15 Nov 2014

Shock Transfer: BR to make £25m offer for World Cup-winning 'dream' attacker

Liverpool are reportedly considering a massive January bid for 'dynamic' Chelsea star Andre Schurrle, who is allegedly on the verge of being scrapped by Jose Mourinho.

According to reports today:

* Liverpool are planning to make a £25m bid for Schurrle during the January transfer window.

* Tottenham are also preparing an offer for the Germany international.

* Mourinho is allegedly 'running out of patience' with Schurrle, and will let him leave in January.

Mourinho recently criticised Schurrle in public for failing to impress against Shrewsbury in the Capital One Cup. After the game, Mourinho barked:

"I love problems of choices, and it is easy to choose my team for Saturday"

When asked specifically if Schurrle had disappointed him, the Portuguese replied: ‘Yes.’

As proven in the past with Juan Mata, and David Luiz, Mourinho has no problem dumping big-money players if he feels they're not contributing effectively to the cause, and Chelsea's large squad of quality players, Schurrle could easily slip into the 'surplus to requirements' category.

Schurrle's creative contribution for Chelsea is not going to sway Mourinho, either. Since arriving last summer, he's weighed in with only 11 goals and 3 assists in 54 apps, which is pretty dismal, though he's grabbed 17 goals in 43 games for Germany, which shows that the German has the ability to cut it on the highest stage.

Mourinho may not rate Schurrle at the moment, but Reds legend Jamie Carragher is a fan, and in a recent interview, he enthused:

"He [Schurrle] reminds me of Dirk Kuyt, he's a managers dream. He can play left, right, centre, and always puts a shift in. You know what you will get. Is he the greatest technically? Probably not, but he [offers] graft and grit in there."

Urgh. For the love of God, no more technically bereft grafters, please! For £25m, Liverpool should sign someone far more prolific than Schurrle, and the only German player in that price range LFC should be considering is Marco Reus.

Roberto Firmino is another good option, and he is valued at significantly less than £25m.



  1. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:44 pm, November 15, 2014

    We dont need schurlee
    we need someone who can effectively play as a striker and winger or just striker , schurlee is a poor striker when he plays there

    schurlee,reus and firmino are all poor strikers

    Jackson martinez,bony,doumbia and higuain are fantastic strikers and all guarantee you 19 goals a year

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:45 pm, November 15, 2014

    markovic is there as is ibe and origi coming in next year
    lfc do not need another winger

    get doumbia and jackson martinez

  3. This day and age if you can't take on players and get around them then you're not good enough full stop.Let me give you a example (Jordan Henderson) should be running marathons not playing football.So if Scurrie isn't technically gifted as Carragher quoted then forget him and look elsewhere.

  4. Markovic fits that criteria perfectly, technically bereft! For £20mill it looks like yet another epic swindle.

  5. To be honest every time I've seen Schurrle play he's impressed me. 25 million is probably a little steep tho doubt there's any truth to this transfer rumour tho

  6. But Rues isn't in that price range. And Shurllr is not technically bereft. He would be a very good signing.

  7. Firstly Firmino, Its been widely reported he has agreed terms with Man U.
    Schurrle is a fine player, but not nearly as good as Reus, whom Chelsea want to buy, initially they were preparing Schurrle in a swap + cash deal for Reus, but it appears B Dortmund dont want Schurrle, they want cash.
    So we end up with Chelsea's surplus to requirements player,
    and they get Reus, and we fall further behind them. hope it does not happen, for the above reasons.

  8. Lazar Markovic will be put outside Anfield at the end of this season.Ready for our yearly garbage collection.I called that early and he's done nothing to change my mind.
    Liverpool paid £20m for a weak Speedy Gonzales type that puts his head down and runs into trouble.
    Some are starting to acknowledge Markovic as trash or at least not LFC standard.However there are fans who think a black bag and foul smell is a good prospect.

  9. I will get Doumbia and Musa for 25 Million to be Honest

  10. Bayern Munich are also after Reus.

    We ain't buying any players in January. We might see some players leave though.

  11. We do not need a player like Schurrle. If he comes to Anfield he will be another square peg in a round hole under Rodgers.

    If we are going to spend money which I highly doubt FSG will allow to happen then we should be going for a proper striker for instance Alexandre Lacazette who can dribble, is very quick and can score from almost anywhere. We need another player up front who can create something out of nothing like Suarez did and is why I am really gutted Sanchez chose Arsenal over us but why we then did not go for a players with the ability of Lacazette and Sanchez and signed a player like Balotelli is quite maddening.

    Balotelli is a very good player but he is clearly a square peg in a round hole under Rodgers. We could have called a miss on Lallana and Balotelli and signed a proper striker. Both Lallana and Balotelli can still come good but these are player that we did not need.

  12. Think that is a little harsh on Markovic. To be really honest, looking at how Rodgers is the main cause of our problems on the field and players like hendo, Coutinho, Sterling etc looking totally out of their depth this season how can you judge a player like Markovic being trash when none of the players even know what to do with the ball this season.

    Rodgers needs to man up and take the blame for our sh!te season. Problem is that Rodgers is to full of himself to take the blame.

  13. Spot on! This guy is a headless chicken which won't wash in the premiership. He has no guile or skill that would even suggest there is more to come. I get that he didn't have a great preseason but he has not demonstrated any game intelligence which is usually the last thing & is independent of fitness.

  14. I hear people talk about how good a player Balotelli is all the time and I just don't see it. When has he shown himself to be a very good player? I've seen him have the odd ok game and that's being quite generous. He's got a good first touch and can kick the ball really hard, other than that he brings next to nothing to the party.
    People talk about him like he's some mercurial talent but I'm afraid I just don't see it.

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:53 am, November 16, 2014

    doumbia is way better then lacazette

  16. MB's best performance this season was alongside Sturridge vs Spurs. Balotelli caused them lots of problems in the box. The whole team pressed Spurs high from the word go, forced them to make mistakes nad we ripped them to shreds.

    Balotelli has not been at his best since then, NONE of the players have and that is down to Rodgers. His tactics, persistence with a formation that clearly does not work and persistence with certain players who do not deserve a regular start.

    I was totally against Balotelli signing. Square peg round hole. Not the player we needed but Rodgers is at fault for expecting Suarez like result out of the Italian so majority of the blame for his poor form should be directed at BR.

  17. I'm not just talking about Balotelli's liverpool career, I'm speaking about his whole career. Name me one club he's had a major impact ON the pitch for? There aren't any. Throughout his entire career he's been inconsistent at best and downright rubbish at worst.
    He's had the odd good game, scored a couple of decent goals in his time but if ever there was an over rated player it's Balotelli. It's not often I agree with Joey Barton but he nailed it when he said Balotelli is the biggest myth in football

  18. carra likes grafters because that all he had to offer as a player, but in the upper echelon you have to be able to do more than run around for 90mins like a headless chicken

  19. To suggest that he has had no impact wherever he has played is not fair IMO. he is still relatively young as well. Like i said, I was against him signing but Rodgers has not helped his cause.

  20. His goal stats flatter him because of the number of penalties he's taken. I've always thought he was over rated and I've seen nothing to make me change my mind