10 May 2014

'It wasn't malicious, but...': £20m LFC star admits he's 'devastated' by huge Reds error

Did Jordan Henderson deserve his red card against Manchester City? At the time, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers bemoaned the 'harsh' nature of the decision, but after missing the last three games through suspension, Hendo admits that referee Mark Clattenburg got it absolutely right.

Speaking to the official LFC website on Friday, Hendo admitted that although he 'got the ball', he caught Nasri 'quite high' and 'couldn't have expected anything else' other than a red card. He added:

"It wasn't a malicious tackle, but I overran it. I just wanted to get the ball back.

That night, I was sat there thinking: 'Why did I do that?' I didn't know straight away that it was three games but, after the game, a few people told me. I was devastated"

Henderson dis make some contact on the ball, but it turned into a potentially leg-breaking challenge, and unluckily for Liverpool, he received a red card:

Fans also seem to accept that the dismissal was deserved. In a recent poll on the site, 68% of 11300 (approx) participants votes yes to the question 'Did Henderson deserve a red card'.

Have Liverpool missed Henderson? When the replacement options are Lucas and Allen - both of whom provide little goal threat - then the answer is yes, though overall, I doubt he would've made that much difference to the last two results.

With only 1 goal and 1 assists in his last 9 games, it's not as if Hendo is a prolific goalscorer/creator, but his energy, stamina, hassling, and solidity in midfield may have come in handy against Palace. Then again, Hendo was in the team that conceded 3 goals against Cardiff City, Swansea, and Stoke City, so maybe not.

When all is said and done, though, it's hard to ignore the fact that LFC managed only 4 points out of 9 without Henderson in the team.



  1. I'm a massive fan of Henderson and he would, for me, always be the first name on that team sheet. We just don't look as slick without him and his energy and relentless running is utterly vital to the efficacy of the high pressing game through which so many of our attacks begin. IMO it's no coincidence that our form had dipped without him in the side. The guy is integral to Liverpool's success this season; his impact can't be underestimated.

  2. I am also a massive fan of Henderson. Not sure about you but I doubt Henderson is going to become a goal scoring powerhouse but would you say that his work rate, presence, ability to press, track back, go non stop without breaking a sweat etc to be more important to Rodgers than scoring goals?

  3. Absolutely. It's a role that he inhabits with total selflessness. He's not a glamour player but does the 'dirty' jobs impeccably. While I admit I'd like to see him add a few more goals to his game, I don't think we can really ask for much more from him in terms of work rate. There's been a big Henderson shaped hole in our midfield these last three matches.

  4. So we are in agreement that Henderson not scoring many goals is not that important to Rodgers. More the other vital attributes that makes Rodgers system work which is why I find it very strange how people want to go on about Allen not being a goal threat when his pressing ability, tracking back, work rate and also very good engine etc is what makes Rodgers system work.

  5. Regardless of how he did the 9 games before his suspension, he would have been better to have on the pitch than Lucas Leiva. So yes I'd say we've missed him.

  6. Personally I think JK puts too much focus on creative return. In any system, it's normal that not all players score a lot of goals and get a lot of assists. It's also not as if he misses a truckload of chances every game. We're just setup to make the front three score. For example, I think most people would agree that Iniesta is the most forward midfielder for Barca and has been instrumental to their success the past decade. Yet he has scored 33 goals in 335 league games. Xavi has scored 56 in 472 games. Henderson has scored 11 in 101 for Liverpool. That is a similar goal return though I think most Henderson critics would love it if we were to sign Iniesta.

  7. Imran Mohammed8:15 pm, May 10, 2014

    It was a clear sending off. Had a player from the opposition done such a thing we'd be calling for a red card. As the article says his absence is not the reason of us having thrown away the league.