15 Jun 2014

Exciting News? - 'Unstoppable' £25m attacker wants summer transfer to Liverpool FC

Benfica attacker Lazar Markovic continues to be heavily linked with a summer move to Anfield, and despite interest from other top clubs, the Serbian star allegedly has a preference for Liverpool.

Last week, the Daily Express claimed:

"Brendan Rodgers [is set to] revive his interest in Benfica winger Markovic.

"Benfica have now dropped their valuation to £25m, which is more palatable to Liverpool".

According to The Mirror today:

* Brendan Rodgers has tracked Markovic 'for months'.
* The word from the 'player's camp' is that he 'prefers' Anfield.
* FSG are prepared to spend £25m to land Markovic.

Liverpool have been linked with the allegedly 'unstoppable' Markovic many times this year:

March 2014: The Mirror reported: "Liverpool are bidding to beat Chelsea in the £20million chase for Lazar Markovic. He has been on the Kop radar since he was a kid. Brendan Rodgers wants to land the Benfica wide man in a massive deal"

* March: Liverpool's Chief Scout watched 20-year-old Markovic during Serbia's 2-1 win over the Republic of Ireland.

* April: Liverpool scouts watched Markovic in Benfica's Europa League game with AZ Alkmaar.

* April: Rodgers 'quoted' £30million by Benfica for Markovic after LFC 'officials' met with the player’s agents to talk about a deal.

I just don't understand all the hype. What has Markovic achieved in the game to warrant a £25m/£30m transfer fee? Take this season, for example: 6 goals/0 assists in 39 appearances. Is that what £25m buys these days? Given the fact he's predominantly a winger, his lack of assists is especially concerning. Coutinho grabbed 5 goals/7 assists, and he cost only £8m.

Massive fees should (IMO) be reserved for players who are the finished article, and will come into the team and make an immediate impact. There's absolutely no guarantee that Markovic will do that, and if he can't create a single goal in the Portuguese league, how is he going to fare in the (arguably) superior - and tougher - Premier League?

To be fair, I haven't watched Markovic that much, but if someone can explain exactly why he's apparently worth £25m, then I'm all ears.

£15m? Okay. £18m? Expensive, but I could get on board. £25m? You're having a laugh.

Irrespective of his talent/potential, if Liverpool splurge £25m on Markovic, it will be the biggest transfer gamble since Andy Carroll (IMO).



  1. You maybe right but you can't judge a player by stats alone for instants for a player to get a lot of assists he needs someone to get on the end of his i.e crosses .ive watched Benefica twice in the last 2 seasons to be fair ( once in the the cup final against Sevilla and last seasons champs league final against Chelsea and on both occasions I noticed Benfica all over there opponents creating chances but failing to put the ball in the back of the net . You can make up a stat for anything to mcke a player sound good or bad but the only way we can really know how good a player is would be to see him with your own eyes for a season . I remember the amazing stat of Joe Allens passing completion when we bought him but their was also another stat at the time which was Swansea played the most passes in there own half than any other premiership side that season which then alowed us to help understand why Allens pass success rate was so high . It's just an example

  2. Can't imagine Chelsea would sanction a sale to us anyway.

  3. Are these ridiculous fees being asked for because it's Liverpool? I read a piece today that said Seville are asking more for Moreno, a young untested full back than they have supposedly agreed for Rakitic with Barcelona, a goal scoring and proven international. Is it a case of because it's an English club who are playing in a wealthy league they think of a figure and then double it?

  4. I think it's all about supply and demand...

    Barca doesn't necessarily need Rakitic.

    And we need a Left Back.
    Which is why Sevilla has been trying to build up competition for Moreno (supposedly unsuccessfully).

    From what I've read throughout the internet, Sevilla has been playing some games to try and stall the sale with the hopes they can get a bidding war...

    Liverpool have now taken the lack of a bidding war to play their own games right back.

    I also think a lot of it comes down to the player applying pressure to the club.

  5. Correct,well said.

  6. All those stupids who were jumping for signing Shaqiri should watch last nights Swiss game. very average.

  7. Yes, because it's fair to judge a player this harshly based on one game. Gerrard did nothing against Italy; does that now mean he's a crap player?
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  8. But Shaqiri hasnt done enough in Bayern Munich too. He was average in all Swiss friendlies. Actually they scored just once in last 4 games in which he had no part.
    He is still living as a potential star as he has been since last 4 years.

  9. Just out of interest Jamie, who would you like to see Liverpool sign this summer and what kind of figure would you expect them to spend?

    Only asking because it's evident you do your research and it would be interesting to see who you think would be good transfers.

    IMO, Daley Blind. really versatile and can play on most of the back line.
    Shaqiri, I really think he could be a star.
    Ruben Pardo, I personally think he could be a player similar to Xabi Alonso.
    Nathaniel Clyne, not so sure about this one. IMO if we do sign a new left back hopefully Johnson will pick his form up when competing for a spot with Flanagan.
    Viktor Fischer. Actually looks like he could be a great player, his stats aren't great but he's young and he's at Ajax, usually those tipped for good things at Ajax actually do.

  10. 6 goals no assists 39 games....how on earth is that unstoppable. By the way, Shaqiri didn't look so fantastic, top class etc from the game I saw......

  11. In: Can, Lambert, Shaqiri, Davis, Lovren, Griezmann, Debuchy

    Out: Johnson, Suso, Reina, Aspas, Lucas

  12. So Eric assuming your a pom i would assume you would be comfortable running around in 30 degree celsius plus heat with 90 per cent humidity.
    From what ive noticed of English people in Australia they cant handle the heat its funny because the Dutch and Germans dont seem to mind it soft i suppose.

  13. Rakitic had a year remaining on his contract and wanted to go to Barca so it was a reasonable transfer fee.

  14. The only one to ask about valuation is Benfica. They obvious don't need to sell therefore they put that high price on him. It's simple. Big clubs, rich clubs are interested in him and the one who buy's him in the end will need to pay massive fee. No matter how unstoppable or good he is.

    We can ask the same question. Is Bale worth 100M ? Real wanted him and was willing to pay that amount. that's all what matters.

  15. Fair point but is it might also indicate the danger of relying too heavily on you tube clips and stats

  16. the italians have polish and skill levels that the english dont have,thats why they won.England are good to watch though specially with our boys in the team.

  17. These are the players who we have definite interest in

    Centre back - Dejan Lovren

    Left back: Alberto Moreno, Marcos Rojo (can also play CB), Ryan Bertrand.

    Attack - Adam Lallana, Xherdan Shaqiri

    Moreno seems to be our main target for LB and reckon the deal will go through. Also think we will be moving on a CB or two (Agger and Coates) before we go in for for Lovren. Also believe we have moved on from Lallana because of the price and have turned our intentions to Shaqiri.

    Things will start moving very fast one the World Cup is over.

  18. I understand the point. But teams knew what Liverpool were like half way through the season, but still struggled to contain them at times.
    Also Spain play a lot slower, whereas Liverpool are pace in the counter attack. They play a different type of football.

  19. Yeah, but for how much? I watched him closely in his match today and it looks like Shaqiri could only manage a place on our bench. He played the whole game on the right yet he is too one footed (left only) and he failed to deliver any corners and free kicks into good areas. I follow the Bundesliga and although Shaqiri hasn't had much game time he is usually better than what he produced this morning for Switzerland - but again, can't see him ahead of Sterling.

    Decent player to boost the quality of our squad. But, I wouldn't pay 15M for him, considering this isn't even a priority area for the squad, funds would be better spent elsewhere.

  20. What do you mean he has not done enough at Bayern?

    66 matches - 32 goal/assists???

    How can that not be good enough considering that Shaqiri is 3rd or 4th choice at Bayern Munich due the competition of attacking player they have?

    Ah yes but we want to judge a player on one performance?

  21. Nope , Rakitic had one year remaining on his contract whereas Moreno has 4. No no pressure to sell there 21 year old asset ..

  22. Rodriguez first choice at LB .. so solid and has amazing technique. Had another 2 assists vs Ecuador. Lovern, Varane or Garay for CB , quick , strong , real leaders and can play out the back . Think we should forget about Lallana (develop suso instead) and target more dynamic players Sanchez would be a dream but I would take Shaq and I would take a punt on memphis depay.

  23. The problem for Spain is no different than the one France faced in the early naughties and Holland faced in the early 80's. A succesful generation ages and you will always struggle to backfill it. You will also always see managers fail to start the rejuvenating process early. Had Del Bosque started dropping players like Xavi and Casillas after their EC win in 2012, people would have been calling for his head. And the result of that is that in 2014 the team has become a bit complacent. The Dutch played well but it took a really poor Spain performance, a wonder goal and two lucky breaks to really kill the game. Being half Dutch, I think I can be that honest. So it's not the tactics that have failed. There are many ways to skin a cat but it at the end of the day it's also about keeping your squad fresh and able. I agree though that you always need a plan B. The Dutch are a good example of that. They spent the entire qualification playing one syste; but were forced to change because Strootman got injured. Van Gaal has done so very well.

  24. Hahaha... losing 5-1 to Netherlands bodes well for spain to get out of their group. Australia could beat them on their last performance.

  25. Half Dutch/Half Irish (which makes me 50% transparent and completely unfamiliar with the sun). The theory that it must be becaue the English are just soft in general makes perfect sense to me though

  26. At Liverpool are we not expecting him Shaqiri to take a spot on the left but i admit have seen him play a lot better than this morning.

  27. He's top notch. Every bit as good as Sterling going forward, and excellent defensively. Only 20 too.

  28. Woooow were u get that stats from? He scored 32 goal/assists from bench u mean? I have seen him play several times for BM. Apart from a decent left foot he is nothing.I am talking performance wise. He cant retain possession or win back possession. He looks very strong but looks are deceiving. He is fast but not that fast. We need to go for sure hit signings like Sanchez we are already leaving to much to chance by signing so many youngsters.

  29. B Rodgers has been harping on about bringing in world class players, yet he brings in players we could have brought in without Champions league football.

    B Rodgers needs to bring in two world class attackers and 1 class quality attacker to club:
    we lost out and did not go for I Rakitic(26) only god knows why we did not go for him, but B Rodgers should bring these attackers to the club this summer:

    1: RW /RWF: A Sanchez(25) Of Barcelona for £22-£28M
    2: CM: A Herrera(24) Of A Bilbao for £20-£26M
    3: AM: Firminho(22) Of Hoffenheim for £15-£18M

    B Rodgers should forget about A Lallana(26) and let Southampton rip off someone else with their comical value of him. He is a class quality player but he is a £15-£20M player and nothing more.

    The three players above will bring class, creativity, goals, mobility, quality competition for places and are attackers in the calibre, class of Coutinho, Gerrard, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez.

    Those three players are upgrades on what we have:
    Sanchez is upgrade to O Assaidi
    Herrera is upgrade to J Allen
    Firminho is upgrade on L Alberto

    B Rodgers still needs to ship out most of the dead wood average / injury prone players over year/season: 11 Players:

    GK'S: B Jones P Reina

    CB'S: S Coates K Toure

    RB: M Kelly

    DM: L Leiva AM: L Alberto

    RW/RWF: O Assaidi FD: I Aspas

    FD: F Borini FD: Yesil

    And B Rodgers will still need to bring in these 4 Defensive players in this summer transfer window also:

    GK: M Vorm(30) Of Swansea for £3-£5M
    CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for £10-£15M
    RB: S Aurier (21) Of Toulouse for £5-£8M
    LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for £5-£7M

  30. Shaqiri has started 31 matches for Bayen Munich and like I said, Shaqiri is only 22 and with the competition he has at Bayern i.e. Ribery, Gotze, Robben, Muller and even Kroos, it will be difficult for Shaqiri to improve on his career.

    For me Shaqiri is a quality player and should be a massive improvement on the likes of Moses and Aspas.

    Signing Sanchez unfortunately will not be that easy. Juventus have struggled in their attempts to sign Sanchez because they cannot afford him. Barcelona paid around £21 million for Sanchez when they signed him. There is not knowing how much they want to sell him for but one can only assume that it will not be for cheap especially when they will be looking to replace him with someone as good or even better.

  31. for me we should get Lovern, Firmino.
    Parejo or Cambell of Costa Rica. GK Navas of Costa Rica. RB of Cosa Rica is also worth looking at.
    Then a LB and were done. Coentrao is the best, worths the Moreno money.

  32. In fairness, I also think there was a large bit of luck involved. The goal just before half time always hurts. Robben's first took a deflection to go in and the third should have been disallowed. Once you're 3-1 up and you have Robben and Van Persie up front, you are always likely to score.

  33. Van Gaal is not a winner? I hope that 15 years from now we can say the same about Brendan Rodgers by your criteria. 7 league titles, 3 domestic cups, 1 champions league and 1 intercontinental cup.

  34. Campbell looked very good. We should put in a bid of 10 million +1 for him and see what Wenger says.

  35. biggestfandownunder2:16 pm, June 16, 2014

    BR has shown a willingness to shift hs tactics. For example, our win over Arsenal at Anfield was similar to how Holland approached this game against Spain. BR prizes possession but has given it up to use our counter-attack skills to blossom, when necessary. He has shown the flexibility that Del Bosque didn't. And if we can strengthen the squad this summer, BR will be even better placed to deal with bus-parkers next season. Fear not, only believe.

  36. Shaqiri is average. Short legs don't make him Messi.

  37. Can't see why he's worth that. Surely Firmino is a better target? His 16 goals and 11 assists (I believe) last season are impressive. Also Griezmann is a better option for this money than Markovic. The best is Alexis Sanchez out of the 4 players and I'd be very excited to see Sanchez, Griezmann and Firmino in our squad!!

  38. Shaquiri has been consistently good when he's played for bayern Munich. How many 22 year old wingers in the world could oust robben or ribery from that team cos that's the task he has in front of him at bayern.
    Aguero did nothing for Argentina last night. Is he crap?

  39. Like Ryan babel?

  40. I thought Marcos rojo was excellent last night. He's be worth a bid I reckon

  41. For once I actually agree with most of your players apart from Herrera and Davies. Moreno or Rojo for me at LB and can't see us going for Herrera AND firmino.
    For me Shaquiri, Firmino, Lovren, Moreno/Rojo and I'll be happy

  42. Can someone explain why we're not linked with Griezmann? We're looking for a winger and he's one who scored 16 goals in la liga last season. And is looking to move for CL football next season. From what I saw of him last season and against Honduras he looks a class act! And proven CL quality

  43. ill be honest i dont see any comparison in our defense midfield or attack in regards to Spain...in fact the only thing we have in common with them is our very own welsh xavi who cant get in the team...no i tell a lie like them our game revolves around us not conceding as it messes the system up but you could you say that for every team.

  44. A Herrera(24) is a younger, mobile Alonso type player he scores the odd goal here and there and is a great passer of the ball,long, short he can do. The only quality long passer in our team is S Gerrard(34) we need another class quality CM in the centre who can spray the ball around from everywhere. As Coutinho, Allen, Henderson and Lucas are good with their short passes but none of them have great long passes in their locker like A Herrera(24) does.

    We just need an understudy to come and compete with J Enrique(27) as when he is fully fit and injury free he is the best full back we have at club by a country mile.

    And i think we should be spending no more than £8M on a full back, B Davies(20) is class, mobile, quality, quick left full back who has been a consistant performer for Swansea. And i think he would do well for us

  45. Complete joke price don't rate him what's he done?

  46. I think Emre Can is the player who is meant to be the other central midfielder who can spray the ball around from anywhere. Enrique's fitness and form can't really be relied upon. Moreno or Rojo will be 2 of the best LB's in the world for the next 10 years

  47. from all the small bits i've seen of Shaquiri even since FC Basel days i don't personally rate his prospects any higher than coutinho sterling suso or ibe.

    can't comment on markovic i'm afraid but i am also sceptical but only cos i haven't seen this kid play

  48. E Can(21) is not in the calibre or class of A Herrera(24). A Herrera(24) is pure class and quality who has proved his stature class in la liga for 3 seasons now and whenever he has played in Europe he has shown his worth.

    E Can(21) is potential to be class player, A Herrera(24) is class quality player with the potential to be world class player in 2 to three years time.

    Moreno or Rojo could be one of the best left backs in world football, but so could Bertrand, Blind, Davies, Shaw and Umtiti be one of the best left backs in world.

    If J Enrique(27) can get back fully fit and stay injury free he should be our first choice left back as he is the best full back at the club hands down. He needs competition and cover, not a replacement for his position

  49. I'm not doubting Herrera's quality just don't think we're in for him. Not saying Can is better either (which at this point he's definitely not) just that I think Rodgers sees him as the player that's going to fill the role you described for Herrera

  50. Would it not be much easier to name the players Liverpool are NOT linked with? Surely it would be a much shorter list. Doesn't make much difference who they are 'about to sign' - if they don't come up with the money the deal won't go ahead.

  51. I hope we bring him to club, we didn't even go for I Rakitic(26) which is comical to say the least. B Rodgers should be going for proven class, quality talent this season as next year chelsea will be stronger, city will strengthen, Van Gaal has £200M to spend, Arsene wenger always makes top 4 and Pochettino will have some funds to bring in class quality players.

    So where Chelsea have signed: C Fabregas(27) for £30M proven world class quality, we brought in E Can(21) for £10M a player with potential.

    And R Lambert(32) a good class striker for £4-£6M Where chelsea are about to bring in D Costa(25) for £32M

    We cannot keep getting bargain basement buys and hoping for them to be successes, we need real class quality attacking players.

    B Rodgers should bring in: A Herrera(24) Of A Bilbao CM, A Sanchez(25) RW/ RWF Of Barcelona, Firminho(AM) Of Hoffenheim and a gamble player i would bring to club with those three players is B Arfa(27) Of Newcastle.

    The most crucial players and players who normally win player of the year are attacking players.

    Those 4 players would cost the club £80M

    But B Rodgers could recoup 45M selling/ Shipping these players out this summer/season:

    F Borini(22) to sunderland for £10-£12M

    I Aspas(26) to Celta Vigo Or Valencia for £5-£7M

    L Alberto(21) to Seville or Valencia for £4-£6M

    L Leiva(27) to Inter or Napoli for £9-£11M

    S Coates(23) should be sold for £3-£5M

    Yesil (21) should be sold for £2M

    O Assaidi(25) should be sold for £5-£7M

  52. What about the totally crap defence? Not important?

  53. Maybe becauase they have Pirlo and we have Henderson.

  54. Hendo played well? Was he actually on the field? In 10 years time Pirlo will still be a better player than Henderson is now.

  55. As usual he huffed and puffed and got precisely nowhere. As no doubt he will for Liverpool next season.

  56. I think Australia have some good players. Tim Cahill is great - I wish he'd played for Liverpool instead of Everton.

  57. Jaimie, he's our only decent player apart from Jedinak. Our game plan is get the ball to the wings, cross to Cahill's forehead. I miss our own 'golden generation' which actually lived up the the hype. I miss having Viduka, Schwarzer, Kewell...

  58. No its not even close.

  59. Hahahaha, its not even close.

  60. Yeah. I agree there. Both Maradona and Pele have been looking their age for quite some time now.

  61. This article isn't worth publishing as first of all we don't play the same slow possession football Spain do and I don't think that has ever been br plan otherwise he wouldn't have brought so much pace into the side, yes we want to play by keeping the ball but we also do it at pace and try to score every time we go forward were as Spain tend to try play it slow till you tire then they try to quicken it up to hurt teams. Not sure how you can compare the two sides as they play differently .

  62. Spend the money on Sanchez instead, a top player of proven ability and would fit straight in at LFC

  63. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT6pXuQJFlk

    watch this and you will understand. i would buy him over both lallana or shaqiri (& i highly rate both)