26 Oct 2014

Transfer Update: LFC can sign 'unbelievable' striker, but only for £25m. Good deal?

Another day, another striker linked with Liverpool, and this time, it's West Bromwich Albion striker Saido Berahino who is reportedly on Brendan Rodgers' transfer wishlist.

According to the Mail on Sunday:

* Liverpool are planning a £15m January move Berahino.

* Spurs are also interested, and LFC will face off against the Londoners in January.

* West Brom are willing to sell, but only for £25m.

Some info about Berahino:

* Current contract expires in 2017.
* This season: 7 goals/1 assist in 9 apps.
* Total WB: 17 goals/3 assists in 47 apps.
* 21 goals in 45s apps for England youth teams.
* 2010: Helped the England U17 team win the European Championship.

West Brom central defender Craig Gardner is a big fan of Berahino, and in a recent interview, he outlined what makes the 'brilliant' 21-year old such a special player. He told reporters:

"His all round game since I've been here has improved so much, he can free people up around him, he can hold the ball up, get in behind and he has a natural goalscoring instinct. His record speaks for itself."

Berhinho is nicknamed 'Defoe' by his team-mates on account of his finishing ability, and in a recent interview, Victor Anichebe explained:

“He’s an unbelievable finisher. I call him Defoe after Jermain at Tottenham because that’s how he is. He loves it. He calls himself Defoe. He follows him on Instagram and he thinks he is Defoe".

For £15m, Berahino is an interesting option, but £25m? You're having a laugh. Liverpool already overpaid for Lallana, Lovren, and Markovic this year, and with Rodgers' questionable transfer history, it shouldn't even be a question. The Reds need to stop overpaying for players, and £25m is a massively inflated transfer fee.

It's only to be expected, though. The trend for inflating transfer fees on English players is well established now, yet Liverpool (and other clubs) continue to pay through the nose, even though it's clear they're being ripped off.

Still, at least the Reds haven't done a Manchester United, and ridiculously splurged £28m on a teenager...



  1. Pretty certain you've pulled "West Brom are willing to sell but only for £25m" out of your arse, mate.

  2. Swap for borini

  3. And if Luke Shaw is worth 30m, Berahino is worth more than that...

  4. This is just lazy journalism brahino is on form and liverpool not banging in goals there is no truth in this article

  5. why not ask, I am sure West Brom would e only to happy to gift wrap him and post him up the M6 at your convenience. After all our chairman is renown for being an easy man to deal with. Good Luck with that!

  6. West Brom do not need to sell certainly in January and £15m was never going cut it. It might be the case that Albion would not be prepared to sell at any price in January given how important he is to the team. If he does not sign a new contract then the summer window is a whole new ball game and if by then he has say 15 goals under his belt would you sell for much less than £20m?

  7. liverpool need an experienced player not a youngster who's having a good season so far, sure he has a lot of qualities and under other circumstances i would be happy for liverpool to go for him but for that price we could buy Reus who is more experienced at top level.

    Lucas and Borini will certainly leave in january so we might aswell invest the money and wages we could recoup for him.

  8. if true...sceptical speaking here.....25m for a player who has only done well in the short term......we would never go for that, would we????

  9. According to these rumours West Brom will defo sell for 25 million.
    Liverpool SHOULD meet this price as 16million for Balotelli has proved wasted money and Studge is always injured.

  10. of course not.. if recent history has taught us anything it is that LFC never spend ridiculous amounts on one season wonder..
    oh wait!!

  11. not his arse..from the daily mail actually. but then whats the difference :)

  12. Borini plus 10 mill and everyone is happy

  13. Well if it's the Mail you know its been pulled out of somebody's arse

  14. Don't believe this story for a second. If we're gonna spend 25 million on a striker it has to be one with proven pedigree

  15. Benteke comes to mind, although he's been unfortunate with injuries.

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:28 pm, October 26, 2014

    Jackson Martinez
    gonzalo Higuain

  17. Here's how you become a sports journo for a newspaper. Keep an eye on players who are in form, look for clubs that could do with a player like him, and then link the two together in a transfer rumour. Easy.

  18. does taking a great penalty make you defoe? His finishing is very very raw indeed. im sure he has 8 goals with 7 being penalties. He is not the answer....yet......far from it.

  19. The funny thing is Liverpool will be linked with every striker in the world from now till the end of the season ,as long as they remain in this goal scoring rut

  20. B Rodgers needs to forget about spending £15-£25M on Berahino(21), B Rodgers needs to spend £46M on these two world class attackers.
    1: L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £16-£20M FD
    2: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £23-£26M RWF/LWF
    These are the two world class attackers the club should have brought to the club this summer instead of Balotelli(24), Markovic(20) and Lambert(32).
    B Rodgers cannot afford to be wasting millions on potential as we need to bring in class quality players better than what we have at club.
    As so far in B Rodgers reign and Liverpool he has been good, but in the transfer window he has been shocking and diabolical to say the least.

  21. If he was French or Spanish and doing it in their top leagues , we would want to sign him for more. We should get the kid. He has obvious quality, work rate and is a consummate finisher. If Balo was seen as a bargain (at the time of purchase) for 16 then this kid at 25 is a no brainer.

  22. Why can't our scouting team find such gems when they are cheap?? Tired of having to pay through the nose for players.

  23. Personally would love to see us snap up this guy. Agreed 25m is a bit much but he would be a massive improvement on Balo, Lambert or Borini. We need pace upfront and with Sturridge out we simply don't have the pace out game needs.