27 Nov 2014

Triple Transfer: FSG sanction €60m deal for 'miracle' striker, 'world-class' legend, & 'exceptional' winger

Despite wasting almost £120m over the summer, FSG are reportedly set to hand Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers another huge wad of cash during the upcoming January transfer window.

According to multiple reports today:

* FSG will 'sanction' a £47m (€60m) triple transfer deal in January.

* The three players on Rodgers' wishlist are 'world class' goalkeeper Petr Cech, 'miracle' striker Jackson Martinez, and 'exceptional' winger Nathan Redmond.

All three of the aforementioned players are currently linked with Liverpool, but this news does not fit with Rodgers' own comments on the subject.

When asked this week about his plans for the January transfer window, LFC's manager told reporters:

"It [buying new players] is not something I am looking at. After the weekend, the focus was not to dwell on that".

This is a standard response from Rodgers, and it doesn't really mean much. He'd be foolish to advertise the fact that Liverpool are in the market for new players, and as we've seen in the past, a public transfer denial is not worth the air into which it is uttered.

Prime example: Mario Balotelli. Two weeks before signing the Italian, Rodgers emphatically stated:

"I can categorically tell you Mario Balotelli will not be at Liverpool. I was asked a question, and the next day it was wrote as if we were signing him. It shouldn’t be transmitted into us signing the player.”

I'm sure many fans now secretly wish Rodgers had been telling the truth about Balotelli (!) In this case, however, a lot of fans - myself included - will be praying that money is made available in January. Irrespective of Rodgers' poor performance in the transfer market, the club needs a few new players, with a goalkeeper and striker top of the priority list.

Cech and Martinez are top-quality players who will improve the first-team in a big way, but Redmond is arguably not needed, and Liverpool should save the £10m+ it will cost sign him and put it towards a new holding midfielder.

With Martinez and Cech in the first XI (using currently available players)

------------------- Cech

Manquillo --- Skrtel -- Lovren ----- Moreno

------------------ Allen

------------ Hendo ---- Gerrard

---------------- Coutinho

------------ Sterling - Martinez

Cech and Martinez are capable of making a significant impact on the team, but big changes are still required elsewhere, particularly in midfield, where the signing of a top-class holding midfielder surely has to be a top priority.



  1. I hope to Fowler that there's some truth to this. Other than some miraculous proper utilisation of the players we currently have or their sudden discovery of form, I doubt nothing much is going to change unless some quality is added. That we need an experienced, quality keeper and a dynamic forward is no surprise, but perhaps instead of Redmond we ought to lock down a proper DM to shore up our wet paper bag midfield.

  2. who cares any more, one step forward six steps back. Unless we have Billionaire owners we are never ever going to win the EPL. Every time we have had a chance to push on after a successful campaign we somehow manage to implode. It's all to regular and all too embarrassing now. All this speculation is just that, speculation. Who cares until there is a picture of the actual player 'signed and in a LFC shirt' we cannot do anything about the names whether they are wanted or not, just have to get on with life and be the brunt of more jokes from other fans. Even Tottenham are now laughing at us... crazy

  3. I understand Martinez and Cech, but why Redmond!? He's not needed!

  4. Do NOT allow that moron Rodgers to waste more millions on garbage!!!

  5. While that team looks a little better Jamie your team still has the same problem ... Allen Henderson and gerrard. While gerrard is just getting on the other two are useless.the first movement is always backwards. They don't have a creative bone in there body.. As soon as we realise and buy better mid field players the better.. Cech is must, But Redmond, once again we buy crap.. 10 million for him and his recored is terrible like 1 goal in 40 games . Chelsea bought shurrle for 13 million. Just to compare ! Outrageous

  6. The three players on Rodgers' wishlist are 'world class' goalkeeper Petr Cech, 'miracle' striker Jackson Martinez, and 'exceptional' winger Nathan Redmond.

    Brilliant !

    World class miracles are indeed exceptional.
    Brendan would be delighted with that turn of phrase.

  7. out

  8. Martinez-yes, Cech-big yes, redmond- big no we already have Ibe

  9. Forget Redmond. Get Shaqiri.

  10. So Redmond it is then

  11. Stevie G is a shadow of his former self - needs to do a Lampard in January so we remember him for the great great player he always was

  12. Redmond is supposed to be the Markovic killer yeahh woohooo exciting times again

  13. Stoke are gonna tear us a new one

  14. i truly agree with Jamie K. He knows the problems at Liverpool and has analysed them beyond doubt. Please accept my concurrence guy.

  15. shred ...were already torn

  16. you're wrong he will get his deal and move to centre back ...cheers

  17. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before.
    Valdes was unemployed and still wasn't interested, for Martinez read 'some old clogger at the end of his career' and the Norwich winger... that seems realistic... he'll flop.
    Funny thing is, you look at the players we've let go over the last ten years, who "weren't good enough" and you find the majority were miles better than what we have now.

  18. if they just spend money buying a decent defensive midfielder in jan, I'd be fine