24 Jun 2014

Boss confirms: 'Excellent £20m star 'will be sold' to Liverpool, but only if the Reds 'pay the right amount'

Sevilla president Jose Castro has confirmed that Liverpool are trying to sign 'excellent' left-back Alberto Moreno, and he's warned the Reds that the Spaniard will not be allowed to leave on the cheap.

Liverpool have been heavily linked with Moreno over the last month, but the deal seemed dead in the water after Sevilla recently rejected the Reds' £16m bid.

The La Liga side are reportedly holding out for £20m, a figure that has 'annoyed' Brendan Rodgers, who is reportedly frustrated by Sevilla's attempts to inflate the price.

When asked this week about the possibility of Moreno joining Liverpool, Castro insisted that Sevilla are under no 'pressure' to sell, and made it clear that LFC must pay the full asking price. He told reporters:

“We haven’t reached an agreement [with Liverpool], but talks haven’t broken down. We’ll wait and see what happens. If Liverpool are interested in the player and pay the right amount, he will be sold.”

I've expressed reservations about the transfer fee in previous posts, so I'm glad that Rodgers is baulking at the asking price. Moreno has done absolutely nothing in the game to warrant a £20m transfer fee, and Sevilla seem to be using his recent call-up to the Spain squad as an excuse to try and fleece potential suitors.

I hope Rodgers stands firm on this particular deal. £16m just about covers it (although, for me, that's still a little high), and anything more than that is a gigantic rip-off.

The concerning thing here is that Liverpool seemingly haven't learned anything from previous transfer windows. Once again, the club is wasting valuable time haggling over transfer fees, and this is particularly evident for the proposed Lallana/Moreno deals.

If the standoff over both transfers continues, time will quickly run out, and Rodgers will again be forced into last-ditch panic buys (Sakho) and/or potentially ineffective loan deals (Moses, Cissokho, Sahin).

For me, it's simple: Either pay the stated price for each player, or reject it outright and move on to the next target. Rejecting the required fee and then endlessly trying to lowball the other team is a pointless exercise, and a waste of time.

That strategy didn't work last year, or in January, so why is it going to work now?



  1. The World Cup has unearthed some other prospects, maybe we can get one of those. I agree with JK here, make a (what we consider a generous) offer, if they dont want it, ok move on. Anyway me personally, I think defenders should have height, or have skills that make up for it, be happy if he signs, but I wont lose any sleep if he does not.

  2. We should not forget that Mourinho and PSG have set the benchmark with the transfer of David Luiz....this will be another summer of overpaying...so buy him and get on with it....but we shold consider Wolfburg's Rodriguez first...

  3. Why pay £20m with other options available????

  4. Absolutely spot on, Jamie. Liverpool are back to square one again. Which is trying to be patient and wait till last minute towards the deadline looming and than force to make panic buy(s). I am quite baffled given that we are in the champions league elite competition now, we are still looking to recruit average players and "so called" good players. We should be looking to sign top notch players who are well established and finished article along with the so called few good players for "squad" player.

    Regarding transfers, players like Lovren can steady up our defence without needing to adapt to the Premier League and we should be quick to make an offer and snatch him from under the noses of other clubs sniffing. What more, Croatia are out of the World Cup and Liverpool should without any second waste time to conclude a deal. And I just got a bit of worry feeling if we happen to buy players like Lallana over 30m. This is highly regard-able as "over" the odds sum. Players like Griezmman and Firmino can come for less cheaper than the above mentioned price. When Rodgers said he's looking for "hungry" players, I hope he won't splash inflated amount just for the sake of capturing his targets.

    With Can and Lambert already in our books, Liverpool should focus attention on a solid proven centre midfielder, left back, center back and a pacey winger who can create goals for the team. Here are my favourite choice of players whom I believe can make the squad much stronger than we already have.

    GK- Ochoa (challenge Mignolet for no 1 spot)
    DC- Lovren (first team)
    DR- Serge Aurier (replace johnson!)
    DL- Daley Blind
    MC- Arturo Vidal (tough ask)
    AM (L/R)- Griezmman / Sanchez / Pedro
    ST- Origui / Andre Ayew (squad rotation)

    Players I have stated are just my dream signings. I hope Liverpool can have a successful transfer windows getting the "right" players.

  5. I just can't understand our transfer business...spending weeks of time to get a lower price of maybe 10%...we better sell our deadwood and reinvest it cleverly!
    Coates, Assaidi, Borini, Aspas, Coady, Reina, (Enrique) and one of our CBs would bring in around 30m...
    Our Squad isn't small it's just weak...

  6. We might see a few Barca players at Liverpool soon.................Pedro, Sanchez, Tello, Montoya etc......................who knows??

  7. Andy whats his name, Stuart whats his name, Aqua whats his name, we have a reputation apparently.

  8. The World Cup tends to unearth other prospects only for them to turn into damp squibs during regular season.

  9. It's funny how Suarez may end up at a lesser Barcelona than Liverpool if all the cash + player deal goes through.

  10. Just like the Lallana deal I think we should walk away, like Jaimie said this guy has done nothing in his career to warrant a £20m price tag. I might be alone on this one but I think Bertrand would be a good buy, or failing that the guy from Wolfsburg who seems to be highly rated. Either of those two we can get for a lot less than the fee quoted for Moreno and they both have experience of playing in a physical league.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moSFlvxnbgk

    Liverpool, here's a tip...

  12. Just out of interest, how many of these players did you deem to be top signings 2 months ago?
    One man' stop quality is another mans dross.

  13. On another note, Yaya Toure is seriously not happy with his relationship with Man City, he is highly emotional at the moment. http://www.espn.co.uk/football/sport/story/318473.html?CMP=OTC-RSS Worth a bid?

  14. totally agree with you. maybe we need to make some firm offers for alternative options and show that we won't be held to ransom and that we will move on. the salah/konoplyanka situation in january was exactly the same scenario playing out again.

  15. If the Sevilla valuation for Moreno was too much then surely LFC would have walked away from the deal already? The "right amount" apparently is the initial payment Sevilla are requesting, not the actual transfer fee.

  16. "Either pay the stated price for each player or reject it outright"

    This made me laugh. If we paid the stated price for any player you would explode with rage and anger that once again we were over paying for players.

    If we just rejected then we would never sign any player again.

    The club who is selling is always going to try and get as much money as they can and the club buying is always going to try and get that player for as little as possible. In the past we have been guilty of doing what you have suggested, just paying whatever the selling club wants, so we ended with AC for 35mil

    You have to negotiate, some times it takes a few days, other times it takes a few weeks, sometimes it simply never happens but nevertheless you will always have to negotiate.

  17. Depends which report you want to believe in. Some are saying that they wants 20mil where as we are only willing to pay 16mil. Others are saying that the fee is not the issue but the payment scheme.

  18. My point is that Sevilla's president said that talks have not broken down. If there was a problem with the transfer fee or valuation of the player then it is likely that FSG would have given instructions to walk away from the deal by now.

  19. I suppose but personally I do not believe anything Spanish Presidents say. There seems to be a thing in Spain for Club Presidents to talk utter bollocks, but that is just me :)

  20. We should just leave it

  21. Sakho was a panic buy? To the contrary I am happy with the amount we paid for him.

  22. As long as it's not with saurez going in the opposite direction. Y.N.W.A

  23. How tall is Moreno?

  24. Once chairmen start looking for the press it means they're trying to force our hand. This story has been running for so long now that the guy can't do anything but fail if he comes here. It's already only about his price tag and no longer about his skills. I'd rather we move on from this one.

  25. Jk,

    Fully agree. Stick with quality and don't dilly dally. I am not saying act impetuously but do your homework and then execute promptly, PERIOD! I know the summer window isn't open yet you KNOW our competitors are doing business behind the scenes and surely we are too. We need to ink Sanchez, Blind, and other REAL proven quality and save the rest for the end. I hope Moreno fits the proven quality label.

  26. Completely agree with your post and analysis as well as timing....

  27. YES, YES, YES, YES".........

  28. Dailey Blind instead?

  29. Dailey Blind instead?

  30. Mate, just a couple of points that I disagree with. In your first point you state that LFC are ‘back to square one’ getting panic buys and such. We are currently 2 months away from the closing of the transfer window, we have signed 2 players (Can and Lambert) and reports say we have Sanchez too. That’s 2 squad players and a definite starter. Plus they have well published and confirmed interest in the likes of Tello, Lallana, Lovren, Kono and Moreno, not just little rumours and links, these are statements from club presidents, managers and players.

    I do agree with your assessment of Lovren, he would be a
    sound addition to the back line, but comparing Lallana to Griezmann and Firmino is a moot-point, as they are very different players, and most importantly play in different leagues. Southhampton have a few things in mind in the sale of Lallana. Firstly, it will weaken their team, so they must maximise the amount they get for him in order to replace him with some quality. Second, they wont want him to play against them, so selling to a PL rival isn’t preferable. Third, there’s the whole Bournemouth thing as well, but I can’t remember all of
    the details. Fourth, they know that Rodg is dead keen on the player, if you are selling something that is in massive demand and the buyer has expressed how much he/she wants that item, you drive the price up for maximum profit.

    Your list is interesting, Blind and Aurier would be good purchases, but they are both still fairly raw, albeit with good potential. Arturo Vidal would never happen, but would be a boss. I wouldn’t buy Pedro for the kind of dollars that are being put about, nor Griezmann. Origi is still too much of an unknown and with the reputation for young talented Belgians, he’ll probably be expensive. Ayew is a solid player though, not sure what he’d be

    Ochoa. Everyone going on and on about Ochoa. The guy has a
    couple of good games at a world cup and all of a sudden everyone wants Ochoa. These have been, by a massive distance, his best games he’s ever played. Lorient fans are spewing that he doesn’t play this well for club. His cost will
    skyrocket and there is no way he will be worth the money they’ll ask for. This happens every world cup/euro’s, and it’s amazing how clubs keep doing it.

    TORBEN m*****f****n PIECHNIK!