12 Jun 2014

Seriously? - £27m star claims 'difficult' LFC 'flop' is the 'best player' he's ever faced

After two years (and four transfer windows) at Anfield, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers is yet to make a successful loan signing for Liverpool, and alleged winger, Victor Moses is arguably the worst deal of the lot. One goal on his debut aside, Moses made absolutely no impact for LFC, but Southampton star Luke Shaw insists that the attacker is one of the Premier League's best players.

During a recent twitter Q & A, Shaw - the subject of a ludicrous £27m bid from Manchester United - claimed that Moses is the best footballer he's ever played against (!)

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Clearly, Shaw is suffering from some form of retrograde amnesia, which severely limits his recollection of last season to the extent that he only remembers playing against Moses.

As for Moses's so-called 'pace and power' - I don't recall seeing evidence of this last season. In fact, he seemed disinterested most of the time, and just ambled around the pitch doing the bare minimum in a bid to stay injury-free for the World Cup.

In an April interview with Sky Sports, Moses - who cost Chelsea £9m in 2012 - said:

"I'm a Chelsea player. I came to Liverpool to do a professional job for them but I'm going back to Chelsea at the end of the season to try and fight for my spot"

As Moses made clear in his comment, he's a Chelsea player, and that is what's in his heart. He had no vested/emotional interest in Liverpool, and consequently, there was no burning desire to bust a gut for the club, and this shone through on the pitch.

There's a reason why Moses is the perennial squad player at most of the clubs he plays for: he's only good enough to be a squad player. He is not the type of player who is going to take Liverpool - or any elite club - to the next level, so it's no loss whatsoever.

Anfield legend John Aldridge summed it up perfectly in a recent column for the Liverpool Echo, where he labelled the Nigerian international a 'flop', and accused him of looking 'disinterested' on the field. He further scathed:

"He [Moses] has let himself down. There's no desire, no spirit, and he doesn’t look like he’s in the right frame of mind. He has failed to stake any type of claim [and] it is in everyone’s best interests if the loan is cancelled"

In a recent poll, I asked fans if they agreed with Aldo's assessment:

* 12200 visitors (approx) voted.
* 85% of participants agreed that Moses is a flop.

Rodgers recently claimed that he isn't planning to bring in any loan players this summer, and with his record so far, that's a very good decision.



  1. Who knew that Luke Shaw was a comedian? Had me in stitches!

  2. the first game of the world cup was a DISGRACE sorry if it's not the subject but Croatia got cheated.