29 Jun 2014

'Bart Simpson' to LFC? BR wants €45m star hailed as 'great' by Benitez. Pedro/Sanchez a no-go?

Another day, another player linked with a summer transfer to Anfield, but this time, it's a new name entering the fray.

According to Spanish newspaper AS today:

* Liverpool are 'interested' in signing Athletic Bilbao attacker Iker Muniain.

* The Reds are unwilling to meet his €45m release clause, but are keen to negotiate a deal.

Liverpool were linked with Muniain during Kenny Dalglish's second spell in charge, but like so many other potential deals, it all fell by the wayside when FSG terminated the King's contract.

Some info about Muniain, nicknamed 'Bart Simpson' by his Bilbao team-mates:

* Holds the record for Bilbao's youngest ever goalscorer.
* Can play as a left-winger, or second striker.
* Two-time winner of the U21 Euro Championship with Spain.
* 59 apps for various Spain youth teams.
* 1 app for the Spain national team.
* 212 apps for Bilbao by the age of 21.
* Averages 42 apps per season.
* 31 goals/16 assists in 212 apps for Bilbao.
* Goal/Assist every 4.5 games.
* Contract expires in 2015.

Given the fact he's only 21, Muniain's appearance record is formidable, and his creative return is pretty decent. He has great domestic experience for such a young player, but he (arguably) hasn't really built on the great promise he displayed earlier in his career.

Rafa Benitez rates Muniain, though, and in a post on his website last year, Liverpool's former manager insisted that the Spaniard has a 'great future in any country'.

If Liverpool are looking at Muniain, it may mean that Pedro, Firmino and Sanchez are no longer viable options. Is the Spaniard a worthy substitute?



  1. Juries out on this one. Not convinced he is worth anything like the price tag but then we say that about nearly every player these days so nothing new. For that kind of money I feel there are better options out there.

  2. He would have gone to Brazil if he was top draw. 45 million is top draw.

  3. This deal will not happen. Bilbao rarely sell below the release clause and I am thinking LFC aren;t stupid enough to stump up €45 mil for this guy (That's more than Fabregas or even Costa)

  4. Yet another rumour that will without a doubt not happen. Sterling is better in any case...

  5. Not sure Pedro or Firmino are anywhere near good enough to fill in for Suarez. Bring us only Sanchez than you very much.

  6. Not so. Many a quality player has been left out of the national teams or do you think all national managers always pick the best players? The best players may not always make the best team and as we have seen, Spain have been crap.

  7. Spain were utterly crap! I mean the wash out Torres went to the WC. Who would have thought that? Might as well have selected Aspas...

  8. B Rodgers should take Pedro(26) and Sanchez(25) and 40M cash off Barcelona in deal for L Suarez(27)

    Two world class players and 40m for the price of one

    And then B Rodgers should add another 30M to the 40M cash

    And B Rodgers should bring in these three class quality players:

    1: DM: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG for 12-16m to compete with Can(21) and Gerrard(34)

    2: CM: T Alacantra(23) Of B Munich for 23-32M to compete with Allen(24) and Henderson(23) for next 5-7 years at club

    3: FD: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang(25) Of B Dortmund for 12-20M

    So we would have shipped out L Suarez (27)

    But brought in 2 world class players and 3 real class quality players Alacantra(23), Aubameyang(25), Matuidi(27), Pedro(26) and Sanchez(25)

  9. I see your list of names are changing week by week? Matuidi will not be joining LFC. Scrap him off your list immediately as well as Alcantara .They will not be joining LFC no matter what.

    Why would we want to sign Aubameyang?

    Muniain is nowhere near good enough to give Sterling a run for his money.

    The only player I would be interested out of your whole list is Sanchez :-)

  10. pay the money for him he's worth it. if you've seen play last season he is one of the rising stars and if liverpool don't buy him now his price will increase

  11. liverpool really need to go for him coz they've missed out on a lot of young talents over the last couple of years and if they miss out on Muniain then liverpool will regret it.

  12. Please explain to me how Muniain is better than Steling.

  13. Logan, my list changes when out options have been brought.

    In world football today the best centre midfielders around are:

    Modric, Fabregas, Cazorla, Koke, Rakitic, Herrera, Alacantra, Banega, Yaya Toure, and Kroos.

    T Alacantra(23) is not a guaranteed starter at B Munich , so B Rodgers should go and get him for 25-32m.

    The best Defensive midfielders around at moment are:
    J Martinez, B Matuidi, De Jong, Gustavo, Fernandinho, De Rossi, Busquets, Kheidira, Sandro, M'Bia and Y M'Vila.

    B Matuidi(27) is player B Rodgers should be bring to club this summer for 12-16M as he is the defensive midfield player we have been crying out for since Mascherano left the club over 5 years ago now. I do think Y M'Vila(23) would be awesme great signing for us, but B Matuidi(27) offers something in attack also so he would be great buy.

    Aubameyang(25) is class quality mobile pacey quick striker who is a very good finisher, so that is why we should go for him.

    Munian(21) is class quality player, Logan you must not know nothing about football as most of the players i have said over last few months we should sign, Barcelona, Chelsea and Now Man united have scooped them up.

    And Rakitic(26), Fabregas(27) and Herrera(24) are class quality players who are three times better than J Allen(24) and J Henderson(23) and we need a class quality centre midfielder on par with those three in our side in the champions league. And T Alacantra(23) is that player.

    As S Gerrard(5-7) years ago would boss midfield, these days the likes of Fabregas(27), Herrera(24) and Rakitic(26) will run circles round S Gerrard(34). Yet S Gerrard(34) is on his way out and on his last legs, but S Gerrard(34) is only world class midfielder we have at club. T Alcantra(23) in the next 2-3 years will be world class, i just hope he is at Anfield dictating the centre of park.

  14. No matter how much you wish for Matuidi or Alcantara to join LFC, it is not going to happen unless you start a game of football manager.

  15. So Robben one of the best players so far takes a dive to earn the Netherlands a place in the next round of the World Cup. Nothing new I guess...

  16. What's worse... a dive or a bite?

    Something tells me Mexico and the rest of the world (outside the Netherlands) think the former right about now

  17. Why do we not ask FIFA why Mexico have been cheated out of a place in the next round of the Wortd Cup :-o

  18. While we're at it, we might as well ask how that "investigation" is going into the bribery scandal and the Qatari workers who have been injured or killed in the construction of the stadiums

  19. Sepp Blatter and his chronies have made sure that that the following WC has lined their pockets.

  20. Getting Matuidi and Alcantara with a starting budget of like 15M? Not a chance even in FM14...

  21. Well B Rodgers needs to open his eyes and bring better scouts to club. Cause we are challenging the likes of Chelsea, Man city, Arsenal in league.

    And all three teams have much better midfield class quality than us, and some have strengthened and others will.

    Most games in world football are won in midfield, but more the not within the centre of park:

    Henderson(23) is descent but stuggled for England(Average player, take his pressing game, his energy away from his game and everything else he offers is basic.

    The same with J Allen(24) he is average player.

    Wheras Arsenal have Arteta, Cazorla, Diaby, Ramsey, Wiltshire, Rosicky, Ozil, Gnabry, Oxlaide - Chamberlain, Podolski and Walcott.

    Chelsea have Fabregas, Hazard, lampard, Matic, Obi Mikel, Oscar, Ramires, Salah, Schurlle and Willian.

    Man City have Garcia, Fernandinho, Fernando, Milner, Silva, Navas, Nasri and Yaya Toure.

    We have Allen, Can, Coutinho, Gerrard, Henderson, Ibe , Lucas and Sterling.

    And you think our centre midfield is going to trouble the best sides in the premiership and Champions league in new season without any world class or real class quality additions made?

  22. This is just an article filler on a slow news day for that Spanish paper I think

  23. Brendan Rodgers needs to open his eyes when he almost won LFC the EPL last season. Now I have heard it all. Ha Ha!

  24. Jesus, Logan. What is the point of this comment? Does it promote debate? No. It is a form of belittlement, and I've warned you about this many times. STOP IT. Once more, and you will received a ban.

  25. Where did Mohammed state that 'Muniain is better than Sterling'? He didn't.

  26. Jaimie, am I the only one to mention Football manager?

  27. I'm not debating this. You have been on Twistadee's case for months with your endless array of sniping comments. Enough is enough. End of story.

  28. And as for mentioning 'football manager' - when someone does that as a one-off, that's one thing; when it's part of a continued series of sniping comments, that's something else entirely.

  29. i am just saying that Muniain would not be competition for Sterling.

  30. Logan, No one cares who comes 2nd , who gets to final. People remember the winners, do you think in 10 years time we will be going in 2014 we finished 2nd yay.

    We should have won league, but due to B Rodgers naivety ( VS Chelsea) we needed just a draw, but went gun ho and got beat.

    And B Rodgers falling out with D Agger(29), D Agger(29) , M Skrtel(29) and J Enrique(27) are the three best defenders at our club by a country mile.

    And whether Sakho(24) cost club 18M , Agger(29) has better partnership with Skrtel(29) and is still better than Sakho(24) in team as M Skrtel(29) and D Agger(29) kept the most clean sheets in centre back pairing last season even though D Agger(29) was on bench for half the season.

    B Rodgers done well, as no one took us serious at all and we were not in Europe, This season will be different. Teams will see as Genuine threats and we are back in Europe, so we are going to need more than Allen and Henderson energy, mobility and pressing games to beat the best teams around.

    So where we have spent 14M on Lambert and Can
    Chelsea are spending 66M on Costa and Fabregas( Proven class quality) Game changers

    B Rodgers now has put a monkey on his back, we finished 2nd last year. And we want progression, so if we do not do well in champions league and do not stay in top 4 next season, we will see what the owners think of that.

    As Man united will be stronger this year, so will Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Man City and Tottenham.

    So there will be 6 class teams fighting for 4 positions,, just this season teams will not underestimate us or take us lightly.

    B Rodgers needs to start bringing players better than what we have and stop gambling with transfers as 75% of his transfers have been failures. Bring in class, experienced , proven players not potential.

  31. I have not continuously accused Twistadee11 of trying to play FM.

  32. Fine, I will not reply to Twistadee11 again.

  33. Muniain looked so good not long ago, but he has recently vanished. Sanchez and/or Firmino will be better for us, unless Rogers can find a way to help him reach his potential.

  34. Muhammad Ibrahim9:02 pm, June 29, 2014

    If we can get him for around 20 mil would be great. Although want players of similar ability but bigger in size. Iker Muniain is a fantastic player but will be another short player on our books.

  35. Not a dive. He was tripped. He was going down no matter what. He can't be faulted for selling it a bit.

  36. We have young talent coming out of our ears. What we need now is experienced talent

  37. well said,i agree with you 100%,the first player i think we should bring in is william carvallho,for the holding midfield role,he can play and is physically imposing.Our next target should be lovren then ricardo rodriguez.these three signings should be priority,not attacking players,we scored over 100 goals last season,so the attack is the last piece of the puzzle that needs strengthening.Leaking goals cost us the title last season and i cant beleive we are constantly being linked with attacking players,just doesnt make sense.we need big strong players added to the squad,we have too many shorter lighter players,in the away games to man city and chelsea we were bullied off the ball to many times,and for that reason we need carvallho in the middle to control the game and gerrard can rotate with him off the bench.Once those 3 players are brought in only then should rodgers look at what he has in the attacking third and decide if it needs strengthening further.

  38. Forget,please.

  39. It's obvious that we're looking for young talent in the attacking department. Markovic is a similar kind of player with a similar high price in his contract. I suspect the problem with players like Pedro or Sanchez is that they might not want to come to Liverpool or they may not have the attitude that Rodgers is looking for. Those guys are already stars, they may not be "hungry" enough. No matter how good we think they are those attributes are undeniably important. You just don't want to sign players who don't have the right mental approach to playing for Liverpool. That's always been the case at this club, it's always been important.

  40. No way he is even close to Sanchez or Pedro

  41. im your opinion, is there any hope for us getting Sanchez or Pedro. Isnt Rakitic a goner already?

  42. our midfield does not stack up even if IBE gets a shot. We need help as we both know. Lets just pray BR and friends see it the same way or else its Deja Vu of last year......

  43. Barcelona badly want L Suarez(27) but they want to get him on the cheap like they got I Rakitic(26) but the owners and B Rodgers should hold out for 90M minimum.

    As Barcelona and Real Madrid know who ever lands him will have better chance of winning league next season and who ever gets him will have 2 players in top 1-3 world playing at their club.

    Barcelona have messi,Real Madrid have Ronaldo
    whoever gets L Suarez(27) will have 2 players in the top 1-3 players in world playing for them.

    B Rodgers should say he will only accept Pedro(26) and Sanchez(25) and 30-40M Cash for L Suarez(27)

    Therefore we would lose one world class player but bring in two world class wingers and have 40m left to strengthen our weak centre midfield.

    And 25-32M would be going towards bringing T Alacantra(23) from B Munich to Anfield.

    Plus a class quality mobile quick tough tackling DM will be my priority: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG or Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 10-16M

    Firminho(22) is class, quality but now we have nearly signed A Lallana(26) we have good competition for Coutinho(21) and that is the AM position Sorted.

    The positions we need to strengthen badly is for class quality competition for places at club:


    And if L Suarez(27) is sold , we will need another class quality creative goalscoring striker in ( L Muriel(24) Of Udinese)