10 Oct 2014

Anfield Outcast: 84% of LFC fans want BR to sell 'outstanding' £10m star. Game Over?

Liverpool are reportedly stalling on handing Glen Johnson a new contract, and with two new full-backs in the squad - plus Jon Flanagan to return - it's probably safe to predict that the 30-year old's time at Anfield is drawing to a close. What do LFC fans think, though? Should LFC give him a new contract, or cut him loose?

Last month, I conducted a poll on the site asking whether Liverpool should sell or keep Johnson:

* 18250 visitors (approx) participated.

* 84% of participants voted for Johnson to be sold.

This is a pretty emphatic result, but it's hardly surprising given Johnson's regular defensive lapses, and the recent signings of Alberto Moreno/Javier Manquillo.

The question is, can Liverpool survive without Johnson? The answer is a thundering, resounding 'yes', and when he leaves, he won't be missed (IMO).

Johnson recently admitted that he could 'talk to other clubs' during the January transfer window, and by all account, he won't be short of potential suitors.

Indeed, according to recent reports, Roma are planning to make a January offer for the £10m-rated right back, who shares an agent with fellow Brit Ashley Cole, who joined the club on a free transfer over the summer.

Some of the criticism of 'outstanding' Johnson - - recently hailed as 'one of the best full-backs in the world' by Brendan Rodgers - is, admittedly, a little over the top, but there's no escaping the fact that with Manquillo, Moreno, and Flanagan in the squad, it's going to be hard for him to retain an automatic starting place.

Of course, there's also another possibility: Johnson gets fit and plays out of his skin, prompting Rodgers to keep him in the side, which leads to a new 2-year contract at the club. It's not beyond the realm of possibility - just look at the ongoing resurgence of Martin Skrtel.

Johnson is focused on winning a regular place in the team, but in an interview today, he admitted that he'd 'rather be away on international duty', adding:

"I'm training with the Academy lads and some players who I've never met before. My body feels good. I just need some game-time, stay fit and well and get back into the team and put in some good performances."

That's all well and good, but whilst he's still getting back to match fitness, LFC should be Johnson's main priority, not England. If Johnson ends up staying, though, he'll make a good squad player (just like Lucas, Allen, Toure et al), and going forward, that's all he should ever be (IMO).



  1. i cant undrstand how hes not been turfed out already he cannot defend and his ability going forward has deserted him and contary to popular belief i feel manquillo has alot of potential

  2. A quick look at his stats shows that he actually created only a few goals for the past few seasons, and despite some decent strikes was never as prolific at assists/goals as Baines or even Seamus Coleman .
    For £100k a week.
    And stats don't even show how few crosses he blocked.
    No great loss. Give his 100K pw towards Reus, Song or Higuain

  3. Glen Johnson in the squad is better than most teams have for squad depth at RB but at 100k+ a week forget about it.
    Time to go, Does anyone know what the permanent buy clause is in Manquillos loan? i remember hearing 6m euros being thrown around but not sure.
    Cause i'd pay that now for him if we could move GJ on

  4. Let him go.

  5. Johnson is a liability in every sense. Every time he is under pressure from the flanks he screws up. He is absolutely rubbish defending corners. Good bye and good luck.

  6. Look this is not the Liverpool way .
    At his peak he was great for us but like all his time has come .
    Kuyt agger got treated bad last days no fitting fairwell,
    Ok he isn't at his best we don't have place for him lets be respectful.

  7. Hear, hear. He's been dogshit for the past 12 months but we should let him see out his final days with a measure of respect..

  8. Spot on Tony.Johnson has been a good player for Liverpool.Some are ready to thrown him under bus.Then stand him in front of a speeding train and kick him out of a plane over shark infested waters.
    It makes sense for Glen Johnson to move on.He's on the wrong side of 30 and takes home a huge wage.His attacking game has gone downhill, but the way some are talking you would've thought he's been a flop.
    Why can't fans just acknowledge Johnson gave whatever side he played on a nice balance.He started and supported attacks better than most fullbacks.
    Instead fans are overdosing on the new kid on the blocks contribution and taking shots at Johnson.

  9. Nuke H
    Johnson, sign Ricardo Rodriguez.

  10. Well said, beast......

  11. Johnson apparently has been offered a one year extension but has snubbed it. He will be gone by the end of the season.

    And regarding Allen, funny how you see him as a squad player? If it was not for all his injuries then he would have featured in most games.

    Injury record at LFC
    Mar 16, 2013 to Jul 1, 2013 -- 9 games missed
    Aug 27, 2013 to Sep 16, 2013-- 3 games missed
    Nov 29, 2013 to Jan 18, 2014-- 11 games missed

    and this season he has again been riddled with injury. What is the bet that he would have started most times if it was not for his poor injury record?

  12. A nuking seems a bit harsh; imagine the fallout.....

  13. I very hopes that sometimes B.Rodgers try use Jon Flanagan with CDM or Holding Ball position.WingLeftback Moreno and Manquillo as wingrightback.

  14. Origi started ahead of Lukaku again for Belgium last night, scored and assisted. We have prepared well in advanced with this signing :-)

  15. Mr. Point Of View9:32 am, October 11, 2014

    With or without GJ our defending is f*** up but without GJ our attacking seem limited rite? So i choose stick with him at this moment

  16. can't wait to see him in a liverpool jersey :) he's scoring for fun atm

  17. we miss allen so damn much, i doubt he will be a squad player once he returns from injury!!

  18. forget about rodriguez, he's one of the best but we cant splash out the cash for a fullback... i'd say let real/barca/juventus/whoever take rodriguez, let johnsons contract run out, stick with moreno manquillo flanno and enrique and sign a proper DM

  19. when we signed him on loan the rumored clause for a permanent buy was 6m, just can't see atletico being that dumb, loaning out one of their own prospects for 2 years and selling them for cheap afterwards

  20. I don't get it. You say he said he'd "rather be away on international duty", then give a quote where he doesn't say that, and actually says he wants to get back into the team (LFC surely, since he's never really been dropped from first choice for England without being injured, only RB to go to the world cup, in context the quote is talking about Liverpool etc). At the same time, skysports et al. are reporting a story, with quotes, where he says the international break has come at a bad time. Who to belive, I wonder...

  21. I don't see how he is worth £10m when he is on 90k a week and he has 32-40 weeks left on it

  22. Jeez, I guess I really do have to spell out every tiny detail. Actually,  I can't be bothered. If you don't get how quotes can be presented in different ways, then that's your problem, not mine.

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  23. stats taken from transfermarket.co.uk

    Cafu stats in Serie A : 282 games played 9 goals and 4 assists

    Xabi Alonso in the premier league: 143 games 14 goals and 7 assists!

    Glen Johnson in the premier League: 284 games 14 goals and 26 assists

    The point i'm trying to make by highlighting these stats are these players improve the attacking chemistry of a team.... there is no doubt about it, without actually getting the assists or goals that everyone dreams they do. They are however heavily involved during the first and second phase of an attack and use their flair and guile to find the people who actually make the assists.

    I read recently that the 'theory of evolution' is based on only 2% of known information meaning there is 98% that scientists have no clue about or don't take into account. These stats in my opinion are cheap. My audacious point here :) is that the stats on GJ's attacking contribution are also cheap because it doesn't take into account any of his phase one or two work that Manquillo and Flanno will never be capable of providing.

    *Disclaimer: Yes GJ had a poor year due to injury and yes he isnt the greatest defensively but there is no doubt he offers us guile, trickery and flair going forward when fit and firing.

  24. Ha ha ha you always lie about the amount of people who participate. A national newspaper never gets that many votes in a poll.

  25. Whoops deleted comment. Why do you lie massively about the amount of people who vote. National newspapers don't get anywhere near the amount of votes you claim you get.

  26. Deleted again . Your a liar

  27. Great? When the hell was that? I saw what was I think the first match he played - a friendly at Español - and couldn't believe LFC had bought such a hopeless dud. Maybe you're confusing him with someone else? A footballer, perhaps.

  28. Allen will make no difference at all once he returns. Simply hasn't got it. Just another Lucas.

  29. I think he would work great with Studge.

  30. Granted Glens performances of late have not been great but I would still like him to be in the squad as he helped BR cultivate the style that we have become accustomed to and I feel experience and familiarity is partly what we need right now until we get some stability and wins and normal service is resumed.

  31. Johnson is bad but Manquillo is worse

  32. His monumental wages will probably deter the club from keeping him on as a squad player.

  33. Just don't think Manquillo is good enough. Good debut v Southampton has been followed by consistently average performances. Would prefer Johnson, Flanagan, or Wisdom ahead of the kid at present.
    Too easy to believe the hype.
    Now Moreno on the other hand..... Quality