6 May 2014

Blessing in Disguise? LFC can still shock everyone & win the title, and here's how...

'It's game over, man. Game over!' - this seems to be the prevailing view of a growing number of LFC fans today, but such Hudsonesque doom and gloom is, IMO, unwarranted. Irrespective of the Crystal Palace result, this is an absolutely amazing season for Liverpool, and despite the protestations to the contrary, it may not be over.

Anfield legend Jamie Carragher called LFC's Crystal Palace collapse 'unacceptable', and whilst he right, the league title could still ultimately end up at Anfield, and after all is said and done, it's possible that the Selhurst Park debacle could actually be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool.

* It could affect City psychologically. Some of their players will probably feel that the title is done and dusted, and this could lead to a false sense of security.

* As an example: minutes after the Palace game, Samir Nasri was gloating on Twitter, which gives a small insight into the possible mindset of City's players.

* It's human nature to be complacent. Milan in 2005 Champions League final are a prime example of this. Liverpool, too, are also guilty of easing off too quickly when the team senses certain victory.

* Shock results happen all the time when the title race goes down to the wire. No one predicted LFC's slip-up against Palace, and Atletico Madrid lost 2-0 against 10th-placed Levante last week, which is a shock result.

Given the fact Man City have two home games to come, a Liverpool triumph may seem wildly improbable, but it's not impossible, and that's the most important thing to remember. If Villa win tomorrow, then everything changes. Liverpool will once again be in the driving seat, and a win against Newcastle on Sunday will secure the title.

Why can't Villa triumph against City? On paper, it seems like a mismatch, but this season is filled with shock results, and it's encouraging to note that Villa beat City 3-2 earlier in the season. Paul Lambert's team also beat Chelsea 1-0 a few months ago, so they're definitely capable of producing an upset.

Even if City win, they could lose against West Ham at the weekend. Again, it seems unlikely (especially in light of the fact that the Hammers' record against the top four is atrocious), but anything is possible in the Premier League.

Who knows, on Monday 12th May, LFC fans may even wake up to the following, previously improbably headline:

"Andy Carroll wins the title for Liverpool FC"

If Carroll scores the goal that beats City and hands Liverpool the title, it will be the mother of all footballing ironies. In a way, I hope it doesn't happen as it will mean I won't be able to slate him anymore, or make use of this pre-LFC scouting footage:


LFC will forever be indebted to Carroll, and the thought of that makes me uncomfortable. But I digress...

Yes, I'm clutching at straws (!) and the scenarios I've outlined are massively far-fetched, but if this season has proven anything, it's this: nothing is set in stone, and unpredictability rules the roost.

On the subject of football ironies, I have this unshakeable feeling that Man City may ultimately lose the title this season just as they won it two years ago: at the death, with a last-gasp twist blowing the whole race wide open. It may be a last-gasp defeat against Villa, or the same against West Ham, but whatever happens, if things go LFC's way tomorrow night, then we're in for a blockbuster endgame on Sunday.

As the old saying goes: "It 'aint over till Sakho trips over his own feet".

I believe. Do you...?



  1. Villa beat City 3-2

  2. Ahverruz Maritz9:05 pm, May 06, 2014

    I'm praying Villa or West Ham can somehow come up with a victory. I REALLY want us to win the title, because we deserve it so much. If not, I hope Rogers does the job during the transfer window so we can challenge again next season...

  3. i cant take how Liverpool win things anymore. we don't win things clear cut in the modern era. its like being part of a movie. whether its a last gasp goal or coming back from impossible situations, tells me only one thing. with Liverpool while there is still time on the clock, anything can happen!!!

  4. They didn't lose to City, they won 3-2.

  5. I agree...we set a goal and we have reached it. We should just be happy about that...and finishing well above ManU. Not that I want to see the change but I can't help thinking that if it were an NBA match, BR would have called a time-out at 3-1, brought the team together and told them to focus on defense and winning the game...and quit leaving the defense naked in a frantic search for goals to close the GD gap on City.

  6. He was very confusing. There were times where he was in command and times where he had no clue what he wanted to do with the ball. He is very inconsistent...not from game to game...more like minute to minute.

  7. What drivel. Sakho is useless and Skrtel is the only good defender LFC have. Pacy? Pacy? Milk turns faster than Sakho. Face it - the guy's a waste of space.

  8. Quite right. Sami was a giant in every sense of the word. Comparing Sakho to him is like comparing a park tennis player with Djokovic.

  9. ! Is this optimism I hear from JK?! No, it is the sound of overbearing realism...though it just so happens its in our favor!

    If you really think about possible outcomes, there are 9.

    win-loss 3(pts) +

    win-win 6

    win-draw 4

    draw-loss 1 +

    draw-win 4

    draw-draw 2 +

    loss-loss 0 +

    loss-draw 1 +

    loss-win 3 +

    The ones that are +ed are favorable to LFC. thats 2/3rds probability. Even though this doesn't count skill level, other things like attitude and mentality (as Jaimie pointed out) come into play as well. Bottom line, its not nearly as bad as everyone is making it, no matter how improbable it is.

  10. Crazy season.

    Can't believe I'm this disappointed to be thinking we'll finish 2nd.

    I didn't think we'd get top 4.

  11. Our coaches aren't good enough.

  12. Who would be Liverpool?
    A team who have not won the league for 24 years.

    At the beginning of the campaign EVERYONE laughed at the thought of us even getting 4th place.
    The oil teams with their infinite cashcow owners surely would buy the league, United under the chosen one would be close and spurs would be almost there with their Bale money.

    But 81 points and 99 goals later Liverpool fail at the last with a desperate attempt to score 6 or 7 goals against a team that would be second in the league if it had started at christmas.

    Roy of the Rovers would be lucky to clean Gerrards boots.
    Fantastic attacking football that puts to shame the ethos of the special ones bland boring style of play.
    Football is supposed to be entertaining, yet so many fans would rather spend 50pound every week watching park the bus dross instead of being thrilled with a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

    Any Liverpool fan who has been complaining after last nights horrific capitulation can go and support Chelsea because they are not a true fan of the sport let alone liverpool fc.

    Next year chelsea and city (who used to be actual football clubs) will spend another obscene amount of oil money attempting to purchase football instead of the owners buying a new luxury yacht.

    True fans of liverpool like the joy that opposition fans are feeling and expressing now......it means we are back and they know it.

    Keep your plastic flags flying and dream of meaningless achievement bought.

    We are Liverpool and proud of our glorious history earned, 18+5.

  13. Rumour has it that City are facing a £50m fine and a squad size limited to 21 players for the CL for breaching FFP rules. They may not be in a position to spend as they always do.

  14. Villa have the best record of any team outside the top four, against the top four. Food for thought.


  16. I think the report stated that they would pay in installments over 3 years so it wouldnt really hamper their spending. I'm more interested in the reduced squad because that's 4 less players to field and they also have to meet the 8 local player minimum. If that's held up, City's squad could find it very difficult to compete on multiple fronts next season

  17. Of course it will hamper their spending. The fine whether it be over 3 years or one season will be recorded as a loss. They will have less to spend plus cannot go on their usual spending spree otherwise the will just be breaching the rules again.

  18. why does johnson warrant a place over kelly, who has great potential and played outstanding when first called in that season.
    johnson has been passionless and lacklustre.
    its a shame enrique got injured, as flanno would has sorted right back, the boy can tackle and get forward.
    carra is spot on. im not aggers biggest fan as hes not a great ball winner, but the last 2 games was crying out for his experience and cool head,
    sakho is for the future hes not ready to be playing every game especially high pressure. serious lack of intelligence from skrtel and sakho.
    boy weve missed henderson with his interseptions and his engine to mark runners into the danger area.
    all hinesight, not over yet and regardless very proud of most of them its been a great season, and liverpool have been the best to watch.
    johnson,aspas got to be the first priority to be sold just woeful no consistancy

  19. Brendand Rodgers has done fantasticly well to get us into this position, but over 2 games he has bottled our title chances. lets start with Chelsea. Daniel Sturridge is ever so desperate to show Chelsea what they missed, he leaves him on the bench. out goalscoring chances are automatically decreased as with Sturridge on the pitch, his runs and pace along with Sterling and Suarez all over the place would put Chelsea on the back-foot and we would have probably got that 1st goal. instead they got the goal and we were chasing the game after that. then we 3 nil up against palace. Why would you bring on Coutinho for Sterling and not Lucas? as soon as Coutinho come on they scored. he was just standing there and they played a quick free kick and scored. GJ was ridiculously poor but that has been known for a while. why would you take off Raheem when he covers so much ground and carries too much game intelligence. as soon as he came off Bolasie exposed GJ and it was a walk in the park for CP. Coutinho had a pretty easy oppurtunity to make it 4-1 right after they scored and he hit t right at the keeper when it was a clear low footer shot into the bottom corner. tbh he doesnt deserve to go to the World Cup. i hope he improves for next season but Coutinho is not good enough and Sterling is the real Ronaldinho. then BR took off our goalscorer sturridge and puts on Moses? Moses has now missed 2 open goals against CP home and away. poor player. cant wait till he goes back.

    we need to buy Yarmolenko, Rakitic, Lallana, Pedro, Ben Arfa, Diame and Montoya. no excuses. £100M

    Yarmolenko/Ben Arfa---------------------Pedro/Sterling

    we need this as out CL squad. this season was heartbreak, getting so close but we must assemble a deadly CL squad to come back firing next season. we can rotate for all competitions and wont have to sub Sturridge for nonsense like Victor Moses and start Lucas in a attacking midfield role

  20. I agree with a lot of your recent posts Jaimie

    - I used to back Glen Johnson but he has been steadily disimproving over the last couple of years. His defending has always been shaky, but now he is showing so much hesitancy in attacking positions and has needlessly lost possession on numerous occasions

    - Paradoxically, I actually think that the draw last night IMPROVES our chances of a league win. Some of those City players will be thinking a draw and a win does them in the next two games. When players start thinking a draw is ok, a loss isn't too far away. If City do draw and win in next two games, it does not mean that they WOULD have if we'd won

    - We did brilliantly last night, at 55 minutes I was thinking we could get 5 or 6 and we well could have. But once the 1st goal went in for Palace, Agger should have come on and kill the game. This is the 2nd time in two games that our players have not done the sensible thing

    - whatever happens, we have been great this year, and perhaps the recent pain will help us fix our defence. We came out on top of a lot of high scoring games, it eventually caught up with us. Goal difference concerns made us keep pushing last night. Only once in PL history has a winning team conceded more than 38 goals. We need a leader at the back. Carra would not have let that happen last night. Pull full backs in tight and drop 2 DMs

  21. He got outa the way, in case he might get hit by the ball, blunder.

  22. There's so much nonsense in that comment I don't know where to start

  23. My goodness, it's one of those rare occasions where I thoroughly and enthusiastically agree with Jamie Kanwar. Fans who can't enjoy this season or who write if off because we "blew our chance" and didn't win the title can revel in their misery and leave the rest of us alone. It has been a joy to watch, the football has been brilliant and the drama is just another added element. You have to take the good with the bad and the good has been very very good this year. What a great team to watch.

    Neville and anyone else who writes Liverpool off for the future is a moron. How can they not get better? City are pretty much at their best, the idea that they will continue to spend and get even more quality players just doesn't make any sense. Chelsea might improve and Arsenal should be a bit better next season BUT all of those teams were on top the league at one point this season. Liverpool are actually the team with the most improvement to make. We've played well above expectations this season and we'll add quality players in the summer. Next year will be even better, Suarez will be fit and playing every match and we'll fix up some of those problem areas in defence. Other teams should be scared of us, not the other way around.

    This is only the beginning.

  24. Carroll will score two goals and win a penalty for a third, City lose 3-2. The big lug will throw himself around the pitch and, just out of pure randomness, the ball will find his feet and deflect into perfect goal scoring positions. Defenders will get into a tangle every time a long pass comes towards him and he'll make them look like amateurs, prompting a round of calls for him to be in the squad for Brazil. The final killer passes will come from none other than the brilliant Stewart Downing. Once again proving that Rodger's genius in the transfer market is what he does with the players he doesn't keep.

  25. What are you waffling about this is real life not fifa fantasy, What A Mccarthy(24) GK, N Clyne(23) RB, D Lovren(24) CB , Y M'Vila(23) DM and L Remy(27) FD are not good enough?

    A Mccarthy(24) is a better at corners, distributing ball and kicking than S Mignolet(25). Mignolet is great shot stopper, but pony at everything else.

    N Clyne(23) is a young quicker and better Defender than G Johnson(29), G Johnson is better going forward . But as Defender N Clyne(23) is younger and better option

    D Lovren(24) is a awesome class quality centre back who is a leader, he is at same level as Skrtel(29) , yet 5 years younger and already has leadership qualities. Lovren(24) is better than all the centre backs we have at club except for Skrtel(29)

    Y M'Vila(23) a fully fit injury free is a much better defensive shield than L Leiva (27), J Allen(24) or S Gerrard(33). Y M'Vila(23) Fully fit injury and motivated will boss midfield for club, he is mobile powerful and quick and tough in the tackle.

    So No they are good enough, most are better than what we currently have.

    L Remy(27) is better than F Borini(22) and I Aspas(27) together yet they cost the club 18.2M together. L Remy(27) is a class quality goalscorer who has scored goals at every level. So to say he is not good enough, clearly shows you know nothing about football. He would bring another 15-20 goals a season to club

  26. I don't see how we're going to splash the cash in the summer and then comply with FFP, to be honest.

  27. Man City have won a bagillion games at home in the last few years.

    Food for thought of suicide!

  28. From way over here across the pond you could see Johnson was completely gassed. People were flying past him from the hour mark forward. Why not put in Toure I don't know. Allen was very good for a while but doesn't seem to be able to go 90 minutes. God do we miss Henderson. I have seen Flanagan play better but Johnson hurt us the most in the last 30 minutes. Check out the last goal. Skrtel had one guy and the one who went free should have been covered by Johnson. BR should have seen this.

    At game end though, BR was all class. Now we pray.........

  29. By the way, we better not trade Ibe and Texeira. They are our future to replace our small ineffective midfielders like Allen and Lucas. Don't how these guys on the trade rack. Get a couple of defenders one of which is a real leader and we are just fine.....

  30. That is why people should not try and play football manager and come up with ransom names to sign because that will only lead to major disappointment.

    We will add new players and some will also leave. Let's see how it pans out.

  31. Can someone give a tweet out to Noel Galla...whatever?

    Yes...Suarez may be a diver and a cheat...of course...but at least he is original and does not blatantly steal the Beatles, Who and the jam's music and acts like it is his own.

  32. You are on some serious chronic if you think we are going to spend £100m.

  33. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa5:42 am, May 07, 2014

    Sorry wrong choice of word, but I would say he is Mr. Nice Guy. Compare him to previous Generals - Kahn, Keane, Viera, and our very own Souness!

  34. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa5:47 am, May 07, 2014

    Damn right! And to bring in Kolo doesn't mean we can't attack anymore. We can switch back to 352 and we would go again. At least with 3 at the back, we are not flat at the back, which palace at that time already found a way to break through!

    With the change of tactics, Palace who have to readjust their gameplay again, and would already have been too late!

  35. Much better! ;)

  36. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa5:55 am, May 07, 2014

    Sorry wrong choice of words. He is Mr. Nice Guy. Likes to lead by example, and doesn't shout at his own players. Compare him to other Generals - Kahn, Viera, Keane and Souness. He is just too nice. No point giving the inspiring speech after the match when he could not f*ck his players if they screw up in the middle of the game.

    Suarez is even more vocal and demanding than SG. Look at his frustrations when the players around him mispass the balls.

  37. Joel Matt Murdock Hwa6:00 am, May 07, 2014

    That's why sometimes I admire Suarez's frustrations and how he is pissed off with his mates when they make mistakes.

    SG must be more vocal on the pitch!

  38. Suarez in tears really cut me up.

  39. Just check-in with your physician first.

  40. Still chump change to oil money.

  41. Very nice work

  42. agree sakho is not the player to take our defence to the next level.but the players are not entirely to blame,i love rodgers and everything he has done for lfc so far,but he learned nothing imo from what chelsea did to us the week before.at 3-0 up all that shouldve been done is kill the game off by wasting time,defending in banks of 4 with suarez up front.They got caught up on wanting to rack up a cricket score when the only thing that mattered was the 3 points.We were never going to make up a 9 goal difference on man city.rodgers needs to learn and bring in the players to do it,as we dont have them at the moment,theres a time for all out attack,and a time to settle for what you got,we had it in the bag,couldve been 3 points clear on top and the pressure back on city.my opinion is that we need a lb rb,and two strong box to box central midfielders before we even think about bringing in any attacking players.But you are right,sakho is not worth the money we payed or good enough for liverpool,theres a reason psg were not playing him and let him leave.

  43. spot on mate.well said.we shouldve been prepared better for chelsea and realised what their game plan was going to be.rodgers shouldve played that game being happy with a point,and then shut up shop against palace at 3-0 up.we didnt and now more than likely we are out of the title race.Having said that i like many others,even those who dont support lfc,have been entertained immensely with our play and i have loved every minute of what liverpool fc have delivered on the pitch,bit more balance next season and we are right up there challenging again.

  44. I totally agree. What a fantastic season we played outstanding football. They may say it will take us years to challenge again but we are in the CL league were it was crucial to be in that position this year with all the increased financial benefits. Man City, Chelski etc will get stronger indeed, but so will we. I agree with Jaimie BR needs to get it right in the window to insure we continue our progress.

  45. Mr. Point Of View9:54 am, May 07, 2014

    i strongly believe Agbolahor can do us a favor !

  46. Slipperie_Slope10:52 am, May 07, 2014

    The complete unpredictability of the league this season has really been brought home to me over the last two days.....
    A goal for Joe Allen AND an assist for Fellani... what crazy times we live in.

  47. Ben Arfa and Diame... My Goodness.

  48. Just get a new right back to compete with him!

  49. Palace are the litmus test now are they?

    They are both *good+ players but I repeat, we will need better than that to compete next year , both domestically and in the CL for sure. The likes of Rojo, Griezman , Rakitic are the type of player we need. Just being an incremental improvement on our current weak spots won't cut it next year. Every one of our rivals will improve significantly, and I shudder to think what Robben or Ronaldo would do to Ben Davies.

    They are all rated at mid single figures, and whilst there is always a chance of them being a new Coutinho ( who by the way, wilted towards the end of the season) there's much more chance that they will fail to bridge the gap we need them to.

    Next year, we will be up against the likes of Lahm , Alves Alba etc as full backs. You really think anyone will think 'Oh no they've got Davies and Clyne' ?

    We still need a BIG step up.

  50. why not dock them four points and be done with it.

  51. Mike Aitcheson4:00 am, May 08, 2014

    We are the nearest rivals to the champions and will lose it by a maximum of two points if we beat Newcastle. With a poor back 4. Suarez knows the team is set up around him and he also knows that he wouldn't be top dog at Real (Ronaldo) or Barca (Messi / Neymar)

    His get out clause apparently only kicks in if we are not in the CL so we would not be forced to sell, after seeing what happened to Spurs I'm not sure FSG would see a big cheque as the way forward, and they reportedly want to fund a team improvement with £60m

    Know something we don't do you?

  52. F&ck Neville!

  53. Premier League Titles:
    Gary Neville 8-0 Gerrard


  54. Mike. I'll give you a loan of my Crystal Ball if you like... ;-)