10 Jun 2014

Suarez conflict? - BR to make €12m offer for wing-star who 'followed LFC' as a kid

Liverpool are reportedly considering an official offer for Marseille attacker Andre Ayew, a pacy winger linked with the Reds many times in the past.

According to French sports Daily Le10Sport today:

* Liverpool are planning a €12.5m bid for 23-year old Ayew.

* Marseille are €8m in the hole right now, and may consequently be forced to sell.

Like Arda Turan, Mohamed Diame, Loic Remy, Ayew has a soft-spot for Liverpool, and when interviewed last season on French TV show Telefoot, he enthused:

"It [The Premier league] is a league I always think of. I am Ghanaian and an English speaker, and I have a strong preference for England. As for Liverpool - I followed them as a child"

Speaking about his future this week, Ayew told reporters:

"Everything is possible. I'm under contract and proud to wear this jersey. I could have left it two years ago, but I stayed, had finished second. We'll see"

Ayew's versatility probably makes him an appealing option for Brendan Rodgers. He can play as a winger, or a striker, but is he prolific enough, though? Stats for the last few years:

* 2010-11: 13 goals/3 assists in 51 appearances.
* 2011-12: 16 goals/4 assists in 39 apps.
* 2012-13: 13 goals/5 assists in 45 apps.
* 2013-14: 8 goals/3 assists in 29 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 2.5 games.

Not a bad return, but I'd personally prefer it if Liverpool paid more for a player like Pedro.

Ayew was part of the Ghana side that fell victim to Luis Suarez's shameless cheating during the 2010 World Cup quarter-final, and in an interview two weeks ago, Asamoah Gyan - who missed the resulting penalty - claimed that Ghana players 'hate' Suarez for his actions.

If Ayew also 'hates' Suarez, and Liverpool end up signing him, then it will be interesting to see how he reacts to being in the same squad as the Uruguayan (!)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Bad idea for the price. Ayew frustrates Marseille fans to no end with his inconsistent level of play. Undoubtably a talented player, but far too mercurial for us to take a chance with that kind of outlay given the other options. I really don't know if his talents would jive with a bench role.

    Suarez showed poor sportsmanship, but he didn't cheat. That would imply he got away with something. He was properly punished and Ghana was given the opportunity to win and failed to convert. Tasteless may be the word you're looking for, but having played I can tell you I certainly wasn't upset when one of my defenders did the same in a championship match and I stopped the ensuing penalty.

  2. Yet more fabricated headline reporting whilst trying to stimulate further Suarez issues. These feature writers need to get a life

  3. Probably my one biggest criticism of this site.

    Other than that, it's an enjoyable place for discussion

  4. just another ben arfa or adam johnson

    pay 30m get lallana then pay 15m get shaqiri
    just add to the dept and when w win the pl and semis for cl that extra revenue will cover the cost

  5. ..................................sturridge


    bench: lambert,sterling ,coutinho,allen,can,sakho , jones

  6. Sterling only on the bench? and good singer though she is I would not have Shaqiri in the first 11

  7. I don't know. She could create space by attracting opposition players. Could be worth a shot.

  8. he didn't give us an advantage. but he did embarrass us.

  9. I thought you were going to say and in the interest of the highest ideals of British sportsmanship I stood by the goalpost and allowed the penalty taker a free shot at goal.

  10. B Rodgers needs to bring in two world class attacking players and one class quality player this summer:

    And Five Defensive players: GK 2 CB RB LB

    GK: M Vorm(30) Of Swansea for £3-£5M

    CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for £10-£15M
    CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for £5-£8M

    RB: S Aurier(21) Of Toulouse for £6-£8M

    LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea Or R Bertrand(24) Of Chelsea for £5-£7M

    And A Ayew(24) should not be one of the attacking players:

    2 World class players attacking players:

    1: CM: I Rakitic(26) Of Seville for £18-£25M
    2: RW / RWF: A Sanchez(25) Of Barcelona for £22-£25M

    1 class quality player:

    3: LW / LWF: D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal for £4-£6M

    With those players at club we could have these two solid sides:

    4 2 3 1

    Suarez Rakitic Sanchez

    Gerrard Henderson
    Enrique Sakho Lovren Aurier


    Capel Coutinho Sterling

    Can Allen

    Bertrand Agger Skrtel Flannagan/ Johnson


  11. Breaking a rule is not cheating, in my opinion.

    Cheating is simply gaining an unfair advantage.

    If you break a rule and are caught, you are subsequently punished, just as Suarez was. That's not cheating. That means the rule was utilized correctly. Shame on Ghana for not converting the PK.

    If a ball was kicked back to a goalkeeper, and he had no choice but to handle it, get a red, and be sent off, would we consider it cheating? No. We'd say that he was left with no choice but to keep the other team from scoring when he had the chance. Same deal with Suarez.

  12. Not only did he embarrass us, but it seemed calculated. Considering the first time he bit someone, he used it to angle for a move (and also help drive down his fee to make it more affordable to move to LFC).

    The fact that he bit someone again, and then angled for another move away (this time from LFC), just reeks of calculation.

    Jaimie did a really good job of showcasing this theory last summer and broke down the sequence of events from Suarez's departure from Ajax, and how he tried to do the same here.

  13. Correct,has a chip on his shoulder even before he plays WITH Luis.

  14. If this fella (the one with the deleted post) was moaning about the number of rumours on this site, then it is ridiculous. I've seen a few people moaning about it lately and I don't get it at all.

    If you're not interested in transfer rumours don't read them. It's not like someone is following you around shouting them at you.

  15. It wasn't. The comment was mainly about sensationalizing a story headline about Suarez when the story has little to do with Suarez. Starting off the headline with "Suarez Conflict?" The majority of the post is about Ayew. Only the very end of it is about Suarez.

  16. Wish someone could tell me what all these deleted comments say!

    Might have beef with this John (narrows it down) figure now, for all I know, haha!

  17. With regards to the biting, I find it hard to believe that it was a calculated move (either time) to try and force through transfers but it is an interesting theory. It undeniably has a certain logic to it.

    I've gave up trying to understand Suarez. Someone who can nutmeg people so often clearly has different neural mechanics than the rest of us!

  18. It wasn't about the rumors. It was about the sensationalizing of a headline to include Suarez. The first part of the headline is "Suarez Conflict"... yet the article really has nothing to do with Suarez other than a quote about an event from 4 years ago from different player brought up again 2 weeks ago.

  19. Another theory is he is simply a big Hannibal Lecter fan... entirely plausible

  20. Who isn't a Hannibal fan?

    Besides his victims, that is...

  21. I don't mean to offend you, but till when are you going to make these posts of wholesale changes again and again? :P

  22. Gyan said this so that Ghana fans/players forget that actually he missed the penalty and that "he" must be hated by other players....he is just making Luis Suarez a scapegoat with that missed penalty that would have qualified them further in the tournament...have you ever heard of Gyan saying that "Ghana didn't qualify because I missed a penalty in the dying seconds"!!? why?...but instead he has time to criticize Luis...what sportsmanship!!