7 May 2014

Double-Transfer? BR made secret trip to watch exciting £24m Bundesliga duo

Over the last month, Brendan Rodgers has reportedly undertaken personal scouting trips to watch Benfica attacker Rodrigo, Bayer Leverkusen starlet Julian Brandt, and his team-mate, South Korean star Son Heung-Min. Leverkusen seems to be a fertile hunting ground for Rodgers, and it appears that yet another one of the club's rising stars has caught the manager's eye.

According to recent reports:

* Rodgers is still keen on signing Son, and made a 'personal check' on the attacker.

* LFC's boss has also personally scouted 21-year old Leverkusen midfielder Emre Can.

* Both players are allegedly available for £12 million apiece.

Both Can and Son are positionally versatile, something upon which Rodgers seems to place high value:

* Son can play on the left; right; behind the striker, or even as centre-forward.
* Can is comfortable as a midfielder, centre-back, and can play at left-back.

Liverpool have relentlessly pursued Son over the last two years, and in November 2012, former Tottenham Hotspur playmaker Rafael Van Der Vaart claimed that the Reds put in a put in a huge offer for the attacker. He told German newspaper BILD:

"It is tempting when Liverpool informs you of a twenty million offer, but he [Son] must stay here!"

Son's Agent, Thies Bleimeister, also confirmed Liverpool's 'concrete' interest. After the 21-year old signed for Leverkusen, he told Bild:

"Liverpool were interested in concrete terms. I think, at clubs like Liverpool and Tottenham, he would also be able to play, [but] Leverkusen is the right step to develop. The Premier League could someday be the goal"

When asked to describe his best position, Son explained:

"I don't care where I play. The main thing is I'm in the game. I can play as a second striker or behind. What the coach says, I'll do. I don't have a favorite position. I'll be anywhere and always on the throttle."

German legend Franz Beckenbauer is a fan of the exciting attacker, and in an interview Hamburger Morgenpost last year, he raved:

"He [Son] is superb player. I really like the way he plays: Fast and dynamic. He not only scores goals, but also makes beautiful goals"

Can is also highly regarded, and when asked about the youngster's potential, former Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes told reporters:

"He [Can] is very talented, but he still has much to learn. Between what he is accustomed to and what we do here, they are different worlds. [Can has] great potential. If he is willing to learn, then he can make his way."

Sami Hyypia signed both Son and Can for Leverkusen, and now that he's no longer in charge, it's possible that both players may be more amenable to a change.

There's one minor snag, though: Bayern Munich have a buy-back clause in Can's current contract, which means they theoretically have first refusal if Leverkusen decide to sell.



  1. Rodgers realised that he Can have a Son.

    Ok, that was lame. :(


  3. Son can have Luis' jersey number

  4. I saw in a previous article someone commented "no excuses. £100M"

    Whoever thinks we are going to spend that much in the summer transfer window need to stop living in la la land. This is not fantasy football.

  5. The most important thing that needs to be done when the season is over is offer Rodgers a long term contract. End of.

  6. I think Rodgers has the right idea now going for these type of players. They're skillfull but also hard workers. We don't need a team of galacticos. We need players, with skill, who are willing to do what's needed. These are the types of players Allen, Henderson, Coutinho and Sterling are. The only area of the pitch where I would really invest big bucks in a superstar is CB. Someone really good who can organise our defence. A leader. And possibly a better goalkeeper too. Again, Mignolet is a good guy and a decent keeper but to be really successful you need someone in the Neuer, Casillas, Courtois bracket.

  7. Slipperie_Slope10:59 am, May 07, 2014

    I have no doubt that will be dealt with over the summer. I know all the talk from both camps is no negotiations until the season is over etc, but I would be very surprised if terms aren't already agreed between representitives.
    Can't see any issue arising on this.

  8. Slipperie_Slope11:01 am, May 07, 2014

    Agree with you, these are the types of players we want. but still think Mignolet should be our 'keeper. If he doesn't improve next year look for replacements, but I really think he will.

  9. Muhammad Ibrahim11:03 am, May 07, 2014

    Get both of them. Quality players, they will definitely add to our squad depth not in terms of numbers but quality. This will give BR the options to change things during a game with real intent, something we have not been able to do this season.

    Great season no matter what, who would have thought we will finish above a good few teams with resources far greater than our, and tbh squads better than ours. Next season we need quality not quantity in terms of signings.

  10. Pssst don't tell anyone but I heard he made secret trips to the petrol station and supermarket just last week . He might be planning to to snap up a petrol attendant and checkout girl ahead of Chelsea and Tottenham.

  11. You No Can Do,sorry.

  12. He probably will and we'll probably do well with him but we could do much better if we had a truly, commanding, point grabbing goalkeeper. The best example I can ever think of is Man United. They had Schmeichel, they were nearly invincible. He retired and they got Barthez. A world cup winner, a very good goalkeeper but all of a sudden Man U weren't that invincible anymore. They shipped him back to France and got Van der Sar. Possibly an even better goalie than Schmeichel and they got back to challenging on all fronts again. I left out the likes of Taibi, Carrol and Nick Culkin for obvious reasons..

  13. The club needs better so can the Can.!!!!

  14. Son is quality

  15. Drilled it Bill! :D