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9 Nov 2014

Top Target: FSG sanction €38m LFC offer for 'miracle' striker. Reds now favourites to sign

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In October, reports in Portugal claimed that long-time Liverpool target Jackson Martinez wants a January transfer after becoming 'tired' of life in the Portuguese Primeira Liga. Liverpool's strikers (and attacking players) continue to struggle in front of goal, and new reports today suggest that Liverpool are planning to make a huge January offer for the prolific striker.

According to The Mirror:

* Liverpool are planning a €38m (£30m) offer for Martinez.

* Liverpool are in 'pole position' and will make a move in January.

* FSG will give Rodgers the cash to make the offer.

LFC have been linked with Martinez many times over last year, and prior to joining Porto, the Colombian striker confirmed Liverpool's interest. He told Nuevo Estadio:

"I am not in any advanced negotiations with Liverpool but I know they are personally interested"

When asked earlier this year about his future, Martinez told El Tiempp:

“That opportunity [to leave] may be given. It would be nice to play for another big team like Porto. I like the England, Italy, Spain and Germany leagues. I have no preference.”

Since arriving at the Estádio do Dragão, Martinez - described by Porto boss Julen Lopetegui as a 'miracle' striker - has racked up some formidable creative stats:

* 72 goals/5 assist in 106 appearances.
* Once scored in 10 successive games for Porto.
* At one point, scored 18 goals in 17 games.
* Broke Falcao's record by scoring 11 goals in 12 matches for Porto.

Liverpool could've signed Martinez in 2011 for a hell of a lot less than €40m. The Reds were constantly linked with the Colombian striker prior to his move, but as usual, the club just didn't act, and he ended up at Porto for a ridiculously low fee of €11m (!)

Can Martinez and Daniel Sturridge operate effectively in the same team? Both are most effective playing as central strikers, and may be too similar in terms of playing style/runs etc to work together.

It's probably all moot anyway, as Martinez seems to favour a move to Arsenal. In January, he revealed that he 'won't hesitate' to accept a move to Arsenal, adding:

"I cheered for Arsenal when I was a kid – I love their style of play. It’s flowing and open with a lot of first touch passes. It would be suitable for a player like me"

Still, money talks, and if the Reds go in with the right offer, anything is possible.



  1. my question is not who we will bring in this JAN or next summer but how/who we should kick out from our current squad ? If we value by their performance we wont had much $ to bargain

  2. I heard that Rafa may be back . Can anyone please confirm whether there is anything going on about it? please.

  3. I would ask that the owners FSG take a close look at our recruitment team, the entire lot and fire them, esp. Ian Ayre whose I understand is the main negotiator, involved in bringing the likes of Lovren and Balotelli.

    How a so-called top 4 team can get so many transfers wrong for so many years is beyond me. Compare the transfers to the players brought in to teams like Southampton and West Ham buy players that actually enhance the teams performance without paying over the top prices.

  4. At the moment I'd welcome any proven striker because we don't have any real offensive threat at the moment. The recruitment has been extremely poor and we have wasted millions on average players. We've signed the wrong Southampton centre back, have no real cover for a keeper low on confidence and no cover at all for the missing Sturridge. Anyone can see we need a powerful DM, GK and striker. I haven't listed a CB because we have spent a fortune already and have Illori to come back from loan. I'm afraid we are in for a repeat of the season after we last finished second and will probably end up around 7th in the league. It's dissapointing to back to normal and out off the title race by November. I think Rodgers will be sacked and we'll have to start all over again.

  5. You only have to look at the feature source to recognise it's just speculation and conjecture on behalf of the writer to fill the back pages. No substance to these claims whatsoever

  6. Already got rid of 4 but u cud be right it cud be down to Ayre

  7. where did you hear that....

  8. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/408957/Brendan-Rodgers-Liverpool-job-Rafa-Benitez

  9. Someone is teasing you.

  10. Miracle striker- does he fancy a relegation fight? We are stuck with what we've got - for 30m BR will buy another 8 'ones for the future'

  11. Yes, you can compare our transfer policies but you are looking at a microcosm of form and saying Southampton and West Ham are some kind of alchemists - remember also that the expectation levels surrounding those clubs affords them more space to push the boat out a bit.
    I think what is easy to forget is bringing in new transfers is always a gamble, however proven a particular player might be at another club or how much potential they may have shown. I think it is easy to look about and cherry pick the clubs that seem to have pulled it off at the time and say they have a magic formula, but I don't think this is true.
    How many clubs are you pointing out that have seemingly made poor signings and are struggling because of it?
    Also, to go digging up a point I seem to be trying to make over and over at the moment, a lot of people seem to be trying to draw a lot of conclusions based on an indifferent start to the season and magnified against some truly amazing feats last season.
    Take Emre Can, I have seen posts made seemingly dismissing the guy when people are caught up in the heat of their disappointment at a particular result. I think a lot more patience needs to be shown.
    I have seen enough from Lallana to be excited about the future with him present. Markovic, I honestly don't think anyone has seen anything like enough of to be forming any valued argument about.
    Ultimately, accept we haven't been the best in the transfer market in the recent past but I feel firmly we shouldn't judge the summer's acquisitions yet and try to keep some perspective.
    I was not trying to aim all these points at just you, it just turned into a mini rant.

  12. terrific stats. the questions i would ask are, does he work to win the ball from the front? does he have a temperament problem? if it is a yes and no, then maybe, but portugal is a different creature to england. i am not sure that he was anything special at the world cup, although i stand to be corrected. i say stand, but the way our lads have been playing this season, i now mean lying down, to be corrected!

  13. sounds just like wenger and his ever eternal young players for the future...that never materialise.

  14. it's true, he will be back in liverpool at some point in the future as he still has friends in the area. as for returning to manage the club???? not in your lifetime.

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:27 am, November 09, 2014

    I dont like this can sturridge and martinez function together argument

    because sturridge cannot even get on the pitch so teh question is irrelevant

    sturridge is very good but he needs to be fit

    but the answer would be yes if dzeko and augero can play together so can sturridge and martinez but gerrard would ahve to exit if that were to happen

    the mobility in cm would be important for such a team to function

    long term though for such a formation to function a proper cdm will be needed someone like schniderlin my other long term target

  16. There seems to be more questions than answers regarding the transfers & for the amount of money spent that's simply unacceptable. Yes more time is needed agreed. My objections with the transfers are not getting an athletic DM enforcer, a gaping hole which has needed filling for years. Emre has too much attacking instincts to play that role & the others are physically not up to it especially Stevie. Then of course replacing Saurez's goals, gambling on Balotelli & ignoring Bony/Remy/Martinez etc. Finally overpaying for players who remain largely unproven. This has left a bitter taste & a feeling of a total mismanagement of finances.

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:30 am, November 09, 2014

    Martinez and schniderlin are the two players we need to buy


    and when sturridge gets injured origi come sin

    schniederlin is a boyhood lfc fan so i am convinced would join without cl
    and i reckon martinez is one of these players that would reject almost every other team for lfc
    if we can get cabaye as well we are good to go for next year

  18. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:31 am, November 09, 2014

    But conte is the man we need to get us back to the elite
    liverpool should scream contes name in the next home match

  19. i have always advocated creating a 'team' rather than buying superstars. i want a talented, hardworking squad of players, that when one is out, a player of the same level will just slot in. lyon do this fantastically well. i agree, look at west ham and southampton this season. why are they performing so highly and we are not, with our 'superstars'? it may sound a tad too simplistic and some may say those two will fall away. at the moment i would rather follow a model like theirs over our provenly flawed, route.

  20. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:40 am, November 09, 2014

    This is more like it
    according to mirror we are after doumbia and begovic as well


    wow what a team

  21. If we manage to get him, it would be the story of us in the transfer market. When the player is available for peanuts, we neglect him and then when the same player performs well, we break the bank on him.

  22. Liverpool have lost more games, have conceded more goals and have less points at this stage than under Roy Hodgson in 2010.

  23. I wish people would stop saying that the players that have been brought are no good.

    We honestly haven't seen enough of them and they haven't been given a good amount of consecutive games to prove themselves.

    I would love to see the likes of Can, Markovic and Lallana to be given a good run of games but under BR I don't think that will ever happen.

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:34 am, November 09, 2014

    exactly, like me you understand football

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:35 am, November 09, 2014

    but i dont want to see lambert and balotelli anymore

    i hate atatcking players that cant go by players
    lallana and can are fantastic at that and we know markovic can do it

  26. Rodgers has a far better team of players than the squad he took over but he is failing to get anything positive out of them due to a 'new system' which Lallana referred to in a recent interview.

    I do not think the new signings should be taking the blame.

  27. Just one thing Jaimie. I don't understand your persistance in defending Mario, you are starting to sound like Balotelli apologist. He is least of our problems, and he is a scapegoat?!? Though I think he would be much better playing alongside Daniel(as would all other players), he had to show more. I mean if Brendan told Lallana to play lone striker I would expect more. Bad positioning, bad passing, bad shoots, poor decision making, I can go on and on.. Just find our attack in the second minute vs Real(I don't know how to upload it) and remember he has 3 of those each game. I can't remember a striker playing so poor for Liverpool in the last 10 years..

  28. Well, in truth none of his signings can be classified as no good. Allen has been a decent squad player, Borini has not had enough games. SIgnings like Alberto, Illori and others have not been given a chance and neither have this summers' signings. Even Aspas was not given that many chances. Only the loan signings could be considered as busts. But, that is the problem. If Rodgers does not give them a chance, what it the point of buying them.

  29. Probably because Balo has never been and never will be a lone striker.

    He has even said it himself that he has never played as a lone striker.

    On top of that the little service he has gotten has been woeful.

  30. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:38 am, November 09, 2014

    First time i agree with you
    have a upvote

  31. What I do not understand is the rubbsih about him not getting any service. Borini came on for ten minutes and had more of the ball than Balotelli with the same service and had more shots.

  32. Again, Lallana or Can as lone striker, and I expect more.

  33. Square peg round hole.

  34. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:41 am, November 09, 2014

    Look at augero yesterday
    sturridge vs southampton

    top strikers can pull stuff out the fat
    and every pl team should ahve one top teams two

    his movement means wingers like sterling and coutinho have nothing to feed off
    how many times did sterling and coutinho go by 4 players to find no one in the box?

  35. Explenation, if that ain't too much trouble?

  36. Dear god now he's making Hodgson look good- where is Brendan Rodgers hiding?

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:42 am, November 09, 2014

    Why should a striker in this modern era not be able to play up front by himself
    especially when 433 was the main formation for last ten years ?

  38. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:42 am, November 09, 2014

    Roys even playing better football with his engalnd team now

  39. He never has been a lone striker? Ok, has he ever played football? Lone striker- GET IN THE BOX, SCORE GOALS!!!

  40. That is my point, you can not criticise a player if they have not been given the opportunity.

    The fault then rests with the manager.

  41. basically because hes being played out of position, linekar has had a go at balo but lets turn the tables how would linekar or say ian rush cope if they where asked to drop deep and be play makers they wouldn't and its the same with balo ,Also if you watch the games he isnt that bad sure hes judged on goals but he works a lot harder than i thought he did and he looks for the ball, I think Jk may well be defending him becuase there are several other players in the team who are playing just as bad or a lot worse but are getting a free ride off pundits and fans alike

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:44 am, November 09, 2014

    so you are saying he only thrived
    because he had good player around him like eto at inter and augero at city
    that shows barton was right balotelli is the biggest myth in football

  43. Lallana & Can as strikers is like asking Balotelli to be a midfielder.

    The fact that Rodgers persists with Balotelli as a lone striker just shows how stubborn he is when majority can see that Balotelli canoot lead the attack.

  44. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:45 am, November 09, 2014

    but what i dont understand is why a striker in this era cannot play lone striker
    even carroll can do it crouch can do it

    i cant think of any other striker in football that cannot play as a lone striker

  45. U mean Henderson Gerrard Johnson?

  46. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:46 am, November 09, 2014

    watch augero yesterday
    he saved city he had no service they were poor but he as a top palyer can pull stuff out the hat this is what we expected from balotelli

  47. Not really. You can see it with any striker. When they are not getting the service they come deeper looking for the ball.

    Balo is having the same problem that Soldado is having at Spurs.

    Soldado had a fantastic strike rate before he went to spurs but because of the way spurs play he is forever having to come deep to get the ball.

  48. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:47 am, November 09, 2014

    but dont worry i dont see rodgers surviving beyond december and balotelli beyond january

  49. Lovren-worse, Markovic- as bad(less chances), Skrtel- bad, I can go on and on. But the fact is Balotelli is POOR so far, very poor. He is working hard? So what, he is payed to.

  50. and most of the squad marko cost more than balo but cant make the bench lallan cost a lot more than balo but has hardly figured at least balo is getting in the team ...but like i say hes an easy target

  51. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:48 am, November 09, 2014

    Look as someone said
    Borini looked like scoring far more in ten minautes then balotelli whole 2 games

  52. Lone striker... 4-3-3..

  53. well how crap must these other players be if rodgers picks balo over them

  54. Remember Ludogorets when he did get in the box for JUST ONE HALFTIME? Ball will come, just do what you are told to do. Explain me that attack of his in the 2nd minute vs Real if you can find it, please? Very poor.

  55. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:50 am, November 09, 2014

    433 requires a striker to be a pivot
    and ahve two forwards playing off him
    but oen striekr has to lead the line so essentially a lone striker

  56. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:51 am, November 09, 2014

    the thing is this balo needs another striker argument

    is a balotelli worth sacrificing another midfielder for?

    the answer is no i would rather have borini by himself

  57. In Brendsan eyes we don't have an alternative for him, we don't even have a partner for him, so your statement doesn't really make sense..

  58. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:52 am, November 09, 2014

    we ahve so many midfielders really good ones like sterling,coutinho and normally hendo

    but we have o strikers with decent quality
    if sturridge does not count as he is injured

  59. I meant what does Square peg round hole. mean..

  60. lambert and borini are strikers yet rodgers picks balo

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:54 am, November 09, 2014

    that is natural you expect your strikers to craete chances with their movement
    lallana and markovic are useless as is sterling and coutinho if they ahve nothing in front of them

    a top striker is imperative it will solve all our problems
    doumbia/martinez or both

  62. that makes no sense..

    In a 4-3-3 the central striker has 2 other strikers playing off him. That by default gives the pivot striker more space.

    When you are playing as loan striker if the midfielders are not making runs then you are effectively playing against 4 defenders.

  63. That is my point- he doesn't rate them at all. Ballo just might work in his head. in the midfield he has options.

  64. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:55 am, November 09, 2014

    lambert is the worst striker in our history
    i dont see his quality he just looks like an overweight fan who won a lottery ticket to play for lfc

    pace,skill and movement is key for every lfc atatcker how could rodgesr forget that
    atleast borini has two of those qualities

  65. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:56 am, November 09, 2014

    but the strikers essentially play as wingers as they all two occupy a full back or a flank like neyamr and perdo do

  66. listen balo isnt working but i defend him because it gripes me when everyone blames all our woes on him ....it would be better for balo to be dropped and Gerrard made Cf we still wouldn't win or score but then everyone could blame Gerrard ...do you understand the point im making its a point of principle not of personality

  67. why should a central defender who cost 20m not be able to play both sides

  68. Well people blaming him for everything are wrong, but so are you and Jamie defending him who is as coulpable as any player- more than the majority of them actually...

  69. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:01 am, November 09, 2014


    i think now we should go for broke we always conceded anyway
    this team would ahve pace and creativity in it
    lallana should move closer to borini
    while markovic gives you pace
    sterling up front will give defenders something to think about

    why cant rodgers be brave whats the risk you will lose a game we are doing that anyway ?

  70. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:03 am, November 09, 2014

    he looked fine vs spurs
    so i dont understand where you got this argument from?
    its clear rodgers dropped sakho for everton as his clumsiness in possession was becoming a real problem rather then he wanted lovren at lcb

  71. at this level its inches which separate teams lets compare makale to gerrard as dm gerrad on paper should be better he has more qualities but makalel could take him to school in the position its the same with all positions

  72. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:06 am, November 09, 2014

    you cant teach an old dog new tricks

  73. and ive stated many times that if he isnt played with a partner he shouldn't be played ....the fault lies with rodgers not balo

  74. Let's use an example, you cannot send an accountant to go a surgeons job.

  75. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:12 am, November 09, 2014

    A really important question

    how many years does br have on his contract
    and how much compensation would he most likely receive if he were to be sacked ?

    also why does the anfield crowd still get behind rodgers when its clear the majority have lost faith in hiM?

  76. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:13 am, November 09, 2014

    fabregas played as a striker
    shelvy did
    so why cant sterling or lallana

  77. Again, it is Brendans' fault our poor start of the season. But. Balotelli is not playing good enough, not good at all. Please try to find our attack in the 2nd min vs Real. He was outside the box with ball in his feet, one Real player in front of him, Full back running in on the flank- alone, another striker pulling Real defender away and our midfielder storming behind him. That shoul have been a goal, and it didn't get close to highlights. So many examples of that in all games.

  78. Yes I was horrible to watch how slow he looked against Chelsea. It's time for him to be on the bench.

  79. Reus can play behind lone striker or behind two- he is excatly what we need, though I always rated Martinez...

  80. Any striker who says he can't be a lone striker just isn't a striker. He should have all the strings to his bow if he is to be even considered decent. It's a lame excuse.

  81. A right footed CB at that. Right now he can't play either side. He has been horrendous.

  82. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:29 am, November 09, 2014

    the thing is reus is one of the most exciting prospects in the world and apart from barca and rela would get into every team

    martinez though is older and has less options so a realistic chance of signing him

  83. Sakho's "clumsiness" is a fallacy he is the best ball playing CB we have. Every stat backs that up. Zero errors that lead to a goal. Lovren and Skrtel have made more errors this season than he did all year.

  84. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:31 am, November 09, 2014

    balotelli si to balme for lovren being poor

    because we have no atatcking threat we are attacked more and more and even terry and cahill will crumple with our atatck

  85. He picks Lovren too. Rodgers judgement recently has been very questionable l.

  86. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:36 am, November 09, 2014


    Rodgers has lost it

    no two ways about it

    same mistake same result

    how hard is that to understand?

  87. id blame climate change on him as well

  88. balo looked fine v spurs because he had a striker with him

  89. That's just nonsense mate. The unforced errors we ate seeing are just terrible. I was in favour of the Lovren signing but right now he looks like the worst peice of business we have done since Carroll.

  90. if its not working and it clearly isnt then why does rodgers persist,surely it would be better to leave him on the bench or try something different.Thats the crux of mine and others points Rodgers is doing nothing about it but just blindly carrying on if its not working drop him

  91. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:53 am, November 09, 2014

    BTW there are some positives
    can and moreno look like very astute signings
    lallana looks good every time he plays manquillo looks decent
    and origi is killing it in the french league

    the big question marks are over balotelli,lovren and markovic
    what gives me confidence in lovren and markovic is that they both were heavily scouted
    balotelli was an opportunist signings it has not worked the big gamble and now we change

  92. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:55 am, November 09, 2014

    Doumbia and Martinez could be a very mice forward line

    Martinez is the player that makes runs in behind while doumbia is a good dribbler and will help link up play

  93. well as soon as danny boy is back then everything should be fine and dandy ...look out chelsea Cl here we come

  94. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:57 am, November 09, 2014

    Cl si too mcuh we are too far away i reckon southampton will take it which is quite
    embarrassing after we cherry picked their players

  95. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:58 am, November 09, 2014

    But gilstrap what you cannot dispute at all

    6 points three games with sturridge
    and two of thoose teams are in top 3

    8 points 8 games with sturridge

    so if sturridge is fit for next 27 games we would get 54 points from them that will give us 69 points

  96. thanks ill not worry then thats a relief

  97. Ayre doesn't select the crap players.

  98. Can anyone realistically see mr glass playing 27 games

  99. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:05 pm, November 09, 2014

    Next year is our year!

  100. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:06 pm, November 09, 2014

    hopefully 10 until January
    then martinez comes in and carries the burden

  101. i just cant get my head around why we bought him for 20m

  102. That's what Rodgers said last year

  103. Whats the name of that phenomenon on the Internet when the discussion deteriorates so much that someone gets compared to a Nazi. On LFC forums the same thing happens only it's just Rues getting named. For liklihood you may as well sat Ronaldo.

  104. There is no point in debating about signings when half of them are not even going to play.

  105. I really cant- if he hadn't bought Balo he'd be forced to play Borini and Lambert could it have been worse? Scary thought. I read somewhere Inter offering 14m for Borini and he still doesn't want to go

  106. yes link us with martinez and we will end up saido berhino! but ian ayre will get to clock up some air miles just to show the fans he is trying!

  107. And pay way too much in the end

  108. Not too sure the fans are behind him. Do you not hear the jeers when he subbed coutinho

  109. Its down to Rodgers he picks the players he wants, Ayre tries to get the deal done, there is NOBODY to blame for this except Rodgers

  110. Does that include Balo? Cos I remember BR saying we would not be signing him then 2 weeks later we sign him- who decided that? Can we then believe anything BR says any more

  111. That includes Balo , he chose to gamble the £16mil on him

  112. I think u find Ayre and FSG are the money men I think BR didn't want Balo but decision was taken out of his hands. Let's get this straight I never wanted BR in first place but Iain Ayre must take his share of the flak directed at Rodgers too

  113. He will not be a Liverpool player, when are people going to stop making these stories up, we are linked every other day to top players and we sign none, but we will sign average joe's for top money, that's the way we work, we need a manager who knows a top player and knows how to get him to the club, I can just imagine a top player coming to see Rodgers and the thoughts he would have as he walked out to sign for someone else..

  114. You really think they told him he was signing? seriously this is all Rodgers doing, I don't like Ayre but to try to say this is his fault is ludicrous, he works hard to get the managers choices in and gets slated, almost as much as when he fails to get the other managers choices in..

  115. why would they offload 4 scouts if all was peachy in the house

  116. Its pretty obvious all isn't peachy in the house, and we can only speculate why they have been offloaded, maybe its cheaper to offload them then it is someone else, who knows

  117. I did reply I just don't know where its gone

  118. The remaining 3 have now more say in recruitment which means they have nobody else to blame from now on- throw a few under the bus u know? But the point Steve was making was our entire recruitment policy needs serious scrutiny cos something has gone wrong- whether offloading these guys is trying to buy some breathing space or whatever remains to be seen- apparently 1 of em went to Villa

  119. The one positive we can take from this International break is that Sturridge will be back for our next match. Touch wood nothing happens from now till then which sees him get injured again and hopefully he can stay fit. Think that may be asking too much though...

    This will see a front to of Balotelli and Sturridge back in action. Again, how long Sturridge can stay fit for, nobody knows but Rodgers is banking on us coming back with a bang as soon as he selects Sturridge again but then we still have our calamity defence to worry about.

    Maybe FSG need to bring in a DOF or someone who can direct the ship into right direction and let Ayre only deal with the commercial side of the club. I still do not want to see Rodgers sacked but the guy needs help. Still remember that his condition for taking the job was to have full control. FSG then integrated the transfer committee as obviously they do not full trust Rodgers. Now they have already got rid of some of our scouts so something must be up behind the scenes. FSG's next step could be to bring in a footballing brain to to work above Rodgers. Whether BR is going to accept that is another story but if thingas do not drastically improve then FSG have no option but to take action. They cannot afford to see the club fail to qualify for the CL.

  120. I'm with you- Ayre should stick to selling shirts and clinking wine glasses. I think BR is too stubborn to accept help and if forced on him he could walk but what's left then - more of the same and finish up 15 th in the league?

  121. Everton and Spurs are losing. Newcastle and Stoke should results stay as they are now will be ahead of us now though.

  122. ill be honest unless Rodgers shakes things up i cant see top 4. ..watching the game yesterday confirmed a lot of things which are wrong with team and mingo kicking the ball into touch in the last seconds was the icing on the cake

  123. why would a top player come to a club in free fall with no sign of CL football next year ,in short they wont., to much pressure to be another suarez and to little reward

  124. all of a sudden coates and sako looks a good bet

  125. I think any goalkeeper behind our defence is a sitting duck.

    The Skrtel/Lovren partnership has to be ended. In fact both need to be dropped and Johnson needs to be on the bench too. Forget about our attack, order defence is a shambles.

  126. We are yet to play Chelsea Away. Arsenal twice, Man Utd twice, Man City home, that's going to be tough since we aren't even winning against the lesser teams. We need to quickly find some solution/winning formula....can't just keep saying.. its too early to judge.

  127. Yeah, we have very little margin for error. We are going to struggle to finish top 4 at this rate.

  128. If its not us then I wish Southampton finishes top 4 rather than Man Utd. It will be a real joke of all the money spent by United and Liverpool.

  129. But we wasn't in free fall in the summer, we was apparently on the up..

  130. Because they need someone to blame rather than taking responsability themselves.

  131. No need to worry about whether he can play with Sturridge JK. Bringing in Martinez means we can reduce Sturridge's minutes and actually keep him fit.

  132. sorry maybe ive misread i thought you meant joining us in jan

  133. i wouldn't even call it a partnership as that implies some understanding between them

  134. B Rodgers needs to ship out these 8 dead wood players :

    GK: B Jones(32) CB: K Toure(33) RB: G Johnson(29)

    DM: L Leiva(27) CM: J Allen(24) AM: Suso(20)

    FD: F Borini(23) FD: R Lambert(32)

    And B Rodgers needs to replace them with these 6 class quality players in January:

    Two Defensive players: Cost : £25M For both:

    1: GK: E Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £6-£11M to displace Mignolet(26) from first 11.

    2: DM: Y M'Villa(24) Of Rubin Kazan for £10-£14M to displace S Gerrard(34) from the side as DM

    Four class attacking players: for combined total of £77-£80M

    1: CM: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £16-£18M to come and replace J Allen(24) to compete with J Henderson(24) and E Can(20)

    2: RW / RWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£27M to compete and cover R Sterling(19)

    3: LW / RW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £10-£14M to compete and cover Markovic(20)

    4: FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of Borussia Dortmund for £15-£18M to compete with Balotelli(24) and Sturridge(25)

    The 4 attacking players are what B Rodgers should have brought to club in summer instead of ( Lambert, Balotelli, Markovic and Lallana)

    The 4 class quality attacking players above with bring more class, creativity, mobility, pace and speed to attack.

    As club has struggled without Sturridge(25), The mobility , pace and speed Aubamayeng(25), Konoplyanka(25) and Pedro(27) would bring to attack alongside Sterling(19) and Sturridge(25) could and would be devastating on the break/ counter attack.

  135. Then Rogers has to be a man and tell the board that he will live and die by the players he chooses to bring in

  136. Under Rogers LFC have been ordinary since the day he came in. Without Suarez last season, LFC would have been left floundering again. Sturridge seems to have been injured more than available to play, since they brought him in from Chelsea. The whole team appears to lack confidence at this point in time, mainly because they are not scoring goals; which leads back to Rogers inability to recognise excellent transfer marks.

  137. no more southcoast geeezers12:08 am, November 10, 2014

    look for 2 seasns money has been waisted on talentless or players thtat dus not improve the team rodgers has sed loads of tmes he only buy players that are better than players that alredy there how much players has he brought that was better agen his bort shite apart frm myb lalalana . also manquilow an mareno lovern jureys out mercovic total wase of money we gone backwards its dwn to brendon an the tranfser board thy are all shite giv me the scoutn job for harf money thy on id do better job an bting in players that ar worthy of wearing the red if the pool

  138. No mate I just mean in general, we had a fantastic opportunity in the summer to get the players of real quality the club needs to push on and we failed miserably, now we need to understand why.. is it just us as a club or is it the manager not having the needed attitude (as he seems very arrogant at times) either way there is a major problem somewhere and it needs to be addressed ASAP

  139. He's only good for the team if he started scoring for LFC, until then hes's unproven in our league. Baloteli came in with the same hype.

  140. yep,agree....aimlessly going around in circles,are`nt we ???

  141. thats all well and good to get rid of deadwood who and where is the 80-100 million gonna come from to replace these players? 25-30 million for a top class player, same again for a scoring midfilder and then the defence??? too little too late and you should have added Rodgers name to the deadwood list

  142. reus can play behind lone striker at barcaleona next season because he won't be playing for us...if we had what it took to get reus he'd be with us now

  143. a less realistic chance of singing martinez?? and reus is so realistic...lol...your living in dreamland

  144. thats what we said at the end of last season

  145. Whoever want henderson in starting xi should expect us to be mediocrity team that always fighting for top4 or below that. he has improved a lot but never a CM top club needed. he's has great engine but that doesn't make a player best. He doesn't have any kind of technical ability ,Lacking mobility and more of sideway and backward passer., could be useful option as DM to cover gerrrad.

  146. There should be money still in the coffers , B Rodgers was promised £60-£70M for making Champions league.

    Without the £83M he brought into club for sellimg L Suarez(27), P Reina(31), D Agger(29) and C Coady(21))

    So £60 or £70M add £73M = £133M or £143M

    B Rodgers spent £112M This summer mostly on more average players, but he should still have £20-£30M left in the coffers. Plus the owners need to give him £60M to bring in EXPERIENCED PROVEN CLASS and World Class players who will hit the ground running straight away.

    And the 7 dead wood players i mentioned need to be shown door:Our amazing loyal great captain is 3-5 years past his best and should have been used from the bench over last 2 seasons. He no longer dictates, dominates or changes games unless he gets a penalty.

    S Gerrard(34) should only come off the bench after 65Mins plus if he is needed. But B Rodgers knows that in E Can(20), J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24) he has three midfielders who do the same thing who are Average players. None of them offer enough creativity and none of them score enough goals

    So B Rodgers needs to spend £80-£90M in January on proven talent:

    Whilst Man United are not in Champions league, they spent over £160M on class quality talent. The £63M they spent on Di Maria(26) alone

    B Rodgers needs to spend £70M on these 4 attacking players: 2 are world class, 2 are class:

    World class:

    CM: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £16-£18M to oust J Allen(24) or J Henderson(24) from starting team as CM

    RWF / LWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£27M to compete and cover R Sterling(19)


    LW / RW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £10-£14M to compete and cover L Markovic(20)

    FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund for £16-£18M to compete with Balotelli(24) and Sturridge(25)

  147. 4eva LFC, LFC 4eva12:46 pm, November 10, 2014

    For what it's worth I would love to see LFC sign Martinez and bring back Tiago as well ffs and play Lallana he will come good he has the talent and the ability to run at players and pass the ball with real danger, im sorry but I agree with some others SG should be playing from the bench and as for Hendo well let's just say that he has been given enough playing time.
    Lucas needs to play cause at the moment he is the only real defensive midfielder we have. Im sorry but for me Balo is not enough on his own and Martinez, Balo and Sturridge in the same team would be a great improvement, maybe not playing at the same time but still would cause a few worries around the league.

  148. Yup, win nothing with kids of potential and when those potential become reality, they clamor for moves to Barca, Real or City. LFC and Arsenal are turning into eternal feeder clubs unable to challenge for league titles...

  149. forthegoodofliverpool10:17 am, November 11, 2014

    schneiderlin was all we needed to buy instead of Lallana i think if Rodgers and his transfer team are that poor they should simply listen to which players are wanted by reputable managers and see if they have a chance of competing Arsene wenger went for Chambers and really wanted schneiderlin but woe to Rodgers he went for Lovren and lallana and even more buffling Lambert surely ?????