21 Jun 2014

Swap Deal: LFC to axe £11m star in bid to sign 'fantastic' £30m attacker

The Adam Lallana transfer saga continues apace, and Brendan Rodgers is so desperate to sign the Southampton star that he's reportedly willing to include one of his own signings in the deal.

According to the Liverpool Echo today:

"[Adam] Lallana will try to push through a move to Liverpool next week.

"Southampton are holding out for a £30million fee but Liverpool [are] willing to include Fabio Borini as a makeweight"

Southampton have already rejected the Reds' improved £25m offer, and if Rodgers' new idea is a £25m transfer fee PLUS Borini, then that (IMO) is a total joke. Lallana is simply not worth it! £20m and Borini is just about palatable, but anything more than that is daylight robbery.

Whatever happened to Liverpool's alleged policy of never paying over the odds for players? In this case, Southampton don't want to sell, nor do they have to, and they're basically holding LFC to ransom for the highest fee they can get.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Most clubs - including Liverpool - operate in a similar manner. Indeed, if Luis Suarez forces a move this summer, the Reds will adopt exactly the same strategy with Real Madrid, or any other club that covets the Uruguayan.

The longer this saga goes on, the worse it may ultimately be for Lallana, recently described by John Barnes as a 'fantastic' potential signing:

* If LFC spend the whole summer scrapping for his signature, Lallana will have to prove he was worth the battle, which will burden him with immense pressure to perform.

* He'll also have the pressure of a humungous price tag to live up to.

In a site poll earlier this week, over 80% of 17200 (approx) participants voted against spending any more than £20m on Lallana, which is an emphatic result, and shows that Reds fans are not in favour of breaking the bank to sign the midfielder.

As for Borini - who cost LFC £11m in 2012 - I've argued many times that he has no future at Liverpool. He is expendable, and if Rodgers decides to dump him to improve the squad, then so be it.



  1. Time to walk away Brendan, Southampton are trying to pull our pants down!!

  2. lallana is a s**t player !!!! Why u don't try to bring ITURBE !?
    Borini much better than lallana

  3. No Liverpool surely wont offer that much at 20 million i have that Downing feeling all over again any more is unpalatable.
    They should be looking at younger faster cheaper and classier options than Lallana.

  4. It seems to me that when a British player flops his value decreases significantly more than when a foreign player flops, for 30 million pounds you'd get the cream of the crop from foreign leagues and if they don't work out there's always foreign teams looking to sign them again, just a thought

  5. *just a taught*

  6. English players are so desirable why ?, have the scouting committee not been looking at the world cup to see exactly how valuable they are. I just dont get it. ?.
    If Lallana is so good, how come he was not considered good enough to even start a game. We should have pulled out once the fee exceeded £18m.

  7. I understand what Southhampton are doing, or at least the why. They owe 25% of the fee to bornemouth via a sell on clause, so if they get £30m for Lallana that would get them around £22m after the fee, which is a relatively fair evaluation for him. That being said I don't feel we should feel the slightest bit obligated to pay up for Southampton's shortsightedness. It's times like this I'd like to see a player that supposedly pining so badly to come to The Club hand in a transfer request. If he really wants to come he needs to meet us half way and step up. If not then we know where he stands and we move on to an alternate target.

  8. That Rojo guy from Argentina looks really promissing. I have a feeling that with him and Flanno we would not have to worry about a thing this season..
    I've seen number of you guys mentioning Rojo, what is his alleged price?

  9. A Herrera(24) B Rodgers should bring to the club for 20-27M, class, creative, mobile centre midfielder in the Alonso mould.

  10. For the midfield wouldn't Dembele of Spurs fir the bill? Powerful, wins most of his tackles (71%), very good at dribbling - 67 completed at 83% success rate (to carry the ball out if defence) and can pass as well - 91%l. Also has a good work rate. Him and Henderson in front of Gerrard would be a good midfield, only problem is I'm not sure Spurs would sell

  11. Agree on Herera, but I hope he will stay at Bilbao. I am very 'romantic' about football, and if there is a club deserves to keep their players it is them...

  12. We need a centre midfielder who can take over from S Gerrard(34) he is on his last legs. Someone who can pass great long, short, create things and score goals from the centre of the park. A Herrera(24) is that player. class , creative, mobile, young quality spanish centre midfielder.

  13. Abd Hamid Abd Karim3:01 am, June 23, 2014

    The 2 big Spanish Clubs you mentioned cannot maintain 3 world class players at their team I feel Suares will be still around for at least next season

  14. my bad. What was I THINKING! Watched the US get caught by Portugal this afternoon. Heartbreak city. I hate Ronaldo; he is such a hot-dog. Actually didn't do much until the last..........

  15. Ha ha, Ronaldo is awesome footballer but what lets Ronaldo down is his diving, his moaning and he is not really a team player. He wants every team he plays for to evolve around him. The thing is in the world cup, alot of key players do not have the same class quality lining up aside them in their national team that they may have at club level.

  16. I mentioned earlier that I thought he would give us 1 season in the Champions League, but if his head gets turned I'm not sure we can hold him twice, especially as the release clause was ignored last time.

    I think Barcelona could accommodate him, Messi and Neymar in a 3 pronged attack as the latter 2 both play slightly deeper.

    Fingers crossed he gives us this coming season and we can kick on from last season. YNWA.

  17. I dont want to sell Suarez becouse he is a godlord crak player but he is fu** to much with his transfer and i am getting angry...