14 May 2014

Exciting News: BR confirms LFC will sign two 'absolute top players'. £70m duo?

After wasting tens of millions on dross over the last two years, it's absolutely vital that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers gets it right in this summer's transfer window. The priority positions are clear for all to see, and based on his latest comments, Rodgers is approaching this year's market with the right strategy.

Speaking to the official LFC website today, Rodgers claimed that the Reds 'have been preparing' transfers for 'quite a few months', and revealed that he wants to sign 'one or two absolute top players' rather than 'seven that might not help us'. He added:

"It's about the quality. We can't be going into the Champions League this year with doubts about players. We have to be going in knowing what the players' capacity to play is and their capabilities."

With Sahin, Moses, Assaidi, Ilori, Aspas, Alberto, Sakho, Cissokho, and Borini, Rodgers has already signed more that 'seven players that might not help' LFC, so it's heartening to hear that he's not planning a repeat of that transfer fiasco this summer.

Will one or two top players cut it, or do LFC need more than that? In my view, when it comes to 'absolute top players' (i.e. CL class), LFC (arguably) need the following:

* 1 x full-back.
* 1 x central defender.
* 1 x attacking midfielder.

These three signings are (IMO) essential. Ideally, LFC should sign two full-backs, but at least one needs to be an 'absolute top player'. Ditto central defence and midfield.

Liverpool are currently linked with Bundesliga duo Marco Reus and Thomas Muller - both rated at £35m - and it would be great to see those two at Anfield (even though only one is needed).

Which 'top' players should LFC sign? Three possible choices:

* LB: Fabio Coentrao
* CD: Mats Hummels
* AM: Marco Reus

Whilst it's great to hear these comments from Rodgers, he's arguably made a rod for his own back. Fans will now measure every signing against the description 'absolute top player', and if any buy doesn't fit that label, Rodgers will be criticised by the fanbase.



  1. Two top top players and a couple of decent squad players should see us through...

  2. Wow, you really don't like Tiago Ilori do you Jamie. Has anyone even seen the kid play? I have seen him a couple of times on SKY in Spanish games and he looks like a really good prospect, remembering that he is very young. Sent out on loan this season to get first team match experience. You also write off Alberto who even though he hasn't pulled up tree stumps yet is technically gifted. Moses and Cissokho are loans so they were only taking wages for the season so no great loss there. Agreed that Borini, Aspas and Assaidi should be sold on. We'll probably get around £10M - £15M for thos three. With Reina leaving as well that adds a few more pounds to the purse and with the increased EPL revenues this season, rumour has it that Liverpool had the highest turnover due to having more televised games than Man City, there may be enough in the kitty to spend on higher quality players. Not forgetting also that we have players such as Kelly and Suso who could be traded too.

  3. It's nothing to do with 'liking' the player. As of now, he has not contributed to LFC. It's irrelevant that he's allegedly 'one for the future' - Rodgers spent £7m on Ilori and then sent him on loan. Ilori fits the description of a player who 'might not help' LFC. A player cannot contribute to LFC if he's on loan, no matter how promising he is.

    If Ilori was good enough, he would've been in the team last season. Sterling, Coutinho, and Flanagan are similar ages, and they're in the team. Why not Ilori?

  4. I really don't think that our attacking options really need bolstering, with Suso and Borini I think we have two decent squad players who can cover attacking roles.

    I would much rather see us sign Hummels, Coentrao and sign Son Heung-min I think a two footed, pace forward who can play a number of positions would be perfect for LFC, plus it's always a good idea to sign Asian players for the coverage LFC would get in the emerging fan markets.

  5. there is absolutely no chance of reus leaving BVB this summer and Müller is absolutely overrated...lallana fits far better in this liverpool team....
    We shouldn't change our winning Team to much...Müller is a very unique character and will influence the hole team...
    the transfers to be done this summer are Shaw/Coentrao(Flanno has his limits, Lallana(creative), Caulker (as good as skrtel and much younger) and Konoplyanka (good price and a great shot, to bring in if we are behind)...
    our problem were never the CBs...our problem is that if our super offensive team stops its pressing, the defense is exposed...

  6. Jamie,

    Here's my choice whom can strengthen our squad:
    DR- Richards
    DC- Lovren / Nkolou (marseille)
    DL- Coentrao
    DM- Fernando (porto)
    MC/AMC- Rakitic / Vidal / Reus
    AML- Griezman

    What do u say pal?

  7. Well...let's see if Parry delivers this time. The same sort of promises were made last season at the back of a successful run and we signed average players.

    Now with CL back and Liverpool being arguably the most exciting side in Europe we should have a better chance of making this top class signings.

    We need to start thinking big. United has been successful for the past decade due to singing top class players in key positions rather than singing 3-4 average players (of course they have also done this: Djemba Djemba, Kleberson, Bellion, Bebe, Taibi etc...)

    They have bought top class players that have made a difference:

    Van Persie

    I agree with you JK, top class FB, CB and AM are needed definitely. We need good options from the bench.

  8. Guys...we are not real Madrid...stop dreaming...this 6/7 players would cost us around 110Mil pound in todays market...

  9. All your choices look really good. Lovren has impressed this season. Richards I like but very injury prone.

  10. I actually think the signing of Borini will prove to be a good one. His load spell has been a success and we don't need another world class striker so Borini is perfect coming off the bench. I'd love to see Lallana sign and a centre back a full back and a yound replacement for Stevie. I don't mean right away but someone who can step in and learn form him ready to take the reigns when he calls it a day.

  11. Some good picks there do not like Richards much injury prone but unless Suarez is sold the club will not be spending that kind of money.
    Then of course you need another striker which will be another massive cost.

  12. B Rodgers should ship out these players this summer and replace them with class quality players: a player costing : £20M plus does not guarantee success examples: Oscar £25M, Fellaini £27M , Mata £37M, A Carroll £35M

    B Rodgers needs to ship out these 13 players this summer and replace them with class quality players instead:

    2 Gks Out: B Jones (32) P Reina(31)

    1 GK In should be: A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading or M Vorm(30) Of Swansea for £4-£7M

    2 CB'S Out: S Coates(23) not good enough K Toure(33) 6 years past his best.

    2 CB'S IN: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton and S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff, both centre backs should be brought to club for combined total of £23M
    Both of these centre backs would cost cheaper than M Hummels(25) together.

    RB Out: M Kelly(23) Injury Prone/ Sick Note: Every season on treatment table 80-90% of time

    RB In: N Clyne(23) Of Southampton for £5-£8M

    Class competiton for J Enrique(27) : LB In: B Davies(21) Of Swansea for £4-£7M

    DM out: L Leiva(27) lack of mobility/ pace struggles to fit system

    DM in: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for £8-£11M

    These 6 Defensive players at club need to shipped out and then those 6 defensive players mentioned above outs should be the first things B Rodgers brings to the club this summer.

    B Rodgers will then need to ship out these average 5 players also :
    CM: J Allen(24) AM: L Alberto(21) RW: O Assaidi(25)

    FD: I Aspas(26) FD: F Borini(22)

  13. A player who would completely makes us go the next level is Arturo Vidal. He is what I call a complete midfielder, he would dominate our midfielder.

  14. I'd still like to us sign Diego Costa... I know he's about to join Chelsea, but nothing is signed yet and with pursasion and the right offer to Atletico we can trump them like they did with us on Salah! How sweet would that be!?! He would move to LIverpool, afterall he was close to last season. Whether Suarez stays or goes it would give us much needed firepower backup. Lets face it, Suarez aint gonna stay forever and once Costa has gone to Chelsea and if Suarez does leave, we're in trouble Other strikers may be good enough, Lukaku for instance, but there aint too many world class strikers available for less than £50m nowadays! Clearly we need to sort our defence out too, and I still fancy Will Hughes as long term successor to Gerrard.

  15. I would expect:
    LB: Moreno (15m) or Sigueria (12m)
    CB: Caulker (8m) or Papadopoulos (12m) although i would like Vertonghen (?) but i cant see that happening.
    AM: Lallana (22.5m)
    Wing: Konoplyanka (15m) or Tello (12m)

    Total: 54 - 64.5m

    Probably Sell
    Reina (4m)
    Aspas (4m)
    Assaidi (3m)
    Enrique (4m)

    Total: 15m

    So around a 50m outlay.

  16. I agree. if we could get Vidal & reus, I'd be in heaven. though it would mean no place for stevie

  17. Hope this is true. Allen can be added to that list. With several places guaranteed for the likes of Gerrard, Coutinho, Sturridge, Sterling, Mignolet, Agger, Johnson, and of course Suarez does not leave many vacancies. Anyone joining must absolutely own their shirt from the off. Any mediocre talked up player that might earn his stripes is not an option. LFC did that a couple of seasons, the list of flops gets longer. Going forward it would be a backwards step taking a gamble on a 'potential' genius. An actual genius is the way forward.
    As a guideline any established international from the most competitive European leagues for each of the positions above would be the way forward. That is to say Bundesliga, La liga, Serie A and EPL top four teams. That way experience at playing at the very top is a criteria readily satisfied. Of course this will cost top dollar. Do this and the 2013/2014 team suddenly can go up a gear.

  18. Time and time again it's been shown that if you are good enough you'll play.

  19. I think this also shows Rogers has learned from his mistakes from the last 2 seasons. He knows the bargain basement is a dodgy place to buy players. His hands were also loosely tied due to lack of CL footy. Hopefully he gets it right this summer or else its regression and ultimately his firing..

  20. Are we selling one of our defenders? Because if we're not a CB is totally unnecessary. You're argued previously that we have too many so the solution is not to buy even more. Let's stick with the guys we've got and focus on the positions where we really have a shortage. A fit Agger and focused Skrtel are a potentially world class combination and Sakho will always push one of them for a spot in the side. The fullbacks are an absolute priority so let's get two quality players on either flanks

    A versatile advanced midfielder will be the big signing. A few people might be disappointed if that's Lallana, he's not truly a big name, he doesn't have a massive worldwide profile. I understand that, but this is the same scouting team that went for Mkhitaryan and Costa, I think they know what they're doing in that bracket of player. And Lallana is not just an attacking player, he can play a little deeper and across all sides of the park. Reus would be an equally quality player with similar versatility, except that he just said he's staying at Dortmund.

    I suspect there is a quality deep lying midfielder in the plans too, someone to give Stevie G a bit of competition. We shouldn't be waiting until he has a career ending injury to replace him, we need to start that now. This player has to be truly top class so ... who knows?

  21. Are we expecting Enrique back any time soon?
    I would rather Reus over Muller, don't really know why, but I just don't like Muller all that much.

  22. A few points:

    1. JK's summary of new player requirements is 100% correct
    2. We should be spending big money on those 3 players
    3. Remaining squad enhancements should be done with either promoting from within or recalling our loan players
    4. Folks on here who are dreaming of wholesale changes and getting rid of "deadwood" have unrealistic expectations - which we will continue to listen to up until the end of the transfer window

    I refer to the Tottenham failure to integrate 7 players this year - let's not repeat that mistake.

    Also we bought a number of players in the summer who contributed NOTHING to the league this year. We need to ensure we do not repeat that mistake as well.

  23. Whatever players we buy, I'd like to do our business in May, ahead of the players flying out to the WC. We need to buy 3 players and we should buy big and automatic first team starters. As for names:

    Attacking Mid - it's got to be Fabregas. Many folks have pointed out that I am dreaming. But this signing (if we pull it off) will do a number of things:

    1. Mean we serious contenders for the league next year
    2. Keep Suarez at Anfield
    3. Entice further players to want to come to LFC

    I'd hate it if Man U pull this one off and will wonder why we couldn't aim that high. Lallana is the most obvious alternative.

    Left Back - I'd go and buy Shaw from Southampton. Whatever it takes within reason.

    Centre Back - This is the one I am not sure on. He needs to be fast, good in the air and can play out from the back. Scratching my head, there aren't that many who fit the bill - with the nearest one being Micah R|ichards who was a beast of a defender before injury.

  24. If Marco Reus becomes available he has to be the number one target. He has excelled at CL and international level football. He has incredible pace, great dribbling skills, can pick a pass and can score goals from either the wing or through the middle. Plus Dortmund play a similar style to that of Liverpool. Not the same formation but a similar high tempo, high pressing style of play. So it won't be tough for him to adjust to our system. I do not think there is a good chance at all of him leaving Dortmund this summer but if he is available, this is exactly the type of player you break the bank for.

  25. Do you really want to be facing Real Madrid in the CL quarter final second leg trailing 1-0 from the first one with Borini up front? Because that's what you're saying.

  26. Whatever the positions, I think it's good if we address them one by one and spend what is needed to do so. So that means if our budget only allows us to fill two positions when we wanted to fill three, then it's two and the third will have to wait till the next window. I think Hummels and Reus are good shouts. Not too sure about Coentrao. Transfer rumours are crazy though. I read the other day that Shaw is likely to go to Man U with Chelsea interested. So why on earth would a 19-year-old Chelsea fan move to a club that is in turmoil and has nothing to offer that Southampton has not, ahead of his boyhood club much closer to home?

  27. To be honest I dont think we will buy more then 4-5 players. Wholesale changes can affect moral of the team plus we have alot of youth and players who were brought already who may deliver in cup games instead of league minus the loanees who will return. 4-5 are max purchases we need with 1 world class midfielder who can control things when going gets tough plus attack and defend. You see matic, fernandinho who let toure or lampard etc excel in attacking. We dont have a game changer when plan A dont work. Focus will be on 22-25 year old stars who needs to go another level with BR guidance.

  28. And we already know what Hummels and Reus look like in a yellow strip...

  29. Are we going to get both Marco Reus and Thomas Muller? Is that for real? I cannot imagine the firepower of the team if we can them both.

    Back to reality, is it possible to replace Glen Johnson? If we could only replace either our LB or RB, I would definitely choose RB over LB. I thought Flanagan may still develop a little more if given time. Then get a world-class CB and a really tough defensive midfielder. Though I have real problem coming up with names.

  30. BUY:
    LB: Ricardo Rodriguez,Ashley cole(free-17M)
    CB: Steven Caulker/Mehdi Benatia(8-18M)
    RB: Montoya/Mattia De Sciglio(10-12M)
    CDM: Blaise Mataudi/Fernando Reges(15-20M)
    LW: Adam Lallana/Christian Tello(8-25M)
    CAM: Roberto Firmino/James Rodriguez(15M-30M)
    ST: Heung Min Son/Michel Lassoga(9M-13M)
    GK: Michel Vorm/ Keylor Navas(5M)
    Total Spending : 140M

    Fabio Borini(8-10M)
    Glen Johnson(10M)
    Sebastian Coates(4M)
    Iago Aspas(7m)
    Daniel Agger(15M)
    Luis Alberto(5M)
    Osama Assaidi(6M)
    Lucas Leiva(10M)
    Joe Allen(12M)
    Brad Jones(free)
    Total Selling : 82M
    Total Net Spending : 140M-82M-60M(Transfer Budget)
    Total Saving : 2 Million Pounds and no need to spend in Winter transfer Window

  31. And just for perspective, even if we add in that 30M proposed move for Carvalho, that's still around 75-80M. That's a lot of money, but it seems that the Owners are finally loosening their pockets, as soooo many big deals are being rumored. Obviously we can't afford them all, but 1 or 2 (relatively) big buys are very possible.

  32. Are we to understand those 3 suggestions are your dream (realistic) signings, JK?

    If we're talking dream signings that aren't completely bonkers, I'd go for:

    1. Reus
    2. Gundogan/Verratti
    3. Varane

    Still struggling to think of a LB and CB (beyond Varane). As I said on a previous article's comments, I think we could do worse than cozy up to Dortmund and try to get a couple of Schmelzer, Hummels, Subotic and Gundogan.

  33. Nice try - a tad unrealistic though ;-)

  34. So what say you to Fabregas.. after all Man U will be gunning for him.. so why can't we?

  35. He is an excellent footballer- if he is available, I'd like to think we'd at least consider the deal. Probably too pricey for us, considering his age and he's had some fitness issues in the past.

    I'd have to think that if he became available, surely Arsenal would come in for him?

  36. Pretty sensible stuff.

  37. bye bye Agger

  38. yep hes playing well tonight

  39. Well the reason for him leaving was to win stuff - hence I don't see him going back to the Gunners, since no matter how good their football, they always have a bad 6-8 week period, EVERY YEAR.

    Man U seemed a cert last year, but Man U did not up their bid. So I think if we really push the boat out, there would be a chance.

    My fear is, we're going for Lallana, cheaper and English.

    But with Fabs and Suarez we'll go places next year.

  40. Terry McDermotts perm6:40 pm, May 14, 2014

    BR said he could be ready for pre season.

  41. I always felt that the move to Barca was more to do with it being his home-town club.

  42. Borini is playing well tonight along with Ibe and Smith

  43. Reus is very direct and quick. He'd fit in excellently in the Prem.

    Muller doesn't offer as much physically- his qualities are more nebulous.

  44. As @NeutralRed has said, I think on the whole this is a bit unrealistic. We wont bring in that many people, spend that much or get as much for the players you are talking about.

    That said, there are some nice shouts in here: Benatia and De Sciglio I think are very good options and I think Keylor Navas definitely needs to be looked at. Not sure how well he'd cope with the Prem, but some of his performances this year have been stunning.

  45. I think he is unsettled at Barca, and with the right Manager talking to him could re-ignite his career. He is will also be a bit part player for Spain in the WC.

    So best time to poach him before the WC.

  46. I think Barca would be reasonably open to selling him too. I can't imagine we'd prevail though. I think once his availability became common knowledge, then a bidding war would commence.

    If we could get him for similar money to Lallana though (even within £10mil I'd say) then he'd be the superior option.

  47. Viking Westman6:48 pm, May 14, 2014

    But as mentioned by Rodgers we're one season ahead. The players he brought in were supposed to make an impact or even be squad players next season. A huge talent like Nastasic didn't get much play time over Demicheles, who's shit. Center back is like that, and again, next season, which is why I'm sure he wanted Ilori to get play time.

  48. I'd go and pay upto £40m for him - simply a no brainer, and he'd settle into the LFC system easily.

    We'd then have all sorts of options for the PL, CL, and cups.. and could cope with injuries.

  49. I think our need to get a quality centre-half and left-back (and a few other less urgent positions) precludes spunking £40mil on one player (...unless it is Reus!).

    He'd be great for us though, no doubt. Bit of a bastard too, which is good to have.

  50. In my version we're already two up from the first (away) leg :-) Oh and Suarez is up front 'cos he doesn't do injuries.

  51. Brad smith..!! wow

  52. Varane will be regular in RM from next season, am sure. I don't see him leaving such opportunity to join Liverpool.

    Gundogan signed a new deal few weeks back plus he was injured almost entire season, he won't hit the ground running.

    Verratti is highly thought of at PSG and does start many games. He will cost insane amount of money as PSG are not a selling club. They sold Sakho (average player) for 18mn when he was in his last year of contract. Verratti will not go for anything below 35mn I reckon.

    Reus, there will be clubs like City and Chelsea who will pay much higher salary than us. Not coming either.

  53. Ibe man of the match....closely followed by Borini IMO even Aspas played well but sell him keep Borini...YNWA so looking forward to next season...Most important transfer of the summer is keeping Suarez I expect Real Madrid to go all out...plz plz plz toothy one stick with LFC

  54. I have been reading in the ECHO that we are 'linked' or 'interested' in Lukaku. This is deja vu from last summer. While it would be great, I think Lukaku is 100% Blue and will never come our way. I also believe that attacking skill fro midfield and defensive help at the back and mid are priorities. JK, is this Lukaku business just more rumor Bulls&&t or is there any merit?

  55. I am not too sure about that. Vidal, like Pogba looks great in Serie A but not that good in CL.

  56. Lukaku for below 20mn will be a steal..!!

  57. Sunny,
    I am with you here. Look at Tottenham and the gaggle of players they brought in. Zero chemistry; at least thus far....
    4-5 newbies at the most!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Where would he play ?

  59. It seems like Coentrao is actually favored over Marcelo now so maybe he'll be availed instead. Reus and Hummels would be absolute monster signings and slot right into the first team with a tremendous amount of experience in the CL and in winning domestic titles.

  60. ???????????????????????8:06 pm, May 14, 2014

    No one apart from you will criticise BR for the players he manages to bring in, that's all your good at. Last year we had no CL and honestly didn't look like a team that could even qualify, as such BR had to try and pursuade players to come in, and with most players these days they feel they are entitled to CL football, none seem to want to earn that right, as such BR was screwed before he even got started because we as fans believe even without CL football we should be getting the very best players... Then reality hits....just wait and see players queuing up to get into this BR squad, we won't have the same issues as last season, you mark my words.... they will and probably already are getting in touch....

  61. ???????????????8:10 pm, May 14, 2014

    A kid that gets man of the match against Barca when his duty was to mark none other than Lionel Messi is not somebody you should dissmiss so easily, that I believe he has not been in a position to get into this years team is not something to be held against him either....This kid has a bright future at LFC, Thats FUTURE ddjjaammmie

  62. I am sure Mats Hummels is going nowhere. Hummels is clearly in love with dortmund and their way of doing things.

    To quote him: “It is not just about success but the way. It didn’t just happen with Dortmund. I have grown with the team. We haven’t signed stars or big players, we have made big players. That is the way I like it.” (May 2013).

    Hummels where furious about Götze leaving and explained: "Everybody can see how good our team has become. I simply do not believe that there were any sporting reasons to leave BVB", "There was no reason to leave us. That's why I am angry, that he chose to leave this early." (Juni 2013).

    Hummels on his ambitions: "When I end my career, I don’t need to win eight championships, I’d rather have done something special. And that has certainly been the case here" (april 2014). "I do not necessarily need to play for the best team in the world to remain in a situation to have a certain chance to grab trophies. That’s a fact. I am a player of Borussia Dortmund and, so to say, I would prefer one UEFA Champions League title with Borussia Dortmund over six with an other club.” (february 2014)

    I think it is safe to say that Hummels will be a Dortmund player next season.

    Reus said monday the 12th of may 2014: "It's safe to say I will be playing for Borussia Dortmund also in the 2014-15 season", "Basically I do not need to stress all the time that I am feeling great being with the club. As far as leaving that is no issue for me, and I am not affected by the transfer release clause." So i belive he won't leave either.

    Coentrao is a possibility if Liverpool put an acceptable offer on the table (doubt that will happen) and nobody with more money to offer challenge us. A lot of left backs will be moving clubs this summer as Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Liverpool are all looking to add to that erea. It is going to be intriguing to see who goes where. I'd take Coentrao in a heartbeat!

  63. I don't think any of them are likely to move to us, but I don't think any are impossible. I made it pretty clear that they are 'dream' signings.

    Varane wasn't a regular this season and who is to say what will happen next season. Pepe and Ramos are pretty well established Perez has a history of undervaluing defensive players and Real will probably be willing to sell some players to fund any mega-deals they'll be after in the summer. Varane moaned the other day saying his injury problems are behind him but he wasn't get played.

    Verratti is highly thought of, but they have Cabaye who can play a similar role and are under pressure from FFP. Again unlikely but not impossible.

    I'd be surprised to see Reus leave, but I included him because he is the highest quality of player we could potentially get, I think. I think, barring superstars (Messi, Ronaldo, Ibra etc.) Reus is among the best of the rest and wouldn't be an 'insane' transfer, just very unlikely.

    Reus and Gundogan both play for a selling club, so there is always the possibility. Not likely, just not impossible.

  64. Lukaku is still not the complete article for me. I would have to see more consistency before I am convinced.

  65. Optimistic chap aren't you? Cheer up.