2 Jun 2014

Nicol tells LFC: Forget Lallana - £50m star is the 'ideal' signing for Liverpool. Rip-off?

Liverpool are currently linked with a whole host of top class attacking players, but apart from Southampton's Dejan Lovren, the Reds don't appear to be busting a gut to sign a top-class central defender. Of course, behind the scenes, Rodgers will undoubtedly have his targets, but LFC legend Steve Nicol has his old club to prioritise defensive reinforcements.

Speaking to Extra Time a few days ago, Nicol urged Rodgers to 'target a centre-half', and made his own suggestion about who the club should sign. He explained:

"I’m hearing names like Lallana, but Liverpool need to strengthen quickly and make a good decision...at centre-back.

"[Mehdi] Benatia at Roma would be ideal. I'm more concerned at what is going on the back as opposed to [up] front"

Manchester City are currently linked with a move for Benatia, but when asked on Saturday if there's any chance of a summer move, Roma's sporting director Walter Sabatini insisted the Moroccan international is 'not for sale', but suggested that the Serie A club may sell if the price is right. He told reporters:

"Benatia is a great footballer. His agent speaks of €30m [£25m], so we need at least 60, maybe even 61. Anyone who wants Benatia will have to pay €61m [£50m]".

Sabatini is clearly being flippant here as there is no way that any club will pay £50m for a 27-year old defender with a significant injury history. The very idea is laughable. £25m is clearly a a more reasonable price, although that is (IMO) way over the odds, too.

Benatia's stats for last season:

* Played: 33
* Minutes on Pitch: 2857
* Passing accuracy: 88%
* Aerial duels won: 65%
* Tackles won: 55%
* Clearances: 219
* Interceptions: 90
* Fouls committed: 75 (1 every 38 mins)
* Defensive errors: 1

Stats: OPTA

I'd rather see LFC sign Dejan Lovren, who has similar stats to Benatia, but will cost a hell of a lot less.



  1. Any new on Alberto Moreno, Jamie?

  2. Steve Nicol quite seriously makes me think of some bloke down the pub who always has a random opinion about everything. He says he's "hearing names like Lallana"? Really Steve? That's the extent of your knowledge on Liverpool targets? Every Liverpool fan on the planet knows as much as this guy.

    Are we selling Agger or what? Because if we're not then lining up another CB would leave us completely over-loaded. There has been very little talk about Agger being a target for anyone except for the mandatory speculation around Barcelona and that's gone quiet. I'm sure there are a few clubs who'd want him but for now he's still here. I guess it's sensible to get your targets in first, make sure you're set for the season, and then trim the squad where you can.

    Chelsea got a massive fee for Luiz and he's 27 and wasn't even a Mourinho favourite. I feel like we're getting into a market where prices might be a bit over-inflated ...

  3. Over inflated? £35m for donkey Carroll?

  4. I feel confident saying that the Carroll transfer should never ever ever ever again be considered representative of anything. Best case we might call it "insanely overpriced and ill-advised". Comparing any transfer to Carroll is the football equivalent of Godwin's Law.

    40 million pounds was the quoted figure for Luiz, the highest ever for a CB. Then this Benatia guys is being quoted at 50 million. Even Lovren is being talked about at 25 million. For defenders they all seem quite inflated.

  5. Spanish press are insisting that Liverpool will pay £18m cash and will not include Suso, apparently he wants to join us. They reckon a medical will happen this week, as he didn't make the Spain squad after the final cut...........................good player!!!

  6. Keep yer hair on Steve, the window only opened yesterday didn't it? I'm sure there's plenty of work going on behind the scenes to bag us our top targets, no doubt that will include a decent central defender (definitely not Benatia at those sort of prices) and a left back (hopefully Moreno). The names we hear in the press are based on 99% supposition and conjecture anyway; in other words they're almost complete bullsh*t.

  7. brendan rodgers lma7:47 am, June 02, 2014

    completly disagree with nichol

    the key is strengthening our advantage rather than our disadvantage

    because if we strengthen our defense an focus only on that then chelsea,man city and utd will have better attacks and we will lose the advantage over them

    we have to strengthen both the attck and defense but priorotise attack

  8. henderson 1 4 capatain7:49 am, June 02, 2014

    sign pedro and lallana


    bench: lambert,sterling,coutinho,allen

    with can ,ibe as squad back up

  9. 50 mill for defender is ridiculous? No thx

  10. henderson 1 4 capatain7:51 am, June 02, 2014

    in defense we are close to signing moreno
    maybe sign lovern but i think southampton will demand a massive fee
    for him

    so i would sign caulker 6m instead

  11. If we are going to buy a cb then Lovren should be the one, that's if we sell agger. As i have mentioned before, Sakho will improve and with llori back in the ranks i'm pretty happy in that department. Also if Kelly can stay injury free might force he was way back in and the lad Paez looks like he could have potential. Think a tough tackling midfielder to break up play should be on our list.

  12. Sanchez and Lallana for me. Pedro and Sanchez both great players but if nightmare scenario of both studge/luis being injured think Sanchez would cover that better in terms of scoring goals.

  13. I would agree with the forgetting Lallana bit 20 million pounds is robbery for him and 25 mill is just total fraud.

  14. I don't 100% agree but I do like your thinking.

  15. Can any saints fans out there tell me how good Dejan Lovren is? I didnt watch him this season. Is he a left sided center back?

  16. Yes he is. I don't know how good is he...

  17. Agree, but I would stick with Agger.

  18. Great news. Including Suso being ours- he was great this season. Try to find highlights vs Barca, he is cl material..

  19. So I guess Sakho isn't trusted at all.

  20. I actually think we won't sign any cb. Hope is the word, 'couse I think we have 3 great ones, plus 3 good prospects..

  21. I think that 50 million is over priced and I also think Roma only put that, to try to put teams off him because of that price. Salim if you are reading this, then your answer to Alberto Moreno, he is set for a medical next week and he will cost us 22 mil euros plus add ons which could result in 25 mil euros.

  22. Salim if you are reading this, then your answer to Alberto Moreno, he is set for a medical next week and he will cost us 22 mil euros plus add ons which could result in 25 mil euros.

  23. Agree the defenders first comment, but have to say, I like Lallana .. a starter ..

  24. Utter nonsense. Liverpool's defence is absolutely dreadful and will be exposed again and again if not strengthened. At present it consists of Skrtel and the rest are dross.

  25. Barca says Sanchez isn't going anywhere, but now with Spurs apparently dropping their interest in Lallana, then Soton will maybe realize there isn't going to be any bidding war. Probably a healthy dose of reality for Pochettino. He has MFs coming out of his ears at Spurs already and one more just cuts into funds they need to find a real striker and some defense. I think Soton will pay a little more attention now.