9 May 2014

Lawro: £16m star with 'heart set' on Anfield will be a 'good signing for LFC'. Agree?

In 2012, Liverpool were regularly linked with a move for French striker Loic Remy, who ultimately ended up signing for QPR in a bargain £8m deal. Remy is currently on-loan at Newcastle, who are yet tie him down to a permanent deal, and Reds legend Mark Lawrenson has urged Brendan Rodgers to consider signing him this summer.

Speaking to the BBC today, Lawro mused:

"I think he [Remy] would be a good signing for Liverpool.

"[He won't] cost an absolute fortune, and he can play up front on his own, with support or even out wide".

Remy will probably be in demand this summer, and with Liverpool in the Champions League next season, it should be quite easy to tempt the striker to Anfield.

The Reds also have another apparent advantage: Remy has a soft-spot for LFC, as revealed by his agent in 2012:

"He [Remy] has his heart is set on playing for Liverpool. Remy is pure gold. He has great pace and that is something Liverpool need in attack".

Remy definitely wants a move to a bigger club this summer, and he confirmed this in March, when he told the Newcastle Chronicle:

"I could maybe play in a bigger club, a top European club. I will make the top five European or I will be part of a very large club. I have a huge room for improvement.”

In January, QPR boss Harry Redknapp expressed surprise at Newcastle's reticence in handing Remy a permanent deal, and argued that some other club is 'bound to snap him up' sooner rather than later. He added:

"Whatever we paid for him - I think it was around £8m - he must be worth double that. If someone came back and offered £15m or £16m for him I think I'd sell him".

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp is a fan of Remy, and in December, he enthused:

"If he move permanently from QPR, it’s going to be a high fee now. He’s a natural goalscorer and one of the best one-touch finishers I’ve ever seen.”

Remy's premier league record so far:

* 20 goals/3 assists in 41 apps.
* Goal/assist every 1.7 games.

For £8m, Remy - described by Harry Redknapp as 'excellent' and 'a real star' - would've been a great buy for Liverpool in 2012. With Suarez's suspensions, and Sturridge's regular injuries, he would've played quite regularly, and provided great competition for the club's two main strikers. On the other hand, perhaps there's a possibility that LFC may not have signed Sturridge with Remy already at the club?

Having said that, Liverpool signed Sturridge despite having Fabio Borini on the books, so it may not have made any difference. One thing's for sure, Remy - who cost £3m less than than Borini, and the same as Aspas - is superior value for for money, and probably would've performed better for the Reds than both those players.

Is Lawro right about Remy? He's a proven Premier League goalscorer, but I personally feel that £16m is a little too expensive. £10m-£12m is the most LFC should pay, IMO. After all, Sturridge only cost £12m, and he's clearly a better striker.



  1. plsssss BR sign remy,reus,rakitic,moreno,jan vortenghen,another top goal keeper, and right back.sell lucas, glen johnson,aspas,

  2. Not for £16mil. I'd pay about £10mil for him.

    Tell the owners to reply to this post if they want me to bid the £10mil for him.

  3. remy should be around 8-12 million pounds..we should go for quality that can make immediate impact or risk jeopardizing this seasons achievement like we did after the 2001/2002 and 2008/2009 seasons. am afraid ooo..i dont understand this whole Tello news..Tello is nt what we need now..we ve Sterling and what we need now is a bigger quality

  4. LFC got Sturridge at a bargain basement price. Any player that can score goals in the Premier League, as often as Remy is definitely worth 16million. If available, LFC should buy bhim.

  5. You only get fools and duds for 10million.

  6. Yes VermHat...go ahead...

  7. Pleassss bradan buy papadulos. Raktic. Bender. Konoplyanka. Shaqiri. Left buck rodriguez(swiz). And world class raight buck if we have mony buy one of rues or maktranian and rodriguez south hampton one goal kiper
    And sellll
    Lucas. Johnsen. Ager. Aspes. Asadi. Baroni. Suso. Alberto. Ture. Reina .

  8. Dream bigger mate

  9. Mr. Henry! Thanks for getting back to me.

    I'm sure you understand, I need to do some tests first.

    First of all: what does the J stand for?

  10. Oh God.

    This post is like Auschwitz for spelling and grammar.

  11. Liv 0: 2 Chelsea12:55 am, May 10, 2014

    Sounds like Liverpool are bargain basement buyers, not buyers of proven quality. Go and buy a div 1 player instead....

  12. B Rodgers should sell these 10 players for 40-50M

    GK: B Jones(32) GK: P Reina(31) CB: K Toure(33) CB: S Coates(23)

    RB: M Kelly(23) DM: L Leiva(27) AM: L Alberto(21)

    RW: O Assaidi(25) FD: I Aspas(26) FD: F Borini(22)

    And the two abyzmal comical loan signings we signed this summer: LB: A Cissokho(26) and LW : V Moses(22)

    And with the owners giving B Rodgers 60-70M on transfers:

    6/ Six Defensive players who should be brought to club this summer: for combined total of 55M

    1: GK: A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading for 4-7M

    2 and 3: D Lovren(24) CB and N Clyne(23) RB Of Southampton for combined total of 23M

    4: CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for 5-7M

    5: LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for 4-8M

    6: DM: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 8-10M

    And these Four/ 4 class quality attacking players: for combined total of 64M

    7: CM: I Rakitic(25) Of Seville for 15-18M

    8: RW: I Munian(21) Of A Bilbao for 15-18M

    9: LW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for 12-16M

    10: FD: L Remy(27) Of QPR for 8-12M

    12 PLAYERS NEED TO BE SHIPPED OUT and then those 10 class quality players need to be brought to club this summer

  13. You still talking that crap!?

  14. What is crap? That the current squad we currently have is poor and weak and we have too many players on books who are simply not good enough. Who need to be replaced by actually class quality players who play a big part to club/squad. Its fact that we have too many dead wood average or injury prone players on books, that need to be shipped out this summer.

  15. remy is not worth more than sturridge. He is also oft injured.

  16. Learn how to spell you wally!! I who's bradan, ager, baroni, ture, aspes, and Johnsen. U thick idiot!!!

  17. yea GREAT idea NOT........ Lets start next season with a whole new team who hasnt gelled!!! We need to buy 4 Quality players who can make a difference and then add them to the team gradually with the class we already have. We dont have a poor team now do we??? We could still win the league if not second that is still massive for us. I dont see how you can say we are poor.

  18. its possible mate...we have 60 million transfer kitty added 10-20 million from player sales...we can easily buy 3 world class players

  19. Were 2nd in table with chance of winning it on last day and every1 seems to want to dismantle the squad how does that make sense when it was team spirit and camaraderie that has us were we are this squad will improve again next year IMO 3 defensive recruits are essential but I'd be in no hurry to ship any out goin forward another striker and attacking midfielder and I'd only let Moses and aspas leave

  20. OFF topic. Is G Johnson worth 110,000 pounds a week?

  21. Absolutely. I would love to see the likes of Loic Remy, Fabio Borini, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Saurez fight it out for 2 spots in the team week-in week-out as we have seen the form of Sturridge and Saurez dwindle due to lack of competition in the squad.

    Personally I do feel Remy and Borini are capable of delivering what the SAS do, maybe just not as lethal! Remy has speed technique finishing and a seasoned footballer which will suit Liverpool on all fronts! Go for it Rodgers!!

  22. with these so-called "basement buyers", let me remind you that LFC currently sits and will probably finish (above you) 2nd in the table...and where is your team with his "proven quality"? plastic crap...

  23. Remy will be 28 next year January so not sure he fits the profile.

    If I am not mistaken, the oldest player we have signed for a fee under FSG was Stewart Downing who was 26. There have only been 3 older players than Downing who were all signed on a free and they are Doni, Bellamy and Toure.

  24. We are not going to spend 100-120 million pounds. I repeat, we are not going to spend 100-120 million pounds.

  25. Assaidi or plus £7 would be a great piece of business!

  26. Most people want rid of those parts of the squad that don't really contribute. That is easy for players on loan but I do think you are right about removing too many characters and bringing in too many new faces in one window. It could be disruptive. Especially as we won't get a proper pre-season this year.

  27. Why not really. Closest thing to Sturridge at any other PL club.

  28. I think that we shouldn't speculate too much on why form has dropped off. Suarez form always drops towards the end of a season as fatigue probably sets in. We all know how hard he works. Plus the form of those two could never have maintained that brilliance all season. Its bananas to think it could. We do need reinforcements though for that purpose. Look at Dzeko now for City.

  29. Exactly. That's why you see manchester city players coming off the bench and putting on brilliant performances easily (Milneresque etc). The trick here is having stiffer competition, lesser burnouts and thus better performances!

    Liverpool lost out this time because they couldn't cross the line which was of course never expected with this paper thin squad.

  30. We need a strong squad.

    Out of 25 man squad: These are the good class quality players who matter: Mignolet, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Sakho,Enrique, Flannagan, Allen, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez.

    14 players out of 25. that means we have 11 players not up to standard.

    If Man City or Chelsea only had the league to compete for this season, they would have won it along time ago. We had no europe, we had injuries to our key players but due to fact we only had league to look at from febuary. We had one game a week, with our current squad. We will struggle badly in europe

    Why keep 11 players who are not good enough on good salaries, when you can move them on and replace them with 10 class quality ones.

    Chelsea and Man City both spend 100M last season and have for last 3-4 seasons, we have once during K Dalglish era. But that season we brought in 80m on player sales( Torres, Babel, Bennayoun, Koncheskey,Poulsen, Meireles and Ngog)

    Our squad needs serious investment within it, we have too many players who can play complacent and still get a game as they do not have any class or quality competition for their place.

  31. Loic Remy is the top of player we need..Imagine Remy on right wing,sterling on left,Sturridge as center forward and Suarez as Cam in the championsl league...OMG lethal combination

  32. Are you mad? The team will be same but the squad will be different, lets just keep players who are not good enough for club on good weekly salaries to just sit on bench and offer club very little. And let most of our key players get in complacent because there is no class quality competition for their place.

    we have 14 class quality players out of 25 man squad, is that good enough?

    No, can we do something about that. Yes, does B Rodgers need to strengthen squad considerably yes.

    Do we have good first 11?

    Do we have good second 11 if 4-5 key players are ever out together injured or suspended? NO

    Whereas Chelsea and Man City can field a good strong first and second team, we can only field a strong first team if everyone is all fully fit injury and suspension free.

    Can B Rodgers Field a strong second 11 with our current squad? NO

    The TEN players i have said we should sell: Will any of them be sorely missed?


    Will the Ten players i mentioned B Rodgers should bring in strengthen squad dramatically? YES

    Will the players i mentioned give B Rodgers the chance to field two strong sides? Yes

    So why is the idea not good?

    Lets just keep dead wood average/ injury prone players on the books on good salaries for sake of it.

  33. I am a Liverpool fan and think that Remy would get even better at a bigger club. class.

  34. Keep on playing fantasy football. I repeat, we are not going to spend 100 million pounds or more.

  35. We definately need at least 4 strikers next term, will Remy be one of them?
    not sure, maybe too old for FSG, unless the price is right, don't mind having him, as he'll score loads the way we play and can see him taking Sturridge's place, but would'nt be too fussed if he did'nt come.

  36. Never he should be sent on his way.

  37. True but Sturridge is worth more than £12M

  38. Depends. Rooney is getting £300,000.

    They are worth what someoneis prepared to pay. Also if you have to pay a transfer fee to get someone who is no better perhaps the wages are worth paying. Especially if otherwise you have to let him go for free.

  39. You'd be no good at that game where you have to answer questions without saying yes or no.

  40. I guess he does this on purpose, you can't spell the entire lfc squad wrong unintentionally ...

  41. You need to improve your strike force so you can have Aspas for say £50M .....Admittedly not a great improvement on what you have already but an improvement nonetheless.

  42. God we have heard this nonsense time and time again from you. You do realise that FIFA 2014 isn't the real world right!? Yes we need to strengthen the whole squad but this must be a gradual progression

  43. Quite happy that we have Henderson back for the match tomorrow. West Ham to beat City :p fingers crossed...

  44. Stuart, do we have a good squad?or a good 13/14 players?

  45. Logan, i do not play fantasy football. But it is very clear to see we need huge clear out and alot of players in. In January we should have cleared at some players and brought a few players in but B Rodgers was let down by I Ayre. Huge surgery is needed to squad, as your squad wins leagues and trophies not just your first 11

  46. But we are not going to spend over £100m.

    Cissokho and Moses will go back to their clubs. We will sign a LB and a versatile forward to fill their spots. That is 2 players so far.

    Agger or Skrtel may go and Ilori could well be part of the squad next season. Maybe we will sign another CB. That is 3 players.

    We will sign another CM and maybe another Striker. That is 5 players.

    5-6 Players. That is what Rodgers said we need this summer so not sure why you keep on assuming that we are going to buy another starting 11. It is not going to happen!

  47. You're right, the proven quality strikers you've got at your club are much better than our bargain basement sturridge

  48. Can't have too many good goal kippers haha

  49. Do you leave the same comment on every article?

  50. Lucky to be considered worth half that amount

  51. I am an alien and I think he would do well at a massive club like Liverpool.

  52. I'm not falling for that one. You're just trying to get me to say affirmative or negative :-)

  53. B Rodgers has been promised 60- 70m already without player sales. Plus the 10 players i mentioned club should ship out with the 2 loan players. That would be 12 players make way.

    And i said the 10players should be replaced , not 11 or 12

  54. They are two questions, do we have good squad? Or do we have good 13/14 players?

    They are questions as if we had better squad the league would have been won by now

  55. Rodgers has not been promised any amount. Media speculation???

    Signing 10 players would be like buying a another starting eleven which again is not going to happen.

  56. B Rodgers brought in 8 players last summer, two of which were loan signigs. so why not bring in 10 class quality ones this summer. And clear out the 12 players that offer the club very little. Instead of just 3 class good quality signings and 5 waste of time signings out of 8. ( Llori, Mignolet and Sakho)

    B Rodgers needs to ship out the 12 players i mentioned and replace them with 10 class quality players.

  57. What utter rubbish. City won the League in the dying moments of the 11/12 season.

  58. Cissokho and Moses are not permanent. We could not get our actual targets and is the reason why they were signed ON LOAN.

    If Rodgers had signed his actual targets last season which were among left back Guilherme Siqueira and forward Diego Costa then you would still go on about us having to get rid of 10-12 players and buying another starting eleven.

  59. Arsenal ,Man City and Chelsea have been in top 4 and champions league for last 4 years why? Because of their squad depth, we were not in champions league as we had abyzmal squads last 5 years. Now we have good 14 players out of 25 man squad and we were not in europe. So any injuries and suspensions we have had this season we have luckily managed well. Good squad wins trophies not just your first 11

  60. It is quite astounding how you can think that we are/have to sign 10 new players. You are in for one massive disappointment.

  61. Read message before you pipe up, i said 8 players were brought in, which included 2 loan players. B Rodgers has brought in 3 loan players since his reign at club and none of them have been hits and none of them have been worth the time of day.

    We are not Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man city, Man United, Monaco ,PSG or Real Madrid. we cannot spend 120M Plus on on 3 to 4 players every season as we have just got back into champions league. But we can and should spend 100-110m this summer on 10 class quality players who will strengthen squad considerably better:


    Instead of bringing in J Martinez(25) Of B Munich for 25-30M , we should bring in M'Vila(23) for 8-11M

    Instead of bringing in T Kroos(24) for 25-30M

    we should bring in I Rakitic(25) for 15-20m

    Instead of bringing in L Shaw for 20-30M we should bring in B Davies(20) Of swansea for 4-7M

    Instead of bringing in Reus of B Dortmund for 25-30M , we should bring in I Munian(21) for 15-20M

    Instead of bringing in Cavani Of PSG for 35-40M, we can bring in L Remy(27) for 8-12M

  62. Why is everyone on the 'sell Lucas bandwagon' for? Admittedly he didn't play that good on the left and right of the diamond, but he's not supposed to play there. Just another scapegoat.