18 Sept 2014

Secret Transfer Trip: BR flies out to watch 'exceptional' star who rejected Chelsea

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers seems to have a liking for personal scouting trips, and last season, he reportedly flew out to watch Benfica star Rodrigo, Bayer Leverkusen's Heung Son Min, and his former team-mate, Emre Can, who is now a Liverpool player. Rodgers is on the move again this season, and reports this week claim that LFC's boss recently watched one of the Bundesliga's most promising youngsters in action.

According to The Mirror today:

* Liverpool scouts are monitoring Bayer Leverkusen star Julian Brandt.

* Rodgers has made a 'personal check' on the 18-year old midfielder.

Some info about Brandt:

* Turns 18 next month.
* Joined Leverkusen in January 2014.
* 9 goals in 31 apps for various Germany youth teams.
* 27 goals in 48 games for Wolfsburg.
* 3 goals/3 assists in 14 appearances for Leverkusen.
* 2014: Won the U19 European Championship with Germany
* Football role models are Marco Reus and Diego.
* Rejected Chelsea to sign for Leverkusen.

When asked in a recent interview about his strengths and weakness, Brandt told reporters:

"Weaknesses are defensive work and heading ability. I live by my speed, I'm good with both feet, and I give everything on the pitch"

Leverkusen Sporting Director Rudi Voller is a fan of Brandt, and in May, he hailed the youngster as 'exceptional', adding:

"He [Brandt] is fast, and a great natural talent. He has many qualities that you can not learn"

Brandt only signed for Leverkusen in January, so it seems unlikely that the German club will let him go so quickly. Having said that, the departure of Sami Hyypia may have changed things a little - after all, Hyypia is the manager who signed Brandt, and if he's no longer at the club, perhaps the youngster might be more amenable to moving on...?

Plus, money talks, and every player is for sale if the offer is attractive enough.



  1. In the opening para I hope you mean Emre Can is NOW a Liverpool player rather that NOT a Liverpool player. Freudian slip?

  2. Liverpool are stacked with good young attacking options.Jordan Ibe and Divock Origi will be in the squad next season too.If we buy another attacker it should be players in the Pedro/Marco Reus category.

  3. For a 17 year old scoring 27 goals in 48 games for a team like Wolfburg is very very impressive... was that senior goals?
    be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this kid, but that stat alone
    is worth consideration... The Bundasliga is no push over league...

  4. I agree with you in priority signings, but stocking up on the next big talent should be encouraged, preferably british, but all are welcome... The better the pool, the better chance LFC have in future seasons.... Also there is alot of money to be made by buying in the best youngsters and selling them on in the future if they don't quite fit... Chelsea have been outstanding at doing just that, so much so that they ultimately pay for the players they do want...eg. De Bruyne to Wolfsburg, Lukaku to Everton... this list goes on, and it gives them the necessary funds to buy your Costa's and Fabregas's....

    As much as I want the youngsters we do have to make it through to the first team, I don't think we should rely on them solely...

  5. More paper talk

  6. Son Heung Min would be a very good addition considering his speed, strength and conditioning, and has a strong proven record in the Bundesliga both at Hamburg/Bayer Leverkusen. But at the moment, I think we have way too many offensive players in the team, so it'll be hard for him to get a spot unless we're shipping out players like Suso in the January Transfer.

  7. Next move(s) need to be proven quality players especially at defensive midfield. We don't need kids right now, we need grown ups for CL and the Prem. Our back line looks shaky but that is due in no small measure to the gaping holes in the midfield area between 30-50 yards from goal. Against Villa I reckon Ray Charles could have run for 25 yards before being challenged.......

  8. I that 27 goals for Wolsburgs actual team, not the under 18's or a B team or something? If so, that is mighty impressive for someone who isn't even 18 yet.

  9. i think its u-18. dont see any mention of it on wiki.

  10. Makes sense. That many goals at first team level would be pretty insane.

  11. Julian Brandt never played for Wolfsburg's first team.The goals came in their youth teams.Playing 42 times for the U19's he scored 21 goals and had 25 assists.He netted another 14 in 25 appearances for the U17's.His record at Bayer Laverkusen is 3 goals and 5 assists in 18 matches.

  12. Seems like Rodgers type of player, good stats for his age. Definitely worth looking into. No transfer fee mentioned, so if he is reasonably priced then go for it. But if it's Shaw-esque money forget it.
    I've said before, I have no problem with investing in youth, the academy will always be bursting and that's the way it should be. Good financial and footballing strategy IMO, as long as the purchase are a reasonable quality at a reasonable price.

    I'm half thinking we might see Rickie Lambert get a start with Balotelli
    this weekend. We are much more effective with two
    strikers and although Lambert and Balotelli are very similar (both CFs
    who hold the ball up) I think they could do well against West Ham
    Also we need to get our midfield into the game, they have been stifled
    lately and two up front is the way to do that. Push their defensive line
    back to bring Lallana/Sterling/Henderson into the game.

  13. SELL allen SELL lallana

  14. I see he checked out an asian player... this is good, get some brand power in asia! But I really want BR to sign a South African player... only one I can think of is our keeper, Ithumaleng Khune... world class, dominates his box, he's like a spider! Also excellent distribution like Reina and a great shot stopper. That would be serious competition for Mignolet!

  15. Never heard of him. I thought I had enough knowledge about football to at least know all world class players.

  16. Definitely not senior goals.

  17. I think he is mocking Can who is hardly getting games and is not available for few weeks now. Technically a Liverpool player but virtually not.

  18. No, it's supposed to say 'now' - that's a typo by me.

  19. Yes, it's supposed to say 'now' (!)