18 Aug 2014

Done Deal: 'Powerful' £7m star in France to watch Monaco loss ahead of LFC exit

After impressing for Granada last season, 'powerful' Liverpool defender Tiago Ilori is reportedly on the verge of sealing another loan deal, it looks like Ligue One is the Portuguese youngster's next destination.

Last week, Bordeaux President Jean-Louis Triaud, claimed that the French club had agreed a deal for Ilori, and over the weekend, The Mirror reported:

"Tiago Ilori is ready to head to France and play for Bordeaux on loan. The Portuguese centre-half will head back to Europe again for a year to increase his football education".

Ilori was present at the Stade Chaban-Delmas on Sunday to watch his new team beat Monaco:

 photo ScreenShot2014-08-18at103620_zps1ae9eaca.png

With five senior centre-backs currently in the squad (Skrtel, Sakho, Lovren, Toure, Agger), a loan deal is clearly the best option, and if he plays regularly, Ilori - who cost Liverpool £7m - will come up against some top players in France, which will be great for his development.

Ilori is allegedly 'one for the future', but I just don't see how he is ever going to make it at Anfield. Lovren and Sakho are both mid-20s, and have plenty of years ahead of them; Skrtel also has a good few years left, and when Toure and/or Agger leave, it's likely that Rodgers will go out and sign another experienced replacement.

Plus, with loan deals, there's always the possibility that the player being loaned may enjoy the experience so much that he wants to stay permanently. In Ilori's case, if he becomes a first-team regular for Bordeaux, why would he want to leave that behind to sit on the bench at Anfield? (or be farmed out on loan yet again)



  1. Agreed Jaimie,

    My problem is that we now have three left footed centre backs.
    Sakho,Lovren,Agger and only one decent right footed centre back in Skrtel and a very suspect Toure.

    We definitely need a keeper who is going challenge Mingolet.
    I was at the game yesterday and every time he came for a cross you held your breath.
    Mingolet is great shot stopper but is very poor at crossing.

    Otherwise I thought that Manquillo was excellent for such a young player whose never played in the premier league.
    Johnson I heard wants to leave Liverpool as he doesn't like the city.
    Fine by me as he was awful yesterday constantly passed backwards and square.
    Lucas for me need to be a squad player now he cant really influence a game anymore.
    Finally I can guarantee that this season Countinho is going to get kicked from pillar to post and oppositions will put three players on him.
    Thats what Southamption did so we need alternatives in Lallana,Marovic etc,

    I'm happy with the start

  2. Probably best for him. Hopefully he will get some chance next season.
    Any news on Moreno? Has it been confirmed yet?

  3. Lovren's right footed...

    Not that it matters which foot you kick a ball with...?????

  4. The assumption that Rodgers will sign an experienced replacement for Agger and Toure has no grounds really. I don't understand why Jaimie has made this leap.

  5. Yes confirmed Saturday I think. Was in the Echo anyway. Yes it is done and dusted. Dunno if the City game will be too soon though.

  6. Yea, I just noticed and edited my comment. Guess you missed the edit. Cheers though!

  7. You don't understand because you're continually blinded by your zeal to prove me wrong.

    LFC's recent history quite clearly shows that Liverpool always sign (comparatively) experienced defenders who are much older than 20 years old, i.e. Hyypia, Henchoz, Skrtel, Agger, and under Rodgers: Sakho Lovren, and Toure. It's not an assumption, it's (arguably) a fact.

  8. Never seen the guy play so can't comment on if I think he will make it at Liverpool, but if I was him I'd be a bit pissed at being passed around like a piece of meat.

  9. "It's not an assumption, it's (arguably) a fact."

    It is not a fact. It is like arguing that a stock will achieve a similar dividend to last year because, historically, that is what they have done. You have assumed that Liverpool will behave the same in the transfer market as they have previously and sign an experienced CB.
    Back to the point though. Buying Llori for 7m and loaning him out to gain experience is likely to be a low risk strategy because if he turns out to develop into a class CB then we will keep him. If he turns out to be average at best then we can sell him, and in all honesty with the transfer market inflating at its current rate we may even make a profit.

  10. Once again with the ego James. I just disagree with you on certain things. This being one. If you look back at posts of minw some are no more than"I agree". Once again I add don't think looking further than this manager for examples means anything to the argument. Secondly we would have three quite experienced players in the team by the time Ilori ends his loan. Why would we pay for another when we have this lad? The ones we have brought in Toure and Lovren have been to replace the leadership and experience of Care. That is no longer needed now. Hopefully. So that means the less experienced Ilori may find himself fourth choice. This seems far more plausible than buying a player to fight it out with over sixty Mil worth of defenders.

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:05 pm, August 18, 2014

    if manquillo is playing now iloris should be as well
    lovren and iloris will be a top partnership , i dont think rodgers bought him for no reason

    agger ,toure and coates will leave soon
    skrtel is probably in his last season as welll

    is the 3 cbs i expect next season

  12. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:08 pm, August 18, 2014

    Are we actually weaker then arsenal see i dont think so

    sturridge - walcott

    coutinho- ozil
    markovic- chamberlain

    sure henderson is no ramsey but walcott wont get as many goals as sturridge evens out

  13. Some thoughts on this one..
    1. Chelsea have lots of promising young players out on loan around the world with a view to coming into the squad or being sold
    2. I doubt we paid £7m upfront - I would bet a lot is based on appearances for Liverpool
    3. Toure will be gone next year freeing up a squad place
    4. Agger will probably go, it therefore makes sense to have potentially future player secured.
    My only issue is that I would like to see the likes of Illori and Suso playing for English teams to get used to UK football and culture.

  14. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:11 pm, August 18, 2014

    even in defense


    mignolet - schezyny

    i think man for man we can match arsenal , we can finish in the top 3

  15. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:20 pm, August 18, 2014

    i love the way we got our business done early
    and we left the last 2 weeks to buy one special signing
    leaves the fans calm and excited and hopeful

    credit to mr ayre

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:20 pm, August 18, 2014

    i am hoping it is marco reus

  17. Anyone know how long Johnson has left on his contract?

  18. LFC's history is irrelevant Jaimie! In this context, you can't say that Liverpool will definitely do something because they've done it before. They don't follow some kind of constitution which says, 'LFC must buy older, experienced defenders'.

    You'd have a good point if Liverpool have always been under the same administration and on-field management, but you're void of one because they haven't been at all. Rafa had a different philosophy to Houllier, Hodgson had a different philosophy to Rafa, KD had a different philosophy to Hodgson, and BR has a different philosophy to KD. All the managers listed have all also operated under 3 different administrations. So what has happened in the past 10 years or so is by no means any determinant of what will happen now.

  19. I've always said I think it's a good situation, not because of how it is now but how it's set up for the next year or two. Agger and Toure can't last at Liverpool. Agger will want to play more somewhere else and Toure probably won't get his contract renewed after this season. Coates may or may not stick around but I think at the start of next year there will be space in the squad and although Rodgers will be tempted to sign someone else to slot straight in I think it will be a good option to let one of the young guys take that spot. Having an up and coming player pushing the established rotation is a good situation to have and Ilori should have enough experience next year to make that happen. If he has a solid year in France then he could very well be good enough. It's not like he's a young kid going out to Brighton to get some time playing against grown men, he's already played plenty of senior football and he just needs to get to a better level. Bordeaux finished 7th last season and might fancy themselves as an improving team. If Ilori plays regularly for them he won't be far off at all.

  20. Expires end of this season

  21. Sturridge = Walcott
    Sterling < Ozil
    Lallana < Cazorla
    Coutinho < Ozil
    Henderson < Ramsey (Tough one)
    Allen < Wilshere
    Gerrard > Arteta
    Lambert < Giroud
    Markovic = Ox
    Campbell = Ibe

    6 Arsenal players superior
    1 Liverpool player superior
    3 draw

  22. Defense is indeed equal but I think they have a specialized defensive coach in Steve Bould.

  23. We should appoint Steve Clarke for that or any other defensive coach. It will be hugely helpful.

  24. I'm sorry...I can't let this pass. "Murdered by the police?" Welcome to mob-rule Jamie. Perhaps you should let the investigation take place before you assign youself jury and judge.

  25. RCB of the future for us. I'm thinking next year he'll take over for Skrtel unless the Slovakian has a much better season defensively then last year.

  26. Perhaps you should stop telling me what to think and accept I have my own opinion on things. If you don't like that opinion, tough luck.

  27. We loan him. He gets much better and needed at Bordo. We don`t need him, but we need say a keeper or a winger Bordo has(not unlikely to happen). We use Llori as a negotiation advantage.

  28. Markovic is miles ahead of Ox. There is probably no way for you to know this, but he is, even though Ox is very good.
    Can`t believe you rate Ozil more than Coutinho and Sterling might not be better than Sanchez, but he fits us perfectly so I do not envy Arse for that one. And DS is soooo much superior to every attacker in the league bar Aguerro. Count Suso in, and we are even or better..

  29. Our defence is better, with better mid(Lallana and Can in), we will see it..

  30. It's not an opinion...it's an accusation of a capital crime without proof.

  31. I'd hope that BR's idea is that when Toure/Agger have both left in a couple of seasons, Ilori will be experienced enough to be that 3rd or 4th choice replacement. By all accounts he gave some good performances at Granada and maybe his development will be served well with the opportunity for regular games at Bordeaux.