8 Nov 2014

Sign Me: 'Unbelievable' £25m striker wanted by BR admits he 'has to' leave. LFC-bound?

Liverpool continue to be linked with a January move for West Brom stiker Saido Berahino, and the 21-year old striker has now confirmed that he is open to a move away.

In October, Mail on Sunday claimed that:

* Liverpool are planning a January move Berahino.

* West Brom are willing to sell, but only for £25m.

When asked last night about rumours linking him with a move to Liverpool, Spurs, or Man United, Berahino admitted that his 'aim' is to play in the Champions League, and made it clear that moving to a big-name club is very much on his agenda. He told The Guardian:

"If that [a transfer] is what it comes to it has to be that. I appreciate what West Brom have done for me [but] I have a big vision and hopefully I can reach my goals. I have the chance to progress even more. It's up to me to take it with both hands."

Some info about Berahino:

* Current contract expires in 2017.
* This season: 8 goals/1 assist in 13 apps.
* Total WB: 17 goals/3 assists in 49 apps.
* 21 goals in 45s apps for England youth teams.
* 2010: Helped the England U17 team win the European Championship.

West Brom central defender Craig Gardner is a big fan of Berahino, and in a recent interview, he outlined what makes the 'brilliant' 21-year old such a special player. He told reporters:

"His all round game since I've been here has improved so much, he can free people up around him, he can hold the ball up, get in behind and he has a natural goalscoring instinct. His record speaks for itself."

Berhinho is nicknamed 'Defoe' by his team-mates on account of his finishing ability, and in a recent interview, Victor Anichebe explained:

“He’s an unbelievable finisher. I call him Defoe after Jermain at Tottenham because that’s how he is. He loves it. He calls himself Defoe. He follows him on Instagram and he thinks he is Defoe".

Berahino is an interesting option, but £25m? No chance. Liverpool already overpaid for Lallana, Lovren, and Markovic this year, and with Rodgers' questionable transfer history, it shouldn't even be a question. The Reds need to stop overpaying for players, and £25m is a massively inflated transfer fee.

It's only to be expected, though. The trend for inflating transfer fees on English players is well established now, yet Liverpool (and other clubs) continue to pay through the nose, even though it's clear they're being ripped off.

After this summer's transfer catastrophe, Rodgers will be under intense pressure to get it right during the next transfer window, and spending £25m on yet another comparatively inexperienced young player is ill-advised in the extreme.



  1. ma\rtinez or nobody lovren gret last year lallana great last year done f all this year pay for consistency not one year wonders or potential

  2. Good player but I can't see it, having Origi on the books as our promising young striker. I'm not sure what we are going to do in the forward department. I would not be surprised that if Sturridge is fit BR will refrain from getting a new striker in Jan and stick to was Balo and what ever else he has in the barracks. Which would be a mistake in my eyes. The only way I can see a striker coming in in Jan is if we get rid of Borini or Lambo.

  3. No. Marco Reus YES.

  4. better tats than last year no threat up front gerrard finished can looks promising

  5. Sign established quality instead of seriously over priced English potential for a change, we might actually improve then!

  6. top player but we need Ahmed Musa. more proven on bigger stages like Champions League and World Cup and same age. we need to buy Musa, Giovani Dos Santos, Carlos Vela and Diame

    Ahmed Musa(21) LW/ST - £15M
    Carlos Vela(25) RW/ST - £18M
    Giovani Dos Santos(25) RW/AM - £15M
    Mohamed Diame(27) - CM/DM - £10M

    total: £58M

    BR wants to persist with the 4-2-3-1 formation and if thats the case you need the right players for the formation and that means 2 athletic holding midfield players, 3 interchanging attacking midfielders and a goal machine.

    -----------------------Emre Can------Diame

    Subs on: Sterling for Vela, Coutinho for Musa, Balotelli for Sturridge to keep him fresh. simple team to go out every game, especially the likes of Newcastle, Aston Villa, West Ham, Hull to get us 3 points. Musa, Giovani and Vela are all quality magical players with the skill to score and create. Vela has 83 goals/assists in 138 games. we need this quality at Liverpool. Emre Can and Diame will give the front 4 freedom to attack.

    p.s where was Johnson for Chelseas winner today? credit to Coutinho for cover the ground and trying to be there but hes not a defender and he was brilliant today. again BR takes him off and the manager tactics are really driving me crazy now. our squad without Sturridge is as good as QPR if not worst. if we dont buy those players, you lot are going to hate me but were going to finish 7th again.

  7. Dos Santos.. Really??

  8. top class player. was absolutely on fire last season for Villareal. real explosive player. and then played fantastically at the world cup. hes only 25, he can be our Sanchez. hes also best friends with Vela and having them both will bring back that South American fight to anfield which we are missing from Suarez. Giovani Dos Santos a world class player if he wernt he would not have played for Barcelona and funnily after his standout first season at Barcelona they sold him to Spurs who never gave him a chance and he was sold and has had a good career since then. 81 caps and 15 goals, hes a experienced player. better than all midfielders in our squad

  9. Good thinking on some length but the club need world class players the last window has shown that buying so called depth is just not helping.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp5J7vlfcGI watch this the think again

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp5J7vlfcGI watch this mate

  12. Sorry but I don't see the player you are talking about, he may be a decent player in Spain but he would do nothing here, if he or they were potentially as explosive as you believe then they would be here already, maybe not with us but someone would have them by now, its just my opinion.

  13. What really annoys me is we have probably now missed the chance to buy the world class players we desperately need, as were out of almost definitely out of Europe (the one that counts) and looking like we are going to need a miracle to get there again this season, Rodgers banged on about us been able to attract top class talent then proceeded to get none of it

  14. these are world class players. the players we signed are no where near world classs, have bot even played Champions League and have not good enough stats for the respective ages. like lets take Markovic, 20 years old, never played Champions League or World Cup, played in a poor Portugese league and only got 5 goals/4 assists in 49 games. poor. that doesnt justify £20M. now lets look at Musa 2 goals/2 assists at the World Cup in a poor Nigerian team. world class performances in the CL, destroyed City at the Etihad a few days ago 59 goals/35 assists in 172 games career games. 21 years old plus 49 international caps and 9 goals. this is a young player clearly worth the money. he will regularly score and create whilst also improving into a World Class player. a combination of Giovani and Vela, especially at Anfield will be insane. believe me it be like Suarez never left. Giovani will really excite the fans, his left boot is magic watch Giovani 'the beast' on youtube and you will see Giovani at his best he will be our Sanchez, right now why were not clicking is there is no tactical plan and no magical players to lift the fans. BR is just throwing the players out there. putting attacking players like hendo, allen and gerrard in holding positions when really we diames, emre cans in them positions.

  15. Yes i was not happy the whole window could not believe signing Markovic geez i really think there could be a lot of selling seasons end.
    I cannot see FSG giving out much to spend either the 3 scouts that were sacked may have said it all.

  16. Look players like Isco Lars Bender the likes of Fabregas and Costa were there for the taking fine we may not have got any of them regardless.
    The point is these guys would all make a difference and be some of the first picked.

  17. I actually believe Markovic could become fantastic, but I would not have paid £20mil for him, and I cannot see FSG giving him a penny, and I don't blame them I wouldn't

  18. look at everton, Good fringe players in the right positions. Barry and McCarthy holding to allow their front 4 either Barkley, Osman, Naismith, Mirallas, McGeadey(Martinez choice) and Lukaku up top. Everton play beautiful football and all the players can play the philosophy with complete flexibility. you need the right players to do it, we need pace. Musa and Giovani will give us that along with quality, good vision, good touch, composure, clinical finishing and excellent dribbling. Vela is natural a goalscorer, likewise Musa, but both there ability to get assists will be fantastic for our football. Vela has 48 goals/35 assists in 138 games for Sociedad in La Liga and CL. i think if he signed now, in 2 years, he can display Luis Suarez stats, now i think he can contribute 15 goals/10 assists which will be a great return. Sterling, Coutinho and Balotelli are all better of the bench. if we started like this
    -------------Emre Can----------Diame

    Balo, Coutinho and Sterling can all enter.

  19. thats very naive. if he were igned now and started turning up you will shout

  20. Just a quick question.. are you these guys agent? lol

  21. I probably would shout, but I would rather cheer, that's my whole point..

  22. Sorry but I wont change my opinion on Vela or Dos Santos

  23. Look at Everton, fringe players in the right position who didn't get them into the top 4.

  24. I highly doubt FSG are going to make anymore money available especially when the have sacked 3 scouts during last week and it will only be the start, only a matter of time before we see more departures.

    We have a very good selection of attacking players but Rodgers and his one up front mentality is clearly where the problem lies when it comes to our lack of goals.

    has he even thought of going with





    any other options other than Balotelli up front on his own. WTF did we spend million after million on all these attacking players for when some of them are not even making the team.

    The vultures have started circling, Rodgers is the target. This not coming from me but FSG will not accept what is happening right now. Nobody should.

  25. Another thing that is becoming rather worrying for me is the amount of passes that get made between our defenders and from them.

    LFC Defence total passes: 236
    LFC Midfield total passes: 225

    compared to

    Chelsea Defence total passes: 121
    Chelsea Midfield total passes: 202

    Chelsea did make less pass overall than LFC but their midfield was where everything was happening where as majority of our game is spent in defence.

  26. 1. Too much money 2. The kid is what, 21, how about he stays at WBA and repays them for what they've invested in him first. He's had three good months and he wants to leave. Who was he last year? 3. He calls himself Defoe and he thinks he is Defoe, sounds like a deluded young player. We don't need someone who isn't the finished article but thinks he is. We already have that with Heskeytelli.

  27. this team will get beat 10-0 always ..lol

  28. very good this season....so far.............lets see if he can reproduce next season......and the one after that, etc

  29. Rodgers seems incapable of thinking outside the box ...try balo in midfield or try borini upfront with lallana but just try something,it must be a dream tactically to play Liverpool because we are so predictable .....if any prem managers are watching heres how to beat us .double up on the lone striker pressure the Cb and Gerrard to stop them playing friom the back with the added bonus that they lose position in a bad area ///ABC or QED

  30. About to sign a new 5 year deal at West Brom so no chance

  31. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/saido-berahino-close-to-signing-fiveyear-deal-at-west-bromwich-albion-9849329.html

  32. No no no. Martinez yes proven top top players are what we need no more I season wonders. But in saying that there isa player I like Wissam Ben Yedder have watched him for a while now and would slot into our team seamlessly outscored Ibrahamovic last season and again this season