8 May 2014

LFC Alert: 'Amazing' €35m star with Suarez-like stats hints at summer exit. Bid?

The league title may be gone, but Liverpool are back in the Champions League next season, which means (theoretically), that the club will be able to attract the best players in Europe. Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus certainly fits that description, and German star has hinted this week that he's open to a transfer this summer. Reus is reportedly Manchester United's top target this summer, but if he's available, should Brendan Rodgers consider a bid?

German newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten named Reus as the player of the year last night, and when asked at the awards ceremony about his future, the 24-year old attacker told Reporters:

"We'll see. Every player only has one career and wants to get the best out of it. You have to decide what's best for you. At the end of your career, you want to be able to say that you've won many titles"

Since return from injury in February, Reus - who has a €35m buyout clause in his contract - has grabbed an incredible 19 goals/assists in 13 games for Dortmund, which is a Luis-Suarez level of creativity. Stats for the last three seasons:

* 127 apps
* 61 goals
* 29 assists
* Goal/Assist every 1.4 games

Fantastic stats, and if LFC are going to spend big this summer on an attacking midfielder, then players like Reus - recently described by Jurgen Klopp as 'amazing' - should be targeted.

I don't see how Man United have any hope of signing Reus. They're not in Europe next season, and even with Louis Van Gaal at the helm, Liverpool are a far more attractive proposition.

Should Rodgers consider a bid for Reus?



  1. Two, please.

  2. Singing Reus would be amazing, he is the type of player we need. At the
    same time we need to focus in tightening our defense for next season. We
    need to make a big defensive transfer.

    PS what does everyone think about this whole "B team" proposition from the FA?

    I like the idea of having a Liverpool B sandwiched between the conference and League 2 but is that fair on the smaller clubs?

    There is alot of pros in having a Liverpool B team:

    players will be able to get experience in a tough and physically
    demanding league, going up against real men, not youth players.

    be able to instill in these young players our football philosophy as
    I'm sure BR would employ a manager that shares his methods.

    -players that shine will be able to move to the 1st team while already having good 1st team

    that clearly are not 1st team standard will already have good 1st team
    experience and will be able to have a decent career afterwards in the
    lower leagues

    - young foreign players will be able to adapt by playing for the B team

    system is known to reap good fruits for the national team and parent
    clubs i.e. Holland (Ajax, PSV etc...) Spain (Barcelona B, Castilla
    etc...) Germany, Portugal (Porto B, Sporting B etc...) etc...


    fair on the smaller clubs as these B teams cannot be promoted or
    relegated, although the aim is to develop players, not necessarily
    dominates the league

    That's just my opinion anyway, what do you Lads think? Jamie?

  3. First time i hear about that, seems interesting.

    if the 'B' can't get promoted while still having the chance to win the league they're in (and gain some winning title experience) it would be more fair to other team that their ranking wouldn't take the opportunity from an other team to get promoted.

    But for the relegated team that would but annoying that would be really strange.

    From what i heard the 'B' team in spanish league is to ge more affluence to game in la liga B due to the fact that almost everyone support a team in la Liga in Spain, don't know for the other country.

  4. We can get both Konoployanka and Shaqiri for about 35 million and throw in Lacazette for another 10 million and improve our squad big time.

    Doubt we are going to spend most of our budget on one player so cannot see us even bidding for Reus.

  5. Considering How well he played this season and the price for player like willian and matic €35M for Reus after this season would be fair to Dortmund, and if he can keep that kind of form for us it would be money well spent.

    Of course there's other position we need to look at but he's exactly the type of player that could have won us the league and that we lacked.

  6. Signing Reus would be an incredible signing. I feel like he's one of the best players in Germany and he's only 24. Pace on the ball, he's direct and can score from anywhe. Plus he has incredible skill at free kicks to boot. Sign him, Hummel and put Llori in at DM and I'm set for our first team.

  7. Marco Reus is probably the only German player that looks like the stulish and strong leader Stefan Effenberg (who was the natural successor of the REAL BEST EVER German footballer Gunter Netzer). If we have any chance to see him in red, we have to try hard. In my humble opinion a Henderson / Reus compination in our midfield will be devastating for our rivals! Do it please!!!

  8. Slipperie_Slope4:10 pm, May 08, 2014

    If both the club and player are open to it lets go for it. My fear is if he is available, with the world cup, negotiations will probably wit til after. Giving Chelsea and the rest loads of time to undermine any potential deal.
    So if we are going for him (or whoever we go for) I hope we are decisive and make the right offers for the right players.

  9. If there is even a 1% chance that he might be available, Liverpool has to put in an offer. He has made a huge jump in his career this year compared to previous years with his end product. He has always had incredible pace and dribbling skills but this year he has consistently had the end product that has seen him become one of the best players in europe. He is a boyhood Dortmund fan so even with these comments I do not think his chances of moving are high. But if he does move, the fact that he is a boyhood dortmund fan will mean he will most likely move abroad. So if he is available, Liverpool have to go all out for him.

  10. Slipperie_Slope4:38 pm, May 08, 2014

    Has a lot of merit alright. Seems to work well enough in Spain etc, my fear would be the regulation of the bigger spenders.
    Would Chelsea and City go even more overboard buying up young talent and shunting them down, only for them to rot. Even for a B team they would still be able to match wages on most Championship/lower league teams, the fall-out being less talent available for established lower division teams, and possibly harming the development of these young players.
    But this is all possibilities. Would have to be approached very carefully and overseen closely by FA (something I don't have much faith in.)

  11. You are clearly living in a different world if you think our transfer can go according to how you have just explained.

  12. Reus would be a signing that would even make me happier than the Mkytharian signing would have

  13. Slipperie_Slope4:59 pm, May 08, 2014

    Yeah plus he never mentioned Messi. Apparently he's disillusioned with life at Barca. Worth a bid?
    Seriously though, if we get 50mil I'll be ecstatic.

  14. Oh and another thing, Sterling and Lallana as holding central midfielders???

  15. We are going to sign Cavani too! After all these magnificent signing we will have the biggest wage bill in the league too!

  16. Let's get him first.

  17. What's next Lionel Messi to Fulham?

  18. Stop posting belittling comments like this. If you disagree, then state your case. Comments like this are snide and pointless, and do not promote debate.

  19. I totally disagree. Do you honestly think we are going to spend £115M this coming summer? Honestly?

  20. Only if Suarez leaves and we get the expected price for him. If Suarez stays go for Rakitic. We have the goal scorers already. We need the set-up men...and some new defensive help to go with our loaned returnees.

  21. If Suarez leaves not even Reus will replace Suarez who is currently one of the best footballers in the world. Replacing him is going to take some doing. Reus would in no way be the answer.

  22. If LFC manage to sign Marco Reus for next season, I cannot imagine the kind of devastating fire power in the team then, assuming LS is not going anywhere. Of course the more critical thing in the summer is to plug the holes in that sickeningly leaky backline. Too bad Sami Hyypia is over-qualified to be a defensive coach for the club. Else I would very much love to see him coaching the team in that aspect of play.

    Nobody knows how much transfer funds BR is getting this summer but in any case, hope he can utilise the money to sign the 'right' players to improve and challenge for the EPL crown again next season. Both BR and that whatsoever 'transfer committee' have very suspicious record in the transfer market (the thought of Sakho at 18 mil pounds freaks me out) . Let's hope they can get it right this summer and make us a real force in the England and Europe again. By the way, was Glen Johnson offered a new contract or something? If that's the case, it's also being counted as one transfer failure as well.

    I have not given up all hopes on the title. But even if we end up second in the league, I don't think I'll be too disappointed. Just look at the squad that LFC have compared to the rest of the top teams and the kind of beautiful attacking football being played. Of course, to let the title slipped from our own hands is a terrible pain to bear. From the moment SG slipped and cost us the home game against Chelski, maybe God just decided that we are not going to be league champion this season.

    Huge huge room for improvement but I'm still an extremely happy fan.

  23. We need a midfielder alot more than another attacker. I'm just wondering whether we could get Sandro on the cheap. He's been outcast there and Rodgers could make a similar to Coutinho or Sturridge inspired signing. I would also really like to see Javi Martinez here and not Arsenal!

  24. Actually you'd be surprised at Sterling's capabiity and versatility. But I think he might be pushed to a striker's role in the coming seasons.

  25. With the player saying that his aim is to win as many trophies as possible I think we're all kidding ourselves to think he would move to Liverpool at this moment in time. He's already won the league at Dortmund and reached a champions league final in recent years, something we could only dream about. It ŵould be an incredible leap of faith on his part to think we were gonna push on from this season and dominate either domestically or on the European front

  26. Reus hasn't won the league at Dortmund. He joined the year after they won