19 Nov 2014

Replace Sturridge? - BR fighting to sign €15m goal-machine who 'can play for LFC'.

When it comes to scoring goals, Liverpool are in dire straights at the moment, and Daniel Sturridge's latest injury means that the Reds go into one of the most important periods of the season without a regular goalscorer in the squad. Clearly, Brendan Rodgers needs to solve this particular ASAP, and French star André-Pierre Gignac is the latest striker linked with a move to Anfield.

According to the Daily Express today:

"Arsenal and Liverpool are ready to battle Dynamo Moscow for the signing of Marseille's Andre-Pierre Gignac in January".

In September, Gignac's agent, Christopher Hutteau, insisted that the striker is capable of succeeding at a 'big club', and specifically name-checked Liverpool as a possible destination. He told French newspaper L'Equipe:

"This is a striker with a relatively atypical profile, responsive to the physical challenge. He can play for Arsenal or Liverpool, no problem. For me, it is between €12million (£9.5m) and €15million (£11m)."

Some info about Gignac:

* 4 goals in 17 games for the France national team.
* Marseille: 64 goals/13 assists in 162 apps.
* Toulouse: 42 goals/11 assists in 118 apps.
* Lorient: 11 goals/6 assists in 51 apps.
* TOTALS: 117 goals/30 assists in 331 apps.
* Goal every 2.8 games.
* Goal/assist every 2.2 games.

QPR midfielder Joey Barton played alongside Gignac at Marseille, and when asked about the striker, he raved:

"He's one of our most important players. He's like Ibrahimovic at Paris Saint-Germain. He can score from anywhere".

With 10 goals/1 assist in 13 games this season, Gignac has continued where he left off last season, when he grabbed an impressive 27 goals/assists in 39 appearances.

That said, there's a world of difference between scoring goals in Ligue One, and regularly hitting the back of the net in the Premier League, and despite his stats, it's a huge gamble (IMO) to spend €15m on Gignac. Plus, at the age of 29, it's highly doubtful he's a long-term solution.

Given his abject performance in the transfer market over the last two years, Rodgers needs to get it right during the January window; if he gets it wrong again, it will almost certainly cost him his job.

Of course, this presupposes that FSG will give Rodgers money to spend in January, and after wasting £120m over the summer, there's certainly no guarantee of that.



  1. I don't doubt that Liverpool are lining up a long list of strikers for January and this will be just one name. It's a decent goal scoring record and a goal scorer is what we need more than anything.

  2. I'd rather see Bony, already proven in the Prem.

  3. good player, would be a decent signing!

  4. given the fact, BR won't get a huge amount of cash to spend this winter what position and which player would you focus on jaimie?
    for me it's clear, we need a DM and a stiker, if there's some money left, a GK would be nice too but i doubt we will see more than 2 players coming in

  5. bony was what we needed, a physical striker who actually scores goals unlike carrol and lambert. BR bottled his chance to lead one of the Euro Giants. Benitez in, De Boer or Simeone. Simeone preferably

  6. Of course scoring goals is the problem right now, but, I don't think personnel is the issue. Give the ball to Balo, Lambert or Borini in the right areas and all of them can score. I think it is a more fundamental tactical issue.
    In BR's first season we started playing this tip-tap stuff behind the half way line from the offset, it wasn't working and things changed. He moved on to an attacking philosophy which even without Luis S in the team helped move us forward in a footballing sense. I think he has gone back to basics and tried to implement the original concept of 'keep ball', consequently the strikers aren't getting the opportunities they were given last season. LS and DS gave and created so much movement it made this easier and created many more chances. This movement and a more positive attacking philosophy has to be reintroduced,

  7. He still doesn-t know how to bench Steven and we probably wont offload Lucas. Emre is supposed to get his playing time and Allen is there if neccessary as is Hendo. I dont think he will go for a DM. And as for the striker I have a feeling that we might see Origi sooner rather than later. I dont think Reus will go to Bayern so if we are top 4 in Jan, I still think we have a chance. Though if chelski come calling, we are scre@ed..

  8. anyone who can put the ball into the net will do right now balotelli, borini, lambert or ???????

  9. For B Rodgers to salvage this season and keep his job:

    He needs to ship out these dead wood players for sure In January:

    GK: B Jones(32) CB: K Toure(33) RB: G Johnson(29)

    DM: L Leiva(27) FD: F Borini(23)

    And he needs to bring in these 6 players to club in January: No More potential players: club needs class experienced proven players in:

    Main Priorities:
    GK Mobile Tough Tackling DM Creative /Goal scoring CM

    1: GK: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £8-£11M to dislodge/displace S Mignolet(26) from the first 11.

    2:DM: C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £7-£12M to bring some mobility, protection in front of back 4.

    3: CM: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £14-£17M to compete with J Henderson(24), S Gerrard(34) and J Allen(24).

    If team can tighten up at back with commanding GK, Mobile tough tackling Defensive Enforcer in front of back 4 and a creative class quality box to box centre midfielder who has goals in them. Then side will be harder to beat and would be able to win games 1 0 2 0 0 1 0 2 at Home and Away.

    A First team with A Begovic, Lovren, Sakho, Tiote, Cabaye and Can within side would be very hard to break down at Anfield and Away from home.

    Lastly if Owners will back B Rodgers properly and let him bring in class quality experienced proven players or players reaching the top level now:

    These three attacking players are desperately needed to bring more class, creativity, GOALS, Mobility, Pace and Speed to Attack and Squad:

    1: RWF/LWF:Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £22-£26M ( WC) World Class

    2: RW / LW: K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £10-£15M to compete with L Markovic(20) ( TC) Top Class Player

    3: FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of Borussia Dortmund for £12-£17M to compete with Balotelli(24), R Lambert(32) and D Sturridge(25)
    ( TC) Top Class player

  10. Why dump Toure. Not regular and not complaining. when he plays he is good. FA cup team with him is good for Wembly..

  11. C Tiote, Y Cabaye and E Can in the same team? What do you do with Gerrard, Coutinho, Lallana, Henderson, Sterling, Sturidge and Balotelli?

  12. can't see Reus comming,if he decides to leave BVB he will be aiming for a very big club, something we aren't at the moment.
    I'd be extremely happy with Schürrle who is almost as good as Reus, if chelsea are really ready to sell him. Talking about German wingers/strikers, Podolski (one of the most underrated footballers) would be a good solution. At least he's great value-for-money and has a very good strike-conversion-rate.

    Agree with you, we won't see a DM, and if Emre Can continues his promising start, we won't need one

  13. Shurle would work but that would mean Reus to them and in grand scheme of things it is no title ever...

  14. who knows, Reus is kind of injury prone, and to be honest I'm sick of relying on an injury prone striker to carry the entire team...

  15. Because he makes mistakes more than not and if he is not getting in team that are conceding goals for fun why is he still there?

    Mignolet(26) has been poor all season yet starts every game for us , B Jones(32) needs to go as he can't get ahead of Mignolet(26) no matter what.

    Lovren(25) cost 20m and has been diabolical for last 5 games alongside Skrtel(29). K Toure(33) has one blinding game vs Real Madrid and then is back on bench vs Chelsea, how does that work? No matter how bad Lovren(25) and Skrtel(29) play together they are both ahead of K Toure(33) due to age and managers stubborness.

  16. That fact that Sturridge is injured again now makes things even worse for Rodgers. Balotelli is injured too.

    Who is he going to play one up top now? Lambert or Borini? and continue to play Sterling out wide etc etc same delusional football we have seen all season long.

    Time is ticking...

  17. Balotelli if fit will be left out to dry up on his own again.

    Our woes in front of goal will continue. Hope I am proven wrong but Rodgers has already dug that hole very deep.

  18. Amazing Loyal S Gerrard(34) is 5 years past his best and should go and play in the Italian league, he could still dictate and dominate games in Italy. But he can no longer do that in the fastest and most physical league in the world. He is a passenger in centre of park unless we get a penalty or opposition give him time on the ball/

    Otherwise he just lets off the Hollywood passes that go out as he does not have the likes of L Suarez(27) and D Sturridge(25) chasing after everything and making a poor ball a good ball. The likes of Balotelli(24), Coutinho(22), Lallana(26), Lambert(32) and Markovic(20) have not been chasing or Entertaining S Gerrard's Hollywood passes at all.

    Cabaye(28) is better than J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24)together apart from youth, a bit more mobility and pace they have than Cabaye(28) , Cabaye(28) is in the Fabregas(27), Modric(28), Rakitic(26) Class and quality bracket.

    I would have a centre midfield trio of Tiote(28) and Can(20) in centre of park with Cabaye(27) just in front of them pulling the strings Away from Home.

    At Home I would play Tiote(28) and Cabaye(28) with Coutinho(22) or Lallana(26) in the hole.

    Away from home you need more battlers, fighters and warriors in side than pansies. And i am 100% sure, Modric(28) and Kroos(25) would have had more problems dealing with Tiote(28), Cabaye(28) and Coutinho(22) at Anfield earlier this season than they did facing S Gerrard(34), J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24)

  19. Do you really think FSG will be willing to spend anymore money this season?

  20. Ormeau you seem like a sensible chap but you have fallen in to a silky trap.

  21. What makes you think that?

  22. Logan youbovw becoming one of those names i am beginning to avoid. I understand your point of view bulbs the repetition doing anyone any good? We need to change agreed buy at least wait for the next game before you criticise the team being put out. Don't end unlike those lads who would rather be proven right than get a result.

  23. It's necessary, Borini may well still leave. Sturridge's injury problems are far worse than anyone could have guessed and our net spend was similar to what it has been in previous windows and I'm an optimist.

  24. Problem is that I do not see the situation improving. Rodgers was banking on Sturridge's return to 1st team action. He is injured again.

    How do you see Rodgers doing differently in the next match compared to what we have seen all season. Play out from the back, slow build up play. One striker up front.

    Do you see him changing this? He is going to look like a bit of a fool should he drop the insipid style of play we have seen so far to the one of last season as it would not have left us in the hole we are in at the moment.

  25. We will chat again at the end of January ;-)

  26. Problem is that I do not see the situation improving. Rodgers was banking on Sturridge's return to 1st team action. He is injured again.

    What do you see Rodgers doing differently in the next match compared to what we have seen all season. Play out from the back, slow build up play. One striker up front.

    Do you see him changing this?

  27. Seems like the sensible time.

  28. According to LFC Echo...."Scans have revealed that Daniel Sturridge will be sidelined for a further six weeks with the thigh injury he suffered in training. "

  29. I do see him changing it as it as it needs changing and it is his job to do it and it is in jeopardy if he doesn't. We talk about Rodger's arrogance and don't see the irony of this when we suggest to have the answers to his problems.

  30. Right so the solution surely should be to let Sturridge recover for an extended period of time.

  31. Yup....looks bad. Crisis mode for a new striker now, as LFC just can't depend on what we have got now......I guess!

    From LFC Echo....."It’s a new injury and different to the one he originally suffered while on duty with England in early September.Now he’s set to sit out at least another dozen games, including nine
    Premier League matches, two Champions League clashes with Ludogorets and
    Basel, and the Capital One Cup quarter-final at Bournemouth.||

  32. Another injury to Sturridge has not come at a very good time for Rodgers. Some think FSG are just sitting back and waiting for the end of the season. I believe they have already started considering their options.

    I really do not see Rodgers changing the current system. He will want to prove that it can work otherwise he would have changed it may games ago. The other thing is that he will stick to selecting Lovren, Skrtel, Gerrard and Johnson. Business as usual.

  33. I honestly believe that FSG will not spend another penny this season. Getting rid of scouts weeks ago suggests that they are fuming.

  34. Looking at FSGs track record I don't think they will spend big but maybe wisely.
    My example is what they did with the Boston Red Socks. The Red Sock's recent World Series win came on the back of a terrible season where they spend a lot and were bottom of their league. In the offseason they didn't spend anywhere close to what their rivals were but brought in "characters" that lifted the dressing room as well as the main players on their team stepping up.
    I can see that happening in January where we bring in a Defoe or someone in that mould who is still capible of scoring goals but has the leadership qualities that we're missing while not spending a lot. Nobody thought Boston could do it that season and they did and the same could be true with us.
    The key tho was also the leadership stepping up which, imo, means playing Gerrard higher and telling him to shoot more than once every 5 games, starting Kolo to solidify the back, and playing two up front not only for Balo but because I think Borini's graft is the kind of example the fans and players are craving for. FSG might also spend more, but I feel with this FFP allegation still lingering, we'll be trying to keep under the radar in those regards till it's settled
    Note the Red Sock analogy is very loose as their main issue was the dressing room dynamics which, as far as we know, isn't a reason we're playing so badly

  35. Concerning Glass Man:
    The god of football is a fickle bastard. Last season he smiled upon us; this season he continues to empty his bedpan on our upturned faces as we wait for the sun to shine.
    I'm reminded of Phil Connor's statement to Rita in Groundhog Day: "It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be grey, and it's gonna last you the rest of [the season]"

  36. Then why hasn't he changed already?

    His tactics / formations are clearly not working yet he persists with it.

    Balo clearly can not play upfront by himself yet he persists.

    Gerrard can clearly not play a DM role yet he persists.

    How mahy abject performances, how many loses are we to endure until he realises that he needs to change?

  37. Sooooooooo Sturridge out for 6 weeks. This season if not successful on the pitch will be an eye opener into the character of BR. I am very interested to see if he sticks with his methods of playing 1 up front with wide players who are no where near creative.

    The next 6 six will force BR out of this stubborn as an arse mentality that he is currently adopting and if it doesn't he would have proven that he is not adaptable enough to be our manager.

  38. Just to pull you up on one point, there are no FFP allegations.

    The FFP investigation relates to the losses of £49.8m in 2012-13 and £41m in 2011-12.

    Money that has been raised by a number of commercial deals, youth development, infrastructure (funds spent on stadium development) and community projects can all be used to offset against the losses.

  39. I have said before that it may be down to lack of time between games to practice new formations etc. I would like to think that he has all this planned out over the international break and will have some time to implement over next few days and next week. That is my hope anyway.

  40. can you send me a link for that please

  41. To be honest I think he has already proved that he is not willing to change otherwise he would of done so.

    The West Ham Game comes to mind. How he didn't change after this game is beyond me.

  42. If he does continue he deserves to go. But considering how many different ways we played last year I can't see why he wouldn't change. I have no doubt that FSG will be considering options and putting out feelers but for the kind of replacement they will want I don't think anything could, should or will happen until end of the season.

  43. "Liverpool have released three of the club’s scouts as part of an overhaul of their scouting network. Alan Harper, Mel Johnson and Mike McGlynn have all parted company with the club."

    It was mentioned in the Guardian Newspaper on a article about John Henry visiting Dubai on the 5th of Nov.

    I don't want to put a link in as whenever I do my post comes under moderation.

  44. oooooooooooh that smacks of throwing the toys out the pram! FSG do not mess around if you play with their money. Comoli gone, no handshake for Dalglish when we lost the cup final followed by the sack and now BR after demanding extra control over transfers in his recent 5 year contract extension (like Rafa) has placed his stubborn neck on the block.

  45. But the way we are playing now is the way we played when Rodgers took the job and what did it do for us?

    He has persisted with 'play out from the back' and 'slow build up play' just like we did in the first half of his opening season. If it was not a good fit back then, then what made him think it would be a good fit this season?

  46. Yet some people think FSG are going to make more money available in January?

  47. Well to be fair Kenny dug his own grave, Coming out and saying that the League Cup is more important then finishing in the top 4 and then leaving AC who he signed for 35mil of the final out until the last 15 mins was silly.

  48. I reckon these are the changes that LFC need. I agree with all except that we need a quality striker/scorer(Jackson Martinez,Higuain etc.) upfront too.
    Combined with attacking game we played last season, if get these players,we can topple City !!

  49. He needs a plan B and it isnt going to be ORIGI. 13 goals in 73 games? This lads record only matches david Ngog at 19.... 3 goals in 25 games. The fans will all place hopes in the hands of a youngster who is nowhere near good enough (sterling mark 2) and find that our 'gem' will be Houllier-esque.. Pongolle/ Le Tallec quality.

  50. Oh god don't remind of those 2.. urgh

  51. I agree BR is going going down with his ship playing the violin instead of reaching for the life boat.

  52. The fact that he has not changed since the Spurs match or since Sturridge got injured surely tells you that he is not going to change.

    If he changes and results start improving then his ego be damaged. Let's see if he is man enough to admit that what he has done so far this season is the reason why we have been clueless.

    Decisions, decisions...

  53. Yeah and I am gutted because I was so optimistic at the beginning of the season

  54. Thanks for that. Hadn't read anything else other than the fact that we were under investigation. So are we officially cleared of any wrong doing?

  55. Not as of yet. They said that the initial investigations should be completed by the end of November.

    If I remember rightly there are 7 teams currently going thought this.

  56. I was always under the impression that it was an extension of the coaching to get the team used to having the ball more. As there are so many new players this could be the case again. Getting players to make certain kinds of runs and interplay can take time. I am hoping once he sees improvement in interplay and shuffles things around. When yhe season is over I will know one way or the other but right now i have two seasons in which many things changed to go on. I will only be convinced when the actual information is in.

  57. there's no way he'll get funds. I think it was fitting to see BR say "If I'm still in charge" when speaking about the young players and future of the club last week during his press conference. The writing is definitely on the wall and BR instead of going down fighting will go down sticking to his principles be they right or wrong.

  58. Me too, but his scapegoating and stubbornness under pressure have left a lot to be desired. He and his best mate Malky Mackay can kick back at the end of the season and plan for the future.

  59. Thought I'd just get one last comment about this subject in before the end of January.

    What does net spend have to do with it all when FSG have made available almost £120m to Rodgers this season? That is money that has been spent by Rodgers and the committee and we are where we are?

    As owners surely you would be looking at the situation and think WTF £120m has got you so far this season?

  60. WOW that scout info is Incredible. We kept the ghost of transfers past and expected a quality return. absolutely ridiculous but Ironically completely in keeping with LFC over the past 20 years.

  61. Sturridge is slowly becoming BR's Torres. Are we really a one man team?

  62. Kenny reaped what was sewn for sure.

  63. Rodgers is the one that thinks so.

    I think we actually have a good squad of player but if you keep on playing Balotelli up front on his own, keep on selecting the likes of Johnson etc the what are you going to get?

  64. BR is officially the David Brent of football with only his dossier to keep him company. If he was more flexible with his strategy & prudent with spending then I'd sympathise. For the good of the club I hope he succeed otherwise he can hit the road.

  65. I know you left me with a rhetorical question but I'd still like to answer it :)....... the answer is PAIN! and large dollops of it!

  66. I'm with you he is a smart guy but he is also equally as stupid. If we do well it will be because he buckled and played 2 up top (his pride wont have that). If we fail to do well will be because he remained stubborn on finding chemistry in a formation that doesn't allow for chemistry with the players we have available.

  67. DUMP STURIRDGE - He is not worth it - B R is a GONER before XMAS

  68. didnt he just receive a new 5 year £140,000 a week contract? you dump him :)

  69. FSG will not give BR one more penny - CERTAINTY

  70. BR Signed his own epitath the day he elected to buy SUPER MARIO - They will get hammered at Palace

  71. FSG are probably thinking 'Everytime we give a manager full control of the funds they piss our money up the wall. Why do we keep doing this....... It won't happen again'

    BR and Kenny take a bow.

  72. If Ballotelli didnt play for the rest of the season in BR's desired formation the team would still be crap....... next..... :)

  73. I think that Balotelli(24) will come good, but he needs class, pace and speed ahead of him and around him. For him to get in the holes and pockets to play his best game, Balotelli(24) is a 2nd striker. Not main man

    And Whereas Man United spent £65.7M on two world class attackers Di Maria(27) and Falcao(28) on Loan

    I think B Rodgers should prioritise sorting out the biggest problem, we are still conceding goals for fun like last season. And we did not have enough goals scored from centre midfield players apart from S Gerrard(34) taking penalties.

    So the main priorities in January should be:

    So A Begovic(27) would sort out the Commanding GK Problem who defence have trust in

    C Tiote(28) would sort out the need for a mobile tough tackling Defensive midfielder just in front of back four protecting them.

    Y Cabaye(28) is a world class creative quality midfielder with a good engine and a Match winner, something J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) are not that.

    And the owners need to back B Rodgers heavily and let him bring in class experienced players :

    B Rodgers should spend £60M on these three attackers:

    1: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£27M RWF/LWF

    2: RW/LW: K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £10-£15M

    3: FD: L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £16-£18M

    B Rodgers would have three class creative mobile pacey quick goal scoring attackers to chose from.

    And not heavily reliant on one, what if B Rodgers spends £30M on 1 striker ( Higuain or J Martinez) And they do a Falcao and get injured and are out for a while we would be back to square one.

    B Rodgers needs to bring in those three attacking players who will set the ground running straight away. And if any get injured, it would be hardly unlikely that they will all be injured and same time.

    At moment we have D Sturridge(25) injured, yet we have had Allen(24),Balotelli(24),Borini(23), Can(20) Coutinho(22), Gerrard(34), Henderson(24), Lallana(26), Lambert(32), Markovic(20) and Sterling(19) available but we still struggle to score than a goal or two a game.

  74. If all the Suarez money wentbin a striker then yes. But there was clearly a strategy to fill out yhe squad. The only strikers we bought were a four Mil why not and a ladt minute panic gamble. The reason why the tram did so well ladt seadon in TV money is sue to the fact hlu could guarantee goals. Both ends even. Right now we cannot guarantee goals the right end. That means not doing well in the leagu or financially I'm other ways. The Suarez money allowed for depth but now real investment is needed to if we are not going to fail terribly. Money spent aside if it was no worse for the club than any other year but failure is then investment makes sense.

  75. More investment when FSG have already sacked scouts this season?

    It is becoming like a bottomless pit this game of FIFA Football.

  76. There have been changes though. All slight and some terrible but changes none the less.

  77. Oh no. I'm not falling in too.

  78. Always wanted to see big things from Gignac, especially when he came out of Toulouse. However, he's a streaky scorer at best in the style and mold of Johan Elmander (his teammate at Toulouse). I would definitely not recommend.

  79. This is amazing me. We can still get out of our Champion League group. We're still in the League cup. We're 4 points off the top 4 with 27 games to go. People seriously need to get a grip. How would changing manager now help the club? Seriously, how? All those crying for Toure forget he is always about 30 seconds away from making a massive mistake. As he repeatedly showed last year. One good game against Real doesn't change that. Everyone hammers new players when they don't excellent straight away. Everyone seems to forget the stick Henderson got at the start? We need a less injury prone Striker and not all the crap about the rubbish about replacing Rodgers in November.

  80. Noooo. We need a DM, Sakho, a change in tactics and a more commanding goalkeeper (I like the look of Begovic, by the way),

  81. Agree with you manager selections, IF Brendan doesn't turn things around. Problem with getting Benitez - who is probably most likely - is that he had a knack of making a senoir team; so it would suck if he did that again considering the amont of young talent in our team. Just a thought, although I'm not totally against it.

  82. Liverpool Football Club today confirmed scans have revealed Daniel Sturridge has sustained a new thigh injury.

    The player will remain unavailable for selection but will be monitored and assessed during his recovery.

    There are talks that we may not see Sturridge again this season.

    This is our managers worst nightmare. So much for keeping all your eggs in one basket. Let's see what you have got to turn this season around.

  83. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:19 pm, November 19, 2014

    rodgers out
    steve clark as caretaker till the summer
    then rafa or conte come in?

  84. No to Steve Clarke and no to Rafa.

    Both are the past and we need to look to the future.

    I would rather have somebody smack Rodgers on the head with a 14lb hammer than bring back Rafa.

  85. If its the 15 million mark then wissam Ben Yedder is the guy for Liverpool and has scores more goals than ibrohimovich I hope someone in the Liverpool scouting team have seen this guy because he looks the real deal a bit like Suarez.

    Have a look at this link

  86. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:20 pm, November 19, 2014

    clark aint part of the past
    he never got his chance to manage lfc

    plus chelsea bought back mourinho so why cant lfc bought back rafa

  87. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:20 pm, November 19, 2014

    rodgers si so bad even roy hodgson is better

  88. Even bring me Mourinho instead of Rafa. At least we will win the EPL with Mourinho guaranteed.

  89. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:21 pm, November 19, 2014

    mate im sorry but right now safety is what we are fighting for we have the worst strike force in england

    swansea bony,gomis
    west brom berahino brown
    west hamm valencia sakho
    villa albonglahor benteke
    qpr austin vargas
    newcastle perez cisse
    sunderland wickham flectcher
    southampton pelle long
    spurs adebayor kane
    hull hernandez
    stoke bojan krick
    leicter ulloa

    then liverpool balotelli lambert

    all thoose teams ahve betetr strike force then us only burnley maybe dont
    the threat of relegation is real strikers win games

  90. And you think Rafa is going to fix our problems?

    Dream on.

  91. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:23 pm, November 19, 2014

    rafa won the European cup with mellor and sinema pongolle up front

    if not clark pulis he will get defense sorted out

  92. Rafa won nothing in his last four seasons at LFC after building his own team.

    As I have said, dream on.

  93. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:24 pm, November 19, 2014

    he made us competitive teams feared liverpool
    we were best team in europe in 2009

    one bad season and we sack him

    rafa is faviroite with bookies
    and is a winner is a legend

    right now fsg need someone to stable the ship
    like daglsih did when roy killed us

    rafa is a legend for fans of my generation and is our idol

  94. Rafa is untouchable. I get it. It has been shown over and over again. Roll out the red carpet and shine his shoes till they turn into gold.

    He is not coming back as our manager. Get used to it. OK?

  95. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:25 pm, November 19, 2014

    mate im sorry
    but momentum is shifting
    the younger generation are desperate for rafa

    the fans wishes will be heard

    all liverpool fans do your best to get rafa back sing his name out loud at anfield
    and get rid of the conman that is rodgers

  96. I would rather go for Alexandre Lacazette.

  97. You are living in a fantasy world.

    Hold your hopes up high. It is your prerogative. I will not be the one crying when your fantasy world remains nothing but a fantasy.

  98. Spot on mate !!

    Getting a set of 2-3 proven attacking midfielder instead of one big money striker is always a safe bet. Expecting Mario to do a Suarez would be like asking a fish to climb a tree. I reiterate - Suarez was not just a striker but a 4 in one package - AM,pacy winger, clever midfielder and a deadly finisher.
    Because I believe Mario B. would always come in a handy if he is supported by 2-3 AM /Wingers who can penetrate the box and have potential to score.
    This is where the current set of players- that BR has - is failing.
    The biggest culprit IMO who is at the core of this failure is HENDERSON. He is playing with BR since last couple of years and is fortunate to have played with the magnanimous SAS. But he has learnt next to nothing. He presents close to zero threat to the opposition, can't create , can't penetrate and can't even shoot. He is a very average player who has got just one skill - running. He should be a sub player and should be called only in dying moments of the game when one needs fresh legs.

    IMO BR brought Lallana and Markovic with the same mentality. But again Lallana and Markovic are coming from smaller clubs. To make an immediate impact in Premier league (with a team hoping to stay in top 4) and similar performance in Europe(CL), one need proven/star signings.Period
    Pedro , L Adriano etc. would have indeed come in handy !

  99. Seems a lot of losses to be covered by (essentially) Infrastructure costs when we've built nothing

  100. Another great option might be a little more expensive and if its 20 mill upwards then just fork out for Jackson Martinez but I would think that Ben Yedder and Lacazette on the same team would be impressive.

  101. All scouting in Britain.

  102. Lucazette might aid Sturridge's recovery

  103. Allen - another one from the below average league of BR.
    He can never think of winning title with such players as Henderson, Allen ,Johnson, Sakho(a disaster defender),Borini, Lambert etc.

  104. Did you have to look up the characters names. I consider myself a Bill Murray fan but didn't know that.

  105. Sterling mark two is actually a good thing ad link as we get second half of ladt seadon Sterling.

  106. We need a striker who can create something out of nothing. We have failed miserably. Balotelli was signed square peg round hole but you cannot blame him when Rodgers is leaving Balo out to dry.

    Slow build up play, crosses which never reach the target, a very confusing style of play. Rodgers full of himself and was like a kid in a candy store in the summer signing all the players he did.

    Are we going to finish top 4?

  107. Chortle and guffaw you're on fire

  108. Any Bill Murray fan worth their salt knows his character name in Groundhog Day. And Scrooged. Shame on you ;-)

  109. Not unless we bring in 1 or 2 top goal scorers. To guarantee at least a fighting chance we need to spend big time maybe on 3 big game players but I can't see it happening. Id be very happy with Ben Yedder, Lacazantte, or Martinez also need a real box to box midfielder, forget about Reus that's not happening.

  110. It;s the way he does his hair

  111. I know they're pretty lame but I'm bored.

    I suppose I could just slag off the team and BR but there's plenty doing that already and no doubt when things turn around they will be signing off their positive comments with YNWA

  112. I was in Liverpool once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank pina coladas. At lunchtime we watched Liverpool batter Arsenal 5-1. THAT was a pretty good day. Why couldn't I get THAT day over and over and over?

  113. Signed contract extension

  114. I have been one of Rodgers biggest fans. Everyone knows that I cannot recall us playing such crap football in a while mate. The criticism is well deserved.

    Let's see what happens when results do not improve. Sturridge injured again. Oh dear.

  115. Henderson is the least of our problems, especially when he is being deployed as a holding midfielder. Another genius move by Rodgers this season :-o

    We are going to see Palace make fun of Johnson, Skrtel and Lovren. I am challenging Rodgers to drop these three players :-o

  116. You must have a short memory then.I can still remember how we played last year and how badly we played at times under previous managers.

  117. Keep studying, and you'll reach true fandom one day ;)

  118. I do not have a short memory, especially when our current manager cannot see that what he is trying to achieve with his playing style this season is day and night compared to the way we played last season.

    The fact that he has persisted with the clueless football we have seen this season gives me every right to question where we are right now.

  119. Since 2010 we have wasted nearly 50mil on Stadium Costs. A large chunk was on the HKS project which was ultimately written off.

  120. TOMORROWS ARTICLE JAMIE - Who replaces B R

  121. a damaged liver.

  122. Sh1t. It's frank something in scrooged. I remember clearly the cabbie "niagra falls Franky angel, niagra falls".

    Frank cross.

  123. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:14 pm, November 19, 2014

    no he is nothing like suarez even lambert could score a billion goals in ligue 1
    he is not the proven name we need
    we need a striker that hammers goals goals goals
    someone like higuain or martinez
    only rafa can sign them

  124. We could have bought a couple of rubbish English players with that money or four foreign rubbish ones.

  125. Liverpool fans were more excited by Andy Caroll than they were Suarez. Some Liverpool fans were saying that Ballotelli was very good business.
    Summer was the time to get this right not take a calculated risk on Ballo .
    Now you mention Higuain he's finding life hard in Italy? Martinez yes I'm with that but he may struggle with life in the prem who knows? Now for the same-ish money we can bring in two relatively promising talents, there not kids but at the right ages around 25 -24 if one does Ok and one does really good then money well spent ok maybe we get two Alps but I doubt it, if we don't we'll see Newcastle Spurs Everton or the likes taking these kind of players and then we try to buy for 30-40 mill . Remy? Everyone was saying the same about him can he do it in the prem? we kept passing up and then he comes to the prem bangs them in and we suddenly want him.
    And please Rafa had three good seasons and then lost the plot like Barry for Alonso?" We couldn't get out of our own box for two years

  126. You know my answer. They have to. If we don't buy a reliable striker, Balotelli continues to struggle and Sturridge continues to have injuries then the team is screwed. What would be the point of denying Rodgers more money? Everyone, including the owners, wants the club to do as well as possible. That means having an effective goal scorer in the front line. If they don't well miss out on the top 4 and our CL adventure will have only been one season long. If we don't spend in January then that's as good as guaranteed.

    As the next comment suggests - it won't be a case of taking away all the money, but instead trying to spend the money intelligently. If they genuinely don't trust Rodgers then they should sack him but if they are merely concerned about his signings then maybe it's about him needing to convince them of the merits of a player. They'll be more cautious, for sure, but we can all see that Liverpool have failed to replace Suarez, it's obvious. The transfer job is not done yet and at least one new player is essential.

  127. I Agree with you on most players but Sakho(24) playing for france is their best defender.

    When everyone one in the french national team is fit , Sakho(24) is ahead of Koscelney(29), Mangala(23) and Varane(21).

    I know M Sakho(24) does not pleasing on the eye on the ball, but he is an awesome defender and a beast. If B Rodgers can give Lovren(25) and Sakho(24) a run of 12-18 games together and lovren(25) plays as the right centre back as he is better on ball then we will see the best of M Sakho(24) over the next coming months and years at club.

    But the others you mentioned: Allen(24), Borini(23), Henderson(24), Johnson(30), Lambert(32) and Mignolet(26) are Average players.

    Plus we have other average players in squad:
    B Jones(32) GK K Toure(33) CB

    B Rodgers needs to ship out the dead wood average and start bringing in more class creative quality players on the level or higher than Coutinho(22), Lallana(26) , Sturridge(25) and Sterling(19).

  128. Agree with you about Sakho.