3 May 2014

50% Price Crash: BR believes 'important' £7m star is perfect signing for LFC. Agree?

Liverpool continue to be linked with a summer move for Manchester City defender Micah Richards, who is reportedly keen to quit the Etihad this summer.

Liverpool have seemingly been tracking Richards for a while now:

July 2013: The Mirror reported: "Brendan Rodgers is keen on a summer move for Manchester City defender Micah Richards. Liverpool have made an enquiry."

31 Jan 2014: Sky Sports claimed: "Manchester City have turned down a bid from Liverpool to take Micah Richards on loan to Anfield".

15 April 2014: Several reports claimed that Liverpool 'have been cleared' to sign Richards this summer, with Brendan Rodgers 'expected' to put in a £7million offer.

Speculation continues to intensify, and The Mirror today confirms the £7m asking price (and £8m drop of last summer's valuation) and reiterates that:

* Liverpool plan to bid for Richards in the summer.
* Rodgers believes Richards is 'perfect' for LFC's squad.

Richards is a good player, and the £8m drop in valuation since last summer is enticing, but he has a shocking injury history:

* Nine different injuries since 2008.
* Only 20 appearances over the last two years.
* Averages just 26 apps a season over the last nine years.

Why take the risk when there are plenty of players out there without significant injury histories? With Daniel Agger already at Anfield, do Liverpool need another player who will inevitably end up being a persistent injury crock?

On the plus side, Richards - recently described by Manuel Pellegrini as an 'important' player for City - can play at right-back, or centre-half, and this versatility clearly appeals to Rodgers. However, Liverpool already have Andre Wisdom, an equally flexible (and powerful) defender, who can also play in two position.

Why not just develop Wisdom, and put the £7m towards another player?



  1. I agree. Wisdom is a promising talent, though perhaps will only come into our team in another year or two. Think his loan spell should be extended, even if its not with the same club. Very suspicious of players with poor injury histories. We have some money, but we don't excess have funds to risk, and buying injury prone players is a massive risk. That Greek CB Papadoupolous is another reported target I am worried about for the same reason. As talented as they may be, their talent means less than nothing to the club if they aren't playing.

  2. Why not just bring back Aurelio.

  3. Rassell Feroze6:01 am, May 03, 2014

    But Richards is an awesome powerhouse of a player when playing regularly.

  4. Richard is a wonderful player and if fit would be straight in the England team. Well worth the price.

  5. There's a reason why he does'nt play in the City team, it's he same reason we dont want him at Anfield. He can't get in it.

  6. if we sign a new RB, it should be one who's producing assists/goals on a regular basis, not another injury-prone player please

  7. Richards would just be like the majority of BR's signing - needless.

    Richards and Wisdom are almost identical and both are defensively sound. I prefer attacking fluency though, and these guys are below average on the ball. If you want someone to 'do a job' then we can just throw Flanagan in there.

    I'd like Kolarov on the left, underrated IMO, the technique and delivery from his left foot is up there with the best. An upgrade on Johnson would also be ideal, he needs to stop cutting inside all the time. Johnson on the bench is fantastic squad depth.

  8. This must mean Johnson is on his way? I like Richards,but would worry about his injuries. If he could stay fit, he'd be a great signing, it's a big if? I think we'll be seeing Kelly, Agger, Johnson and possibly Enrique being shown the door? Flanno, Wisdom and Richards would be enough cover for right back, but left back needs major investment,this has been our problem position for a long time,break the bank and buy Shaw and that would be us sorted for the next 15yrs.

  9. Maybe Coentrao and Aurier who is very much like Richards in versatility without the injuries.

  10. Him being injury prone is a big negative and I wouldn't prefer bidding for him. Although your point of developing Wisdom for that position and spending 7 mil on some other player (different position) isn't feasible. We need proven players for next season. If we keep the why-spend-lets-develop-our-homegrown-talent attitude then our CL run will end soon, and we will be having a target of finishing into top 4 rather than going for the title..

    Spending on Richards wouldn't be beneficial, although we DO need to spend on an experienced player. Wisdom can be developed in FA and CC cup runs, but for PL and CL performances we need experience.

  11. B Rodgers should not waste his time with M Richards(25) he should just bring in N Clyne(23) Of Southampton for 5-8M.

    B Rodgers should bring these three players from Southampton to club for 40M

    CB D Lovren(24) for 12-16M RB N Clyne(23) for 5-8M

    AM A Lallana(25) for 12-17M

    Those three players would improve squad well.

  12. Terrible plan...I'm sorry but we can't afford a rehaul after a season like this. We need to strengthen before replacing.

  13. At least he's a LB!

  14. How is that a terrible plan? Our squad is abyzmal, out of 25 man squad we have just 12/13 class, good players in squad. And that was proved against Chelsea, apart from Henderson and Enrique. We had a full squad, yet we could not break down team who came there simply to frustrate side.

    No mobility, pace, pressing or speed in centre of park when both Gerrard and Lucas are there.

    And we need huge overhaul of players, we brought in 8 players in the summer. ( Alberto, Aspas, Cissokho, Llori, Mignolet, Moses, Sakho and K Toure)

    And only two of them have been success, so shipping out 12 players this summer: 8 Dead wood average/ injury prone players( Alberto, Assaidi, Aspas, Borini, Coates, Jones, Kelly and Toure) 2 class quality players( Agger and Reina) plus the two comical loan signings( Cissokho and Moses)

    And replacing them with 9 class quality players who will strengthen squad and bring more quality competition for places within every position at club.

    That should definately happen in summer

  15. I agree with the Wisdom play. Use the 7M on somebody we need. I hope we bring all our loaners back. Assaidi scored today and Borini was a thorn in MANU's side all match. Ibe has done well as has Ilori. We need to bulk up the mid-field and get a couple of good FBs and we'll be ok.

  16. This abysmal squad is currently tied at the top of the PL with 80 points...your assessment is...suspect

  17. Richards was a beast, but nobody can say for sure if he can be the player that once was. I don't know... What I know is that Brendan Rodgers has to do everything right this time with his summer transfer plan. Our squad is very thin and if we are determined to fight in many fronts next year, we need at least four players ready to play at the very best level. Twelve or more players (Allen, Borini, Assaidi, Starridge, Coutinho, Sakho, Mignolet, Toure, Aspas, Alberto, Ilori, Yesil plus loanes Sahin, Cissokho and Moses) has come to Anfield in the Rodgers era, one or two should never allowed to leave (Shelvey and maybe Downing) and we can label as "success signings" only Starridge and Coutinho (and with a big maybe Mignolet, Sakho and Allen). This is not good enough. Actually is quite bad...

  18. No freaking way!

  19. For that price I think he's worth a punt

  20. He is always and easy get injured...why need to take high risk about him?

  21. As we had no European adventure, the 10 out of the 11 out of the 12 players i mentioned B Rodgers should ship out this summer have basically done nothing to help club get to 80 points . If we had better squad , we would have won league by now as we only had no european football all season

  22. There is more to a squad than just the skill of the players. That will increase over time, with gradual additions. But keeping the core of the team is much more important. Chemistry and trust will all go out the window with the changes you want. Maybe one or two bench players, and 3 starters are all thats needed. We have Suso, Borini, Wisdom, and Ilori all coming back for depth, and the places of Toure, and Aspas will be taken on the bench. If we get rid of Coates, Kelly, Reina, and Assaidi, we will gain no matter who we get since they wern't used all campaign.

    Predicted Lineup for next year (using that recent diamond):
    Bench: Jones/Signing4, Sterling/Signing3, Flanno/Johnson, Agger, Coutinho, Signing5, Lucas.
    Rest of Squad: Wisdom, Aspas, Allen, Ilori, Toure, Borini, Suso, Texeria, Enrique, etc.

    Upgrades are welcome, but not all at once. Winter will see movement again.

  23. However, I do like your choices...Very good targets...

  24. but he doesnt beacuse he is always crocked

  25. please no more crocks

  26. B Rodgers was given no funds in January to spend and that could be the same this January, so owners should give B Rodgers minimum of 70m As we are now in champions league and whatever he can bring in on selling those 10 players i mentioned.
    And also shipping out the 2 abyzmal comical loan signings we wasted our time with bringing to club this season. so B Rodgers could bring in extra 35-45M

    And then the 9 players i mentioned should brought to club, with the 9 players mentioned brought to club. we could have strong A team and