11 Sept 2014

Yes Please: €37m 'miracle' star admits he wants transfer 'abroad'. Should BR sign?

After World Cup victory over the summer, German football is on the crest of a wave right now, and the Bundesliga continues to produce some of the best players on the planet. Mario Gotze is on the path to becoming a major asset for the national team, and this week, he's dropped a major hint about his future, which could be great news for whole host of clubs, including Liverpool.

In in interview on Wednesday with German newspaper Bild, Gotze - who cost Bayern €37m - revealed that he has his eye on a move abroad at some point. He noted:

"I am very happy at Bayern, but I might play for another 14 years, and a move abroad would certainly not be bad. A foreign country would also be tempting for someone of my personality".

Gotze claims he's happy, but only a couple of months ago, he publicly revealed his frustration with the way he's utilised at the Allianz arena. He told reporters:

"I am not happy, but I will continue to step on the gas. I hope that I will get the trust of the coach soon,"

After last season, it's easy to understand why Gotze felt unhappy. He started just 29 games all season, and was on the bench/subbed off 27 times in total. Despite the stop-start nature of the campaign, he still grabbed 23 goals/assists, which is very impressive.

Germany legend Franz Beckenbauer is a big fan of Gotze, and he's regularly hyped the 22-year old, including comparing him to the world's best attacking player:

"It is not possible to stop Mario Gotze. He has the same assets as Messi. He runs through opponents as though they aren't there. He is an instinctive footballer, just like Messi."

Goetze - hailed by Joachim Low as a 'miracle' player after his winning goal in the World Cup final - admits he's 'honoured' by the praise, but in a recent interview, he politely rejected the comparison. He told Marca:

"Me, the German Messi? No, I want to be the Cristiano Ronaldo of Germany"

It's never too early to start planning for the future, and in my view, Liverpool should keep Gotze's comments in mind, and monitor the situation over the next couple of years. If the Reds keep progressing, and do well in the Champions League, Anfield could become a very attractive destination for players of Gotze's talent.



  1. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:01 pm, September 11, 2014

    break the bank for this guy sell coutinho if we have to finance this deal

    dream signing
    a real marquee signing

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:02 pm, September 11, 2014

    realistically speaking he will probably end up at man utd wuth tehir galactico spending
    and we will be signing someone like delph

  3. Agree that we should but gotze. But no way can we sell coutinho. He will develop into a great player and has a similar ceiling to gotze.

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:04 pm, September 11, 2014

    plus cant see why he would leave his perfect life at bayern where hima nd his girlfriend are happy
    and if they leave it will be for london or manchester
    as jaimie said liverpool is not attractive for palyers

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:10 pm, September 11, 2014

    i really like coutinho
    but he has not played a good competitive game since that city game
    he is way too inconsistent and i think raheem sterling is showing him up even more by being so good

    he needs to improve a lot

  6. Can will be every bit as good as Gotze in a few years time mark my words, he will be the new Gerrard for us and will dominate our midfield even better than our once brilliant captain, just sit back and watch him develop into the best all round midfield player in the world.

  7. ''German football is on the crest of a right now'' .... well i watched their last two games and the sea was awful calm.

  8. Continho needs to take up kick boxing and get some steel into his game/ players sneeze at him and he backs off

  9. Please stop paraphrasing me; every time you do it, you misrepresent my POV.

  10. Jaimie, don't get me over-excited.

  11. And then Delph will end up running circles around all of Man U's players ;D

  12. We need to continue our improvement as a club. Performing well in the CL this year will be a start, combined with another top-3 finish in the league. So long as we continue to play the same kind of football and compete with the best teams in Europe we'll eventually convince players like Gotze that we're good enough.

  13. Spirit of the Shadows2:52 am, September 12, 2014

    In the same time frame raheem sterling could be as good as him and we should consider it a big achievement to keep hold of him.

  14. Id rather hed signed Stekelenburg. Could be our Van der Sar.

  15. Thank god you said that at the end. So many times I read stuff on here and people seem to forget about the little magician all to ofte. In a few years him & sterling will be on every football supporter, writer in the world's lips. Y.N.W.A

  16. Struth there mate a tribe of real blokes in pommie land.

  17. Please come VV! He'd be amazing backup or challenge for mignolet... they would train well together as well with Mignolet lots to learn...

  18. He wasn't for Fulham

  19. Like those points against City, if Mignolet performed better at the Etihad last season if he saved that tame tame shot he let in from Alvaro Negredo Liverpool would have won the title

  20. I see it every weekend, never is exaggerated, but he runs forward a lot more and faster than he runs back

  21. There is literally no top-flight player who plays Johnson's position and role in world football for whom that wouldn't be the case.

    Have a watch of Ricardo Rodriguez against England the other night -- I mention him because he's widely accounted among the very best full-backs in world football right now. You'll see him jogging back in the direction of his own goal for both England goals.

    The only reason for a player to scorch back in those situations would be to impress the supporters, because there's literally no point, once you've been caught out, in just rushing back. You can't help once you get there out of breath; you are likely to get booked if you do manage to catch up with play from behind; you can't control where you end up properly.

    It's up to your team mates to shut down space to give you time to retake a defensive position in a controlled way.

    If you think you can play that position by sprinting up and down the wing for 90 minutes whilst executing passes and tackles, well, think again. And if you are watching Glen Johnson and believing he's bad or "not trying" because he doesn't sprint everywhere all the time, well, I'd advise you just to have another look at it.

  22. Didn't mean to sound condescending there man, sorry. I just get a bit antsy about the way people talk about Glen Johnson, who has been a very good player for us for 5 years over a difficult period in our history.

  23. Pieter Engelbrecht7:50 am, September 13, 2014

    surely we have a g/keeper coach. surely he can work on migs shortcoming like taking control at the back especiaaly when crosses comes flying in.why aint this happening?

  24. Or 3rd tier defences