7 May 2014

Redknapp raves: 'Magnificent' £38m LFC target should play 'alongside Gerrard'. Sign...?

Ex-Reds are lining up to heap praise on alleged Liverpool target Ross Barkley, and former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp appears to be the youngster biggest cheerleader.

In April, Liverpool were linked with an improbable £38m summer move for Barkley (swiftly dismissed by Everton boss Roberto Martinez), and Redknapp insists that the 'sensational' midfielder must go to the World Cup with England.

In his column for the Daily Mail this week, Redknapp argued that it will be a 'absolute travesty' if Barkey doesn't go to the World Cup and play 'alongside Steven Gerrard'. He raved:

"He [Barkley] is magnificent. We’ve not had a player in this country since Gazza who can run the length of the pitch with the ball without ever looking under pressure. It’s as if the ball is glued to his foot".

This follows Redknapp's praise in February, when he told Sky Sports:

"Barkley is one of the most exciting youngsters I've seen, and if he hadn't broken his leg a few years ago he'd probably be a regular for England already".

Reds legends Mark Lawrenson and Jamie Carragher are also big fans. In a recent column for The Mirror, Lawro enthusedL

"The more first-team action [Barkley] gets, the more we are seeing he is pure gold. Whether he is still at Goodison or moves on, he should develop into a massive midfield presence"

Jamie Carragher added:

“There has been a lot of talk on Merseyside about Ross. We talk about the players that will come through and ask who is going to replace Steven Gerrard? Who is going to replace Frank Lampard? That goal on Saturday was Gerrard-like"

In 2008, 14-year old Barkley scored two goals for Broadgreen International in the Liverpool Echo Cup Final, and who presented the trophy that day? Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez, who was 'impressed enough to want to sign him'.

Alas, Barkley's loyalty to Everton meant there was 'nothing they [LFC] could do' to convinced the youngster to join LFC. Barkley's PE teacher at the time recalled:

"He [Barkley] was hugely loyal to Everton and I think that came across when he met Rafael Benitez. He was not arrogant or rude, but it was very much just a case of him saying 'thanks very much' and that was that."

As Carra suggests, Barkley - recently described by Roberto Martinez as 'unique' - seems to have the ability to be a natural heir to Gerrard, but there's probably no chance he'll ever actually replace Liverpool's captain at Anfield. After eight years at Goodison Park, Barkley is Everton through and through, and if he moves on, I have a feeling he'll end up at Man Utd.

Gerrard is doing his best to help Barkley along, however, and in a recent interview, the midfielder told reporters:

"Steven was good to me when I was away [with England]. He gave me loads of advice. He said playing is the main thing, and that going to another team and not playing would be no good for my development".

This season, Barkley has regularly played the number ten role, with Pienaar and Mirallas alongside him, and the trio are an effective attacking weapon for Everton. Coutinho plays the same role for Liverpool, but if forced to choose between the two players, who would you rather have at Anfield? Who is the better player of the two, and who has the most potential?

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  1. Almost £40 million for Barkley? Can someone remind me how much we paid for Coutinho...

  2. He would never move to the red half of mersey. So lets move on to other targets.

  3. Totally different players but for me Barkley would bring qualities that are harder to find in other players and he has the potential to be the next SG. Unfortunately, it almost certainly won't be playing for Liverpool.

  4. How any1 would pick Phillip instead of Ross is beyond me , that's like picking Henderson instead of McCarthy

  5. OK, so you're analysis is more cheating required. Where are you from again?

  6. Terry McDermotts perm7:39 pm, May 07, 2014

    I think this is a no brainer.
    I also think LFC should make a bid for him if he becomes available so at least man u or whoever have to pay a lot for him.
    And I definitely think Jamie is an England fan.

  7. It's like supporting Liverpool over Everton... makes perfect sense.

  8. I'm just going to risk a quiet "c'mon villa". Just a quiet one.


  9. Villa dominating the first half -- just need a bit more calm in front of goal and the league's back in our hands! Good sign for Sunday, too; Toure excepted, City look inhibited, nervy, the crowd are tense and doubtful. What a thing pressure is.

  10. He not saying that. We were obviously going 100% attack against Chelsea, if BR had changed the tactics a little we could have played the game for a draw or on the counter. I don't think there is a fan out there that would have complained with a 0-0 draw in that game.

  11. Zabaleta and Kolarov showing how full backs are supposed to play

  12. Yup. They're a good side, I'll give em that. Even if they are the bought-and-paid-for playthings of corrupt medieval tyrants. Bah!

  13. Even when we played deep and try to stay compact, we seemed to leak goals still. Maybe it's not just the payers we have, or tactics that we implement.
    Maybe a defensive coach role for Carra??? I would like him better in a coaching role than a pundit.

  14. With our goal difference being much inferior to Man City's Brendan was correct in trying to score more goals. I don't want a return of Rafa's boring, tedious, overtly cautious and counter attacking style of play. Okay, we slipped up and will live with it but Brendan's Liverpool side are the most enjoyable to watch since the days of Roy Evans.

  15. There were a few blunders from BR - sterling shouldnt have been taken off - as he is strong and fast and until he was on the pitch bolasie was quiet.

    Secondly we had enough chances to score more goals - we just didnt put them away. Moses shot was bloody awful.

    Thirdly over the last few weeks BR has been tinkering with the side and its worked. Against chelsea and palace he failed because he wasnt objective enough to look out the box - and got caught up with our own propaganda. We can play expansive football when the other team allows us - when like chelsea you park the whole coach station - then u cant. Further right from the kick off chelsea were wasting time, BR should have realised then - there was no need for us to chase! 0-0 would have been good enough for us. They posed no attacking threat as hazard was out. We should have reverted to the same structure they had, and just hope to nick a goal like they did.

    Our defence is leaky because a) sakho doesnt have a long pass - and b)skirtel doesnt trust him. So Agger should be his partner at a time when we need experience not sakho who is relatively young.Agger can bring the ball out of defence,isnt obsessed with side passes and can pass long accurately. infact many a time last season he would take the ball into the opposition area - win us a free kick in a dangerous area from where we would score. Further we have to remember sakho is poor in the attacking sense too - he missed a sitter against palace. Whereas Agger can score goals.

    I can guarantee that pellgirini would take either skirtel or agger - probably for in excess of 10 million.

    Finally we have a league winner in KK why not bring him on board over these last few weeks - pick his brain? I know KK since the 89/90 season became ultra cautious - but sometimes cautious is welcome. And certainly a strategic appraisal of the opponent would be welcome from such an experienced campaigner.

    BR and Liverpool failed not because of a bad defence but because of naivety and simply accepting that coming second was a "good" season.

  16. Liverpool would not be sitting at the top of the table? And why not, for goodness' sake? You are seriously attempting to put forward the idea that Rodgers is a better manager than Rafa? Why?
    I've just read an article that states that Rafa has won a trophy in his first season at his previous FIVE clubs. Five! That shows the man can manage, and knows how to win.
    Rodgers may play attacking football, but 49 goals conceded in a season? That's appalling!! That's almost twice the number that Rafa's side conceded.
    No matter what anyone says, I'll always state that our team that season was better than Manchester United's, in spite of the fact they won the league. We needed just two goals to be Champions, so there is no way I'll accept the argument that the Mancs were better.

  17. LMAO at the above article!! Dream on 'cos its not going to happen

  18. I would love to have Barkley in red. Beats the hell out of Allen or Lucas. Coutinho, Barkley and Hendo with Stevie back and central like this year.
    NICE! Too bad he will never leave Everton for us..............

  19. I dont think Everton will let him go and play for us...anyways it will be an excellent addition if he comes to Liverpool