30 Oct 2014

Photo Proof: 'Wonderful' LFC starlet trains with Sterling. Shock debut vs. Newcastle?

In September, Liverpool starlet Jordan Rossiter scored on his competitive debut for the club, prompting Reds boss Brendan Rodgers - in typical hyperbolic fashion - to describe his performance as 'wonderful'. Well, after making the bench for Tuesday's Carling Cup victory over Swansea, it looks like the promising midfielder could be about to get a taste of Premier League action.

As the following picture shows, 17-year old Rossiter is currently training with the first-team squad, which suggest that he could be in line for a place on the bench against Newcastle this Saturday:

Rossiter is very highly rated at Anfield, and a whole host of current and ex-Reds have praised the youngster's talent. When asked last season who is the 'brightest prospect at LFC's Academy', John Aldridge told the official LFC site:

"I like [Jordan] Rossiter. When he was 15 he was playing for the U18s, which is a tremendous accolade for the lad. He’s a great talent"

Liverpool icon Robbie Fowler also believes the youngster has the potential to develop into the club's new talisman. He recently tweeted:

"A young lad is just about to come on for a few mins for Liverpool in [the] Nextgen - Jordan Rossiter. Big shout, but potentially a young Stevie G. He's a very good player"

Jamie Carragher is also a fan:

"I like the look of him [Rossiter]. He's got a bit of character and steel that me and Stevie have had. He's not shy, will put himself about and clearly is a good footballer".

After Rossiter's debut goal last month, Kolo Toure raved:

“Jordan Rossiter is a great player. I really like this boy. He scored a great goal and showed the strength of Liverpool Football Club. Every day when he comes to training he gives 100%. When you play with young players like that you enjoy it."

The hype machine just keeps on rolling. Rossiter is 17, and he's already being hailed like he's some kind of footballing legend. Keep this up, and it won't be long before he's pulling a Sterling, and demanding £100K a week just to stay at Anfield.



  1. hey jamie is it true your man utd club owe £500 million and if they fail to qualify again for c.l they could go bust

  2. I was enjoying this article until you put the usual downer on it at the end!!!

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:23 pm, October 30, 2014

    gerrard,henderson,allen and can have priority over him
    even lucas done well vs swansea
    doubt he is getting a debut
    but with br you never know

  4. theres nothing like blowing your own trumpet is there carra ....pity carra never showed that steel against drogba and amonst others when he played

  5. Unlike our squad ;-)

  6. Our defence has been consistent...

  7. I'll be astonished if he starts against Newcastle. If he was gonna see any first team action this week, I think it would've been against Swansea

  8. hate to be negative but he'll go the same way as suso never fulfil it at anfield anyway not big or powerful enough

  9. Jk likes to edge his bets. players usually go from the sublime to the ridiculous all in the same post but just lately hes really been out doing himself

  10. Disagree mate, you cant compare this guy to suso. Gerrard wasnt powerful at 17 either, neither was Carragher. Rossiter has the same attitude as these two legends.

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:28 pm, October 30, 2014

    Team vs newcastle

    balotelli needs a partner up front and we should give him the chance

    sterling needs a rest as sidlfc said

    manquillo has the challenge of facing ronaldo so he needs all the rest he can get

  12. You constantly place Coutinho in midfield with your lineups, but he would be a terrible CM. His main strengths are dribbling and vision, neither of which are particularly useful there. He won't have the freedom to be a playmaker, and his size will be a detriment. Lallana might be able to play there, but not coutinho

  13. Are we going to ignore him playing there against Arsenal and being one of our best players when we battered them? Not to mention other Game when he did well there.

  14. I like Coutinho best in the number 8 position. Slightly deeper where he can both beat a player and drive forward as well as play those long brilliant through balls. He's desperately missed Sturridge though, as has Sterling. His return will bring a whole new dimension to our attack

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:30 pm, October 30, 2014

    againts west brom did we play him in
    number 8?


    i think that was the team balotelli instead of lambert and that is a team

  16. I think you're off the mark with Sterling "demanding" anything. It all seems to be based on that article from Carra who, with all due respect, has zero insight into what is actually happening at the club. He doesn't work there and he's clearly not got some kind of inside angle. The article was nothing more than his reaction to another newspaper article. So let's be clear: it was a pundit talking about a story in a paper written by a journalist who happened to hear that the club and Sterling's agents were talking about a new contract. It's third hard information.

    In fact the original article suggested that Sterling is "in no rush" to sign a contract extension. If anything it's likely that Liverpool started those negotiations because he's now got less that two years left on his current deal. Of course I'm speculating too, but that's the thing: everyone is just speculating. Yet you still feel comfortable persisting with the line that Sterling is "demanding" a high wage contract renewal. There is just nothing to back that up.

    This is how baseless rumours start. One journo gets some vague information about something happening at the club. He writes a story and speculates about x y z. Another journo (Carra) picks up that article, accepts some of the speculation and then writes about it as if it's fact. Another journo (you) then pick up the second article and write about it as if it's fact. At this point it's fourth hand information and quite frankly I don't believe any of it. So I take issue with the way you continue to insist that Sterling is "demanding" a new high wage contract or acting in any way inappropriately. You just have no real information to back that up.

  17. The idea that Carra has 'zero' insight into what happens at the club makes no sense whatsoever. He is a club legend and veteran; he is Gerrard's best mate; you don't think they talk? Plus, it's likely that he still has relationships with a number of people at Anfield.

    Football is like any other workplace; people form personal relationships that continue long after X, Y or Z have left.

    Carra responded to an article in a newspaper, but that has nothing to do with what he might know of what's going on behind the scenes.

    You don't believe any of the Sterling stuff because you'd prefer to stick your head in the sand re the issue. When it comes to something else you want to believe, though, you have no problem believing newspaper reports.

  18. What have I got to do with it? Am I writing articles that are read by thousands of people? Am I supporting rumours that a Liverpool player is trying to get a massive and inappropriate wage increase? Stop talking about me and stick to the facts. You have none. There is nothing from Carragher to suggest that he has any either. In fact Carra says specifically in his article that he was angry, not about the facts of the story, but about the timing of the report. Here's what he said:

    "Now, before we go any further, I want to make it clear I have no issue about a journalist unearthing a story. Nor, on a separate matter, do I have a problem with agents trying to get the best possible deal for their clients. In both circumstances, people are just doing their respective jobs.
    The reason for my fury was the timing of this particular story. Whoever has let it be known that Sterling is in no rush to commit his future to Liverpool has made a massive mistake. No thought has been given to the big picture."

    He's saying specifically that this kind of press is bad for Liverpool. He's bothered by the leaking of the information for the article, not by the contract negotiations themselves. He's bothered that the story was leaked in the first place. Does that sound like someone is going to take advantage of his relationship with the club and dig deeper for more specific information? Does that sound like someone who is going to divulge more sensitive information? Of course not. Carra respects the club and he respects the way business is supposed to be done. So he hasn't used his inside knowledge at all. He's commented on what he knows from the existing article and anything else would be extremely hypocritical based on what he's otherwise said in the article.

    Me personally, I also have no problem with the information that was given either. Sterling is in negotiations for a new contract. Fine. What I object to is your continued assumption that he is somehow strong-arming the club and demanding massive wages. Of course you're free to speculate on that, but every time you repeat it as if it were fact you are continuing to support an unfounded rumour. The only facts we have are that Sterling's agent and the club are talking. No information on who started those talks. No information on what Sterling himself wants to do long term. No information on what he would ask for wages. No information on when a new contract may be put forward or even what the outcome of those initial talks were.

    So as to what I believe? I believe what I know to be true. You choose to make assumptions and believe something that is purely speculative. You also know very well that I am highly suspicious of newspaper reports and many of my responses to them are phrased something like "if this is true ...". If I fail to say that then it's just an omission. You know very well that I consider the european football media to be rife with nonsense and baseless rumour, I've said so repeatedly.