are mistaken.

  28. Isnt it amazing that the 2nd or 3rd choices cost more.if markovic improves by 75% this season he might be worth what we paid.but he looks a long way off pace.can see a loan coming in jan.didnt realise we had a bottomless pit of cash

  29. rogers does buy world class,it's the buying board that is'nt.rogers did'nt want ballotelli the board said take it all leave it.you did'nt say that last season about him.so stop talking out of your ass boy...

  30. Take or leave someonè who was twice the price of remy.does that make sense.nothing wrong with remy but once rogers was made aware that balos price had halved he decided he wanted him.as for world class .of the 23 br signed please name.

  31. there will be money spent, the deficit post suarez is still fairly minimal. another forward to compete with glass thighs sturridge a proper DM, a GK at least imo. if not we are going three steps backwards

  32. Thats gonna cost a few quid .thought we might have got song from barca.ended up at wham.then again we wouldnt be signing competition for gerrards position would we.best we keep shifting him around midfield .score a couple of pens then give him a 2 year deal at 150k pweek. To be honest dont think fsg will bankroll any more.br has poor transfer record