25 Jul 2014

Legend insists: £11m star could 'walk straight into BR's team' & make LFC 'better'. Agree?

Having reportedly passed a medical on Thursday, Loic Remy is set to sign a 4-year deal with Liverpool before the end of the week, and according to Liverpool legend Steve Nicol, the France international is a perfect signing for the Reds.

Discussing the proposed £11m Remy deal on ESPN this week, Nicol - part of the last Liverpool team to win the league title back in 1990 - conceded that the striker is 'no Luis Suarez', but predicted that he'll make an immediate impact at Anfield:

"If you're looking for someone with a history of scoring in the Prem, and value for money, then Remy is the answer. He could walk straight into the team and form a partnership with Sturridge. He makes the LFC squad bigger and better"

I'm often accused of being down on transfers, and to be honest, it's true (with good reason!), but in this case, I agree with Nicol: Remy is fantastic value for money, and given his skill-set, he is eminently capable of making a difference for Liverpool.

This is an exciting transfer, and for once, Liverpool are not getting ripped-off in the transfer market, which makes it even better. Remy's Premier League stats in comparison to Daniel Sturridge are also very encouraging:

* LR: 14 goals/3 assists in 25 apps
* DS: 21 goals/7 assists in 29 apps

Passing Accuracy: DS: 79% | LR: 80%
Duels Won: DS: 38% | LR: 39%
Aerial Duels Won: DS: 19% | LR: 40%
Recoveries: DS: 66 | LR: 86
Tackles Won: DS: 60% | LR: 80%

Minutes Per Goal: DS: 108 | LR: 150
Goals/assists: DS: 1 every 1.0 games | LR: 1 every 1.4 games
Chances Created: DS: 29 | LR: 30
Shooting Accuracy: DS: 49% | LR: 49%
Crossing Accuracy: DS: 4% | LR: 24%


I'm not suggesting that Remy is the better player - Sturridge's overall goals/assists record is clearly better, but the Frenchman is in the prime of his career, and if he's given the game time, there's no reason why he can't score 20+ goals for Liverpool next season.

Nicol suggests that Remy will partner Sturridge, but given Rodgers' formation preferences, is that likely to happen? He paired Suarez and Sturridge a few times last season, but surely Remy and Sturridge are too similar in playing style to form an effective partnership?

Sturridge and Suarez are two totally different players, with contrasting (but complementary) styles; Remy - like Sturridge - has pace, and can play off the shoulder of the defence, and if played together, it's likely both strikers will make similar runs.

It's definitely an option, but it's possibly more likely that, if played in the same team, either Sturridge or Remy will operate on one side of a front three, and probably alternate positions:

---------------- Sturridge

----- Remy ---------------- Sterling

With both upfront, we could see something like this:

---------- Sturridge -- Remy

--------------- Lallana

------- Markovic ----- Henderson

-------------- Gerrard

With the club's attacking options, there are numerous options to consider, which is great news for Liverpool.



  1. There is no doubt that Remy can score goals....but we have to make sure he plays through the middle with Studge using the space around him
    I don't think Markovic will start...my line-up would be
    Coutinho, Markovic and Lambert to make offensive impacts during the games..

  2. Are you feeling OK Jaimie?

  3. Not sure we will see Markovic in the midfield 2. Either on the wing, at #10, or as a striker so I would swap him and Lallana in your formation around.

  4. I can't deny that I like this guy. Enjoyed watching him play last season and thought he would do playing for us. Apparently , for once , this becomes true. Let's not begin by mistakenly biasing the jersey and a previous owner's capacity to fill it. I believe this guy will do a splendid job for the team in the coming season and just might surprise a few. For one I am behind him and wish him well. I don't care if he plays with a towel draped around his shoulders as long as he gives 100% commitment to the cause.

  5. What's with all these Vidal rumours? Is it the made up Reus one all over again?

  6. most likely yes, Rodgers talk seems to suggest so and the only reason we are link with some player is because we have money.

  7. Pipe dream, both of them.

  8. Vidal is the one I'm keenest on. We need to sure up the midfield and unless BR feels like he's pulled off the greatest masterstroke ever with Can, I think we need a top class signing in that role.
    Jamie anything on that? Or the new one this morning that we're after yet another winger in Gaitan?

  9. I'm pretty happy with this signing. Should guarantee at least 15 goals.
    Not sure what formation we are going to be playing though? We've signed quite a few midfielders with attacking mentalities. Maybe there will be no formation and it will just be a free for all, lol.

  10. anthony montague1:09 pm, July 25, 2014

    Trying to predict a formation is impossible but interesting. I doubt if any attacking outfield player will play more than 30 prem games next season, possible exception of Henderson. Remy is an excellent buy. I'm sure BR has a firm idea now of what he wants.

  11. A superb signing, he's easily worth double what we've paid, and in today's crazy market probably even more than that. With his pace and dribbling skill he will be extremely useful on the counter; he also likes to shoot from distance and at 6 feet 1ish, will add some much needed height to our attack too. Yeah, it's fair to say I'm as happy as a dog with two c@cks about this one, as the old saying goes.

  12. Agreed. We've more chance of finding a three-legged ballerina than signing either of those too, so it's pointless even speculating on it.

  13. There seems to be a general consensus that we don't really know how Liverpool will line up next season.
    Do you think this could be a good thing? Surely BR has an idea, but do you think other managers/teams will be looking in thinking "How are they going to line up." So then they might have a harder time working out the tactics, or planning how to defend against certain players.
    Or is that just wishful thinking on my part...

  14. I met a dog with two c@cks once. She was miserable.

  15. The other clubs would have a better idea than us i would say but that does not mean they cant surprise a few of them.

  16. I don't know, I've played a lot of Football Manager, I know my stuff :-P
    Yea obviously they will have more of an idea. But I still think it could help us with surprises.

  17. Isn't Isco cheap oh no that's Cosco.

  18. I tugged at a cow with more than two :/

  19. I completely believe that.

  20. This would be another top signing by BR, He seems to have the hang of this transfer business .....

  21. I love the second option-diamond, but Markovic would be behind strikers in that one, right?

  22. Even when we play a dozen matches, BR will surprise someone- our attacking and midfield variations are virtually unlimited, even without making a sub. Borrusia Dortmund kind of changing the rythm and probably even better goalscoring options. Now I'm thinking that Vidal might be the only piece of puzzle missing(not talking about defense)

  23. I think its because there are other profession where an extra leg would be more useful.:=)

  24. Remy is even worth £20m. This is a absolute bargain. His pace is really amazing. Likewise markovic. Sterling and Sturridge are ridiculously quick, but the minute Remy made his debut for QPR, his pace was too much for defenders. The way he broke the defence and the clinicality reminded me of Henry. I thought why didn't We buy him then. So happy he is joining now. He's a proven striker at all levels. He was already a quality forward, but QPR and Newcastle helped him adapt to English football and they developed him more. Now next season Remy will be explosive and grab 20 goals and onwards. If we bid £45m plus Fabio Borini for Paul Pogba we will have the next Thierry Henry (Remy) and the next Zidane (Pogba). And we will attract the best French talent. And apparently we are after Gaitan in a £35m deal but personally id skip Gaitan and go for Griezman or Reus. £35m will be enough to get either of those players

  25. I peronally think we will/should be playing 4-3-3 the comming season with sturridge as the solo-striker, Remy as an adequate backup that can replace Sturridge anytime due to injury and lambert as the second half alternative

  26. I think, Remy's performance is better than the figures tell; while Sturridge's figures are a bit inflated for playing in an exceptionally attacking side (along with the best attacker). May be, Remy playing for LFC along with Suarez could have had a much better productivity, while Sturridge might have struggled to match his (or even Remy's) figure playing for NCUFC. In any case, 9-11mn for Remy (& 80K/week) sounds to be a great deal; I think he 'll come good, may be outstanding from bench in last 30-35 min.

    I am surprised to see hardly anyone feels Coutinho should start, but as BR said, to me he is the brain of this side. May be last year he was focusing on the defensive side of his game (& played at slightly out of position), but I see him as the play-maker for this LFC side. My starting XI 'll be ($231)
    GK: Mignolet
    RB: Flanaghan, CB: Sakho, Loveren, LB: Enrique (Or the new LB)
    CM: Henderson, SG (Or Vidal, if that's true - don't think SG should start any more every week)
    AM: Coutinho (May be replaced by Lallana in later stages)
    Forwards: Markovic, Sterling, Sturridge (Presuming Shakiri isn't coming)
    I 'll use Remy for 30-35 mins in later stages against the tiring back line, replacing Sturridge. I think, he should play through centre line, rather than at wings.

    This is quite a good starting XI, but I don't think still it's equal to last year's with Suarez. However, lats year we played just about 45 games so the thin squad was great playing once a week, this year we have a much better squad already. Inclusion of Vidal & Shakiri 'll definitely change the balance for starting XI though.

    I don't buy the idea of spending 23-25mn for Lallana & play cat & mouse with Shakiri (or Rues, if true). Lallana gives me the same fear of Downing/Young - average skilled player, brilliant for mid to lower table clubs when playing with less expectation, focusing not to concede & counter attacking strategy allowing lot's of space available. I am not so sure how good Lallana 'll be against a jam packed defensive third, with constant man marking & very little space to operate. 45mn for Rues is a better deal than 25mn for Lallana, who would have priced in 7 digits barring his country of birth & most (Including JK) are proposing to start with him. Come Jan, we 'll see.

  27. I read and heard at least 20 variations of our formation/tactics. I LIKE THEM ALL!! It's gonna be an amazing season...

  28. no man. We played with dual strikers as our best players were both strikers and we could afford to concede goals knowing we can outscore anyone. But thats not the case now.
    BR will finally play 4-3-3 with a lone striker.


    This team will score less goals obvious( Suarez is gone)
    But team will be better balanced and concede less goals

  29. So van gal will be buying him as a defensive mid then otherwise Shaw or blind will end up being a back up left back

  30. agree Studge figures are a bit inflated.

  31. manu might be playing like Juve did last couple of seaons, who knows where he would put Blind...

  32. Oh, you already said it...

  33. I think that the skipper will still start at least 40- 45 matches this season, even if Vidal comes..

  34. Guys one thing. We havent got a player whose preferred position is left wing except Sterling. Whereas Coutinho, Lallana, Remy , Markovic all prefer to play on the right side. Lopsided???

  35. rooney loves bingo3:20 pm, July 25, 2014

    moreno will be at lfc player just waiting for seville to play uefa super cup v madri

  36. Isco isn't cheap, nor can you purchase a canoe from him and fill it with 4kg tins of beans.

  37. Really why is there no chance of us signing Vidal?

  38. I agree, Moreno or Blind but not Bertrand and Davies (although he is going to tottenham, let him)

  39. No way! I want them both on the pitch. With our attacking style and with aggressive #10s making the passes, I say we'll be creating chances continuously and keeping defenses constantly on their heels.

  40. Great signing. Think we'll play one up front next season tho

  41. Loic Remy probably would have had more than 3 goal after the winter transfer window shut. Since Cabaye left Newcastle during Jan, he only managed 3 goals (I think). Stats like this haven't been considered.

    Only plus side, (in theory) Coutinho will love Remy's pace, as he'll play the slide rule pass to him, knowing Remy has the pace to make something of the pass (a la Sturridge).

  42. Raheem Sterling played on the right hand side last season?

    Does not really matter though, we do not have any players that hug the touchline. Coutinho on occasion played left wing last season. It is called an inverted winger. Left footed playing on the right and right footed playing on the left wing.

    Lallana is adept with both feet as well. Remy played wide left for Newcastle so it has nothing to do with lopsided.

  43. I'd love it if we signed Vidal; he's an excellent, powerful
    player and even better it'd pi$$ the United fans off something awful. But I
    think some realism is important. Even with the Suarez cash, I can't see FSG
    sanctioning a move for a 27 year old who will probably cost in excess of £40
    million, and that's if we managed to avoid a bidding war. If the miracle did
    happen, would he even want to join us? He's at a big, title-winning club
    already, with Champion's League football. Liverpool
    may be back in the Champion's League, but I think it'll take a few years at the
    top before we're considered to be a truly attractive proposition again for the
    world's best. Too much to expect, too soon. Rodger's clearly has a transfer
    plan which is also based on the long-term and I expect him to stick to it,
    regardless of the supporters thirst for a big name signing. These £40-60
    million targets we're being linked with, it's just unfounded tabloid
    speculation, purely based on the knowledge that the club is flush with cash
    after the Suarez sale.

  44. Terry McDermotts perm4:49 pm, July 25, 2014

    I wish they'd get it sewn up though. Especially as its a good price. X

  45. Lucas for sure should be moved. I would seriously consider Allen sale also. Too much money for too little contribution that guy.

  46. I don't get the Bertrand thing either. Didn't show much against us either. Just because he was in the Chelsea organization?

  47. anyone who thought insua was slow should realise blind isnt the answer for left back. a good defensive midfielder but i really think we should get marcos rojo. he is just as good on the ball, can actually defend well, is versatile and is also quick. considering sportings position financially which isnt great i would guess he would be available for less than blind or moreno.

  48. Muhammad Ibrahim5:47 pm, July 25, 2014

    I have said it before - if we cant get the right man for the LB position I would want Jack Robinson to play then to waste our money on Bertrand.

  49. Great signing I think this partnership will do some damage

  50. Sterling can play from the left, Lallana is two footed but I believe naturally left footed, and Bild just reported we've bid £14.2 m for Shaqiri...left footed. We have some serious options now.....last season if Coutinho and Sterling started our attacking bench was Aspas, Alberto and Moses. Now it will be Remy, Lambert, Markovic and hopefully Shaqiri (assuming Lallana starts, anyone of them could....it will obviously interchange) Sky Sports just announced fee agreed for Lovren....now just need a LB and we have a title challenging squad there IMO...and even if we pay £20m for Moreno...our net spend for this lot will be £11m if my maths are right.

  51. Nah. My favourite Dutch team is Feyenoord Rotterdam. Blind might not be pacy but he is definitely strong. He is a brilliant defender and has shut down everybody from Messi to Sanchez.

  52. Blind has the quality and experience necessary in champions league football. This would be a great signing. I hope we can offer him a deal he can't refuse.

  53. At last I can't remember the last time we had genuine pace or power! The other top teams bought into this years ago whilst we were idle. By the way I reckon Ryan Babel would have flourished under Rogers. Dalglish was worse with Andy. "Usain" Carrol & Charlie "Linford" Adam. Now in Rogers we have a manager who embraces skill, creativity, pace & power!

  54. Absolutely spot on. Hendo's been great for us - but he's not a top / world class option in terms of making Incisive passes or strikes. He's a very valuable 'engine room' type player, who gives his heart into battle...our new Dirk Kuyt. If you want an upgrade though, get Vidal...or even better, Pogba as the box-to-box engine. If we can get either we'd be very lucky -both break up play, bring others into play and can chip in with more goals than Hendo.

    Love Hendo, but he doesn't have genuine competition for his role. It's been said a million times, "we can't replace Suarez", but rather than his goals, it's his heavyweight status we need to replace. BR is trying to sign players to get the same amount of goals from all over the pitch - great, but we need to sign someone world class - cause as well as the results, big players attract other big players.

  55. Henderson has earned it. Stevie G needs reduced time because he has lost too much speed. Great passer, penalty kicks but those are just portions of the game. Vidal is a horse just like Henderson and both are tireless. That's where we need to be. Can splitting time with Steve G.

  56. piss off. Is that clear enough for you?

  57. hahahaha, i think your a$$ is burnt :D
    cheers t3rror!st